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Victoria Gray

"Heh..Are you any different then the rest..?"

0 · 168 views · located in Hogwarts

a character in “Hogwarts: Next Generation”, as played by DreamerOnTheStars


Victoria Gray


Age: 15 "I look too... old for my age.. I know...- blame my veela blood."

Race: British - Japanese

House: Slytherin


Description: Victoria, is cunning and leader of the crowd [being one of the seniors and all] and she really likes to be independent and being on her own. Only thing is that, when you get to know her, she really isn’t that mean. Just cunning and ambitious. That’s it. But on the contrary, she can be quite mean to strangers and of course her "mortal" enemies. It’s all history and how she hasn’t learn to trust anyone. There are exceptions, but not really. The girl trusts her animal friends the most. The ones who always are there to comfort her, no matter what she did or how she looked at the moment.. Unlike humans. But despite her lack of trust, she has a very griffindor quality. Loyal and brave. She will stand up for her loved ones and protect them with whatever she had to do, even if she had to hurt them..

  • Magic "Duh."
  • Magical Creatures "Especially, dragons."
  • Hogwarts
  • Quiddich
  • Her two pets, Axel and Solax

Dislikes: "Tch.."
  • Stereotypes
  • Rumors
  • Being Deceived

  • Pediophobia - the fear of dolls - can also include dummies, mannequins.
    "They seemingly look perfect... like veelas, though no one considers them at all. They compare me to a doll, a lifeless, dead eyed, doll."
  • Tomophobia – Fear of Surgical Operations
    "I stare at the large light, while the shadows of the surgens hit me. Their knifes..their mask, their eyes boring onto my body...."
  • Eisoptrophobia* - the fear of mirrors.
    "I look in the mirrors by myself, and feel threatened by my own appearance. Why must I look so fake.."


History: Victoria was born under a British Wizard named Aaron Gray [a slytherin] and a japanese full blood veela named Naomi Declore. Their past and love is unknown to Victoria just assumes the facts "Veelas marry wizards." Now from her orignin, she inherited magical ability from her father, and beauty and charm from her mother. Though Naomi died during child birth so she was left entirely in her father's care. But it wasn't that bad, because her father's job was something..magical. A dragon breeder.
And thus, she lived in romania at the ages of 5-8, and she learned many things, not limited to just dragon or magical creature knowledge, no she learned many spells at a young age. She was a fast learner and was very ethusiatsic about anything of the wizard world. However as timed passed, she grew reckless and when her father's team recieved a new breed of dragon, he was oblivous to the fact that she was around. Now this dragon was unknown to any of them and they didnt know anything of its nature, weather its violent, strong or docile and weak.. It was soon found out when the creature snapped and began to attack the surrounding, eventually hitting her.
It was a fatal blow and she was immediatly sent to the magical hospital. This was her first time however, and she didnt handle it well. She kicked and scream, refusing to let anyone touch her with any needle or sharp item.. The thought of someone cutting through her..was horrid. So it was merlins luck that she actually survived..

Months later, Victoria lost her love her magical creatures and would always fall when she saw one. And being in romania didnt help, every time you would look out the window she would see the scaley creature and she would scream and stress out. Her health would decrease, and she would grow weak.. So her father naturally would have been worried, and decided to send her off to a relative. It was his only choice as he couldnt leave his job at that moment. He also wouldnt have her daughter going sick..
So as a result, she was sent to europe at the age of 9. This was an entirely new experience, and she was rather scared for a bit, maybe a little distant. And her new "family" wasnt the best either. A slytherin family. Full of pure blooded obsessed witches and wizards. And if you can predict, they didnt like her one bit. Especially the females.. They were jealous of her veela blood and treated her with disgust.. This drowned her self esteem of being veela, and would begin to hate it, trying to hide it.
People would come close to her just because of her charm.. Just because of her blood. They were fake. But despite her hate for such people, she had an extreme desire to have friends..
So it was her fall when two came along who acted..different from the rest. They came near differently and they would never stare at her face in envy or in disgust.. She dropped her defenses and threw herself at them. So when it happened, she felt like she was dropped from the sky. It turns out the two were slytherins who were merely tricking and playing around with her.. She was hurt. She was mad. She wanted revenge..
And she would never trust people easily again.
Now months after, Victoria remained distant from the new host family, and she would only greet them when she got food and such. Victoria was miserable, and without a friend in the world... So deciding to send a letter to her father about her life at the moment, her father decided to send her something to make her feel better.
A cat and Owl.
Normal animals, she thought, not scared of them at all. And she soon fell in love with them. They were always there.. Axel [the cat] was intelligent and was always watching out for her.. While the owl, Solax was her mothers owls hatching which comforted her..
It was until weeks later when another letter came.
"Enjoy them do you? Now to tell you the truth, the cat isnt a normal cat...he is actually a magical creature-"
This shocked her. First her father lied to her..then these animals she fell in love with..were magical creatures whom she feared. She jumped away. but after a while, she realized. She didnt fear them.. because honestly they were the only ones with her. Because of her fathers trick, which she forgived, she grew a bit more social to anyone, but still was cautious around people who near her.. She also had a score to settle.
At the age of 11, she was invited to the hogwarts academy along with her host "family's" children. The three who she hated the most.
And being the slytherin she was, Victoria was fixed on getting back. So when she arrived at the academy, she took advantage of her veela blood despite her hate for it.
Just this once.
People, most slytherins, grew to like her and she became the leader of the group. She used that power to exclude the three she hated and teach them how she felt her whol child hood.. Of course, they aplogized in a way she didnt like but she was satisfied.
Afterwords, she stopped fixing herself on hate, but still remained leader of many "posses" But she'll never get close to most.
They would just hurt her again.

Hypnotizing Eyes

10 inches,Core is a veela hair, while the wood is made of a willow. The forth one from the left

~Robes according to the season.
~Her wand, obviously.
~Her books according to the first years.
~Dragon Hind Gloves
~The tear of a Phoenix, though this is a secret kept from many.
~Her pets, An Barn Owl [used for mail and the hatching of her mother's owl] and a half -Kneazle [unknowingly enough, excluding her and her father, who got this one specifically to watch over her.]
~A broom, she hoped to be on the quiddich team. Its a nimbus model [whatever year it is] but it has the looks of the nimbus 2001, silver and black.

- At the moment, she looks like a young professor, but because of her veela blood, it slows the aging appearance a few years or so.
- Being near dragons, she learned self-defense and became quiet fast on her feet, as well as maneuvering the air.. well with dragons..
- She used to have a hug desire to be on the quiddich team..but lost that dream..
- When she grows angry, and I mean angry she begins to take on a harpish look..
- She is smart and would have been in ravenclaw.. BUT, when she isnt interested, she sleeps in class.
Password: Spiked

"This is Solox, my barn owl..she is mainly my messenger between my father and I"
The owl is especially calm but very wise. she acts like a mom around Victoria, and would always watch her..
"This is my main pet Axel, half -Kneazle, and I always trust him"
Solax was calm as well, but he is a bit scary. He will scratch many who touches him, and wont approach unless Victoria likes whoever the person is.
He will guide her through hardships and is always desiring a petting

So begins...

Victoria Gray's Story