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James Sirius Potter

Spoiled selfish little child, went out to play out in the wild. I found you shaking like a leaf, underneath your family tree.

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a character in “Hogwarts Next Gen: All is Well”, originally authored by Calenator, as played by RolePlayGateway


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{ "What's the point in doing something if it isn't fun?" }

James Sirius Potter II.
"It's hard to live up to the name, but I manage."

James || "Pretty self explanatory."
Jamie || "I guess it's okay, call me whatever you want."
Mr. Potter || "Ninety nine percent of the time that's screamed by teachers down the school's halls as I make one my daring escapes."

January 21st.
"My birthday is an international wizarding holiday at this point. Not that I'm complaining."

"Nearly legal."

"And you care, why?"

Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Potter nΓ©e Weasley.
"Two of the most famous people in the wizarding world. Sweet, right?"

"Can you blame me? Have you seen some of the girls at this school?"

"The best house of all."

{ "You have to have a thick skin to live in this cruel world." }

"The eyes are from my mother."
James has an assembly of features that link him to his parents, from his jet black messy hair from inherented from his father, which is unstable and can barely be controlled and the set of hazel eyes taken from his mother. He could make the perfect glare, that could almost kill and a beautiful stare which could make you love him instantly. And he has perfect 20/20 vision, so that's a plus. He has a smile that could melt hearts, with brilliant teeth that almost sparkled in bright light. He is tall, standing at around the five eleven to six one mark and a slim body that wasn't too much muscle or too much lankiness, it was just right, like most of his other features. He has a few scars, from accidents in Quidditch and from his regular mishaps with other students which ended poorly, although there isn't one that stands out from the rest, like what his father had on his forehead. He doesn't have any tattoos, although he does have a slight temptation to get one, same goes for piercings. His natural looks, tall and handsome, just added to his already natural charm. In general, James is genetically blessed with a great physical appearance.

{ "Fall seven times. Stand up eight." }

"Chances are you already know me and if you don't, you will."
Extroverted || Charming || Bold || Protective || Mischievous || Cocky || Reckless || Headstrong
James Sirius Potter. You either really love him or really hate him. He's an acquired taste, if you will. His charming, friendly and naturally upbeat nature, plus his charisma, wit and sometimes flirtation, makes him attract new people. But, his constant rebellion, mischievousness, and fiery and reckless acts of resistance which often gets him in trouble, turns people off, along with his cockiness and slight arrogance. Despite what you might think, James is a good friend, he is protective, boundless loyalty and will do anything to keep those he loves safe. This is a prime example of his courageousness and willingness to give himself for others and these are the qualities that wound him up in the Gryffindor robes. The Gryffindor's trademark hasty acts of bravery also come out in his pranking, mischievous nature which he most known for. After he does these things, you'll probably find him in detention with his "partners". But, if you don't, he'll probably be on the Quidditch field, his favourite hobby and something he has grown quite the prowess at, he's even the team captain. He gets a little competitive and full of himself, but it's his passion and at the end of the day he knows it's just a game. Surprisingly, the teachers haven't stripped his captainship from him for his constant rule-breaking acts. He has a knack for being the center of attention, in the school and in the media, being Harry Potter's son, sometimes he enjoys, what can he say? He enjoys the glory. But, sometimes it gets to him, being in his father's shadow. His dad was a hero and he doesn't know if he live up to it. But he tries to shrug it off and try his hardest at anything he can. At everything he can. Being the best ain't easy, you know?

{ "We all have magic inside of us." }

Twelve inches, mahogany, dragon heartstring.
"Reliable and efficient."

A very new model of the Firebolt.
"One of the fastest brooms in existance."

Seeker and Captain.
"Just like my dad. I guess 'insane Quidditch skills' are just in my genes."

"I guess being a prefect just wasn't my style."

Horned Owl.
"His name is Benji, you can pet him, he doesn't bite."

"Fierce, strong and independent. Wow, my patronus flatters me."

