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Josh Davidson

"Playfulness should be moderated with studying- unless Slytherins are included."

0 · 986 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts - Memories of the Past”, as played by aarondalea



"Life's all about having fun, you know? And, well, a lot of people disagree with my streak of fun…especially those annoying Slytherins."



| Full Name |
Josh Ashton Davidson

| Nicknames |
Joe | Jo | Ash
"Some Slytherins do have the nice habit of calling me mudblood. I guess after these years I've just grown to accept it- can't expect people of simple minds to come up with anything more…intelligent."

| Sexuality |
"I bat only for the other sex, sorry. Can't think I'll be able to deal with the idea of sticking it up someone's arse."

| Nationality |
50% British | 50% French
"'m parents are both history nerds; they debate about who actually won the 100 Years War from time to time."

| Year |
Sixth Year
"Only two more years until I…join the world, so to say? God damn it, don't want to. Not looking forward to taking NEWTs next year, either."

| House |
"Where the brave of heart dwell- or, for simplicity, the best house of all."

| Birthday |
September 2nd
"Sort of sucks, doesn't it? Tends to be the second day of school every. Damned. Year."

| Face Claim |
Hunter Parrish



| Height & Weight |
182cm | 5'9"6
71kg | 157lbs
"Yeah, I know. I'm a damned giant for some people. Actually, very few, probably."

| Hair |
Dirty Blonde | Brown || Usually messy, Josh rarely ever touches his hair other than combing it once or twice with his fingers after waking up in the morning. Sometimes, he forgets to "groom" his hair, allowing it to stick up in many different directions that defy gravity. Josh's hair color really does depend on the lighting that he's under; sometimes, it can seem more blonde than brown, at others, the exact reverse. He really doesn't care much about his hair and rarely does anything to it- he shampoos only once a week and just runs water through it on all others- which leaves it in the stiff, unkempt bundle that sort of characterizes Josh's personality as well.
"It's just…there, I don't see the need to really, like, keep it tame and stuff. I just cut it once in a while and I'm done."

| Eyes |
Green | Josh's eyes are a deep green color flecked with bits of gold. An interesting feature of Josh's is a small brown triangle in his right eye, a birth mark that contrasts slightly against the dark green of his irises.

| Skin |
Tanned | Josh's skin tends to be rather tanned, though he sometimes does stay for a considerable amount of time in doors to make up for studying and the like. This doesn't mean that Josh's skin turns lighter by any means- rather, it enhances the potency of tan lines that cover parts of Josh's body.

| Scars / Tattoos / Piercings |
• Scar | Right Leg | Long gash that traverses diagonally across his leg || A physical note of what happened the day that had stole Melissa from the Davidson family.
• The rest of Josh's body remains relatively unscathed except for those few scars that near everyone has- such as on his knees, etc- from small accidents and the like. He does not have any piercings nor any tattoos, as his parents had expressed earlier on when Josh had been younger that they did not look highly upon any of their children receiving tattoos.

| Physical Description |
Slightly bulky and tall, Josh can sometimes come off as a rather imposing figure while standing amongst other Hogwarts students. He has a decent enough muscle build- though, obviously, his increasing time in the library has turned most of these muscles into fat- most of which is focused on his arms and his upper body due to his participation within Quidditch. Sometimes, it might come off that Josh doesn't really "fit into his body", since he can pull awkward poses from time to time and his arms and legs occasionally seem a bit too lanky from certain directions.

| Attire / Clothing |
Josh, basically, wears whatever he can get his hands on. HIs parents don't have much money for him to spend, anyways, as most of their money goes into hospital bills. So, Josh tends to wear either hand-me-downs or just tattered pieces of clothing he's been wearing for the past two or three years. This results in pants that seem a bit too small, or shirts that are stretched a bit too tight. If they're comfortable enough, Josh just wears them with little to no care at all. He rarely ever dresses up formally- in a suit and tie- and tends to roam around with a hoodie on. Occasionally, Josh likes to throw in a beanie or a scarf on- during colder seasons- to spice things up a bit. Josh has no set color scheme that he likes to follow, but he is most commonly seen wearing maroon or navy colored articles of clothing.


| Wand Information |
11 inches | Willow | Phoenix Feather
"Though I later visited Ollivander, I never found out from which phoenix did the feather come from. It is, trust me, an extremely powerful wand- but then, all wands are powerful in their own rights."

