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Louis Weasley

"Haha, how about no?"{WIP}

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a character in “Hogwarts Next Gen: All is Well”, as played by Bartholomew Finch



{"Unless its interesting, keep it to yourself."}


Louis Weasley
"All things considered, it isn't that bad."

Lou || "Ugh. My...sisters, call me that."
Weasley || "No, and good luck capturing the attention of half of the student body."
Lou Lou || "I'll reach into your throat and rip out the offending voice box that dared to utter that name."

August 11
"What of it."

"Old enough."

"Amongst other things."

Bill Weasley & Fleur Delacour

"It is unnecessary to share this information."

"Is it not obvious? If not, I congratulate you on the lack of prejudice. As appreciated as it is annoying."

{"I'd rather not, thanks."}

"Fanciful does not suit the realist."

Louis has inherited a few of the general Weasley traits, however, he finds that appearance wise he better matches the Delacour side. Though from neither side he has developed an odd mixture of genes that don't quite match up. Often times, setting him apart from his blonde, baby blue eyed sisters. His hair is dark, such a russet brown that it almost excludes all traces of the notable Weasley ginger. While he does have Veela ancestry, namely the blue eyes, he shows no further traits.

Generally, he cares very little about the state of his dress outside of his robes. While he may dress accordingly to a situation his attitude towards any sense of style is dismal. Simply put, he could care less what he does and does not wear. It is typical to find him shirtless, or even closer to baring it all than what most find comfortable. As is expected of his crowd he does not go out of his way to present an outwardly hobo-ish style. Tending more towards comfort while staying within the bounds of social expectation.

"I pride myself on the originality of my rebellion."
Versatile || Cunning || Ambitious || Ostentatious || Superficial || Deceiving

Solidarity in the face of enmity, Louis plays his part and very well. While he is an ever changing tide of emotions, usually among the more dour ones, there are a few good things that have stuck in him despite the ever changing and sudden lack of empathy. Versatility is one such trait held in high esteem, perhaps the best side of him after all. The ability to move with the flow, ever changing to the situations and people that surround him. Adaptability is most useful after all in the mind of a boy that has shed former ties and become lacking in personal ties.

Otherwise, Louis is an individual lacking in personal depth, a surface level heathen bound and determined to piss people off as best and as much as he can. Not for any purpose other than his own amusement and perhaps for the amusement of others every once in a while. He seeks attention and yet denies it at every turn, pushing those away who claim to know him best - family, is merely in his opinion an extension of weakness. He may have not renounced his cousins but his sisters have of course faced his personal disinterest more than enough.

Generally intelligent, albeit he often acts otherwise. He would rather focus his attentions on riling other people up than on himself, though, that is simply how he has always been with or without the mean spirit being involved. He is known to be a rather "shady" individual, consistently dealing in underhanded insults and doesn't care if its friend or foe he's saying these things to. It can be noted, that academically he is adept, however he is often known to be an insufferable suck up towards the few professors that don't know him personally - of course, there are a few who are more than well aware of his antics.

{"When will this madness end."}

"A worthy wand."

One-Eighth Veela
"One of the only males in existence to have been passed down a certain set of traits. A shame, that I couldn't be passed the seductive charm or fire throwing. "

"I could care less."

Eastern Screech Owl
"Her name is ZΓ©phyrine, I expect you to behave in her presence."

Black Swan
"I've nothing to say about it."

Felis catus
"Ah, truly the most vilest of creatures."

{"Are we done? Because I've got better things to do."}


[Working On It]

{3 AM| GLXY}{Glory And Gore | Lorde}{The Love You Have in You | AsbjΓΈrn}

So begins...

Louis Weasley's Story


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10:00AM || Platform 9 3/4 || Outfit | Mood: Disillusioned

He's annoyed.

It's an emotion he, unfortunately, has to acknowledge at certain points of his life. His ever present apathy takes a back seat at moments like this. There are too many people for his comfort and the smell of diesel in the air and honestly, he wishes his father would just allow him to skip the train ride altogether and arrive at school early when he himself left. Every year the response is a hard No, Scorpius.

