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Adeline Knox

'TriWizard Tournament is about to become a one witch show'

0 · 353 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts: The TriWizard Tournament”, originally authored by Issa, as played by RolePlayGateway




Name: Adeline Knox
Nicknames: Ads, Adie
Role: Half-blood
Age: 17
Year: Sixth Year
House: Gryffindor


Adeline has golden blonde hair that reaches to just below her shoulders. Her hair is naturally straight but Adeline has perfected a spell that allows her to add waves or curls to her hair as she likes. Adeline's eyes are blue.
Adeline stands at 5'7" and is of average weight, cutting a slim figure.
When she isn't wearing her school uniform Adeline will often be seen wearing (depending on the weather) floating summer dresses or jeans and a cute sweater or jacket. She likes to stay well-presented and as such her uniform is rarely dirty or out of place. Although she usually keeps her hair in check Adeline rarely wears makeup.

Adeline is a strong-willed girl with an outgoing and friendly nature. She enjoys joking with her friends and usually has a smile on her face. When she isn't 100% attentive in class it will usually be because she's chatting with her friends. Nevertheless she enjoys doing things well and is easily able to maintain satisfactory grades in all her subjects.
She has a talent for magic involving incantations (her O.W.L results show this) but finds subjects such as Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures a bore. Adeline quickly loses interest in subjects she dislikes and will put in much less energy to her assignments. However she is a naturally inquisitive girl and if a subject excites her enough she will go out of her way to find out more (one of the reasons she is a member of Charms Club and takes Ancient Studies).

Adeline is not naturally a competitive girl, except when quidditch is involved. The sport usually has her on her feet cheering loudly for her favourite team (the Montrose Magpies).
Adeline is incredibly loyal to her friends and will go out of her way to help them if need be.

Charms Class
Her Friends

Dirt (and by association Herbology)
Seeing the Montrose Magpies lose
Her Mother's parents


Wand: 13 in, Larch, Phoenix Feather, Surprisingly Swishy
Patronus: Tiger
School Pet: Female tabby cat named Esko

O.W.Ls Achieved:
Outstanding - Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Study of Ancient Runes, Transfiguration
Exceeds Expectations - Arithmancy, History of Magic, Potions
Achieved - Astronomy, Herbology

Extra-curricular: Ancient Studies, Charms Club. Dueling Club
Quidditch: Chaser on the Gryffindor team

Adeline is the eldest child of Maggie and Bryce Knox. Her father, the son of muggles Alfred and Judy Knox, met Maggie at Hogwarts. Maggie, the most recent generation of pureblooded witch from her family, married him in a quiet ceremony not long after leaving Hogwarts. Maggie's parents have very strict rules on what they think their only granddaughter should and shouldn't do. They believe that while Adeline's mother was a lost cause, (marrying a muggle-born wizard was not in their plan for her) there is still hope for Adeline. As such they disapprove of Adeline's dream to play on the national quidditch team. Adeline's father was a quidditch coach and he brought Adeline along to all his games, fostering her love of the sport from an early age. It was Bryce that taught her how to ride a broom. Adeline has one brother, 14 years her junior named Jasper. Adeline dotes on her brother and has since he was born.

Neither of Adeline's parents were sorted into Gryffindor. Maggie was a Hufflepuff and Bryce was in Ravenclaw. So it was with a pleasant surprise that Adeline found herself being sorted into Gryffindor. Her five years at Hogwarts have shown her many of the castle's secrets and she hopes to add a few more to her list before she leaves in two years time.

Adeline is originally from a small town called Wingnuts. The majority of the population is magical, including the family in the house next to hers. The youngest son, Kye Reid, and Adie soon became fast friends. Although Adeline grew up in a home surrounded by magic, she has a good understanding of the muggle world thanks to her father's parents. Whenever they visited them on holidays Adeline would marvel at the strange inventions muggles came up with. Her favourite muggle quirk is the way the people in photos don't move and toasters.


So begins...