| Patronus |
Tiger | The tiger did not appear for Josh when he started to practice the charm in his fourth year at Hogwarts. It did not appear the next year either, while Josh was preparing for his OWLs. But when it finally did, Josh was blown out of his mind with excitement and pride- especially since the tiger was supposed to mirror his inner personality. Regal and powerful, the tiger stands on it's four legs to around Josh's stomach, it's head wide and strong, it's jaws obviously large enough to crush a human's head if it were real. The patronus is extremely friendly with Josh and loves to cuddle when there is nothing to do.
"I love'm, really. Though I can't really touch him…he feels nice to touch, warm. Like home."

| Patronus Memory |
Josh's patronus formed after he received his OWL scores and had presented them to his parents. Though they could barely understand and comprehend the wizarding educational system, a short description later sent all of the Davidson family into a fit of glee. The memory has constantly been in Josh's mind ever since (all outstandings besides an exceeds expectations for History of Magic) with a radiance of happiness and hope.
"It was just…it felt like the first time we were a family again. Not bothered by anything at all; no bills to pay, no sickness to worry about…just pure happiness. Even if it was just centered around letters on a sheet of parchment."



| Personality |
Strong | Courageous | Blunt | Intelligent | Clumsy | Playful | Gregarious
Josh is extremely out-going and loves to meet new people, even Slytherins, with a lax and carefree smile. He rarely ever tries to get into fights, and tends to try his best to back out of any situation of aggression that might be posed against him. Some say that this cheerfulness is close to a childish innocence that seems to follow behind Josh wherever he goes- though, well, it is rather obvious that Josh holds no sort of child-like naivety within his mind. If he must- and if someone angers him enough- Josh can turn into a harsh adversary in fights, and Josh knows this perfectly well. Due to this, Josh tends to stand his ground more so than allow other people to step on him, though he does not see backing down from a fight as a show of cowardliness. But, really, Josh rarely ever gets into fights due to the smile that is constantly plastered across his face and the general aura of happiness that seems to effuse the area Josh may be around. Wherever he goes, Josh's presence is marked with his near-constant chattering and laughter that seems to echo throughout the Hogwarts grounds.

When he has to be serious, however, all of this joyful gaiety tends to disappear almost immediately from Josh. Extremely intelligent, Josh can immediately settle down and block everything out when he studies for tests and the like. A sense of meticulousness seems to dawn on Josh while he is studying as well, rather contradictory to how he usually acts, as Josh tends to be an extremely huge klutz. One thing that Josh seems to constantly have, however, is an extremely blunt tongue and his ability to open mental wounds and scars without a bat of an eye. Some say that this ability was influenced by the books he reads all the time, that they sap away the cheerfulness that was inbuilt into Josh. But, anyways, Josh rarely does ever say anything too blunt or bad, or at least, the frequency in which he does is relatively low compared to what it once was. Josh rarely ever gets angry as well, and tends to stay in a constantly peaceful and calm state- though this does not mean that his mind is dull and unthinking. Also, Josh tends to vent his anger in the form of, well, a child: whining, moping, no crying, but yes.


| Likes |
• Hogwarts | "I don't think any student at Hogwarts would be able to deny any sort of love towards these grounds."
• The Library | "People need moments of peace and quiet from time to time. Not to mention, I feel at ease while reading books; the atmosphere of the library is just right, with the shelves filled to the ceiling with books and the tables lined underneath for reading and studying…"
• Quidditch | "I officially joined the team as a Beater in my second year which is, I guess, pretty damned impressive? I am proud of my past years in the Quidditch team. Extremely proud."
• Art | "I don't know; art just speaks to me in a way similar to books. Although I can't really draw or paint well, but…I guess artistic talent really just finds a select few only, and not all people who aspire and try?"
Sweets | Owls | Cats | Classes | Lazing Around | The Great Lake | The Giant Squid | Running Around | Jogging | Exploring | Ceremonies | Holidays | Sky Watching | Casting Spells | Setting Pranks | All Types of Food | Reading | Muggle Technology

| Dislikes |
• Slytherins | "It's nothing big, but, especially as a muggle-born, it's hard to say that I have any love for the Slytherin house at all."
• Cars | "I am just grateful that my fear of cars is not…crippling. Seeing them doesn't do much, but sitting inside them- well, that's a different matter. I have not travelled by car for a very long time now, ever since the accident."
• Hospitals | "Equally as traumatizing. My last visit to a hospital has left a gaping wound in my heart and mind- one that relates to all infirmaries and hospitals, including the infirmary in Hogwarts grounds…"
• Arguments | "I just…can't stand raised voices. They give me a headache and really… I'd rather just stay away from all sorts of conflict at all times…"
Muggy Days | Dampness | Showering with Others | Getting Scolded | Scolding Others | The Fat Lady | Long Periods of Isolation | Pureblood Superiority | Professor Binns | Wearing his Robes | No Internet | Past | Diaries