The train ride is an important Hogwarts milestone, Scorpius.

Codswallop, is what it is.

He breathes out harshly through his nose as the third stray elbow of the evening is rammed into his gut. Mentally he leafs through the encyclopedia of dark hexes in his mind and reminds himself - not for the first time - that although he knows black magic, he should. not. use. it.

It's for academic purposes only.

The fact that the world is an obnoxious place and seems to have some kind of personal vendetta on him and his day does not change that. It's a pity, but not a point he can argue. Honestly though, he is early. Why are there so many bloody people on the platform already?

There are more parents than children and Scorpius is thankful, yet again, that his mother gave up accompanying him years ago. He didn't fully understand the point of an entourage just to board a train. Also, the platform would be much easier to navigate without all the bodies cluttering it. His spelled luggage was even having a hard time keeping up with him.

As if she could sense his agitation, Blythe shifted across his shoulders and raised her head slightly to survey the crowd with an expression as blank as his own. The albino python was draped around his neck like a scarf, her preferred position when she was sneaking warmth, and Scorpius lifted a finger to rub gently at her snout. "I know," he muttered. "I detest them too."

It took him a total of four more minutes before his gaze finally found what he was looking for. Louis was always fairly easy to locate if only because his father (one of the many Mr. Weasley's) seemed to tower over everyone else, and the scars across his face were likewise unforgettable. The last of Scorpius' mild politeness evaporated as he pushed himself through the numerous people and closer to his friend.

Unsurprisingly, Louis was standing a couple of feet from his blonde mother and sisters, hands shoved in his pockets, expression bored, as if he'd been inching away from them since the moment they'd arrived. His sisters and father were listening intently to whatever Fleur was saying, but Louis gave no signs that anyone was speaking to him at all.

Finally, an oasis in this wasteland.

His hand shot out and he curled his fingers in the material of Louis' shirt, giving it a hard enough yank to dislodge him from his current position and not letting up until he knew for sure Louis would follow him. "Welp, bye," his friend called out to anyone in his family who might have been listening. Fleur's voice followed after them both, butchering Scorpius' name into Malvoy, reminding him that she had been speaking to her son.

Honestly, Scorpius could care less. There was a compartment at the back of the train with their name on it and that was all that particularly mattered to him in that moment. At least until they were almost there and he caught a familiar shade of black hair next to flaming red. Albus.

He hesitated for only a second, because while Mr. Potter was already at Hogwarts with the other professors, Albus wouldn't see his mother again until the Holidays. Surely he could wait just the next half hour for Albus to join them on his own.

No. He decidedly could not.

He let Louis go on ahead and reached through the crowd one more time to wrap a hand around Albus' wrist, giving it a warning tug and allowing Albus to look back and see just who had grabbed him (as if it would have been anyone else). The other boy gave him a small smile, followed by a quick goodbye to his mother, and then allowed Scorpius to drag him along to their usual compartment since first year.

Inexplicably, his morning was suddenly looking up.


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#, as written by Miyer

Albus smiled softly as his mother pulled him in for a tight hug, rolling his eyes at his sister over her shoulder. He loved his mother but sometimes she acted like she would never see him again, though she treated the whole family like that whenever they went away to Hogwarts. If Ginny hadn't been a Weasley Albus would of felt worried about his mother spending all day alone, but with all of her siblings, their partners and children it was rare to ever find a quiet moment in the Potter home.

Finally being released, his mother went on to give the same treatment to her other two children, Albus suddenly felt a warm hand wrap around his wrist. Without thinking a smile overtook his face as he turned to face the person he had missed the most this summer despite spending most of it with him. He glanced into blue eyes and offered a small smile before turning back to find his mother offering him a teasing grin.

"Hey mom, I'm gonna head off now...",, he muttered, a subtle blush coloring his cheeks, "See you later, James, Lily.", Albus said quickly before turning and following Scorp, whose hand still held his wrist, without looking back knowing what he would see if he did.

