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Emma Rae Thompson

"New Year, New School, New Me..."

0 · 1,690 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts - Memories of the Past”, as played by Nami L'Chi



"It's a new school, which means a new me..."


Appearance and Personal Info:


1st year Ravenclaw




Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Skin Tone:


Scars, tattoos, piercings:
None yet

General Clothing Style when not in robes:
Emma wears anything from Jeans to Skirts,
Shirts to Dresses
Coats to boots
She's a fashionista!

March 3

Face Claim:
Genevieve Hannelius



Playing with her hair||Singing to herself ||Clapping her hands together when she gets an idea ||Looking away when telling a lie ||

-Care of Magical Creatures
- Singing
-Speaking French

* Animals
* Tea
* Learning new things
* Clothing

~ Traitors
~ Theifs
~ Potions

Afraid of Heights|| Potions|| Speaks French when upset|| Knows little of the Wizarding World



Place of Origin:

Happiest Memory(different from the Patronus memory):
Emma loved walking through the streets of France with her father. It always ended at sunset with sorbet, and a hug.

Saddest Memory:
The day she moved away from all of her friends and family only to move to the outskirts of Wales.

General History:

Emma grew up in France until she was 10 years old, that was the year her parents split and she moved with her father to Wales. She had heard nothing before of Magic or Wizards and Witches. She herself didn't know she had magic. Upon the split, her younger sister stayed with her mother, while she stayed with her father, who had hidden his magical talents from his family, now that Emma had shown her powers, he had to come "out of hiding" and teach her some things and prepare her for the whole Wizarding world he turned his back upon.

A year in Wales did nothing for her social life, it was more like homeschool for her. When she got her acceptance letter to Hogwarts, she couldn't have been happier.


Personality Traits:
Quiet|| Overdramatic|| Friendly|| Awestruck|| Submissive|| Loyal|| Caring|| White Liar|

Emma wasn't always the quiet type. She was always talking or singing or doing something that made noise. France was where her muse was, her happiness, or so she would say. Since she's moved to Wales , she's stopped singing and humming in general. Sometimes she'll still do it out of habit, but its mostly to herself. She was always overdramatic, it is just how her personality is. It could be because she was born in France, no one really knows why, when things don't go as planned or even when they do. She's always thinking of the worse case scenario when it comes to things, then again magic can leave those scenarios open to an 11 year old girl. She's always ready for a good conversation. It's easy to become friends with someone who is always ready for a friend. She left the rest of her friends back in France. Not knowing much about Magic has left Emma a little awestruck at its powers, its rules, she thought Magic was limitless, and it's made her feel that way, but her father's making her learn, sometimes magic isn't as limitless as you think.

She avoids confrontation the best she can. She hates bad news and she hates giving it. She'd rather sit there and hold it in than let someone know, if its going to sit there and start a fight. She grew up with fighting, and now its left its mark on her. Loyalty goes a long way with Emma, she stays true to the friends she's made and will stick by them unless they go against her morals.

Emma was the type of girl who brought home birds with broken wings, stray kittens who needed a home. She's a huge Animal Lover and it shows, through her actions. She tends to tell little white lies, if it means she can get away and be by herself at times.

Magical Information:

Cherry with Unicorn Hair Core
Ten and a Half Inches


The Memory you think of when trying to conjure your Patronus:
The Day Emma's baby sister was born, Emma felt she now could help someone else, she could be the best big sister ever. She felt Love, and Excitement for her little sister. She remembers the first time she held her, and its now one of the first things Emma thinks of when someone asks for a powerful memory.





So begins...

Emma Rae Thompson's Story


Shin stretched his legs after arriving to Hogwarts. It was a long ride and he was exhausted. He was dressed in his Slytherin robes, that seemed to hide his summer tan he received over vacation. In smooth strides he made his way alone in silence to the Great Hall, where he'd fill his stomach up with delicious food, of course after seeing what "New Meat" they had this year. Walking in he could already see the tables filling up. Some with friends, some with people he couldn't stand. He made his way to the Slytherin table and sat down letting his head rest in his hands. He was hungry, he was tired, and he resented the fact that Summer was over once more.

The chattering in the Hall died down as the doors opened, and the first years filed in. Lifting his head up he looked at the younger students to see if he knew any of them. He recognized some, but not many. There was however another Porter among the group. How fancy, now they seemed to be coming by the year. He shook his head, a smirk well defined on his face. Leaning back a ways he listened to the Hat sort everyone, even a few new students for Slytherin. "They won't make it, they look like their ears are about to fall off." He thought to himself shaking his head. He couldn't say much, he remembered being that young, though he wasn't terrified about magic or school or sorting or any of the sort, he felt as if he were born for it.

