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Octavia O'Conner

"You sometimes can't chose what happens in life. Sometimes it's written in the stars."

0 · 931 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts - Memories of the Past”, as played by CyberGlowfly




{ Name }Image
Octavia Amity O'Conner

{ Birthday }
May Fifteenth, Eleven

{ Sexuality }
Heterosexual, Panromantic

{ House }
Hufflepuff First Year

{ Face Claim }
Elle Fanning

{ "Our ideals are our better selves." }

{ Likes }
◆ Strawberry Ice Cream ◆ Video Games ◆ Swimming ◆ Cuddling ◆ Reading ◆ Comic books ◆ Skittles ◆ Animals ◆ Writing ◆ Photography ◆ Smoothies ◆ Magic ◆ Her Hair ◆ Youtube ◆ Music ◆

{ Dislikes }
◆ Animal abuse ◆ Reality TV ◆ Bright lights ◆ Being Emotionally Hurt ◆ Cigarettes ◆ Arguing ◆ Liars ◆ Cheaters ◆ Paper Cuts ◆ Needles ◆ Sharks ◆ Traffic ◆ Headaches ◆ Reality ◆ The Color Pink ◆

{ Strengths/Talents }
◆ Charms ◆ Transfiguration ◆ Social Interaction ◆

{ Weaknesses }
◆ Astraphobia ◆ Melissophobia ◆ Cinnamon ◆

{ Personality }
Octavia is the brightest girl you'll ever meet, always ready with her smile, anywhere, any time. She's fiercely independent, and insists on doing anything on her own with minimal help. She's the kind of girl to offer to carry your books for you even when she's holding a large pile of books in her hands already.

Octavia is very likable, and is very easy to make friends with. She will never, ever judge you for who you are, and tries her best to do what she can for everyone. She believes in giving others a second chance, and is forever forgiving people for their mistakes. To her, as long as you realize you did wrong and are able to change, there's no harm done. Having lots of confidence in herself, she set high goals and works hard to achieve them. She has simple tastes, and never bothers much about her looks. Octavia loves her friends very much, and would do anything for them at a moments' notice.

{ "The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon." }

{ Hair Color }
A blonde that could almost be mistaken as silver

{ Eye Color }
Emerald green with tints of the ocean blue

{ Skin Color }
A creamy vanilla bean

{ Height and Weight }
4'10" | 91 lbs.

{ Build }

{ General Clothing Style When Not in Robes }
Dresses like this that vary in colors and patterns.

{ "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends." }

{ Wand }
A 14 1/2 in. Elm wood wand with a Unicorn hair center that is unyielding.

{ Patronus }
Octavia's patronus is the gentlest of lambs, that perfectly represents the way she is. Soft and sweet and cute as a button.

{ Patronus Memory }
It was the day she received her Hogwarts letter. As she had always done, she went to get the mail and seeing the beautiful unmistakable script was enough for her to scream and run to her father. She was so excited and wrote to her brother, telling him that she had been accepted.

{ "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." }

Image{ Place of Origin }
Dublin, Ireland

{ An Interview with Rita Skeeter }

"So tell me about how you got where you are. Come on darling. Don't hold back. I want to know everything about you and your darling sister."

Image"Well-...I guess I should start at the beginning. You might know our mum. Or her family at least. She came from a long bloodline of pureblooded witches and wizards, all of whom sorted into Slytherin house. Her maiden name was Grimlocke. She was the youngest of three girls. Her older sisters became very successful in the Ministry, one of whom an Auror and the other some kind of judge. But our mum-...she was cut from the family tree for marrying our dad. The Grimlockes were apparently very old-fashioned, right? They hated muggles; thought they'd taint the family bloodline. So when my mum opened an apothecary in Dublin and married my dad a few years later, they weren't happy. They pretty much disowned her and I haven't seen or spoken a word to any of them. After I was born she stopped doing magic for a little while, so her buisness went under. She gave up the shop to take care of me but she didn't give up magic. She taught me everything she could before Octavia was born-..."