| Strengths |
• Transfiguration | "I don't know. Transfiguration really just stuck with me the moment I stepped into class. I mean, it never was really hard for me to change, say, a closet into a pig. It just happens with me, and, well, I do have a secret I'd really rather not tell anyone just of yet."
• Charms | "It doesn't take much time for me to really 'figure out' spells, actually. It's just basic pronunciation and wand movements; I don't find it that hard."
• Perseverance | "A lot of people say that I'm extremely stubborn, especially when I set my eyes on a goal; I just say that I…just, like, don't like to change my plans as much after I've set them in the ground? I mean, I make goals for a reason- to achieve them, not to throw them aside."
• Fast Reflexes | "If a Beater didn't have fast reflexes, I wouldn't know what the captain of a team would do with the person. A Beater without fast reflexes is, in the simplest of terms, relatively useless."

| Weaknesses |
• History of Magic | "I say that it's just that Professor Binns is just too dry for any student of any calibre to understand. I swear to Merlin's pants, if I have to take any more lessons next year…"
• Sugar-coating | "I don't know- I was a relatively sweet child back a few years ago. But, I guess, I think that I attribute my current bluntness with how…I was informed of my sister's death. Straightforward. Just a few short seconds after I had woken up from my comma."
• Depression | "I am, or, well, I have been diagnosed with clinical depression. I even have the pills to prove that I have- but, well, the pills don't really work at times. The suicidal thoughts still seep in from time to time and…I can't just make them bugger off."
• Meekness | "Personally, I don't think I'm meek though others say that I am. I just don't like to get into arguments and don't like to create conflict. I don't see any reason in why I should like to get into fights at all."



| Place of Origin |
South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

| Happiest Memory |
Josh still remembers the day as clear as day- now, it feels almost cruel how good the days were back then when his sister was still alive and his mother still healthy as ever. It was a late March day, marked with easy winds and light blue sky that had slowly started to turn a dark orange and red. His sister had somehow rushed back from her boarding school in central London to wave her acceptance letter in front of Josh and their parent's face, her own radiant with energy and excitement.
"My sister had gotten into Harvard. Even though she was British, she insisted on going off to America to study. Don't understand why but…she was happy. We were all happy- extremely, extremely happy for her."
Many would question why Josh would ever treasure a memory in which he isn't the main center of focus, but Josh states that time is the main reason as to why he treasures this memory so much. It is because, well, he has lost much of what is presented in the memory. His sister; his happy parents; security; a perfect nuclear family. Though Josh had only been ten at the time, the high spirits around the house had definitely affected him in a way that still persists today. No matter what anyone else says, he still believes that this is his happiest memory to date.

| Saddest Memory |
In his mind, Josh is torn between two memories, both of which instill horror, fear, helplessness, anger, sadness and depression in his heart. The first, the car crash that had ended his sister's life- and had nearly taken his own, if his sister had not turned the wheel fast enough so that she took the brunt of the impact. The second- the one Josh tends to tear up over more- is the memory of attending Melissa's funeral. It had been a painful Christmas break, and pretty much the last one he had attended. His mother had collapsed that day, only later to be diagnosed a week later with terminal breast cancer. Josh's father looked all but happy and secure- the look on his face one of complete loss and grief. The events of the funeral are all a blur in Josh's head, but he remembers himself standing there, utterly lost, only fourteen years old. The wounds on his face had burned against his skin; the pain had been all too real, and they still are two years later.