Adeline Knox's Story

#, as written by Issa

Adie sat at the Gryffindor table, happily chatting to her friends as they waited for the other schools to arrived. Adie's gaze kept flicking up to where the TriWizard Goblet stood inactive. She couldn't help but grin, she had turned 17 only a week ago and would therefore be able to submit her name for the tournament.
"Stop looking so damned happy Ads!" One of her 16 year old friends moaned, "Why can't I have been born three months earlier?"
Adie just laughed and gave her friend a pat on the back.

At that moment the students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons entered, causing the Hogwarts' students to suddenly hush. The three schools rarely saw each other out of the TriWizard Tournament so it was a new sight for most of the students.
The Hogwarts' Headmaster welcomed both schools and then stepped down to the Goblet. With a wave of his wand it burst into blue flames.

"This, is the Goblet of Fire. Any student who wishes to enter the tournament and is at least seventeen years of age, may write their name upon a piece of parchment and toss it into the fire before this hour on Thursday. From this moment on, the TriWizard Tournament has begun." His words sent a thrill through Adie's spine. Finally, the Tournament had began.

Already students were approaching the Goblet and entering their names. A seventh year Ravenclaw was the first from Hogwarts to put her name in, followed by two Durmstrang students. Adie, egged on by her friends, stood up and swiftly strode towards the Goblet. Butterflies were whirling around her stomach and she couldn't keep the excited smile off her face. As she approached the goblet, another student fell into step with her.

"I'll bet you a butterbeer that I'm picked for Hogwarts." Kye Reid muttered to Adie. Kye was a seventh year Ravenclaw and also a prefect. The two had known each other since early childhood, being neighbours and the children of magical families.
"One butterbeer?" Adie snorted, then she smirked up at Kye, "Fine. If I win you have to admit that Puddlemere United is in every way inferior to the Montrose Magpies."
Kye gave his own quiet laugh and would have replied but the two had now reached the Goblet. Together they stepped over the threshold and dropped their names into the goblet.
Stepping back and away Kye made one last remark to Adie before the two went to their own tables, "You've got yourself a bet. I'm going to enjoy that butterbeer while I watch PU beat the Magpies."
Adie just rolled her eyes and wondered back to her table.

Kye returned to his seat at the head of the Ravenclaw table, getting various pats on the back and 'good luck' calls as he did. Kye was competitive by nature, he liked to win and do well. If he was selected for the Hogwarts side then he would put everything he had into winning the cup. He had watched as the students before him had entered their names, analyzing their possible strengths and weaknesses. Of course he only had the general appearance of the Durmstrang students to go on, but it was a start. As for Lavender, a fellow 7th year ravenclaw, he hoped that if he or his friend Adie wasn't selected than at least another Ravenclaw.
"Good luck Lavender." He called down the table to her.

"Blimey! Ain't she got a clue what she's doing?" Whispered Elizabeth Crowley as the small-boned, potential TriWizard Cup contestant whisked past her, longing to cram herself between classmates and blend in again. Usually after submitting herself to some sort of embarrassment or discomfort, she'd have rushed to the library or her room. But Lavender had to admit to herself, she was excited to see who else would be putting their names in and taking the plunge, so to speak.

What appeared to be the open ceiling of the hall twinkled and flickered with the daubed, surreal image of a magnificent nighttime firmament. First years were commonly enraptured by the sight but, those older knew it was a simple spell and that the grand hall wasn't just some open, unprotected atrium. Candles danced in the ether above resplendent stretches of food and drink.

Slowly a line began to form by the goblet which was spitting and licking flames up into the hushed air like some sort of circus big top attraction. Broad-shouldered men from the visiting school undoubtedly, became scores in the queue of plucky young souls who fidgeted with pieces of paper wielding their names. And then there was the bumping, nudging pair of Ravenclaws that Lavender recognized as Kye Reid and Adeline Knox, known to be friends for quite some time.

"Why don't you eat somethin'?" Came a voice from beside where Lavender sat, an unidentified scholar from her house whom seemed to be concerned. He had almond-shaped green eyes and a crooked right fang. Offering no verbal reply, Lavender forced a smile and snatched a small sweet biscuit from a cascading mountain atop a tray which initially diverted her attention from the goblet. Her stomach gurgled, begging to be fed. Lavender's small digits picked apart the bread piece by piece as she anxiously surveyed the aspirants at the front of the hall once more.