"Goodbye Albus! Don't forget to write me a letter everyday!", his mother yelled out to his retreating back before turning her attention to her remaining to children. Shaking his head, Albus looked up to try and figure out where he was being dragged to. It was then that he noticed two things, 1) Louis was with them and 2) the three of them were heading to their usual compartment. Heaving an internal sigh, Albus was immediately grateful he had brought his complete collection of Sherlock with him for the long journey.

"So then, I do believe hello's are in order.", Albus finally said upon the three of them taking their seats on the train, with him nicking the window seat.


Vicky smiled at both her parents, already used to being dropped off at the train station despite the fact she was more then capable of making the journey on her own. As per usual, her mother was repeatably asking her if she had forgotten anything despite the fact that Vicky never forgot anything and that even if she had, it was far to late to do anything about it; while her father was watching on with his usual lazy grin and happy expression like his life couldn't be better... Well almost.

Vicky glanced at the blonde thundercloud standing next to her, looking as if he would do anything to be away from their small cluster. Though it seemed his pray was to be answered as out of the crowd appeared a Malfoy. Grabbing her brother's shirt, Vicky could only watch with raised eyebrows as Louis was pulled away with a fleeting goodbye. Though Vicky was slightly annoyed at her brothers behaviour, she was used to it by now, though her mother was still clearly distressed by the actions of the young Malfoy at stealing her son away.

"Don't worry mother, I'm sure Scorpius will take care of Louis. Now I must be off myself, I am head girl this year which means I have to meet with the other prefects and the head boy before the train journey begins. Wish me luck!", Vicky said before pulling her mother in for a quick hug.

"Like you would need it.", Vicky turned and smiled at her father, pulling him into their hug, his long arms and large frame completely encompassing the pair. "I'll miss you guys. Goodbye!", she smiled before turning and making her way towards the Hogwart Express and then into the prefect carriage. Being the first to arrive, as was expected, Vicky took a seat, opening her potions curriculum book as she waited for the rest to arrive, though secretly she was hoping Teddy would hurry up so they could have the carriage to themselve for a while before the rest of the prefects appeared.


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Louis Weasley

#a8baab || Platform 9 3/4 || Mood - Bored


There are few, if any, times that Louis detests more so than the train ride at the beginning of each new school year. Everything about it annoys him, the packing, the platform, and then the long ride that always left much to be desired in the way of utter boredom. Whatever sense of antiquity exists in this tradition has long since run its course of functionality. Louis knows of course that for others this is a pivotal moment in their life, a grandeur for the first years but nothing but a yearly event for the older students.

He stands with his parents and sisters, though he keeps a few feet between himself and them, trying as he might to slip into the crowd and disappear before anyone can notice. It seems anytime he tries his mother sees, then pulls him back in, not quite glaring at him but certainly threatening him with a single dark look. She acts as if he has to be in her sights at all times as if he's still a child prone to running off alone - back then, of course, he'd always have Victoire at his side. These days he would rather be kidnapped than seen with any one of them.

He had to at least keep up the appearance of listening, lest a lecture follows in the footsteps of his mothers' speech. When would she learn? It felt like forever that he stood there, the crowd moving along at a neutral pace around them. Until at long last Louis felt himself being tugged away.

S a l v a t i o n, in the form of Scorpius Malfoy - 'Thank Merlin.' - Scorpius hadn't so much as spoken a word as he pulled Louis away, much to his mothers' outrage and Louis own glee could not stop itself from being known. Finally he wouldn't have to listen to the drivel anymore.

"Nice save, I thought I was actually going to die of boredom there for a moment."

The blonde led the way through the crowd, but Louis went on ahead as Scorpius spotted another target. He couldn't stop the sigh that expelled from him as soon as he saw who had caught his friends attention. But, he tried his best to keep a neutral face. Were it anyone else he would have succeeded.