| History |
A normal couple in South Yorkshire, the Davidsons had led a normal life earning medium-wages and caring for no one else but one another. Jessica Davidson had been a graduate from Oxford, and had given up a career in law to pursuit a less prestigious job to spend time with her husband. Rory Davidson, on the other hand, had barely scraped past University and headed straight for a normal job himself. The two had met as neighbors and had slowly fallen in love through meticulous courting from Rory’s side. Within the first year of their marriage, the two gave birth to a young healthy girl called Melissa. Five years later, against the wishes of their respective parents, Rory and Jessica gave birth to a second child, a young boy they called Josh Ashton Davidson. Under the strict surveillance of Rory and Jessica, the two children grew up as “prodigies”, smart and cheerful bundles of joy that both parents took pride in. However, things started to change- not in Melissa as she entered her rebellious phase, but Josh.
Weird occurrences started to happen around the young boy- it was so obvious that even his two parents could not deny the unscientific occurrences that happened one after another in their household. When Josh was five, he flew off of a swing and landed softly on the ground in front of his father’s eyes. A few months later, when Josh was making breakfast, he managed to make the flames a deep purple without any chemical additions to the fire in front of his mother’s eyes. During Melissa’s rebellious stage, Josh would barge into her room even when the door was locked, prompting surprise from all members of the family- except for Josh. In his eyes, it was almost a normal occurrence as he made things dance and fly around in the sky around him as if his room defied the laws of gravity. This created panic within the hearts of his family members, however, and caused them to move to Glasgow, as if a shift in geography would serve as a sufficient enough veil over their son’s abilities. There, Melissa headed straight to a boarding school and stayed in the school until she was accepted into Harvard University. Between the age of five and eleven, Josh attended normal primary and secondary school, forced to hide his powers by his parents. He made sure to keep a check on his powers as well, especially due to the responses his family members had shown towards him when he had expected praise.
Then, his Hogwarts letter arrived one normal Sunday morning, shocking the family as Josh had slowly read it out loud for his parents. Thinking it as a prank, the Davidson family had placed the letter aside and had forgotten about it- until two exactly the same letters showed up later in their mailbox again. Once again, the family had ignored the letters- but when a lady had appeared at their front door and had sat down to explain the situation, it had been hard to deny the truth anymore. With his parents, Josh shopped for his supplies in Diagon Alley after much confusion and fear. He had visited Ollivander’s and had received his own personal wand; the Goblins at Gringotts had left nothing but fear in the young, impressionable boy’s mind. At the apothecary, Josh picked up his Owl, Sylvester, a beautiful barn owl with a stark white face and beautifully patterend feathers. His sister learned of everything much later, but by then Josh had already headed off to Hogwarts. His life at Hogwarts remained eventful yet not much so as he sped through classes as he had back in the muggle world. During his second year, he was recruited into the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and thus Josh had spent his life happily with a circle of close friends.
Until that fateful night during his third year at Hogwarts. Josh and Melissa had both returned to their parents’ house; Melissa had just become a junior at Harvard, and was passing through classes with flying scores. She had also obtained a driving license- and so, when the family ran out of toilet paper at midnight (with Rory stuck in the loo), Josh and Melissa had hopped on their parents’ car and had driven as fast as possible towards the nearest store- only for Melissa to forget the different driving systems in the United Kingdom and America. Josh had lost his sister that night, and it had felt like he had lost a piece of himself as well in his two-day comma. His whole family collapsed; his mother fainted at the funeral and was later diagnosed with late-term breast cancer. Incurable. His father fell into alcoholism- but still continued to work for the family and forced Josh back to Hogwarts, stating that Rory would still pay for the school fee. And so a painful year passed by, as Josh tried to force his depression and sadness to a side and face his friends with smiles- or so he has tried for the past year. Now, a new year starts with haste and dread and with Josh more scared than ever- but hopeful; hopeful because he knows that there is a bright future out there in the wizarding world for himself, or so he hopes.

So begins...

Josh Davidson's Story

ImageThe Great Hall was filled with light, food, teachers, and all of the students except for the first years, who were just entering now. Various things from pumpkin juice to chocolate cake adorned the platters on the tables. Each house ghost, excluding the Bloody Baron, were there as well. The Great Hall was just that. It was great in size, in standards, in supply if food, and just it's overall Imageaura. The ceiling was high above, and floating in the air were various magical candles and floating orbs of light.

Above each house table was its banner. Gryffindor's lion, Ravenclaw's eagle, Slytherin's snake, and Hufflepuff's badger, all in their house colors. Each one filled with the students who had been sorted in the previous years. Each bustling with people. As the first Imageyears walked down the long path between the tables, anxiety and whispering could be heard throughout. "What house will I be?" "Who are they?" "Is that who I think it is?" "I wonder how many of them are mud bloods this year". The whispers were obviously there, though not all were clear. Nearly Headless Nick swore he had forgotten something again, before adjusting his head so it wasn't hanging off.
The sorting hat sat there, the one thing who would choose what house they would be. This hat had seen more anxiety, anger, and disbelief then any other being alive. And now, it would reach into the minds of these students and place them where they belong. The first name was then called forth. Liam Porter.
As Liam sat on the stool, the sorting hat was placed on his head. "Liam Porter, eh? You have quite a few brothers, at least two I believe still attend here. Another Porter. You are very loyal...but, you are also very brave. Courage runs strong in you like your brothers. Maybe Hufflepuff....but I think I know a better place. Among your brothers. GRYFFINDOR!!!" The Gryffindors cheered and then chanted together. "You belong in Gryffindor where dwell the brave at heart! Our daring nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart!"
The next name called was Octavia O'Conner. She approached the stool, slid on then the hat was placed on her pale hair. "Not much wit in the head but there is bravery but more than that, loyalty. You aren't afraid of bad things to come and I believe your brother was quite the same. Well Ms. Octavia. I believe you belong in.... HUFFLEPUFF!" Again there was cheering and yet another chant. "You belong in Hufflepuff where they are just and loyal! We Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil!"

