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James Sirius Potter

"What! It was only 5 firecrackers! And, you know, one big one...."

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a character in “Hogwarts: Nineteen Years Later”, as played by Mr. Baneling Squishy


Name (first & last): James Sirius Potter

Grade (1st-7th): 2nd, yet he still manages to get into trouble seemingly every other second....

Muggle born/half blood / pure blood: Pure Blood

House: To quote the sorting hat, "GRYFFINDOR!!!"

Appearance and personality: He is very similar in character to both of his namesakes as well as his uncles, Fred and George Weasley, with a penchant for practical jokes and general misbehavior. He also tends to be trouble prone, and is a bigger magnet for trouble then his father, Dumbledore, and maybe even Neville combined. He took a fondness for Owls, because of what he heard about HEDWIG (seewhatididthere?) and he is really nice when you get to know him. While sometimes he can be the biggest pain ever to his family, when needed he can be loving and sweet (on most occasions, unless humor is needed). However, sometimes, he doesn't know when to stop with his jokes, and occasionally needs his brother and sister for that.

Oh, and despite his appetite, it was noted he lost a pound since last year.....he suspects a magical prank...

Also, he claims his wand has a Dragon tooth in it. He is pretty strong about it, but then again, this is James we are talking about....

Family: Son of Harry and Lily Potter, Brother to Albus and Lily (and Cassie)


So begins...

James Sirius Potter's Story

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(lol, and as she is crazy, she probably thought it was Blake....or a giant snake....however I'd like to note they were under the invisibility cloak)

James looked out the window, noticing that it is almost day. There was a lot of brewing and exploring, before anyone else could get up, he took out 2 potions and looked at Albus, saying "Here, take one of these. Energy Restoration Potions. Guaranteed to provide energy for a day as if you got a goodnights rest". He gave one to Albus and the other to himself. Now the sun began to shine into the window, which would begin to wake some people up.

Then, there was a giant roar of a dragon in the background. That woke the rest up.

Well, that or a magical roar that sounded like a dragon anyways.

James then noted to Albus "Now come on!! Get ready, we need to head to class soon. I need to see if this new teacher is any good". Notably, there has been a lack of saying what drove the other teacher away. But with James, being both James AND a Potter, there was a good guess as of who may have helped.

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Stephen was really exited for this day; his first day of learning magic, something that was actually worth learning for a change!

He had prepared all the things he needed before hand so he would not need to do so in the morning. As Stephen walked down the stairs he remembered all the strange things that had happened yesterday, Stephen decided that it was probably a dare game or a tease as no one would really want to kill some one just like that would they? Saying you wanted to kill some one didn't mean anything ether; Grandpa said he would kill the bank manager 23 times plus the time he said he would half kill him but he never did more then puncher the banker's tires and even that only when he was pissed off and the opportunity presented itself.

Stephen had missed Blake by a few minutes but since he was 2nd year or something they would not be learning in the same class any way. Stephen on his way passed near the Gryffindor house portrait and saw James and Albus Potter exit from it, Stephen waved towards them and made a joking salute.

"Hello clan Potter! You better start running caz we are runnin late!, come with me Albus; I made a point of figuring out were our class is for today so there is no point in you wondering around, its Slytherin and Gryffindor for today anyway."

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James began heading towards his Class, while holding Albus' arm in one hand, and led him towards his class. "I already know where Albus' classes are, but we all have to run! ALL classes start early today!"

James started running, and he was pretty fast. The Grand was the quickest route.....and the way was just starting to move. James quickly pulled Albus onto it before it got too far, and then ran down the steps towards the classrooms.He then noted Albus' classroom being right around the corner, and sprinted to his, just barely making it.

Thats when he heard in an announcement. "Please be aware. There have been sightings of trolls in the area. Please stay alert...."

James walked into his class, which had just started. They were practicing defensive spells. James was then paired with Hester. His arch enemy, so to speak. He could already hear students betting how this would end up. James started with Flippendo, and Hester failed the deflect. Hester, in anger, returned the Flippendo. And this turned into a full blown battle between James and Hester. Offensive spells started flying around, and Asters could only sit and watch as they basically had a magical dual. Hester began throwing out more offensive spells, but James managed to deflect most with the spell they were supposed to learn, and then fire out more spells of his own.

He quickly jumped onto a table as Felkon, who hated James and the Potters just as much as Hester, joined in. James quickly jumped to another desk, then knocked over a chair. Considering it was 2 v 1, James was doing very well. James then managed to knock Hester into Felkon. Thats when Asters intervened. "Alright! Alright! Enough! James, excellent use of the defensive spells. Now, lets all just calm down and continue the class now!!"