Of all the people Scorpius could have chosen, Louis didn't understand why it had to be Albus Potter. Not that Louis had any personal vendetta against the boy but rather he saw no use for him. He did not say that aloud, ever, knowing that of all the things to make fun of it would get him in hot water to direct his sniping remarks towards Albus. Especially while Scorpius was in hearing range. He bit his tongue to keep any scathing remarks from escaping without his notice. Sitting down as far from Albus as he could when they got to the compartment.

Scorpius so happened to be the buffer, whether he realized this or not; and Louis had no doubts he did notice. It didn't much matter however, it seemed that the blondes preferred position happened to be between them anyway. "So then, I do believe hello's are in order." Albus spoke first. Louis let slip a small eye roll. "Oh, did we all become new people over the summer? Hate to disappoint you but I'm still Louis. Greetings, in his opinion, were for people that didn't know one another or those who thought it imperative to repeat themselves upon every subsequent meeting. Louis was not one of those people.

He turned his focus away from Albus, no intention of courting an argument were it to happen.

Teddy Lupin

#eac469 || Platform 9 3/4 || Mood - Energetic


Teddy could not deny his excitement. Not that he wanted to in the first place. He did, however, find it almost melancholic that this would be the last time he would ever go through this process again. Surprisingly, despite this being the last time he would see all of this he did not take his sweet time in sifting through the crowd. He had already said goodbye the majority of his family, extended and otherwise. His grandmother had not been to the platform since his first year, deeming him old enough to be on his own and besides there were always adults that knew him, always around if he were to ever get in trouble. As uncommon of an occurrence as that was, she knew his predilection for being the one to cause trouble.

He would have stopped to search for Alice but he knew that the chances of finding her before she found him were slim to none. Even if they did meet up, anytime they were in the same vicinity s o m e t h i n g had to go down. Trouble magnets, even when they didn't mean to be. But of course that had been the driving factor of their friendship since day one.

Instead, he resolved to get to the train as quickly as possible instead, stopping as little as possible though he politely waved to anyone who tried to catch his attention. He knows how small of a window he would have to have a little bit of free time before everyone started packing into the compartments. He hoped that Victoire had already arrived - she had far better punctuality than he did, so he figured if he did not see her on the platform than she had already boarded.

Thankfully, he was in luck. He settled into the seat next to her just as quickly as he had arrived, "Hey," He smiled, soft but bright. Glad to see her, even though it hadn't actually been that much time since they last saw one another. In fact, it had been fairly hard to keep the two apart once they had gotten together. A point of annoyance for some of their friends and family members of course, when they had suddenly become much more interested in one another, or, in Teddys case more interested in Victoire than in anyone else. "I hope you haven't been waiting long."


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7:00PM || Hogwarts || Outfit | Mood: Fondly Aggravated

Generally speaking, Scorpius' life was fairly smooth. He had few things to be completely overjoyed about, but even fewer to complain about. In his day to day life, however, things would be just that much better if Louis and Albus actually got on with each other. He didn't particularly understand why they didn't, but that was mostly because they both got along with him.

Unfortunately, exposure therapy didn't work on the cousins or Scorpius would have fixed their issue years ago. As the only two people in the world he liked - much less tolerated - he was constantly dragging them together. It did very little good, but Scorpius honestly didn't mind being between the pair.

He sat next to Albus on the train, putting his feet up on the empty seat across from him, creating a very literal physical divide between one Slytherin and the other. After all this time he was quite used to his job as a barrier, and did it subconsciously. He spared his friend only the darkest of glares he could muster for his quip at Albus, then turned his attention to the other boy. "Hello, Al," he muttered, and gave a slight squeeze to his wrist before finally letting it go.

They'd spent most of the summer together of course - anytime Scorpius wasn't enjoying his solitude or kidnapping Louis - but he had still missed him. Fiercely. His attachment issues were really beginning to get out of hand. Then he pulled Blythe from his neck and let her curl up by his feet instead, while the three of them settled in for a long journey.