"That's me!" Octavia piped in. "My name is Octavia Amity O'Conner and I lived with my mum and my papa and my brother! I was happy most of the time and I always made mum smile when she was sad. I normally did that for everyone but I did it most for mum. Mum didn't talk about my grandparents but our grandparents that we did know loved us. Kieran always did magic and I loved watching it. The pretty colors and other things."

Image"Potions, mostly, but I could do stuff with plants too." Kieran interjected.

"He even taught me a little bit about magic but then our mum fell ill when I was 3 years old. She stopped teaching Kieran magic and we spent most of our time beside our mum's bedside, reading her books, feeding her or other things. When the letter popped through the mail slot that was adressed for Kieran, I ran up to him and showed him immediatley."

"Mum knew what is was before I even showed it to her. I hadn't seen her smile that big in months." Kieran says sadly, "The doctors had diagnosed her with dementia but she wasn't so convinced. When I got that letter though she told me everything she could about Hogwarts; how great it was, all that I would learn, all of the amazing people I would meet. She made me promise I would go but-..." clearing his throat he starts again, "She died in her sleep that night and after that I didn't want to go to Hogwarts. I guess I was scared to leave dad and Octavia at the house but dad wouldn't have it. He told me to go. He told Octavia the same thing when she got her Hogwarts letter."

"After Kieran got his letter, we took him to Platform 9 & 3/4. I didn't know how to get there and neither did dad or Kieran but a nice young woman helped us figure it out. There was a train there and with all the people bustling around, I was tempted to just grab Kieran's arm and go with him, unknowing that I would recieve my own acceptance letter when Kieran was in his 5th year."

"When she got accepted into Hufflepuff I was ecstatic," Kieran grinned, "Just another middle finger to the Grimlockes, you know? It was great. I remember sitting at the Hufflepuff table, fingers crossed, and then she walks up to the sorting hat with that huge grin on her face. I've never seen her so happy. I introduced her to everyone I knew as soon as she sat down next to me."

"I was really happy and I made lots of new friends in Hufflepuff but Kieran was always the one I went to because he was always ready for me to stay with him. Even though he liked doing Slytherin like things, I always followed him around and tried to keep him out of trouble. Much to my dismay, it didn't work very well." She huffed.

Kieran laughed, "No. No it didn't." He reaches over and ruffles her hair, "I'm not all that bad though. Besides, I'd be lonely without you little sis, you know that."

"Yes. You truly would be nothing without me big brother!" She laughed, jumping on him and hugging his neck. "Anyway. That's our history." She finished, kissing him on the cheek.

So begins...

Octavia O'Conner's Story

ImageThe Great Hall was filled with light, food, teachers, and all of the students except for the first years, who were just entering now. Various things from pumpkin juice to chocolate cake adorned the platters on the tables. Each house ghost, excluding the Bloody Baron, were there as well. The Great Hall was just that. It was great in size, in standards, in supply if food, and just it's overall Imageaura. The ceiling was high above, and floating in the air were various magical candles and floating orbs of light.

Above each house table was its banner. Gryffindor's lion, Ravenclaw's eagle, Slytherin's snake, and Hufflepuff's badger, all in their house colors. Each one filled with the students who had been sorted in the previous years. Each bustling with people. As the first Imageyears walked down the long path between the tables, anxiety and whispering could be heard throughout. "What house will I be?" "Who are they?" "Is that who I think it is?" "I wonder how many of them are mud bloods this year". The whispers were obviously there, though not all were clear. Nearly Headless Nick swore he had forgotten something again, before adjusting his head so it wasn't hanging off.
The sorting hat sat there, the one thing who would choose what house they would be. This hat had seen more anxiety, anger, and disbelief then any other being alive. And now, it would reach into the minds of these students and place them where they belong. The first name was then called forth. Liam Porter.
As Liam sat on the stool, the sorting hat was placed on his head. "Liam Porter, eh? You have quite a few brothers, at least two I believe still attend here. Another Porter. You are very loyal...but, you are also very brave. Courage runs strong in you like your brothers. Maybe Hufflepuff....but I think I know a better place. Among your brothers. GRYFFINDOR!!!" The Gryffindors cheered and then chanted together. "You belong in Gryffindor where dwell the brave at heart! Our daring nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart!"
The next name called was Octavia O'Conner. She approached the stool, slid on then the hat was placed on her pale hair. "Not much wit in the head but there is bravery but more than that, loyalty. You aren't afraid of bad things to come and I believe your brother was quite the same. Well Ms. Octavia. I believe you belong in.... HUFFLEPUFF!" Again there was cheering and yet another chant. "You belong in Hufflepuff where they are just and loyal! We Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil!"

