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Kye Reid

'Intelligence and modesty, my best traits'

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a character in “Hogwarts: Next Generation”, originally authored by Issa, as played by RolePlayGateway




'Let the magic begin'

'Who am I?'

Name: Kyburn Alexander Reid

Nickname (and preferred name): Kye - 'Only my mother uses my full name, you try it and you're dead.'

Role: Head Boy

Birthday: July 21st

Age: 17

Year: Seventh Year

House: Ravenclaw 'Where else?'

'Some more about me?'

Kye stands at 6'2". He is well built - having passed the most trying of his gangly pubescent stage - and keeps himself in shape. Kye's hair is a dark blonde and kept short. Running his fingers through his hair is generally the only way he styles it.
His eyes are a light blue.
When not wearing his Hogwarts uniform, Kye can usually be found wearing comfortable clothes, namely plain shirts, sweaters, the odd leather jacket.
Kye bares no scars or tattoos (his parents would likely disown him if he turned up with one, either muggle or magical), likewise he has no piercings.

"There's more to me than my 'dashing good looks'"

Winning || Achieving || Jokes
Muggle Science || Magic

Losing || Boggarts || Selfishness
Closed minds || Ignorance


Position: Ravenclaw Prefect, current Head Boy

Wand: 14 in, Acacia, Phoenix Feather, Supple
Patronus: Blue or Little Penguin
School Pet: A white owl named Odyssus

O.W.Ls Achieved in fifth year:
Outstanding - Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Muggle Studies, Potions, Transfiguration,
Exceeds Expectations - Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic,
Achieved - Astronomy

Extra-curricular: Leads the Dueling Club, member of Wizard's Chess Club
Quidditch: Supports Ravenclaw "I can't play to save my life, but I'll always be supporting in blue and bronze!"

'You still want to know more?'


Despite his apparent casual attitude to life, Kye is actually a pretty responsible and hard-working guy. He's a natural Ravenclaw: intelligent, witty, competitive and creative. When he doesn't understand something straight off he won't drop it until he gets it. Some might call this particular trait stubbornness but Kye prefers to term it 'perseverance'. Whatever you call it the end result is that Kye will never let a question go unanswered, his natural inclination is to always find out 'why'. During O.W.Ls you would generally have found Kye head down in the library. He takes his school work seriously.

Kye enjoys a decent laugh, even it his own expense. Anyone with a willingness to laugh will find Kye good company. When he was younger he and his older brothers would have pranking wars with his neighbours, he was always the one who came up with the plan. His mischievousness has become somewhat tamed by his time at Hogwarts, his roles as Prefect and now Head Boy mean he must act as a role model to the younger students... something which isn't always easy to manage.

Kye also has a competitive streak that generally appears at the mention of Qudditch. He proudly supports Puddlemere United and will argue endlessly (usually with his friend Willa Knox who cheers the Montrose Magpies) on the pros and cons of their respective favourites. When it comes to actually playing the game... well, he doesn't exactly come out on top. To quote his father, "Kyburn, you've got as much talent on that broom as your grandmother has real teeth" - considering Kye's grandmother was toothless really shows his lack of flying ability.
Modesty is also something Kye lacks although in less quantities than skill on a broom.

Kye's family is about as pureblooded as the come, apparently able to trace their ancestry back to the ancients (something Kye believes all pureblood families are obsessed with doing). His family also has a proud history of always being placed in Ravenclaw. Both his parents, Matilda and Alexander Reid, were Ravenclaws. His older brothers, Lysander and Malcolm, also found themselves in Ravenclaw. Kye's older brothers had teased the younger boy endlessly before he was sorted, leading him to believe that if he wasn't placed in Ravenclaw he would be abandoned in a smelly bog and left for Dragon feed. It was only after he had been sorted into Ravenclaw - the sorting hat had barely touched his head when it announced his house - that he realised how ridiculous his brothers' lies were.

Kye grew up in a small town called 'Wingnuts'. The majority of the community was magical and Kye befriended the young witch next door, Willa Knox. They are still close friends today, despite being in different houses and a year apart. He is also the only person, other than her parents, who can call her Will.
Growing up surrounded by magic meant that Kye rarely interacted with muggles. He has always been curious about their science and, although he wouldn't admit it openly, enjoys reading muggle books. When he was able to he immediately took Muggle Studies and finds their endless creativity and ingenuity astounding.

