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Ava Louise Banks

"There's only one place I'm meant to be, and that's in Gryffindor."

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a character in “Hogwarts: Next Generation”, as played by MissBrightside_



Name: Ava Louise Banks
Role: Original Character || Half-blood
Age: 16
Year: 6th Year
House: Gryffindor


Long, slightly curling chocolate brown hair reaches to just below Ava's chest.
She's either just got it let down or, usually, she has it in a high ponytail - She does this for the pure fact that she plays so much sport, it helps to have her hair out of her eyes when playing.
Her eyes are insanely dark brown but slightly smaller than average, nothing brilliantly amazing but unique enough.
Ava likes to be different and stand out, not looking completely the same as everyone else.

Ava has an soft, olive complexion, gifted to her by her mother.
She stands at 5'5 and is fairly slender, not laying claim to either hips nor chest, although she is very athletic and toned, Ava mainly has boyish proportions which is usually be used to jokingly mock her with.

Ava is a bold girl, she's extremely outgoing and never backs down from an argument, refusing to lose at anything.
She's stubborn and doesn't let anyone tell her what to do but is nevertheless extremely loyal, helping her friends through anything is they need it, she will always stand up for them.
Despite this, she's very friendly and easy to read - displaying her emotions vividly on her face like an open book.

Being in charge is something that comes naturally to her and she'll never back down from an argument, although, despite this she isn't cunning or extremely tactical but rather, but more talk and no walk.
She's fairly bright but not so much that she merits becoming a Ravenclaw nor is she so helpful that she could be a Hufflepuff.
The sorting hat placed her in Gryffindor because truly, that's where she belongs - She's brave and willing to fight for her cause but would never simply do it out of spite.
She loves that she's been put in Gryffindor, believing all the 'facts' that if you go into Slytherin you'll become 'evil', Ravenclaw you're a 'nerd' and in Hufflepuff you're 'simple' but if you're in Gryffindor, well, then you're the 'best'.
This isn't true what-so-ever but she believes it (this doesn't stop her befriending everyone though - Besides the Slytherins, she still can't shake the feeling that they're all so..'Evil')


On the 15th February 1997, Eila & William Banks received a tiny baby whom they promptly named 'Ava'.
Growing up was wonderful for her, she had pretty much everything she wanted and they lived a happy life in the South of Africa - Cape Town to be precise.
Her and her three brothers, Jai, Akash and Jed - As you may have guessed, William didn't get much of a say in the names - always loved sport and they pushed her into it even more, never once did she play with dolls she was too busy playing small Quidditch tournaments with her brothers.

She always knew that her father was a Wizard but every time he performed a spell, it amazed her - She wanted to learn how to do anything and her thirst for knowledge with magic would never run out, although, that doesn't necessarily mean she was that brilliant at it.
When she was eleven, she was flabbergasted when she received her Hogwarts letter, so ecstatic that finally, she would be able to do everything like her father.
Her whole family promptly went on a trip to Diagon Alley, for the first time.
If she thought her father was cool, she had a mini heart-attack seeing everything there, she made her parents take her to all of the shops but the one that was by far the best was definitely Ollivander's.

As soon as she stepped into that shop, Ava felt her whole being coming alive and she loved it, loved it more than anything in the world.
It took her ten wands to get the one that would be hers forever, at last she had everything she could possibly want, by that time her three brother's had run-off to look at the new brooms.
Her wand was Rosewood, Phoenix feather core, 9 inches and perfectly suited to the girl.
Upon exiting the shop, a small cage was handed to her and inside was an adorable cat, her heart was melted and she thanked her brother's ten times over for giving her him - Ailesh was apparently all she was getting for her birthday from her brothers.
Ailesh meaning 'Ruler of the world', all of her family found this hilarious, except her mother who tutted slightly and moved them along.

Getting to Hogwarts that first time over was a trip she'd never forget, but when she put that hat on her head, it was magical, she can still remember so clearly that clever hat's words:
"You're a brave one, aren't you?
Hmm, yes, very loyal - Perhaps, Hufflepuff? No, no that's not right.
Ah, a large thirst for knowledge yes but, not quite right for Ravenclaw either.
Oh, yes, Slytherin would do nicely but what? Of course, you believe all the silly stereotypes, tut tut.
But don't worry dear, the infamous Harry Potter believed them just as much.
So, let's see..
I guess it'll have to be..

The explosion of cheering that echoed around the room was amazing and Ava recalls almost running off the platform with the poor hat still on her head but no, she could be so silly, now she was in Gryffindor.

Password: Spiked

So begins...

Ava Louise Banks's Story


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Ava kissed her mother and father in turn, on the cheek as they ushered her on-board the train that would, inevitably take her to the place she felt most - Alive.
Magic was always awe-inspiring to Ava, no matter how many times she saw a spell being performed or a Quidditch match being played, she truly appreciated the wonder that was, magic.
It must sound gushy and mushy that she feel so strongly about these things but when it comes down to it, not one single person can sum up what magic is in a single word - It's amazing sure, but it's also much more than that, a power beyond humans a power that Wizards and Witches can never fully master as new and exciting spells are made everyday; no matter how small they are, they show that the end to the power of magic is limitless.

Shaking her head from these thoughts, Ava realised that she must get on the train as soon as possible, she could not risk missing one of the best things that has happened to her.
Hugging all her brother's in turn Ava grins as she turns back to the grand vehicle and hops on, pulling her little cat's cage on after her and looking for a cabin in which she could sit.