His family and friends dead.
"I don't wanna talk about it."

{ "Family is a gift that lasts forever." }

"The son of heroes, huh? Sounds tiring."


{ When You Break | Bear's Den } { Colors | Halsey } { Young Volcanoes | Fall Out Boy }

So begins...

James Sirius Potter's Story


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#, as written by Miyer

Albus smiled softly as his mother pulled him in for a tight hug, rolling his eyes at his sister over her shoulder. He loved his mother but sometimes she acted like she would never see him again, though she treated the whole family like that whenever they went away to Hogwarts. If Ginny hadn't been a Weasley Albus would of felt worried about his mother spending all day alone, but with all of her siblings, their partners and children it was rare to ever find a quiet moment in the Potter home.

Finally being released, his mother went on to give the same treatment to her other two children, Albus suddenly felt a warm hand wrap around his wrist. Without thinking a smile overtook his face as he turned to face the person he had missed the most this summer despite spending most of it with him. He glanced into blue eyes and offered a small smile before turning back to find his mother offering him a teasing grin.

"Hey mom, I'm gonna head off now...",, he muttered, a subtle blush coloring his cheeks, "See you later, James, Lily.", Albus said quickly before turning and following Scorp, whose hand still held his wrist, without looking back knowing what he would see if he did.

"Goodbye Albus! Don't forget to write me a letter everyday!", his mother yelled out to his retreating back before turning her attention to her remaining to children. Shaking his head, Albus looked up to try and figure out where he was being dragged to. It was then that he noticed two things, 1) Louis was with them and 2) the three of them were heading to their usual compartment. Heaving an internal sigh, Albus was immediately grateful he had brought his complete collection of Sherlock with him for the long journey.

"So then, I do believe hello's are in order.", Albus finally said upon the three of them taking their seats on the train, with him nicking the window seat.


Vicky smiled at both her parents, already used to being dropped off at the train station despite the fact she was more then capable of making the journey on her own. As per usual, her mother was repeatably asking her if she had forgotten anything despite the fact that Vicky never forgot anything and that even if she had, it was far to late to do anything about it; while her father was watching on with his usual lazy grin and happy expression like his life couldn't be better... Well almost.

Vicky glanced at the blonde thundercloud standing next to her, looking as if he would do anything to be away from their small cluster. Though it seemed his pray was to be answered as out of the crowd appeared a Malfoy. Grabbing her brother's shirt, Vicky could only watch with raised eyebrows as Louis was pulled away with a fleeting goodbye. Though Vicky was slightly annoyed at her brothers behaviour, she was used to it by now, though her mother was still clearly distressed by the actions of the young Malfoy at stealing her son away.

"Don't worry mother, I'm sure Scorpius will take care of Louis. Now I must be off myself, I am head girl this year which means I have to meet with the other prefects and the head boy before the train journey begins. Wish me luck!", Vicky said before pulling her mother in for a quick hug.

"Like you would need it.", Vicky turned and smiled at her father, pulling him into their hug, his long arms and large frame completely encompassing the pair. "I'll miss you guys. Goodbye!", she smiled before turning and making her way towards the Hogwart Express and then into the prefect carriage. Being the first to arrive, as was expected, Vicky took a seat, opening her potions curriculum book as she waited for the rest to arrive, though secretly she was hoping Teddy would hurry up so they could have the carriage to themselve for a while before the rest of the prefects appeared.


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L I L YxxxP O T T E R

β€ΉxxxPlatform 9 ΒΎxxxOutfitxxxExcitedxxxβ€Ί


Ginevra Weasley was never known to be a crier during her younger years, but Lily could testify that as soon as her and her brothers were old enough to go to Hogwarts, she turned into a crying mess every time they said goodbye before boarding the Hogwarts Express. And this year was no exception, as their mother took turns hugging the life out of her children and leaving tear stains on each of their previously dry shoulders. But Lily wasn't worried, she knew her mother had all of her brothers and sisters-in-law to hang out with while the three younger Potters and their father were gone.