His stomach growling brought him out of his thoughts. He was starting to regret ignoring the food trolley on the train. His attention however went to Mathias, a fellow Slytherin, whose attention was on one of the first years, who was sorted into Hufflepuff. He perked a brow and smirked, he could get entertainment out of this. He watched out of curiosity at first, then it was over, just as soon as it started. What made it interesting was Kieran, he seemed to be very protective of the first year. He caught the boys glare and smirked only to keep eye contact and make sure that he looked smug about what happened. Shinta rested his face on his hand once more and just gave a tiny wave to Kieran, wiggling his fingers, almost as if he were mocking the boy. Shin could already tell, he'd have a fun year, that's for sure.


Emma had been nervous since she had gotten off the boat. She was really there at Hogwarts. She was a Witch! She followed the rest of the first years into the school, her eyes wide with wonder. She whispered to the girl next to her, and the girl would whisper back. "I hope I get into a nice house, I heard that Slytherins were really snakes... do you think-" before she could even finish the giant oak doors opened up and everyone filed into the Great Hall, eyes on them. Emma's eyes were on all four tables and even the teachers table. She tried making mental notes about everything, but it was a lot to take in.
After all the sorting done, Emma sat on the stool and waited for her chance to be sorted into a house, a "family" so to speak. The hat spoke some gibberish she wasn't paying attention to on why she should be in this house or that house, in the end she became part of the Ravenclaw House. She took a deep breath, it wasn't as scary as she made it seem, sliding off the stool, she'd make her way over to her House table and take a seat with the people nearest her whispering small 'congrats' to her. She looked around to see where everyone else that had been standing with her had been sorted. Seemed everyone was sorted where they belonged, everyone was already fitting in and having a good time. I wonder if that's how I'll be next year or if I'll ever be that way again." she thought glumly to herself, seeing as she didn't have any "muggle" friends or any wizarding friends. At least she had her owl and her sister and father to write to.





The Great Hall buzzed with excitement while the children of the houses ate their food.
The Headmaster was quietly conversing with some of the other teachers while sometimes
locking eyes with a child. The first one he locked eyes with was Octavia. She turned to her
brother, inquiring. "Brother... Who is that man in the middle of the teacher's table?" She
questioned as Miles moved on to look at some of the other children. He turned to his
fellow teachers and had slight conversation as did Octavia before the Headmaster stepped
up to the podium. The lights flickered to get attention but then he began speaking. "I would like
to extend a hand of welcoming to the first years. May your future be bright and prosperous.
Now. I must inform everyone that entering the dark forest is forbidden, unless you want to
live like Sir Nicholas here."
He motioned to the ghost who took his head off which received a
few Ewws and some people mentioning that it was cool. Miles continued on. "Now, Prefects
will escort the first years of their house to the dormitories and then tomorrow you will be able
to explore the grounds."
I wish all of you happy dreams and wonderful friendships. With
that, most of the people in the hall got up to leave towards the dormitories. Octavia looked at
Kieran. "Do I have to go with the Prefect brother?" She questioned hesitantly.

As the Headmaster (or, who he suspected was the Headmaster) gave them a speech before telling the First Years to follow the Prefects, he couldn't help but feel happy knowing Winter was here with him. "I guess I will see you all there then". He told them as he walked towards the Prefects with the other First Years. He didn't like some of the looks he saw from the Slytherin Prefects, or from the their table. But he hated the whispers even more. He could hear them talking about him, and Liam knew it wasn't about Winter. It was about his father.

As he gathered with the other First Years and before they were all grouped into individual houses, he accidentally bumped into two of them. "Oh, Sorry" Liam mentioned to Octavia and Emma as Winter walked next to him. "Hi, my name is Liam. Liam Porter". He had also gotten his schedule out, looking at his classes. And what he saw made him be filled with dread, as his first class was History of Magic, by James Porter.

"Great. Just great. My first class is taught by my brother" he mentioned to himself out loud. "Well, I am officially convinced I am not surviving the year. Talk about being suffocated by your own family".

At least he had Winter with him.


Shin listened to the announcements, with little to no interest, it was the same year after year, rules rules rules, don't do this, don't do that. He rolled his eyes, and shook his head. After a few bites of food, he'd get up and start heading to the dungeons, to his Common Room where he could finally relax and not have to worry about anything. He was after all at home. Staring up at the ceiling he remembered he had classes to attend tomorrow.