Albus only talked for a little while before digging out his Sherklock collection and disappearing in his books. Scorpius didn't complain, jut dropped his hand on the boys thigh, fingers mindlessly tracing shapes while he and Louis talked. It wasn't particularly kind conversation. They'd been apart too long and now were back in a train filled with people they generally detested. Mostly, they talked shit. About their families, extended friends, and their classmates.

It was dusk by the time they made it to Hogsmeade station, and the three of them climbed out of the train as one of the last groups before boarding the carriages that took them to the castle.

He nodded to his own father and Professor Potter when they passed the staff table, and decidedly ignored the look the men shot each other, like they knew something no one else did. It was bloody annoying, but they'd been doing it since he and Albus were first years, so it really wasn't anything new.

The trio settled into the Slytherin table, Scorpius keeping up his place in the middle, and he sighed and he dropped his elbows on either side of his empty plate. The first years would be out soon, and he was never a fan of the sorting. "Boring, boring, boring," he muttered under his breath.


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Once the excitement of speaking to the twins passed, the compartment fell into a companionable silence which Lucy had no problem with. She watched the scenery pass with a sense of peace. Lucy's eyes drifted shut as she was lulled by the movement of the train. She smiled in a dreamy fashion as both the feline and her fox purred.

When the train stopped, Lucy woke with a start. She hadn’t realized she had fallen asleep. As she it was only moments before the twins vacated as if it were on fire. Lucy took her time collecting her things and re-loading Quinnly into her robes before heading off the train. The Thestral’s pulling the carriages fascinated Lucy, so much so that during the ride she took the opportunity to sketch one out. Lucy found herself disappointed when the ride came to an end as she did not feel her sketch was complete, however she knew she would get other opportunities to study the beautiful creatures.

There was no one she was truly eager to see, so there was no reason to rush. Once inside she followed the tell-tale silence and occasional snickers that where her fellow housemates. She greeted all her housemates with her typical half assed smirk and a tilt of her head.

Once in the great hall Lucy took a seat across from Scorpius and his group. She acknowledged them with a look boredom and a quirk of a delicate brow before she pulled out The Great Gatsby and immersed herself within it.


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Louis Weasley

#a8baab || Hogwarts || Subdued


In the end the ride isn't the worst he's ever faced. Long, and boring, just like every single year before it but for once Louis doesn't nod off halfway in and wind up motion sick by the time they roll to a stop. He is, however fairly annoyed by the lack of reaction from Albus in regards to his snide comment. Scorpius however, reacted just about as expected of him. Louis rolls his shoulders in a half shrug, satisfied by the undercurrents of mild annoyance running through the compartment.

Once the train screeches to a stop and the de-boarding begins, Louis follows along with his two companions. Watching the steady stream of first years, their giddy excitement almost enough to rub off on him. Only, less excitement and more unstoppable energy. He's been gearing up all ride to start talking shit. The true gossip in him festering under the pressure of keeping mostly quiet the entire ride. Once they arrive in the hall, seated and watching the first years get sorted, he'll let all those nasty comments fly free.

The sorting ceremony is always long and ridiculously flashy. Louis often times ignores it entirely, but, sometimes it's fun to poke some less than innocent fun at the firsties. With Scorpius on his side, it's easy to make early enemies out of people. All in all, it's the worst sort of boring. Where there's nothing to do, and no way to cause a public scene without having major consequences. Which, usually wouldn't bother Louis, except that his parents are already insufferable. He's afraid one of these days they'll forgo sending him howlers and just show up in person.

Its about halfway through that he notices one of his many cousins sitting across from them. Quieter than usual, Lucy was one of the few he actually got along with unconditionally - albeit, in a manner that related more to butting heads than anything. They were known to trade quips on occasion, and he's surprised that this didn't happen to be one of those times. He examined the book in her hands with an open half-frown and an eye roll. But, he chose not to berate her for her reading choice - he didn't know that much about books anyways and knew she'd wipe the floor with him if he said anything.