Lily watched as her mother turned to her brother Albus and hugged him, the latter rolling his eyes and sending her a pleading look. But Lily could only smile and try to contain her laughter quietly as to not disrupt her mother's emotional farewell. Soon enough it was Lily's turn to be hugged, and she'd be lying if she said her eyes didn't water a little, but she'd never admit it out loud.

As soon as her mother let poor Lily go, she heard Albus mutter, "hey mum, I'm gonna head off now..." and Lily turned to see what was going on, only to find a blushing Albus being dragged away by a certain blonde boy, "see you later, James, Lily." She heard her mother yell at Albus about not forgetting to write a letter every day, and Lily could only shake her head at that in amusement.

"Hey Jamie, I bet you they're rushing because they want to find a compartment by themselves to make out during the whole trip," she whispered to her older brother. But before she could hear his reaction to her out-of-the-blue comment, she turned to her mother and gave her one last long goodbye hug. "Goodbye mother! Don't miss us too much!"

Excitedly, Lily dragged the rest of her bags and her owl cage towards the luggage drop-off cart with her eldest brother trailing behind her, and after making sure everything was okay, she boarded the train and made her way towards a lonely compartment, clutching her favorite book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. She couldn't contain her excitement at the thought of buying a new Puffskein. Her mother and father had finally agreed she was old enough to know how to take care of one and gave her permission that on her next trip to Hogsmade, she could buy one herself.


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Character Portrait: Albus Severus Potter Character Portrait: Lily Potter Character Portrait: James Sirius Potter Character Portrait: Scorpius Malfoy
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10:00AM || Platform 9ΒΎ || #910D0D || Outfit || Mood: Eager

XXXJames tugged at the sides of his leather jacket, bringing it closer to his chest as he watched his mother give an emotional farewell to XXXher younger son from the back of the whole family, letting out a rather small and quiet chuckle. The first of September was always an XXXemotional day for the Potter family. As soon as his brother was gone from his mother's arms he was being rushed away by Scorpius XXXMalfoy with a tug of the wrist. "Hey mom, I'm gonna head off now..." Figures. He smiled at him as he walked off with the other, Lily XXXnow receiving a goodbye embrace by their mother. He could've swore the former was getting a bit emotional herself. He took Lily's XXXplace, now wrapping his long arms around her, letting her cry into his jacket, he may or may not have had to bend down a little due XXXto how tall he was getting. He smiled at her, "Ahh, don't worry, mum, I'll survive." He teased, making his mother laugh just a little. XXX"My James, off on his final year." Ginny just made herself cry even more, James would be lying to himself to say it wasn't making XXXhim a bit sentimental, but he held back the tears. He shared a small goodbye exchange with his father, and the same kind of embrace XXXhe gave his mother. And then it was goodbye to his parents and hello to Hogwarts. Oh, what fun.

XXXHe walked away with Lily, waving at them through the crowd of people, so tempted to light up one of the firecrackers in his luggage XXXcases, after the tender hug with his mother and short but sentimental goodbye to his father. "Hey Jamie, I bet you they're rushing XXXbecause they want to find a compartment by themselves to make out during the whole trip," James rolled his eyes as he boarded XXXthe train with his little sister, pulling his luggage behind him, looking for an empty compartment, or at least with someone that was XXXfamiliar. His owl squawked, impatiently wanting to get out of it's cage. "Shut up, ya runt, you can get out soon." He said to the XXXhorned owl in the cage, putting the cage down on the empty seat of an equally empty compartment. He turned to his freckled sister, XXXraising his eyebrows and shooting out a sarcastic rhetoric, "Will this do or does it not fit your fascinatingly particular taste?"


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Written in Collaboration with συιʝα || Platform 9 3/4 || Moods: Excited & Nolstalgic

The Longbottom family were generally amongst the last to arrive at the Platform. Alice was the blame for that one, after an incident that had happened in her third year and actually stalled the train for half an hour. (That may or may not have included Teddy Lupin.) Generally they went alone, but this year Hannah Longbottom accompanied her children. It was Augusta’s last year, after all.

