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Elina Mistry

"One day, we will look back on these times and call them the best days of our lives."

0 · 1,274 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts - Memories of the Past”, originally authored by WildSky214, as played by RolePlayGateway



{ "If I had to compare myself to food, I believe I would be a chocolate-covered pretzel. I’m sweet and salty." }

{ Name }Image
Elina Mistry

{ Birthday }
June 24

{ Sexuality }

{ House }

{ Year }

{ Face Claim }
Naomi Scott

{ Wand }
◆ Length ◆
12 1/4 inches
◆ Wood ◆
◆ Core ◆
Phoenix Feather
◆ Flexibility ◆

{ Pet }

{ "I believe that every person embodies a trait from every house at one point in their lives.." }

{ Abilities }
{ Likes }
◆ Reading ◆ Writing ◆ Learning ◆ Cartoons ◆ Astronomy ◆ Soan Papdi ◆ Art ◆ Music ◆ Dancing ◆ Funny Jokes ◆ Riddles ◆

{ Dislikes }
◆ Hospitals ◆ Outside ◆ Failing ◆ Dirt ◆ Bland Food ◆ standing for too long ◆ Snobs ◆ Care of Magical Creatures ◆ Animals in general, except cats ◆ Being too crowded ◆ Too much noise ◆

{ Strengths/Talents }
◆ Charms ◆ Sewing ◆ Muggle Contraptions ◆ Memorizing Information ◆ Deduction ◆ Observing Details ◆ Can usually tell when someone’s lying ◆

{ Weaknesses }
◆ Herbology ◆ Is too outspoken ◆ People who seem to be helpless ◆ Obsesses over the small things ◆ Doesn’t forgive easily ◆ Doesn’t trust easily ◆ Has a temper ◆

{ Personality }
◆ Confident ◆
She has a strong conviction in herself that she can and will succeed in difficult situations.
◆ Humble ◆
Even though she is an intelligent and clever person, she sees no need to flaunt it.
◆ Trustworthy ◆
She is good at keeping secrets and always has her friends’ backs.
◆ Finicky ◆
She has high standards for herself and those around her.
◆ Judgemental ◆
She has a habit of making quick judgements and sticking to them no matter what.
◆ Warm ◆
She is kind person who is friendly to those who are her friends, and even those who are not.
◆ Optimistic ◆
She believes in a silver-lining, that no matter how bad something is, good can always come out of it.

{ "If only people put 0.1% more effort in trying to be the best possible person they could be, we would live in a better world." }

{ Hair Color }
{ Eye Color }
{ Skin Color }
Light Brown
{ Height and Weight }
5”6”, 110lbs
{ Build }
{ General Clothing Style }

{ "Having a positive attitude will get you far. A negative attitude won’t even get you off the front porch." }

Image{ Patronus }

{ Patronus Memory }
Watching Saturday morning cartoons with her older brother. Since he was seven years older than her, they didn't have much in common, and didn't spend a lot of time together. But every Saturday they would get up early to watch cartoons together. Since he passed away, this is what she misses the most, and she can recall almost every Saturday clearly.

{ "To call a simple memory the factual truth is foolish." }

Image{ Place of Origin }
Her and her mother were born in Cork, Ireland, but her father was born in India. She has embraced both cultures, and would live happily in either country.

{ Happiest Memory }
Getting her letter from Hogwarts. She had always been considered a weird child by her family and those around her, what with objects randomly floating or going up in flames when she was nearby. When she got her letter and found she was a witch, suddenly her whole life made sense. She eagerly boarded the Hogwarts Express, and her life changed for the better. And objects stopped levitation and bursting into flames on their own.

{ Saddest Memory }
Her older brother’s funeral. During her second year at Hogwarts, she got letter from her parents that the doctors' had found a tumor in her brother's brain. He got sicker and sicker until he finally passed away the day before Elina was due home from her third year at Hogwarts. The worst part was that she never got to say goodbye to him.

So begins...

Elina Mistry's Story

ImageThe Great Hall was filled with light, food, teachers, and all of the students except for the first years, who were just entering now. Various things from pumpkin juice to chocolate cake adorned the platters on the tables. Each house ghost, excluding the Bloody Baron, were there as well. The Great Hall was just that. It was great in size, in standards, in supply if food, and just it's overall Imageaura. The ceiling was high above, and floating in the air were various magical candles and floating orbs of light.