James sat down with a smirk. He just won against 2 Slytherine at once.

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When they were told to go back to their Dorm, James took out the map when he was alone. There was no way a troll would sneak up on him. He began walking, until he heard what sounded like a growl of a troll. And it sounded like it was getting closer. He quickly went into the first room he could find, which was a bathroom. It didn't take him long to realize it was a girl's restroom, but no one else was in there. That's when a foul smell caught his nose. He turned around slowly, to see the troll. "Okay. Now I know how my (step?) aunt (being Hermione) felt" he commented, using humor to point out being one on one with a troll is not good. The troll sniffed, then became enraged.

James quickly ducked, then rolled to the side. The troll smashed ferociously at him, as if he killed its baby or something. Which he didn't, to clear up. He then tried to cast a spell, but switched the spell to the defensive one they were learning before, as he was hit by the troll, smashing him into a wall. The spell somewhat worked, as it prevented major damage, but he was sore. James wasn't the best at defensive magic. James, deciding then to take a different approach, backed up considerably as he took out one of his firecrackers. He activated it with the tip of his wand, and threw it into the trolls face. The troll, thinking it was food, ate it, and it went off in his mouth, distracting it, but enraging it a bit more. James took this time to think of something. "Now...what was that spell....exresto....expricto.....oh right!". As the troll was just refocusing on James, James yelled "Expecto Patronum!!!". The Patronum blasted forward from him, sending the troll toppling, hitting himself in the head with his club and on the ground. Additionally, the Patronum knocked James into the wall behind him too. James put a little too much into the Patronum, because it also hit another troll nearby, as well as the third by Blake (who flipendowed it at the same time), though it may have not been totally noticeable at first. James put too much into it really, as his head hurt from hitting the wall. Although, it definently wasn't as powerful as the Patronus done by his father to save Serious Black, it had quite a punch.

Asters, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, showed up, making sure the troll was knocked out before tending to James. James had already rehid and sealed the map however. James then noted "I think I got lost...". He was definently okay.

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"Come here Cruxi" said Stephan to his owl, the strange word Dioda has said to him yesterday was still on his mind so Stephan had decided to finally name his owl using it. The owl was a dark feathered one with a cool white line on his head, apart from his wand the owl was the only thing Stephan could actually relate to among his magical items.

The owl was carrying a parcel from his grandfather; Stephan quickly opened it and saw a number of books in front of him. "That’s old grand pa" he said to himself glad for some more stuff to read.

Stephan later wondered the empty corridors and wondered were every one had got to? He himself had fallen asleep in the library and when he heard shouting about some nonsense to do with a troll he didn't see the need to run around and shout in panic as the other students did.

Stephan decided to go find out what Dioda had really hidden in the girl's bath room, the size of the school was a problem however so Stephan made use of his roller blades to cover the distance with speed… and style.

But still he had at least a five minute journey ahead of him and Stephan didn't have the patience for it. He had gone to the library for a reason and that was to find out how to create spells for his own use, it was boring and complicated but Stephan had managed to bang up a speeding spell together; it still had a few problems but Stephan wanted to show off.

Taking out his wand preparing to cast the spell on his Roller blades; he directed his magical powers and focused them into the wand, Stephan then began to build up pressure and used the focus word for the spell "CONTACT!"
The word was a way for Stephan's will to express his intention and mold his powers accordingly. Words were not really needed for a spell but they made it far easier to cast it and Stephan didn't understand how to cast wordless magic yet. He didn't understand why the magical community liked making their spells in Latin; it was not like Latin was a magical language but it was a common universal language especially a few hundred years ago.

The spell ignited and Stephan was propelled along the corridors in far greater speed then he had intended.
Stephan then realized three flaws in the spell: he had no way of controlling his speed, no way of steering properly and…..

Stephan did not have time to think of the last problem because he rushed into the girl's bathroom and then crashed into the taps of the room causing a few of them to burst.

Stephan moaned and got up on his feet, he had put on his protective gear but he still got a number of bruises. His rollers were all right as far as he could tell but thick smoke immerged from the still rolling wheels along with a number of sparks.

Stephan then realized that a number of people were looking at his direction including what seemed to be a teacher, he grinned rather embarrassed at what a fool he made out of himself.
"Hi chaps, sorry about that…. I still need to figure out how to brake while using this spell." Stephan then saw the troll and understood what all the panic was about.

"What did I miss?

((happy now? its rather boring to simply retreat to whats in the books all the time so i am not giving up on the roller blades, Stephan was raised in the muggle world so its only natrual that he will retain some stuff from it))