The other students were sorted and then the feast began. It is a happy time at Hogwarts as the young first years meet new friends in their houses or even, new enemies.

[ OOC: Not trying to be rude by not including the Ravenclaw and Slytherin first years but I have nothing to go off of as a name thing. Truly sorry if I offend anyone. ]

Liam wasn't surprised. Every Porter who ever went under that hat seemingly became a Gryffindor. He was more worried about people knowing who he was. After all, his story made the front page twice. "Ministery Official's Death and Son barely survives after a few days alone in the snow filled forest" still rang into his ears from others voices, despite the lengthy name. It was a big story, his father dying, and Liam managing to reflect a curse out of pure luck. But to him, every time he heard was just another reminder his father was dead, and he watched it happen. His family was all affected, but he witnessed the death himself. And he was the closest with their father. It bothered him more then others. And people tended to treat you differently already when your mother was as high up in the Ministry as his.

That didn't mean he showed it though. He hid behind his normal self, full of jokes and courage and loyalty. As he sat down at the table around fellow Gryffindor's, a familiar face caught his attention. It was his brother, Daniel. "Welcome to the club Liam" he mentioned, messing up Liam's hair. Liam smiled somewhat, but also was annoyed.

"I thought I told you to stop doing that!" Liam mentioned, as his other brother Tristen added "Now you are stuck with us. Also means you can stop using my bed at home since you're here now".

Liam looked towards the other Gryffindor's nearby. "Please tell me they are less annoying here then at home. And Tristen, ground rule, no messing with me before a test or I start mentioning certain stories. Understood?" At least they stopped calling him "The Boy who Survived". Granted he did survive three days alone in the woods wounded, but he hated the idea of being like Harry Potter. While he did have this great history, Liam wasn't a big fan of that spotlight, and it implied he was prone to danger. Which, while he denied it, he was.

He just hoped the school year wouldn't be as disaster out, or that he would get so much "special treatment". But he would brave it all the same, no matter what.

(NPC Porters, activate! Anyways, if anyone wants to make one of them as an actual character I wouldn't mind).

(Also, the similarities between Porter and Potter is coincidental. I just noticed it myself in this post).





The Great Hall buzzed with excitement while the children of the houses ate their food.
The Headmaster was quietly conversing with some of the other teachers while sometimes
locking eyes with a child. The first one he locked eyes with was Octavia. She turned to her
brother, inquiring. "Brother... Who is that man in the middle of the teacher's table?" She
questioned as Miles moved on to look at some of the other children. He turned to his
fellow teachers and had slight conversation as did Octavia before the Headmaster stepped
up to the podium. The lights flickered to get attention but then he began speaking. "I would like
to extend a hand of welcoming to the first years. May your future be bright and prosperous.
Now. I must inform everyone that entering the dark forest is forbidden, unless you want to
live like Sir Nicholas here."
He motioned to the ghost who took his head off which received a
few Ewws and some people mentioning that it was cool. Miles continued on. "Now, Prefects
will escort the first years of their house to the dormitories and then tomorrow you will be able
to explore the grounds."
I wish all of you happy dreams and wonderful friendships. With
that, most of the people in the hall got up to leave towards the dormitories. Octavia looked at
Kieran. "Do I have to go with the Prefect brother?" She questioned hesitantly.

As the Headmaster (or, who he suspected was the Headmaster) gave them a speech before telling the First Years to follow the Prefects, he couldn't help but feel happy knowing Winter was here with him. "I guess I will see you all there then". He told them as he walked towards the Prefects with the other First Years. He didn't like some of the looks he saw from the Slytherin Prefects, or from the their table. But he hated the whispers even more. He could hear them talking about him, and Liam knew it wasn't about Winter. It was about his father.

As he gathered with the other First Years and before they were all grouped into individual houses, he accidentally bumped into two of them. "Oh, Sorry" Liam mentioned to Octavia and Emma as Winter walked next to him. "Hi, my name is Liam. Liam Porter". He had also gotten his schedule out, looking at his classes. And what he saw made him be filled with dread, as his first class was History of Magic, by James Porter.

"Great. Just great. My first class is taught by my brother" he mentioned to himself out loud. "Well, I am officially convinced I am not surviving the year. Talk about being suffocated by your own family".

At least he had Winter with him.