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James Sirius Potter

You could throw a wand around here and the chance of you hitting a redhead is like 99.9%

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a character in “{Hogwarts} The Cursed Generation”, as played by Haas33


{"Follow your dreams, never give up, have no regret, always eat that second piece of pie!”}
-Me. I said that.




|{Full Name}|
James Sirius Potter

James or Potter. Some idiots call him Jamie.


April 6, 2004

Bisexual, though he doesn't tell anyone. He's never been with a guy.

He is 6' 2" with jet black hair that seems to never to what he says. His hair is as unruly as his personality and he is fairly muscular from playing quidditch, but not some big buff guy. He has brown eyes and a mischievous smile. He has a couple scars from quidditch incidents. One of the most notable is on running along his bicep to his forearm where a bludger completely demolished him. He also has a tattoo of his patronus on his body, but it switches it's location every day, preferring mostly to stay on his chest, biceps, or back.

{"Be yourself. Never Be someone you are not.”}
-Some guy somewhere





|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|
β–ͺLikes to play pranks on others
β–ͺTends to sneak up on people
β–ͺMouths off to teachers (except his favorites)
β–ͺDoodles funny pictures when not working on a serious drawing project

-Goofing off
-Playing Quidditch
-Doodling and drawing
-Eating food
-Making people smile

-Rainy days
-People who are rude and inconsiderate (there is a fine line between joking and making fun of)
-People who discriminate against blood status, race, or house
-Just people who are being dicks.
-People named Dick
-Dicks that are names
-I'm totally messing with you now.
-People who assume he is dumb because he doesn't try as hard as others in school

James is a very happy-go-lucky guy who just likes to make people smile. He admires George Weasley for his prowess in jokes. He can be arrogant at times, cocky, and downright annoying. He is, however, very charismatic and in the end, very down to earth. He genuinely cares about other people and makes sure no one is left out. If he ever feels he has taken a joke to far, he makes sure no feelings have been hurt. He can be very flirtatious, but really that's just who he is. He can be quite determined and unfazed by what other people say.

|{Hobbies || Skills}|
-cooking, oddly enough
-playing pranks/joking around
-Potions (he finds it similar to cooking)

James is an unregistered animagus. When Teddy and him were young, sometimes Teddy could not control his metamorphmagus, and would undergo uncontrolled shifting. This often times set Teddy apart from others. James reached out and remembered his dad talking about how James, Sirius, and Peter had all become animagus to help out lupin. James Sirius figured, why not him? He began the process the minute he recieved his wand against Harry's will. Harry causually turned a blind eye to what was going on because he felt James was being a very true friend. He even helped keep James's secret, much to his wife's dismay. By his third year he had become one, but was still not very good at changing on command. Also, as a side note, all his life he has had really weird dreams where he sees people die. But he's shrugged it off by now.

Also, he's crushing pretty hard on Scorpius but shhhh you didn't hear it here.

⚘A Wolf- always sticks with his pack of friends, making sure everyone is together and happy. Fierce and determined, yet a loyal friend. The wolf can also have a playful dog side often seen when wolf pups.⚘

⚘Dementors, he fears losing all his happiness.⚘


{"Have a biscuit, Potter.”}
-The most kick ass head mistress in the world



Astronomy: P
Care of Magical Creatures: E
Charms: E
Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Divination: D
Herbology: A
History of Magic: D
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O

He has a faithful little barn owl named Toodle

Gryffindor Quidditch beater and captain of team. Also some crazy loon decided he should be head boy

He is an excellent beater and is captain of the team. He is spectacular at being beater, but couldn't be a Keeper for the life of him.

He has a newer design called the X-Flyer. It's very fast and great for making sharp turns.

10 and 3/4 inch willow with a dragon heartstring core.

At some point during his second year he stole Harry's marauder's map, something Harry casually forget to check to see if it was missing *wink wink.
He also has his broom, owl, and wand of course. He also has a small mokeskin pouch, a christmas gift.

James speaks English and French, just in case of another triwizard tournament.

{"Seriously what are these quotes even for? Can I just say anything?”}
-Cox Ucker

James grew up as the oldest of his siblings, and was naturally a terrible influence. He loved messing with his siblings and never passed up a chance to crack a joke. He grew up very close to both the weasleys and with Teddy. Teddy was one of his closest childhood friends and the very reason he became an animagus. He had a normal happy childhood.

Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter, pure-blood and half-blood respectively.

James Sirius is a half blood since there is known muggle ancestry.


His animagus and patronus are the same, and he can transform at will easily.

|{Face Claim}
PJ Liguori

Character Dialogue || #800000

So begins...

James Sirius Potter's Story