Lorcan had also taken a seat across from their trio. Louis doesn't mind him most days, though he knows that the other prefers the less asshole-ish version of their group. Which, was a rare occurrence. He gave a Lorcan, a small nod. As polite of a greeting as Louis is capable of.

Instead, he turned to Scorpius, who no doubt felt the same boredom. "We could always Jinx someone," Louis suggests. Completely serious. He already had his wand halfway out of his pocket. Looking for a target in the crowd. Would it be more noticeable if it were a student who shared his house or someone outside of it? Maybe he should hex Teddy, but no, wait, that bubbly idiot would just smile it off anyways. That's no fun.

"We could Jinx your dad," he whispers, conspiratorially, "It's not like he can hate me any more than he already does." Which isn't true at all. There's always room in people's hearts to hate Louis just a little bit more. But it would still be funny. Ugh, but better yet, it would be more trouble than what its worth. Better to just talk crap on everyone, starting with his sisters and working towards the teachers, nobody can be spared from their random and usually biased comments; maybe he'll find a good target to Jinx later. He's been itching to try out Tarantallegra on someone.


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#, as written by Miyer

Albus didn't even blink at Louis's remark, getting used to the boy's rudeness a long time ago. It had always bemused him that Scorp was friends with the Weasley child, but never being one to rock the boat, he had simply chosen to employ a tactic of patients and tolerance, with a large portion of selective hearing. After all, if Scorpius had decided Louis was a worthy friend, who was Albus to question him and his choices.

Speaking of Scorp, Albus turned and offered the boy a silly smile at the feeling of his hand around his wrist. Albus was still vaguely reeling from the new developments in their relationship. He could never seem to get rid of the stupid fluttering in his stomach or the blood that rushed to his cheeks whenever he thought of or touched the blonde haired boy. Although, if he was honest with himself, the new found nerves were a small price to pay for the unexpected bursts of happiness that seemed to occur when Scorp would hold his hand for a second to long or whisper something secret in his ear.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, Albus turned and dug out his latest obsession. A hardcover, illustrated collection of novels by Arthur Conan Doyle known as Sherlock Holmes. He prattled on to Scorpius about it for little under an hour before realising the boy probably hadn't a clue what he was on about and so instead settled down to read the journey away, enjoying the gentle movement of Scorpius's fingers on his leg.

By the time Albus is drawn back into the real world, the train has come to a stop and the sun is setting, leaving a beautiful orange glow to fill the sky. He was thrilled to be back at the beautiful and magical place he had called home for the last few years. Hoping into one of the carriages that would take them to the castle, Albus was already looking forward to just getting into his usual bed and forgetting about the world, again, for a few more hours.

But first, he had to survive the sorting ceremony and his father's knowing looks, neither of which were going to prove particularly easy or pleasant to endure. Sitting down, Albus was glad of Scorp's maintained position in the middle, blocking him from any further interaction with Louis. He was also proving to be an incredible pillow, as Albus leaned over and rested his head on the other boy's should, closing his eyes slighting and dozing, vaguely aware of the rest of the world around him.

A few minutes pasted, and upon hearing people sit down across from them, Albus dragged his head up and blinked at Lucy and Lorcan, before his eyes were immediately drawn down towards Lucy's chosen reading material. Immediately a soft smile bloomed on his face at the memories of the book. "Good choice... The whole story written without the letter E. Very intelligent man Fitzgerald.", he commented. The Great Gatsby was always preferable conversation material then having to listen to a bored Scorp and Louis, who often found mean gossip and scheming to entertain them at their worst.


Vicky smiled as she felt the weight of another body sit down next to her on the seat, turning round to be greeted with a similar expression from the gorgeous metamorphagus she had the pride of calling boyfriend. "Hay, and no, you made it just in time.", she muttered as she moved closer, her shoulder pressing against his ever so gently. Of course, he hadn't been as early as she would of liked, with there already being 2 other prefects in the carriage, but she hadn't expected him to be as that just wasn't who he was. Waiting for the rest of the prefects to arrive, Vicky distracted herself by playing absentmindedly with his fingers.