He pulled his schedule from his pocket and glanced over it. It was all the classes he had asked for. Potions, DADA, Transfiguration, and Herbology, his last class was Care of Magical Creatures. How nice of a schedule he had. There were however some classes he'd prefer not to be on there. He shrugged and put it up, at least he knew where he was going tomorrow. Plopping himself down on the couch, he stretched out and smiled, the warmth from the fireplace broke the chill in the common room. Not that he didn't mind the chill, it was just not as comfortable as he would've prefered it. Closing his eyes for just a moment, he heard a familiar voice. "Sleeping on the couch Cuz? Why waste a perfectly good bed." Shin's eyes popped open just as he was sat on. He grunted, and took a deep breath as he shook his head at his cousin. Alaina Silverwulf, his younger cousin only by a few months, had also been accepted into Slytherin. Shin pushed her off of him only so he could sit up and raise his brow at her, now that a few tons had been lifted off his stomach. It was a good thing he hadn't eaten too much, she would've ended up wearing it by now. "I was thinking of how to cut off your hair in your sleep." He grumbled, though he put a smile on his face. She shook her head, before punching him in the arm. "Really, try getting to my bed." She teased him before getting off the couch, giving him a hug and skipping off to the womens dorm room.

Shin grunted, shaking his head. She was all kinds a crazy, and not the good kind. He thought to himself, his cousin reminding him of something he had read before. Sighing, he got up and walked to his own Dorm, examining the same old room, he sighed and plopped down on his bed, and stared. His cat, Butterscotch, hopped up on his chest and curled into a ball, purring softly at him as her blue eyes gazed into his. He chuckled and scratched her behind her ears and whispered, "Looks like we're home once again Butterscotch." The feline closed her eyes and continued to purr as if in agreement with him. He kept his hand on her back, and he fell asleep to her soft purr.


Emma listened to the mans words very carefully, for it seemed as if he were the one in charge. As they had lined up ready to go to the Ravenclaw Dorm, she had been bumped into. "Hey! Watch it..." She started saying before she realized that it was a first year just like her, and it was an accident. He even introduced himself to her. "Liam... that's... a nice name." She said with a smile, sticking out her hand, she would introduce herself, "My name is Emma... Emma Thompson bu-" just before she could finish her sentence, the prefect had already started moving forward. "Well... see you around." She said, before walking off, her blonde hair bouncing behind her. She followed the prefect as they spoke about the way to the common room, how the stairs change, so you better pay attention. Her eyes widened at the moving pictures, though she didn't say anything, she didn't want to seem... ignorant.

As they got to the common room door, the prefect explained how Ravenclaws got in, they had to answer a riddle, that the bronze knocker would give them. "Remember wit beyond measure is a mans greatest treasure." The prefect quoted Ravenclaw's slogan. Emma giggled until she heard a voice, a riddle was given.
."Without signal, flag or call, at night we come to play. And though we do not flee at all, at dawn we go away."
The prefect smirked and looked at all the first years. "Anyone want to try and answer it? I promise nothing bad will happen to you." Emma thought about the riddle for a second, then she smiled and raised her hand. "Why, I do believe that Stars are the answer." She pursed her lips, not meaning to speak out, the door unlatched and opened, as it said, "Enter." All the first year Ravenclaw students clapped before entering the common room. They were high up, Emma admitted to herself, as she peered out the window. "This is known as Ravenclaw Tower, as our house is represented by an Eagle, our colors are adapted to Air, we live with wisdom and wit, so have a grand night." The prefect turned around and left the common room, leaving all the first years to whisper to each other. Emma, however had no want to speak to any one of those. She walked to the dorms and sat on a bed that seemed to have her things, and even ravenclaw robes and a scarf for her. Her owl,Reno pecked at the cage to get her attention. She smiled and opened the cage, "Reno, I'm glad you're here... she pulled a letter from her trunk and gave it to her pet. "I need you to deliver this to my father please, you know he gives you the best mice." She said softly, looking around hoping no one would catch her. She tried opening her window, and it opened easily. The owl nudged itself against her cheek before taking flight into the night. She closed the window quickly, before noticing a piece of parchment paper on her pillow, it seemed to have her schedule.
Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy and Herbology. Flying lessons. She grimaced at the last class. Flying, that was something she wasn't sure she could do.... it was... not her best or her strong suit. Moving the schedule out of the way she laid down, in her robes too exhausted to do anything else. All the adrenaline she had seemed to have worn off, making her somewhat very tired. She closed her eyes and that was it, she was out like a light.