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Alice Love

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a character in “Hogwarts: Nineteen Years Later”, as played by ♥ILoveParis♥


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Student Files:

Name: Alice Marie Love
Age: 11
Birthday: August 1
Year: 1
Type of With/Wizard: Pure Blood
House: Gryffindor
Pet: None
Teachers Comments (A.K.A personality): Alice has a great personality; she really is a great student to have in my class. She is always participating in class discussions and I never see her without a smile. She seems to never get tired, she is so full of energy and excitement. She is very outgoing and will not have trouble making friends. She doesn’t seem like she had a filter from her brain to her mouth though and I hope that doesn’t annoy anyone. As for grades she is the star student, you can tell she studies hard though because she isn’t good at what we learn at first but she catches on quickly. She is a great and fun student in my class and I have a feeling we will have a good year ahead of us.
Extra: Her sister is Carter who is in her 4th year.

So begins...

Alice Love's Story

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Alice hugged both her parents’ good-bye, she was going to miss them and she knew it. It was her first year at Hogwarts and she was worried about what house she was going to be in and if anyone was going to be her friend. When she told her mother, her concerns her mother told her not to worry about what house there all good and that she shouldn’t have any trouble making friends because she is a wonderful girl. That had made a Alice feel a bit better but she still worried that people weren’t going to like her and that she wouldn’t fit in.

“Well good-bye mum and dad I’ll miss you, write and I’ll come home for Christmas,” said Alice she was on the verge of tears but she tried to hide it. She gave her mother one more hug before boarding the train. She pulled her luggage along with her and she walked down the length of the train. Finally she came upon an empty compartment. She open the door and walked in, she sat by the window and waved to her parents.

She considered changing into her robes but she didn’t feel like it. Right now she was wearing a blue sundress and a pair of brown colored sandals. Her hair was in a side braid.

She looked out the compartment door window as people walked by. Some had there wand out and where pretending to do magic tricks while others where greeting friends. She knew it must be a fun time for everyone to be back but she wanted to go home. She wasn’t sure she was ready yet to start a year at Hogwarts.

Alice knew that sooner or later someone was going to have to sit with her maybe even multiple people, she wondered who. Would it be someone on their first year? Of course it would be someone on their first year, Alice told herself. Everyone else will be sitting with their friends. She hoped that the person that sat with her will be nice and maybe even try to become friends with her.
(I got rid of Carter)

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(Shit double post)

Alice kept looking to see if anyone would sit by her but no one did until the train almost left. A girl and her friend sat by her, the girl had long red hair and the friend had short curly brown hair. They talked to each other but she wasn't listening she heard the name Potter and Weasley several times but wasn't sure what they where talking about. She did hear when they said that they would see Hogwarts. She scooted over to the widow and pressed her face aganist it. She was finally here.

Then she remember she had to change into her dress robes. She grabbed her suit case and dashed for the door. She ran down the train hall and finally stopped in frount of the bathroom. She ran and and didn't even change into a proper outfit under it she just put her dress robes on over her current outfit. When she was done she raced out of the bathroom. She was one of the last people on.

When she got outside everyone was walking in the same direction excpept a few where by a man. She was temped to follow the crowd until the man yelled "FIRST YEARS OVER HERE!" She ran over there as fast and she could but she was still at the end of the crowd.

She smiled. She was finally here.

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When she could start to see Hogwarts she said she could and the other girl in the compartment pressed her face to the window. She couldn't help but smile, she was like that when she first came to Hogwarts. First year is the most fun because everything is so new and exciting. Not that magic was that new, her grandpa Authur seemed to love changing muggle objects into magic ojects.

When the train came to a stop Rosie and Hannah got off and follow everyone into Hogwarts. She had really missed this place a lot it had seemed like years since she has been here not months. She saw Albus who is now on her first year, she waved but she didn't think she saw him. James was around her somewhere too but she had yet to see him. He is the trouble make just like Uncle George.

When they finally got to the entrance, Hannah grabbed her wrist and ran in. They sat at the Gryfondor table and waited for Neivlle the head-master and her family friend to make his speach. She smiled, she loves this place.


Alice follow Hagrid or at least she thinks he said Hagrid, she was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn't listen so much. She did hear to get on the boats though.

She went in one with a boy in it. "Hello I'm Alice," she said. She gave him a little smile, "This is weird here, I never expected it to be so big."

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(I’m making super bad posts today so sorry)

Alice was extremely afraid of boats but she bit her tongue not to scream. She looked at the water as things swam around in the water. She couldn’t quite make out what they were but she was pretty sure they weren’t all friendly. She just ignores her fear though and looked back up at whoever she was in the boat with.

Hey,nice to meet you my name's Albus, Albus Potter". Alice’s mouth dropped open as her said it, but then she quickly shut it realizing that she must look mental of something. ."So, is it your first year here?". Albus continued. Alice nodded at the first year thing then said, “Wow Harry Potter’s son!” She sounded like a girl that is celebrity obsessed.


Rosie wanted to say hi to Hagrid but she had gotten busy, she would just have to say hi later. As she was looking around she spotted James and he say her too. "Over here Rosie!!!" Rosie smiled at him and waved, “Hello James!”

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"Yeah, its a bit of a tamper when your dad gets more attention but hey he's survived dying two times" Albus has said right before the boat stopped and they both got off. She didn’t even have time to respond. Well I got to talk to a Potter, she thought to herself. It made her smile, she has heard stories about Harry Potter they were all so interesting.

When she got inside she was directed to a place with a bunch of other first year students, they got in line to go to the sorting hat. She couldn’t wait to get sorted into her house. Finally she got her turn to go up and she could have squealed. The sorting hat was placed on her head it said, “Hmmmm you seem to fit Gryffindor very well I have seen some like you before except they were a bit more shy that young lady became famous and was the best friend of someone famous. Can you guess who I am talking about? Well it doesn’t matter.” The sorting hat quick talking for a second then yelled, “Gryffindor!” The Gryffindor table cheered as Alice went to take her seat. (That is exactly how I imagined it would happen for me but the sorting hat saying something different)

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Alice sat down by a red haired girl, the same girl she sat by on the train. (Rosie) The girl smiled at her and Alice smiled back.

"Alice, good job on keeping it with Gryffindor" Albus said. She hadn’t even noticed he was there, “thanks, not that I really get to choose which house I am in. I wanted Gryffindor though, it is everyone’s favorite.”

As the food came Alice just stared at it, she has had too much candy on the train she was already full.

Rosie cheered and said, “WAY TO GO!” as Albus was sorted into Gryffindor. When he sat down she said, “You are almost exactly like Harry you know that? Same house and you two where both almost sorted into another house. You act just like him, and you even look a bit like him.”

Another girl got sorted into Gryffindor then sat by Rosie. Albus started talking to her, Rosie didn’t listen.

" Slytherin sucks,no wonder everyone over their ducks while they all suck". Albus said. “Now is that the thing to say.”