Alice was already talking a mile a minute as soon as they stepped through the brick wall, using her hands to gesture except for on the occasion that she would reach back and touch Frank’s arm, as if she didn’t expect him to be there any longer. And he was always there to reassure her with a small smile on his face.

Alice loved school, she loved being at such close proximity to her friends for pretty much the entire year, she loved her common room and she loved her studies. But summer had a certain treasure to it as well. And that was having easy access to her siblings 24/7. Hogwarts split them up, and separation anxiety was always a side effect the first day. And not just for her but for all the three of the Longbottom siblings.

Puck was chasing small pets around along with Amethyst, weaving between people’s feet with a particular type of vengeance. Finnick was safe in Augustas arms. They’d learned that years ago. β€œOh! And you know what else?!” Alice asked, bouncing up on the toes of her feet, trying to spin around enough to look over her shoulder at her family. She almost fell doing it, but Frank caught her. He was well practiced. "Geez." he laughed, "Right on cue."

β€œAlice, honestly,” Hannah muttered, but there was a certain fondness in her exasperated tone.

β€œSorry mum,” Alice responded, not looking sorry in the least. β€œOh, I wonder if Teddy is already here. Probably. Likely in the prefects cabin already. Maybe I can say hi when you go down there, Frank? Except I bet he’s snogging Vicky already. Ugh. Are you excited though? I’m excited. Oh! There's Mrs. Potter! Not her kids though...they must already be on. Damn."


"Sorry mum."

Augusta and Frank could only listen to their sister with smiles on their faces, especially when their mother said something. That only made them look at each other and give a small laugh in union. Upon hearing Alice mention the Potters Augusta instantly thought about James, her best friend and smiled happily. "Well mum, I think it's time we start boarding before they leave us." Augusta let Finnick climb onto Frank's shoulder for a second while she embraced her mother.

Did her mother always have such a strong grip? Augusta practically couldn't breathe within her mothers hug but she didn't care because before she knew it she was holding onto her just as tight. "It's your last year Augusta. Your father and I are proud." she paused, letting go of her daughter and squeezing her arms instead. "You take care, alright? Look after your brother and sister here too." Mrs.Longbottom glanced over towards her twins who both smiled sheepishly at her.

Augusta nodded, taking a step back in order to let their mother grab a hold of Frank who was more around her height. Finnick quickly managed to jump back onto his rightful owner and settled on her left shoulder. Hannah closed the gap between her youngest children and instantly, being the momma's boy he was, Frank was first to hug her.

Alice waited, she was used to this, and not much of a hugger anyway. Once it was her turn she grabbed her mother in a quick embrace and then jumped back, waving excitedly before looping her arm through her brother’s and heading for the train.

Using her fingers to whistle she managed to call their respective cats back, who seemed a little disappointed their game had been cut short but followed the order anyway. They lead the way up on the train, followed by Augusta, and then the twins.

Dropping Frank off was the first order of business, as the prefects cabin was up near the front. It was nearly full now, and Alice gave her brother a quick hug before he went to go inside. β€œI’ll see you soon, yeah?” Frank nodded, "Yeah." he said with a reassuring smile, followed by Augusta who lovingly messed up his hair. Upon entering the cabin Frank noticed that the only two who were inside was Teddy and Victoire. He honestly prayed to Merlin that he didn't just interrupt anything. "Hey Teddy, Vi!" he greeted, smiling and fixing his hair that his sister had messed up. "How was the summer?"

Alice still felt an anxious twist in her gut when Frank disappeared behind the cabin doors, but then she caught sight of Teddy. She grinned for a minute before pressing her face up against the glass and pulled the funniest face she could think of. It took him only a second to notice her, and he almost fell out of his seat, a mutter of oh my god! flowing through the paneling.