The other students were sorted and then the feast began. It is a happy time at Hogwarts as the young first years meet new friends in their houses or even, new enemies.

[ OOC: Not trying to be rude by not including the Ravenclaw and Slytherin first years but I have nothing to go off of as a name thing. Truly sorry if I offend anyone. ]

Liam wasn't surprised. Every Porter who ever went under that hat seemingly became a Gryffindor. He was more worried about people knowing who he was. After all, his story made the front page twice. "Ministery Official's Death and Son barely survives after a few days alone in the snow filled forest" still rang into his ears from others voices, despite the lengthy name. It was a big story, his father dying, and Liam managing to reflect a curse out of pure luck. But to him, every time he heard was just another reminder his father was dead, and he watched it happen. His family was all affected, but he witnessed the death himself. And he was the closest with their father. It bothered him more then others. And people tended to treat you differently already when your mother was as high up in the Ministry as his.

That didn't mean he showed it though. He hid behind his normal self, full of jokes and courage and loyalty. As he sat down at the table around fellow Gryffindor's, a familiar face caught his attention. It was his brother, Daniel. "Welcome to the club Liam" he mentioned, messing up Liam's hair. Liam smiled somewhat, but also was annoyed.

"I thought I told you to stop doing that!" Liam mentioned, as his other brother Tristen added "Now you are stuck with us. Also means you can stop using my bed at home since you're here now".

Liam looked towards the other Gryffindor's nearby. "Please tell me they are less annoying here then at home. And Tristen, ground rule, no messing with me before a test or I start mentioning certain stories. Understood?" At least they stopped calling him "The Boy who Survived". Granted he did survive three days alone in the woods wounded, but he hated the idea of being like Harry Potter. While he did have this great history, Liam wasn't a big fan of that spotlight, and it implied he was prone to danger. Which, while he denied it, he was.

He just hoped the school year wouldn't be as disaster out, or that he would get so much "special treatment". But he would brave it all the same, no matter what.

(NPC Porters, activate! Anyways, if anyone wants to make one of them as an actual character I wouldn't mind).

(Also, the similarities between Porter and Potter is coincidental. I just noticed it myself in this post).

soz, nope



After the sorting had ended and they heard the call for them to go to their tables, Octavia bolted
to where she had thought her brother was. She had gotten lost though.... really. Not even an hour
and she is already lost...? It's gonna be a long year. She had wandered around the great hall
for a slight bit of time till she was grabbed by the waist turned around and lifted high into the air.
She smiled giddily then began speaking. "I belong in Hufflepuff, where I will be just and loyal.
I am a Hufflepuff. True and unafraid of toil."
She almost repeated, only changing a few words.
She clung around her brother's neck, wrapping him in a big hug. She missed her brother greatly and
now, the world couldn't even keep them apart. "I can see why you like it here brother..."
She started when he had finally sat her down. It wasn't long till a bump on Kieran's back, sending him
slightly forward, sent Octavia landing in the arms of a larger boy that had green and silver on.

"So this is your precious sister, o cousin of mine?" He hissed as Octavia pulled away and went
over to her brother again. "Brother... We don't have any cousins..." She replied. She didn't know about
the Grimlockes. They were a secret to her because her mother never told her and Kieran couldn't
bear to speak about them in front of their mother. The two boys walked in front of them and then the
other spoke."Better watch out badger boy. Your little sister might not make it through the year."