At least two from each house volunteered themselves for the tournament. Her heart sank a bit. Of course once the competition was narrowed down, Lavender wouldn't be considered. As she watched them all go on, she began to doubt her abilities significantly.

"Good luck Lavender."

Just short of swallowing a piece of dough, Lavender's mahogany eyes swiveled at the mention of her name until they trained themselves on Kye Reid. Not completely sure what to make of his remark, the corners of her lips tugged into a closed-smile, cheeks full of bread. A solid 'gulp' was heard before she called down the table, "I'm going to need it if you've entered, heard you're rather brilliant in charms and what not." Silently she merged back in with the crowd of Ravenclaws, excusing herself from conversation as if sheepish for speaking.

"Going to need it if you've entered," mimicked Grimm a table away, "Like they'd choose some wonky mudblood to compete in the TriWizard tournament! What an oaf!" A roar of laughter erupted from his section of the Slytherin table as they all shook their heads at Lavender's expense. The Dippitt girl lowered her head and flipped through some books, clearing her throat and underscoring specific sections she was adamant about memorizing. Inescapably Grimm carried on with his tyranny, now feeling free of the Defense professor's black look. In turn Lavender gingerly sipped at some pumpkin juice and set two books on the table, already exhausted with being surrounded by Hogwarts folk and visitors alike where Grimm could make a fool of her.

Surprisingly, the first to enter was a seemingly timid looking young witch from Hogwarts, from what house, she wasn't entirely sure. She had cocoa colored hair and big brown eyes. She looked like she couldn't hurt a fly, Deirdre thought but the girl was walking with a sort of determination that made Deirdre smile, especially when what seemed to be a young student cheered, rather loudly for her. Good for you. She thought, watching as the girl returned back to her table, where her classmates seemed to be talking. A few others then went up to go enter their names in the goblet, including two Durmstrang boys. Watching everyone else enter their names, Deirdre wanted to sigh. You might as well just enter your name already, seems everyone else is. She thought to herself.

Just then, two more Hogwarts students began making their way up to the goblet, passing Deirdre as they did so. She smirked a little as she caught a bit of their conversation. They seemed to be betting on who they thought would be chosen, which amused her but at the same time she thought it nice - It seemed like friendly competition and at that moment she felt her hopes for her own social life begin to blossom.

She then rose to her feet and retrieved the now crumpled piece of paper which she had hastily scribbled her name (Barely legibly) onto from her pocket and began to make her way down to the goblet, keeping her expression blank. This would probably cause some confusion as to who she would be competing for, since she was still in her Beauxbatons uniform and had originally intended to wait to enter her name but she didn't really care all that much at the moment.

It only took her a moment to reach the goblet, thanks to her table's close proximity to it. Once she reached it, she looked into the crackling flames and without hesitation, slipped the parchment into the fire and gazing at it for a moment longer before turning swiftly on her heel and making her way back down to her table.

As she passed the Ravenclaw table on her way to her bench, she heard another Hogwarts entrant, the boy who had been making bets with another girl wish the timid looking one, apparently named Lavender luck. Hmm. People seemed to like her, she thought to herself. She was glad that she was being given support, since from the girl's response to him seemed as nice as Deirdre had first perceived her to be. What she heard next, stopped her in her tracks though. She turned her emerald green eyes onto the Slytherin who was now making jabs at the girl. Mudblood? Deirdre narrowed her eyes at that. She despised that filthy word and the purists who used it. No, she wasn't going to let that little weasel run his mouth. Unable to help herself, she slipped her wand out of her pocket and flicked it at the Slytherin boy's cup with the swiftness of a practiced witch. "Expelliarmus." She said, quietly but clearly and watched the cup tumble over and (hopefully) splash onto the little weasel's robes. She hoped none of the headmasters or professors saw that, as she doubted they would see that as reflecting well on Beauxbatons. "Watch your mouth." Deirdre hissed at him, her voice cool. She then turned her gaze to the Lavender girl. "Best of luck to you." She said, her voice for once lacking sarcasm.