His years at Hogwarts have so far been the best of his life. In his first year Kye made a few firm friends and, as the years progressed, his circle of friends grew. Of course there are those who dislike him, as he dislikes them. But he generally avoids those individuals, preferring not to have unnecessary conflict.
In his fifth year he became Ravenclaw prefect, a position which gave him added responsibility. As he also had to study for O.W.Ls that year he was almost constantly busy. When he did have free time he would take a trip to Hogsmeade with friends and enjoy a butterbeer in the comfort and warmth of the Three Broomsticks or purchase sweets from Honeydukes.

That's me, don't let it intimidate you.

Password: Spiked

So begins...

Kye Reid's Story


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#, as written by Issa
Willa Knox, through no fault of her own, was late. Her father had suggested that he drive a muggle car and Willa and her mother had foolishly agreed. They had both assumed that Mr Knox had learnt to drive during the years living with his muggle parents, what could go wrong? A lot, apparently. Two hours later, a broken rear door and one confused police officer later The Knoxs had finally reached the train station.
They piled Willa's bags onto a cart, including the howling cat who did not like this many people, and ran for platform 9 and 3/4. They received a few curious glances from muggles on their way to work.
Pushing through the barrier Willa had a moments feeling of relief to see the train still there.

"Good bye honey!" Her mother said, giving her a kiss on the cheek and a swift hug. Her father did the same,
"Enjoy your year!" He added. Willa nodded,
"Be careful when you drive back Dad." The girl added, "Mum, don't let him kill anyone." The parents waved goodbye, each no doubt reminiscing about their own time boarding the Hogwarts Express.
Farewells over Willa boarded the train and began to search for a cabin. She passed many filled with excited first years, she remembered her first train ride and the anxious anticipation of finally arriving at Hogwarts. She had been scared stiff-less that the sorting hat wouldn't sort her into any house, that some kind of horrible mistake had happened when she received her Hogwarts letter. Luckily that hadn't happened and she had been placed in Gryffindor.
Finding an empty cabin proved too hard and Willa eventually had to settle with one already occupied.
"You're Melissa, right?" Willa asked, stepping into the train carriage. The girl, Melissa, was a sixth year like Willa but from Hufflepuff. "Do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full." Without waiting for an answer Willa pushed her bags away and happily sat down opposite Melissa.

Kye wondered down the train, Head Boy badge proudly displayed on his chest. He was already in his robes too, the Ravenclaw blue and bronze insignia on his chest clearly stating his house. He was checking the cabins to make sure everything was in order, as would the other Hogwarts' prefects. He was tall and seemed to tower over most of the younger students.
'Was I ever that short?' He thought to himself as an anxious first year rushed by. 'Probably shorter' He added to himself with a smile. They seemed to get shorter every year, or perhaps it was just him gaining height. He had had another growth spurt over the holidays too.

He glanced out to the station where late students were finishing arriving and final farewells were being said.
Of course he had been here early, one of the first students to arrive. His parents had given him a farewell from home and left him to apparate to the station. Apparition was still new and exciting to him, he had spent most of the holidays appearing and disappearing around his family home - much to the annoyance of his older brothers. They had also seemed annoyed when Kye had been made Head Boy, something neither of the two had done.

He glanced into one of the cabins and found it occupied by two girls, both the year below him. A quick grin flitted across his face as he recognised Willa, his neighbour and old friend, sitting with a Hufflepuff girl. He changed his expression to one of mock seriousness and then grandly opened the cabin door, making sure to sweep his robes behind him as he entered.
"Students." He greeted, nodding in turn to both girls, "I trust everything is in order."

Willa, for her part, was able to stifle a snort of laughter and replied with a half bow from her seat,
"My Lord-King-Head Boy, what have we done to be given the great honour of your presence?" She couldn't stop the grin that spread across her face.

Kye turned to the other girl, was she one of the Hufflepuff twins? Melissa possibly? He couldn't quite remember.
"Ignore her, she has no idea what she is saying." he told her, placing a condescending hand on Willa's head and ruffling her hair. Willa just rolled her eyes and pushed his hand away. For all his serious work ethics and supposed responsibilities as Head Boy, Kye could still be an immature pain at times.


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The door opened, and a blonde Gryffindor girl who was in the same year as Melissa walked in. "You're Melissa, right?" she asked. Melissa put her book down on her lap and nodded. What was the girl's name again? Will...Willow...Willa. "Do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full." Melissa opened her mouth to respond, but Willa was already sitting down across from her.

The door opened yet again, this time Kye, a Ravenclaw and Head Boy. He gave Willa a small smile and Melissa felt butterfliesflit across her stomach, nerves.
"Students." He said, nodding at the two girls. "I trust everything is in order." Willa giggled, before giving him a half bow.

