Rose Amelia Weasley

"I Saw Someone Without A Smile, So I Gave Them One Of Mine."

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}{Life Is Better When Your Laughing}{
After Hours Rosie
Theme Song
Glory and Gore||Lorde
You Haunt Me||Lisa Hannigan
Song to Love Interest
Thinking Out Loud||Ed Sheeran

}{What We See Depends Mainly On What We Look For}{


Full Name
Rose Amelia Weasley

Rosie, Row.
Pooka, but only by her mother and father and very close friends.

"One should never ask a lady's age."

September 19th

Sexual Orientation

* Studying.
* Being around friends and family.
* Dancing.
* Loud music.
* Singing.
* Curing up by a fire with a good book and some butterbeer.
* Sleeping.
* Hiking.

* Being alone.
* Idiots.
* Bullies.
* When someone takes themselves to seriously.
* When people are obnoxiously loud.
* Judgmental people.
* Finishing a book series.

"I think I'm the best at combative magic. But even I know I need more practice!"
Transfiguration and Combative magic are Rose's two favorite types of magic. She loves being able to fight back when the situation calls for it. She doesn't like being the weak link.

Distinct Markings
Scars: Rosie has a small white scar that runs down the center of her bottom lip. Her knees are riddled with little white and brown scars as well from being a very active and clumsy child.

Piercings: Just her ears.

Tattoos: "I loves tattoos!" Two tattoos both are black and white. The first it on her foot, it is a small bear paw print. The second is on her hip and is a bunch of flowers and vines.

With the bluest eyes you have ever seen Rosie could easily enslave people to do whatever she wanted with just a bat of an eyelash, luckily she was brought up better than that. She always tries to keep a smiley on her pale freckle riddled face, no makeup needed, she is cute without it. Of course she has her fathers bright orangey red hair, paired with her mothers soft knowing gaze its hard not to want to be friends with her. Her ever inviting expressions seem to light up the world around her.
"Technically I'm "short" Yeah ok whatever!
I'm the perfect hight to kick you right where it hurts the most."

}{Push Back}{

"because it matters so much?"

Ron Weasley(Father) & Hermione Weasley(Mother)

Pet Image
A female Irish Setter named Dusty.

Rose is deathly afraid of the water.
As a little girl she was exploring the forest near her home and wasn't being very careful while climbing a tree. She slipped and fell, hitting her head on the way down, she was knocked out and floating in the stream. Luckily her uncle George found her and was able to revive her. she doesn't remember much, except for not being able to move or breath.

Rose's Patronus Is a coyote.
The symbol of humor, cunning, and survival; the coyote is ofter portrayed as the 'wise fool', helping people to see the truth in difficult situations. The coyote patronus is often tied to being able to learn to adapt, seeing the humor in even the worst situations, and being able to cope with even the toughest things in life.

* Drowning.
* Heights.
* Not making her parents proud of her,
* Not being able to protect her little brother.

"My granddads flying car! That thing scares the crap out of me!"

}{I Am Strong}{

Rose is definitely her own person. It's almost as if she doesn't allow others to dictate her life, When she wants to do something she does it. That being said she does have a good sense of right and wrong, and would rather do the right thing. she is a lot like her mother in that sense, but then there is her father he was always getting himself into trouble in his day and Rose seems to have a bit of a wild streak in her just like he did. Out of anyone in her family she is most like her uncle George. She loves playing pranks on people and is always up to something mischievous.

}{You Make Me Want To Fall In Love... Or Take Some Drugs}{



Charms~A||Transfiguration~O||Herbology~P||DADA~A||Ancent Ruins~P||Potions~D||Care of Magical Creatures~O||Astronomy~A||Divination~P||Arithmancy~A||History of Magic~E

"Oh please! What is so great about being perfect?
Rose likes to think She is just like everybody else but she is actually very smart just like her mother.

"I am actually not that thrilled about heights."

French and English, "vous avez besoin de l'esprit de votre propre entreprise"

"I love my wand she never works for anyone who tries to use her. Yes I call it a her!"
A 13 inch Ebony wand with a Dragon heartstring core.

"I would much rather stay on the ground, thank you!"

Special Devices
"You mean like a camera that can tell if someone is lying? Because I have one of those."
As a gift for her 16th birthday Rosie's uncle George gave her, a camera that if it takes a picture of you the polaroid it spits out has the word Liar on it if that person is not being truthful. He also gave her a neckless that is charmed to light up if danger is coming. Due to her uncanny ability to always be the first to find the danger or find herself in trouble Rose wears the pendent at all times.ImageImage

Rose grew up spending a lot of time with her uncles George and Charlie, she loved spending time with George in the family's joke shop. She also loved spending time with her uncle Charlie in Romania, he taught her a lot about dragons. When she finishes school she wants to go and work with him in Romania.
Because of how much time she spent with her uncles growing up she grew a lot closer to them than to her father. Every summer she would go on camping trips with Charlie and even though she doesn't really like quidditch she has always went with her father and George to matches.

So begins...

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