#, as written by Issa
Kye Reid & Adeline Knox

Kye leaned forward in his seat as Lavender called back down the table, "I'm going to need it if you've entered, heard you're rather brilliant in charms and what not." Kye grinned back in reply and gave a shrug. His friend beside him gave Kye a nudge in the ribs,
"Birlliant at charms, aye?" Kye's friend Oslo chuckled, "Didn't you get one of the top scores in the class?"
Kye shrugged again, he couldn't lie. He was good at charms, the incantations that one learnt in that class were necessary when dueling and Kye, being one of the heads of the Hogwarts' Dueling Club, made sure he did his best in the subject. He was a true Ravenclaw in that respect, he would put all his effort into achieving and doing well. When he had sat his O.W.Ls he had studied long hours before each exam and his results had been his reward.

A snide comment from a neighbouring Slytherin, a boy named Grimm, pulled Kye's attention away from his friends and the food on his plate and towards the disturbance. The boy's taunt of Mudblood to Lavender was shocking to hear in the Great Hall. No doubt Grimm thought the teachers at the head table were well out of hearing distance but the boy hadn't counted on other students leaping to the muggle born girl's defense.
Kye barely caught the spell that a dark haired girl cast but he saw the result, the cup Grimm was drinking from spilled over onto the boy's robes. Grimm leapt to his feet. His anger was clear and if it hadn't been for the appearance of another Slytherin girl, his sister Kye guessed, than something was sure to have happened. As it was the other Oglethorpe sibling, Allison, stopped her brother and then made her own cutting remark towards the dark haired girl before sitting back down.

As a prefect Kye was meant to help keep the peace. He was meant to stop students fighting and from using magic in the corridors. The whole situation had come and gone almost too quickly for him to do anything. The girl who had cast the spell, who was wearing a Beauxbatons' uniform, had techhnically broken the rules too but given the circumstance Kye decided to let this one slide.. He had enjoyed Grimm's expression of surprise as the cup had spilled over him.

From where Adie was sitting, at the Gryffindor table, she couldn't make out any of what was said from the Slytherin table. Nor did she see the spell that the dark haired, Beauxbatons girl either. It wasn't rare for Slytherin's to mock students, especially the ones who thought purebloods were so much better than muggleborns. Even after voldemort had been defeated the views on magical blood were still held by a lot of the pureblood families. Her mother's grandparents also seemed to think that muggleborns shouldn't be associated with, hence their initial anger when Adie's mother had married one.
"Adie? Adie!" Adie was jerked out of her thoughts by Jeanna, her friend, insistently tapping her on the shoulder.
"What?" Adie asked, pulling her eyes away from the scene and towards her friends.
"What did it feel like? Putting your name in the goblet I mean." The question brought a smile to Adie's face,
"It felt like I had grown from a small, defenseless child into a powerful, confident witch." Adie said, straight-faced. Jeanna pulled a face and giggled. Adie's face eventually gave way to a grin as well, before she let her attention be drawn back to the goblet and the large number of other students who were putting their names in. There certainly were a lot of them going for it, she wondered how the goblet actually chose the champion for each school. Was it just luck?

Vladimir was drawn from his wondering of how to arrange for food after he left the hall. This process was interrupted when a certain girl ran out of the hall, emotional turmoil from what he could sense. On reflex, he began after her...but Innes was way ahead of him. This left him to swallow a small bout of frustration from his own uselessness. His lack of a voice left as a poor comforter at best and things would get worse if he left too. Furthermore, if he let his emotions run wild there was not telling whether his magic would run with it... an event that had occurred before.

To cover for his motion, he went towards the Gryffindor table. In his opinion, their red borders were more suited to the crimson Durmstrang robes than the Slytherin green. This also let him gather more information, the Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors were of particular interest to him in this competition. The chivalrous and family like atmospheres were rather absent at Durmstrang which was full of the over clever and ambitious like Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Strangely enough, he didn't even need to try to communicate for a space to be made for him to sit. It left him opposite of a blonde girl, one he believed had also put her name in the Goblet of Fire. A quick glance revealed no free cup nearby him, but he was able to pull on to his hands with a quick Summoning Charm. To another experienced magic user, no much of a feat... but it was one of the few spells he could also perform wandless. As a gesture of good faith, he held out the drink for a toast. A quick nod of his head towards hers was used to indicate his intentions. After all, since the two of them could end up competing against each other, a bit of good will made for a better show. In case some form of true communication was genuinely needed, he attempted to make eye contact. That way he could send his thoughts to her quickly and efficiently, granted a bit less convenient than truly being able to speak.