"My Lord-King-Head Boy, what have we done to be given the great honour of your presence?" she replied. Kye turned to look at Melissa and she felt her cheeks turn pink. "Ignore her, she has no idea what she is saying." Kye ruffled Willa's hair, and Willa quickly pushed away, rolling her eyes. Melissa giggled lightly, unsure if she should feel uncomfortable, but she didn't, for once.

"It's Willa and Kye, right?" she asked them. "How do you two know each other?" As soon as she said it, she turned a darker shade of pink, wondering if she was being too personal or anything.


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#, as written by Issa
Kye, after having his hand pushed away, chuckled and took a seat next to the cabin door. From here he could see out into the corridor and would be able to see any prefects coming - or any trouble that needed dealing with. Of course he had already given the prefects their instructions for the train trip, they would be helping late students on board and checking that everyone was where they were supposed to be. He was supposed to be doing that too but felt that he could spare a few minutes.

"It's Willa and Kye, right?" Melissa asked, "How do you two know each other?"

Kye glanced across at Willa with a grin and Willa, recognizing the danger replied quickly before him.

"We're neighbours." She told Melissa. Willa noted the flushed cheeks of the other girl and wondered why the girl was suddenly embarrassed. A lot of people assumed that, because Willa and Kye were so close, they must be more than friends. But their relationship was completely platonic.
"Willa used to come over and run naked around our backyard." Kye added, unable to help himself. Willa turned a deep shade of red,
"I was three years old!" She protested, holding her cheeks in her hands. She turned her attention to Melissa and, leaning forward conspiratorially, told her quietly, "Don't listen to him, the power has gone to his head."
Kye heard but chose to ignore the comment. He glanced out into the corridor again and was pleased to see that the station seemed to be clear of students.

Willa leaned back in her seat and glanced from Melissa to the book she had been reading. Was that the Quibbler?
"You're a fan of the Quibbler?" Willa asked, interested. She really didn't know much about Melissa, apart from the fact that she was in Hufflepuff. She knew they would have had classes together in the past at some point.


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"We're neighbours," Willa said quickly. Melissa nodded her head. "Willa used to come over and run naked around our backyard." Kye added, and Melissa laughed. Willa blushed and immediately protested an excuse. "I was three years old!" She turned her head to Melissa as she continued. "Don't listen to him, the power has gone to his head."

Kye ignored Willa's comment as he glanced out into the corridor. Melissa glanced up at him but was interrupted by Willa. "You're a fan of the Quibbler?" she asked, obviously spotting the book sitting next to Melissa's knee. Melissa crossed her legs as she continued. "I wouldn't say fan," she stated quickly. "There are sometimes a few good articles, though most of it is just a pile of fiction." She hoped the girl wouldn't be annoyed at the fact that Melissa didn't believe most of the Quibbler articles.

The train started to move and Melissa realized that she was sitting alone with two strangers - that was, if Kye decided to join them, since he was still standing at the door - but didn't actually mind. Usually, she would feel uncomfortable and awkward around strangers unless a family member or friend was there, and would excuse herself to go to the bathroom or make up another pathetic excuse to leave. She felt strangely comfortable around them, and wondered if it was because of them as people, or because she was actually making an effort in the conversation for once.


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#, as written by Issa
"I wouldn't say fan," Melissa assured Willa "There are sometimes a few good articles, though most of it is just a pile of fiction."
Willa nodded, "I know what you mean," She said brightly, "Most of it's garbage. But I like the potion recipes they sometimes give out. Most of the time they don't do what they're meant to do and it's always fun finding out what they actually do."

Willa laughed. She had once read a recipe in the Quibbler that said it could turn your enemies into frogs. Willa had been pretty sure that the actual potion, which they had learnt in class the previous week, was vastly different from the one offered in the magazine. She had given it a go out of curiosity. As she had dropped the last ingredient the cauldron had given a loud croak before large, green frogs had began to leap out of the bubbling liquid. It had been hours before the frogs had began to disappear in poofs of green smoke and during that time they had managed to bounce their way around the potions class and out into the dungeons. The potions professor had not been happy with Willa, who had been uncontrollably laughing at the whole mess.

Kye for his part just shook his head. He never read the Quibbler, preferring to read things that gave actual facts instead of fantasy. The train had started by then and he knew that, until they came closer to Hogwarts, he would be able to relax for a time. He leaned back in his seat and turned his attention from the corridor back to the two girls. For now, not having anything good to add about the Quibbler, he didn't join the conversation. He did however crack a grin as Willa laughed, he knew her fondness for experimenting with the Quibbler's potions and had been one of the prefects tasked with cleaning up the frogs mess.