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Hogwarts School of Witchcrafts and Wizardry

Forbidden Forest


a part of Hogwarts School of Witchcrafts and Wizardry, by FuyuHana.

A dark place that is restricted to all first years

FuyuHana holds sovereignty over Forbidden Forest, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A mysterious place just on the boundaries of Hogwarts. While it may looks entrancing, it is a very dangerous place at night, for no one knows what may be lurking there. It has been said that there are unicorns and centaurs that lurk the forest.
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Forbidden Forest

A dark place that is restricted to all first years


Forbidden Forest is a part of Hogwarts.

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Character Portrait: Kai Logan Character Portrait: Valshe Character Portrait: Sou
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Image "Again! Come on one more time!" Sou shouted at Valshe from a distance holding up his wand. "If Hogwarts gets under attack, who is going to stand in the line of fire? A Bunch of First Years?! Put that wand up and show me how to use it!"

Panting and leaning over with his eye squinted, Valshe was exhausted. Him and his uncle had been at it since yesterday afternoon. Practicing the wand without brakes. "Just shut up already old man! We been at this for hours!"

"Complaining?! Are you going to complain at the enemy?!" Sou came at Valshe with a fire attack. "Ahh ha!"

"Shit!" Val fell back dodging the flames and pulled a pain attack on Sou, but he countered it right back at Val, making him cry out in pain.

"That was quick thinking boy, but you need to be quicker then that. Don't hold back, just because we are family. Don't be afraid of being alone." Sou put his wand away and walked over to Val offering him a hand.

"I'm not afraid. I just don't see a point in this, when you aren't my enemy." He dusted himself off and took in a deep breath holding his side in pain still from the after affect.

"There is always a point in everything you do.." Sou stated and looked at the woods. "Lets go, school should be starting soon. Shall we fly or use the portal?"

Val glared at Sou when he suggested flying at the state he was in, but.. "Fly, not like we have things to do today, classes probably wont start for another hour or so."

"Alright. I have to go speak with the teachers, so have fun with the fresh meat." Sou chuckled and snapped his fingers making a portal show. "Good luck flying kiddo."

Valshe shook his head, expecting Sou to do the portal, but at least it gave him time to be late if he wanted to. With a whistle his broom was there in a flash waiting for him to hop on and let loose. The Nimbus 2001. Something he stuck with ever since Sou gave it to him. But he felt a bit frustrated and wanted to blow of steam, the best person to do that with was Kai. This morning he sent his snow owlover to so by now he should be getting his letter. He thought over what the letter had said. - -

~~I will be headed to school shortly after you receive this. Don't keep me waiting to long. Oh and make sure those slugs keep away from my charm.~~

He couldn't think of anything wrong by it, sounded pretty good to him. He rubbed his chin and shrugged getting on the broom and taking off towards the school in a flash. "He'll get over it." He laughed. By the time he got to the school he paused after swooping around the whole area, just over the Quidditch patch, this year he'd be playing like every other year, he was one of the best on the team, but this year he wasn't feeling so up for it.