Octavia looked at her brother then they proceeded to the Hufflepuff table,
sitting next to Scott and Chara. "Kieran. We don't have any cousins...."


Down at the far end of the Slytherin table was laughter rising as Alex and her small group of friends that wern't all that bad as others made them seem were joking around and causing people around them to laugh and smile. Jasper, Alex's best friend was cracking jokes while his sister Jade and Alex were balancing carrots on their noses and making funny faces. They laughed and so did most of the kids around them, she even caught the attention of some Hufflepuffs who she stuck out her tongue and made funny face to, too only have them laugh and return some of the faces. " Hey Alex over here." Alex turned to Jade who called her only to see that she was ready to fire with a small piece of carrot in her hand. " Go for it!" She said as the small orange vegetable soared through the air for it's short trip before Alex caught it in her mouth. She smiled scrunching up her nose in her usual cute way before laughing.

Alex noticed that the Hall began to grow quiet as she too toned down her voice as she noticed that it was time for the first years to be sorted. Sitting up straight, Alex tried her best to be quiet only to have Jasper make a funny face and almost cause her to spit out her water. She quietly laughed as the other houses roared with cheers as the kids got sorted into their respective houses. Her attention was briefly pulled over to a young lad who swung a little girl in his arms, his little sister maybe? Alex thought before she was snapped back by Jade who leaned her head onto her shoulder. " I'm tired already! That was a bloody hell long train ride over here." Alex only ran her fingers through her short blonde hair and let out a sigh with a small smile playing at her lips. " You sure aren't lying about that part, I thought I'd die in that train before Jasper came and brought me all that candy."

After everyone was done eating and all Alex headed towards the dungeons with Jasper and Jade who all threw their arms around eachothers shoulders. It was hard to walk like that but Alex didn't mind, she was glad to have her friends with her. Now the steps were a different story, Jasper made them go down like they were and they almost fell a couple of times which made Jade and Alex want to kill him but they only laughed and forgot about it the next second. Upon entering the common room, Alex and Jade ran over to the empty couch and threw themselves on it before anyone else came to claim it. They both laughed when their heads almost collided with each others and Jasper lightly sat on them both. " So how was your summer Alex? Did anything new with your mum?" Alex playfully pushed Jasper off as she sat up loosening her green and silver striped tie. " Actually yes, we went Montrose and gathered some Star Grass and studied some Ashwinders along with some Doxy's, those little things sure can bite, little buggers." Jade smiled as the rest of the Slytherin's began to flood the common room, she quickly pulled herself up and took Alex with her. " Time for bed, as in some girl time so good night brother!" With that the two disappeared up towards the girls dormitories leaving Jasper dumbfounded for a second before he shouted " Jade you friend hogger! "

Note~ Just to let ya'll know my NPC's are also active and have Fc's so their likely staying NPC's ^0^

soz, nope


Shin stretched his legs after arriving to Hogwarts. It was a long ride and he was exhausted. He was dressed in his Slytherin robes, that seemed to hide his summer tan he received over vacation. In smooth strides he made his way alone in silence to the Great Hall, where he'd fill his stomach up with delicious food, of course after seeing what "New Meat" they had this year. Walking in he could already see the tables filling up. Some with friends, some with people he couldn't stand. He made his way to the Slytherin table and sat down letting his head rest in his hands. He was hungry, he was tired, and he resented the fact that Summer was over once more.

The chattering in the Hall died down as the doors opened, and the first years filed in. Lifting his head up he looked at the younger students to see if he knew any of them. He recognized some, but not many. There was however another Porter among the group. How fancy, now they seemed to be coming by the year. He shook his head, a smirk well defined on his face. Leaning back a ways he listened to the Hat sort everyone, even a few new students for Slytherin. "They won't make it, they look like their ears are about to fall off." He thought to himself shaking his head. He couldn't say much, he remembered being that young, though he wasn't terrified about magic or school or sorting or any of the sort, he felt as if he were born for it.