Once the last prefect was accounted for, all expect Scorpius of course, Vicky proceed to offer up quick and brief instructions, returning to full business mode. The meeting lasted about 20 minutes, with the prefects leaving to preform the duties soon after. Grinning, Vicky let herself relax slightly, leaning back against Teddy's chest. One of the few pleasures of being head girl and boy meant you could hid in the prefect carriage without any real consequences.

Her and Teddy spent most of the journey in comfortable silence, with frequent break of conversation revolving around friends, family, the new academic year and briefly the discussion of their future. Throughout all the time, they never broke physical contact for more then a few seconds to rearrange or readjust themselves. It was moments like this that Vicky found herself most happy, where she could truly relax without to much worry about what anyone would think cause it was only Teddy there to witness her.

Finally the journey came to a close and immediately business mode reengaged. Quickly pressing a soft kiss to her boyfriends cheek, she got up to leave. "I promised Hagrid I would help him with the first years this year. Meet you for the sorting ceremony!", she said before turning and making her way towards the first year meet point. Though it was tedious to guide a large heard of nervous and over-excited eleven year olds into boats, the journey across the lake was definitely worth it. Almost poetic really, her last journey to Hogwarts mimicking her first.

Once at the Castle, Vicky left the first years in the capable hands of the professors and made her way towards the great hall to take her seat, glancing and making brief eye contact with Teddy where he sat at the Hufflepuff table, before turning and sitting next to Rose Weasley. Offering the girl a sympathetic smile as she noticed her tired expression. "Hiya Rose, how you feeling? Not gonna lie, I am craving my bed right now.", she joked at the other Gryffindor girl.


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And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer---

"We could always Jinx someone." Words floated into her consciousness. She liked to keep an ear out in case something interesting happened, however unlikely that may be at a sorting.

Louis. One of the few tolerable people in her family. Trouble that one...but who was she to judge. She wanted to insult him as way of greeting, and suggest one or two of her personal favorites such as Tarantallegra or Langlock but then she might be obligated to speak with him which, she decided, was not worth it. She did not have sufficient interest in the situation to want to get involved, and she and Gasby had a date so to speak. She was however, going to keep an open ear to see if they decided to liven up the joint. A Jinx would be quiet entertaining. A little mischief was always nice.

"Good choice... The whole story written without the letter E. Very intelligent man Fitzgerald." Albus said.

Lucy felt a twinge of surprise as she glanced up from the book she had been engrossed in only moments ago.

"Oh? Interesting to think one could be such a well written author that one would write a book without the letter E as a challenge." Lucy said with a small knowing smile. She had read the book a million times and yet she picked it up every few years to read again.

"One of the things I enjoy about this book is on the surface, it appears to be a story of the thwarted love between a man and a woman...but in reality it is highly symbolic of America as a whole and its decline. Specifically the disintegration of the American dream in an era of unprecedented prosperity and material excess. Fitzgerald is even so clever as to position the characters as emblems of these social trends." Lucy said as she slipped a phoenix feather bookmark into her book and set it aside. Her dark eyes focused on Albus as she tucked a stray strand of fiery red hair behind her ear.


Lucy loved discussing her latest readings in great detail, weather it be something she had read and re-read or something new. She rarely found anyone who shared her interests, and where intelligent enough to hold a knowledgeable conversation.

"And I suppose I have a weak spot for color symbolism....So I am particularly enamored with the green light that is mentioned throughout the novel. The one situated at the end of Daisy's East dock?" Lucy paused for a moment to make sure Albus was following before continuing:

"I personally think the green light represents Gatsby's hopes and dreams for the future...." She trailed off as she realized she was getting overly excited and rambling. She glanced down, away from Albus for a moment, in order to compose her expression from embarrassment to that of her cool Slytherin mask.

"Sorry, I got carried away. Ah...needless to say, yes...I have to concur Fitzgerald was a very brilliant man." She said as she rested her hand on the cover of the book