(He shot her a look back when no one was paying attention). Alice snickered to herself and then took a deep breath before facing her sister. She resisted the urge to hold her hand like she was twelve again, and smiled instead. β€œI bet we can find James to sit with.” Augusta agreed with her younger sister shifted on her heels, ready to lead the way when someone bumped into her shoulder pretty hard.

Instinctively the first words out of her mouth was sorry but upon looking at who bumped into her Augusta was caught off guard, it was Melinda Cromwell. For a second her face was stuck in surprise but quickly a shy smile appeared on her lips. "Hey, I mean sorry." she shook her head and quickly helped the witch pick up anything that had fell. "Augusta, C'mon." Alice called, now leading the way herself. "See you in the hall, yeah?" with a final smile thrown towards Melinda, Augusta followed her sister towards a half opened cabin that had a little redhead standing outside of it. None other than Lily Potter.

Augusta happily leaned over Lily's shoulder, catching the last bit of their conversation. "I think it fits perfect." her smile beamed. "Hey Lily, James." Augusta moved passed her, entering the cabin and sitting next to the door, leaving the window seat on her side open for Alice or Lily. Finnick quickly hopped off Augusta and ran out of the cabin, to Augusta's surprise. She knew he could take care of himself so she let him go but she was a bit surprised because she never saw him move that fast or move much at all since he usually slept more than anything.

"Frankie is eager to see you, you know? Your almost all he's talked about over the summer." Augusta's eyes softened when she talked to Lily, the girl reminded her of Alice so much that she just felt as if she was another little sister.

Seeing Finnick jump out of the cabin made Alice realize she wasn't sure where her cat had run off to. Probably stuck close to Amethyst, which was only a slight shame. Still, she found a smile and bumped James' fist with her own before falling in the seat next to Alice. She'd missed this.


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L I L YxxxP O T T E R

β€ΉxxxPlatform 9 ΒΎxxxOutfitxxxGiddyxxxβ€Ί


While both siblings made their way through the corridors of the train looking for the right compartment, Lily couldn't help but feel herself get a little distracted as usual. But as she started to get lost in her thoughts, she felt herself collide with the back of James's figure, who had stopped in front of an empty compartment. "Sorry, sorry. My bad," she quickly apologized, sending her brother a sheepish look and trying her best not to get him mad. She knew her knack for losing her train of thought usually annoyed those around her.

James didn't seem to mind, as he shook off what had happened and asked Lily, "will this do or does it not fit your fascinatingly particular taste?" But before the younger sibling could answer her brother's question with a witty remark of her own, she heard a voice speak from behind her. A very peculiar and familiar voice coming from none other than Augusta Longbottom answering James's previous question, "I think it fits perfect. Hey Lily, James."

Lily turned around and smiled at the Ravenclaw, stepping away as Augusta made her way around Lily and sat down inside their compartment. "Hello Augusta, Alice,"
she greeted warmly. She couldn't help but bite her lip in amusement, sending James a look that said "Hey, your crush is here." Ignoring her brother's obvious embarrassment, Lily entered the compartment and sat down in front of Augusta and Alice.

Even though the Longbottom sisters' cats running away distracted Lily for a bit, her head snapped back as soon as she heard Augusta mention Frank, "Frankie is eager to see you, you know? Your almost all he's talked about over the summer." Lily couldn't contain her obvious blushing, and tried to hide her face by covering it slightly with her beloved book. Lily knew she was well known amongst the boys her age at school, and was quite aware that she was pretty or at least pretty enough to be popular, but what she loved about Frank was that he was the only boy who talked to her without trying to hit on her, or at least she couldn't notice.

Clearing her throat and trying not to look too giddy at the mention of Frank's name, Lily smiled at Augusta. "Oh, is he?" she answered, appearing nonchalant, "well James hasn't shut up about you all summer either." At that, she turned to look at her brother innocently, hoping he wouldn't plan on killing her after they found themselves alone. She just enjoyed teasing him too much and getting him back for all the jokes he played on her throughout the years.