Above each house table was its banner. Gryffindor's lion, Ravenclaw's eagle, Slytherin's snake, and Hufflepuff's badger, all in their house colors. Each one filled with the students who had been sorted in the previous years. Each bustling with people. As the first Imageyears walked down the long path between the tables, anxiety and whispering could be heard throughout. "What house will I be?" "Who are they?" "Is that who I think it is?" "I wonder how many of them are mud bloods this year". The whispers were obviously there, though not all were clear. Nearly Headless Nick swore he had forgotten something again, before adjusting his head so it wasn't hanging off.
The sorting hat sat there, the one thing who would choose what house they would be. This hat had seen more anxiety, anger, and disbelief then any other being alive. And now, it would reach into the minds of these students and place them where they belong. The first name was then called forth. Liam Porter.
As Liam sat on the stool, the sorting hat was placed on his head. "Liam Porter, eh? You have quite a few brothers, at least two I believe still attend here. Another Porter. You are very loyal...but, you are also very brave. Courage runs strong in you like your brothers. Maybe Hufflepuff....but I think I know a better place. Among your brothers. GRYFFINDOR!!!" The Gryffindors cheered and then chanted together. "You belong in Gryffindor where dwell the brave at heart! Our daring nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart!"
The next name called was Octavia O'Conner. She approached the stool, slid on then the hat was placed on her pale hair. "Not much wit in the head but there is bravery but more than that, loyalty. You aren't afraid of bad things to come and I believe your brother was quite the same. Well Ms. Octavia. I believe you belong in.... HUFFLEPUFF!" Again there was cheering and yet another chant. "You belong in Hufflepuff where they are just and loyal! We Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil!"

The other students were sorted and then the feast began. It is a happy time at Hogwarts as the young first years meet new friends in their houses or even, new enemies.

[ OOC: Not trying to be rude by not including the Ravenclaw and Slytherin first years but I have nothing to go off of as a name thing. Truly sorry if I offend anyone. ]

Liam wasn't surprised. Every Porter who ever went under that hat seemingly became a Gryffindor. He was more worried about people knowing who he was. After all, his story made the front page twice. "Ministery Official's Death and Son barely survives after a few days alone in the snow filled forest" still rang into his ears from others voices, despite the lengthy name. It was a big story, his father dying, and Liam managing to reflect a curse out of pure luck. But to him, every time he heard was just another reminder his father was dead, and he watched it happen. His family was all affected, but he witnessed the death himself. And he was the closest with their father. It bothered him more then others. And people tended to treat you differently already when your mother was as high up in the Ministry as his.

That didn't mean he showed it though. He hid behind his normal self, full of jokes and courage and loyalty. As he sat down at the table around fellow Gryffindor's, a familiar face caught his attention. It was his brother, Daniel. "Welcome to the club Liam" he mentioned, messing up Liam's hair. Liam smiled somewhat, but also was annoyed.

"I thought I told you to stop doing that!" Liam mentioned, as his other brother Tristen added "Now you are stuck with us. Also means you can stop using my bed at home since you're here now".

Liam looked towards the other Gryffindor's nearby. "Please tell me they are less annoying here then at home. And Tristen, ground rule, no messing with me before a test or I start mentioning certain stories. Understood?" At least they stopped calling him "The Boy who Survived". Granted he did survive three days alone in the woods wounded, but he hated the idea of being like Harry Potter. While he did have this great history, Liam wasn't a big fan of that spotlight, and it implied he was prone to danger. Which, while he denied it, he was.

He just hoped the school year wouldn't be as disaster out, or that he would get so much "special treatment". But he would brave it all the same, no matter what.

(NPC Porters, activate! Anyways, if anyone wants to make one of them as an actual character I wouldn't mind).

(Also, the similarities between Porter and Potter is coincidental. I just noticed it myself in this post).





The Great Hall buzzed with excitement while the children of the houses ate their food.
The Headmaster was quietly conversing with some of the other teachers while sometimes
locking eyes with a child. The first one he locked eyes with was Octavia. She turned to her
brother, inquiring. "Brother... Who is that man in the middle of the teacher's table?" She
questioned as Miles moved on to look at some of the other children. He turned to his
fellow teachers and had slight conversation as did Octavia before the Headmaster stepped
up to the podium. The lights flickered to get attention but then he began speaking. "I would like
to extend a hand of welcoming to the first years. May your future be bright and prosperous.
Now. I must inform everyone that entering the dark forest is forbidden, unless you want to
live like Sir Nicholas here."
He motioned to the ghost who took his head off which received a
few Ewws and some people mentioning that it was cool. Miles continued on. "Now, Prefects
will escort the first years of their house to the dormitories and then tomorrow you will be able
to explore the grounds."
I wish all of you happy dreams and wonderful friendships. With
that, most of the people in the hall got up to leave towards the dormitories. Octavia looked at
Kieran. "Do I have to go with the Prefect brother?" She questioned hesitantly.