His stomach growling brought him out of his thoughts. He was starting to regret ignoring the food trolley on the train. His attention however went to Mathias, a fellow Slytherin, whose attention was on one of the first years, who was sorted into Hufflepuff. He perked a brow and smirked, he could get entertainment out of this. He watched out of curiosity at first, then it was over, just as soon as it started. What made it interesting was Kieran, he seemed to be very protective of the first year. He caught the boys glare and smirked only to keep eye contact and make sure that he looked smug about what happened. Shinta rested his face on his hand once more and just gave a tiny wave to Kieran, wiggling his fingers, almost as if he were mocking the boy. Shin could already tell, he'd have a fun year, that's for sure.


Emma had been nervous since she had gotten off the boat. She was really there at Hogwarts. She was a Witch! She followed the rest of the first years into the school, her eyes wide with wonder. She whispered to the girl next to her, and the girl would whisper back. "I hope I get into a nice house, I heard that Slytherins were really snakes... do you think-" before she could even finish the giant oak doors opened up and everyone filed into the Great Hall, eyes on them. Emma's eyes were on all four tables and even the teachers table. She tried making mental notes about everything, but it was a lot to take in.
After all the sorting done, Emma sat on the stool and waited for her chance to be sorted into a house, a "family" so to speak. The hat spoke some gibberish she wasn't paying attention to on why she should be in this house or that house, in the end she became part of the Ravenclaw House. She took a deep breath, it wasn't as scary as she made it seem, sliding off the stool, she'd make her way over to her House table and take a seat with the people nearest her whispering small 'congrats' to her. She looked around to see where everyone else that had been standing with her had been sorted. Seemed everyone was sorted where they belonged, everyone was already fitting in and having a good time. I wonder if that's how I'll be next year or if I'll ever be that way again." she thought glumly to herself, seeing as she didn't have any "muggle" friends or any wizarding friends. At least she had her owl and her sister and father to write to.





The Great Hall buzzed with excitement while the children of the houses ate their food.
The Headmaster was quietly conversing with some of the other teachers while sometimes
locking eyes with a child. The first one he locked eyes with was Octavia. She turned to her
brother, inquiring. "Brother... Who is that man in the middle of the teacher's table?" She
questioned as Miles moved on to look at some of the other children. He turned to his
fellow teachers and had slight conversation as did Octavia before the Headmaster stepped
up to the podium. The lights flickered to get attention but then he began speaking. "I would like
to extend a hand of welcoming to the first years. May your future be bright and prosperous.
Now. I must inform everyone that entering the dark forest is forbidden, unless you want to
live like Sir Nicholas here."
He motioned to the ghost who took his head off which received a
few Ewws and some people mentioning that it was cool. Miles continued on. "Now, Prefects
will escort the first years of their house to the dormitories and then tomorrow you will be able
to explore the grounds."
I wish all of you happy dreams and wonderful friendships. With
that, most of the people in the hall got up to leave towards the dormitories. Octavia looked at
Kieran. "Do I have to go with the Prefect brother?" She questioned hesitantly.

As the Headmaster (or, who he suspected was the Headmaster) gave them a speech before telling the First Years to follow the Prefects, he couldn't help but feel happy knowing Winter was here with him. "I guess I will see you all there then". He told them as he walked towards the Prefects with the other First Years. He didn't like some of the looks he saw from the Slytherin Prefects, or from the their table. But he hated the whispers even more. He could hear them talking about him, and Liam knew it wasn't about Winter. It was about his father.

As he gathered with the other First Years and before they were all grouped into individual houses, he accidentally bumped into two of them. "Oh, Sorry" Liam mentioned to Octavia and Emma as Winter walked next to him. "Hi, my name is Liam. Liam Porter". He had also gotten his schedule out, looking at his classes. And what he saw made him be filled with dread, as his first class was History of Magic, by James Porter.

"Great. Just great. My first class is taught by my brother" he mentioned to himself out loud. "Well, I am officially convinced I am not surviving the year. Talk about being suffocated by your own family".

At least he had Winter with him.