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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Student Files

Student’s School Picture

Name: Rose Marie Weasley
Age: 15
Gender Female
Year 5
Pet None
House Gryffindor
Teachers Comments: Rose is a lovely person to have in class, she really is. She is very intelligent, as you can probably tell, her grade really affect it. You can tell she studies a lot because when we begin something she isn’t very good but she will come back the next day with in mastered. She must spend all night studying!! She concerns me though, because she doesn’t seem to have many friends. She is so shy that she hardly ever speaks. I know she is a sweat girl but she needs to come out of her shell and make friends. I think that if people would just get to know her they would love her.
Extra Information: Harry Potter Rox, She is Hermione and Ron’s daughter.

So begins...

Rosie Weasley's Story

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Rosie said good bye to her parents after Hugo who had ran on the train. She rolled her eyes and he met up with his friends and they started talking about all the bad stuff they where going to do this year. "Bye mum and dad, I told Harry and Ginny that I would watch after Albus and James this year I have a feeling there not going to take it easy on me," she told them then gave them one last hug.

Then she got on the train. She only had one friend her grated her right when she got on, "ROSIE I"VE MISSED YOU!" she yelled as she ran and hugged her. Hannah was Rosie's best friend, she had big bron eyes, and chin length vurly brown hair. Hannah was tiny most likely only 4'9 and she is 15! She is the smallest in 5th year and everyone knew it. Hannah was one of the Gryforndor Beeters and was really good, Rosie perfered just to watch.

Hannah had on a pink dress and brown boots, her hair was in a high pony tail. Hannah always had such good style that Rosie envied. Rosie looked down at her own outfit, she had on a pink long sleeve shirt and a gray scarf, she also had on a pair of light wash skinny jeans and gray ballet flats. Rosie's hair was in a simple half-up half-down style.

Hannah and Rosie went to Hannah's compartment where a guy was sleeping. There was a silence for a while but Hannah broke it, "So how was summer? Was it awsome being the fact of matter Harry frikin potter is your uncle and Hermione and Ron are your parents?" Rosie rolled her eyes, Hannah was always obsessing over how famous her parents and family was.
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Alice kept looking to see if anyone would sit by her but no one did until the train almost left. A girl and her friend sat by her, the girl had long red hair and the friend had short curly brown hair. They talked to each other but she wasn't listening she heard the name Potter and Weasley several times but wasn't sure what they where talking about. She did hear when they said that they would see Hogwarts. She scooted over to the widow and pressed her face aganist it. She was finally here.

Then she remember she had to change into her dress robes. She grabbed her suit case and dashed for the door. She ran down the train hall and finally stopped in frount of the bathroom. She ran and and didn't even change into a proper outfit under it she just put her dress robes on over her current outfit. When she was done she raced out of the bathroom. She was one of the last people on.

When she got outside everyone was walking in the same direction excpept a few where by a man. She was temped to follow the crowd until the man yelled "FIRST YEARS OVER HERE!" She ran over there as fast and she could but she was still at the end of the crowd.

She smiled. She was finally here.

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When she could start to see Hogwarts she said she could and the other girl in the compartment pressed her face to the window. She couldn't help but smile, she was like that when she first came to Hogwarts. First year is the most fun because everything is so new and exciting. Not that magic was that new, her grandpa Authur seemed to love changing muggle objects into magic ojects.

When the train came to a stop Rosie and Hannah got off and follow everyone into Hogwarts. She had really missed this place a lot it had seemed like years since she has been here not months. She saw Albus who is now on her first year, she waved but she didn't think she saw him. James was around her somewhere too but she had yet to see him. He is the trouble make just like Uncle George.

When they finally got to the entrance, Hannah grabbed her wrist and ran in. They sat at the Gryfondor table and waited for Neivlle the head-master and her family friend to make his speach. She smiled, she loves this place.


Alice follow Hagrid or at least she thinks he said Hagrid, she was so lost in her own thoughts that she didn't listen so much. She did hear to get on the boats though.

She went in one with a boy in it. "Hello I'm Alice," she said. She gave him a little smile, "This is weird here, I never expected it to be so big."

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That's when James ran out, yelling "Hey Hagrid!!!!!". Hagrid gave him a bear hug. "James, how's it been?". "Good, still failing at not getting in trouble, but good". That's when he added "Take care of Albus, got it. Only I am allowed to mess with him". Hagrid replied jolly like "Don't Worry, il keep him safe".

James then chose a carriage to ride in. He really didn't mind if anyone else joined him.

That's when he ducted down as two slytherines passed him by. Hester and Felkon. His enemies during first year. Not to mention they hate him. They hate the Potters in general. Their fathers were Death Eaters, killed in The Battle of Hogwarts.

After a ride to Hogwarts, he sat down and looked around. He spotted Rosie and waved at her to attempt to catch her attention. Their family was incredibly close, considering what they went through. "Over here Rosie!!!"

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Alice was extremely afraid of boats but she bit her tongue not to scream. She looked at the water as things swam around in the water. She couldn’t quite make out what they were but she was pretty sure they weren’t all friendly. She just ignores her fear though and looked back up at whoever she was in the boat with.

Hey,nice to meet you my name's Albus, Albus Potter". Alice’s mouth dropped open as her said it, but then she quickly shut it realizing that she must look mental of something. ."So, is it your first year here?". Albus continued. Alice nodded at the first year thing then said, “Wow Harry Potter’s son!” She sounded like a girl that is celebrity obsessed.


Rosie wanted to say hi to Hagrid but she had gotten busy, she would just have to say hi later. As she was looking around she spotted James and he say her too. "Over here Rosie!!!" Rosie smiled at him and waved, “Hello James!”

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Alice sat down by a red haired girl, the same girl she sat by on the train. (Rosie) The girl smiled at her and Alice smiled back.

"Alice, good job on keeping it with Gryffindor" Albus said. She hadn’t even noticed he was there, “thanks, not that I really get to choose which house I am in. I wanted Gryffindor though, it is everyone’s favorite.”

As the food came Alice just stared at it, she has had too much candy on the train she was already full.

Rosie cheered and said, “WAY TO GO!” as Albus was sorted into Gryffindor. When he sat down she said, “You are almost exactly like Harry you know that? Same house and you two where both almost sorted into another house. You act just like him, and you even look a bit like him.”

Another girl got sorted into Gryffindor then sat by Rosie. Albus started talking to her, Rosie didn’t listen.

" Slytherin sucks,no wonder everyone over their ducks while they all suck". Albus said. “Now is that the thing to say.”

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"See, I told you not to worry. Let me guess, last thing it took into account was our mothers side, right? Just a guess...." he noted with a smile. He then added "Well, I think you'll be getting the bed next to mine. I know they tend to do that with family. Anyways, just look at the food. It looks like they almost have enough to fill me". James' stomach seemed near bottomless. He began chowing down on the food.

After the feast, he told Albus "Come on, time to go to our dormitory". Granted, he wasn't actually the one leading, the prefects were. But still. He then noted "Careful Albus, the staircase moves. Not quite sure why or when, but they do".

As they approached the dormitory, he then noted to Albus "Remember that password".