Faye Vess

Faye sat quietly at the Ravenclaw table as the events unfolded. She sat towards the head of the table, close to the other seventh years and welcomed the new first years like a good prefect should. She watched intently as the Headmaster announced their visitors and about the Triwizard Tournament. For a moment, she considered entering herself, but her attention was drawn back as Lavender from her house boldly stepped forward as the first entrant. While Lavender wasn't her best friend,(that title belonged to Cerridwen Kettleburn) she could consider them good friends. She clapped for her along with a few other students, but then the whole business with Grimm happened. She was angry, not only because he bullied her friend, but also for what he called her. It was distasteful and disrespectful, but then again when had Grimm ever been classy and respectful in the first place? Faye herself had been subject to his name-calling on more than one occasion, but she had grown used to it and never took anything the arrogant brat said to heart. She wanted to put him in his place, but how to do so without drawing any attention to herself? Her problem was soon solved for her by a girl from Beauxbatons. When the prestigious academy first arrived, Faye's first thought was how vapid the school must be, but after the raven-haired girl's display of chivalry, Faye found she had new respect for them.

Faye listened as best she could from her spot as Grimm's sister Alison rebuked Lavender's savior. She chuckled at the Beauxbaton's girl response, which was very clever. She glanced back as Alison reclaimed her seat with her group of lackeys. While Grimm didn't scare her, his sister was another matter entirely. She seemed intimidating to Faye, though she had no real reason to fear her.

Faye's attention was brought back as Kye, her fellow prefect, went to submit his own name into the Goblet with the girl he always hung around with in Gryffindor. As more and more people gathered and put their name in the Goblet, Faye couldn't help but wonder if she should enter as well. After a few moments of deliberation she decided she would come later, when no one else was around and enter. After all, her father would be immensely proud of her if she was selected. She smile to herself and sipped at her pumpkin juice as Cerridwen spoke about whether or not she should enter. Unbeknownst to Cerridwen, Faye's attention was not on her, it was watching as Lavender left the table upset followed by a Durmstrang boy. Another Durmstrang boy boldly went and sat with Kye's friend, Adeline.

Alistair Webb

Another prefect, Alistair, sat happily chatting with his friends at the Hufflepuff table. He was seemingly oblivious to the events of the Ravenclaw table, even though the Great Hall had quieted to eavesdrop. As he looked to the professors at the Head Table, disapproval was written all over their faces at Grimm's actions. For Grimm to act that way in front of the visiting foreigners was unacceptable and gave Hogwarts a bad reputation, especially after the events of the past with pureblood mania.

After the drama stopped and Grimm was put in his place, the events resumed with young hopefuls entering their name in the Goblet one after another. Alistair bounded towards the forming line taking his place among other entrants. As he stepped up to the intimidating Goblet, he quickly scrawled his name on spare bit of parchment he dug from within his robes. He stared the Goblet down as he entered his name, almost daring it to spit it from the flames and reject him. To his delight, it devoured the paper and glowed with yellow-red flames. The flames turned back to their blue hue as he was about to sit down next to Kaylee, who he was good friends with, when she bounded up and went to introduce herself to the Beauxbaton's. Sighing he turned to his other friends and talked to them about his hopes for another Hufflepuff participant.

#, as written by Issa
Adeline Knox

"Adie!" Jeanna's voice hissed in her ear. Jeanna was trying to be discrete but her attempt at a whisper was probably louder than a normal whisper... or quiet voice.
"What?" Adie replied in a normal voice, fighting back a smile at her friend.
"One of the Durmstrang students is coming towards us." Jeanna tried to fight back a giggle and failed. Adie rolled her eyes, her friend was infamously bad around boys. She giggled, turned red and mumbled whenever they were around.

Adie glanced up, half expecting the Durmstrang student to be walking in the opposite direction (Jeanna also liked to exaggerate). To her surprise the boy was walking towards their table and ending up taking a seat opposite her. Beside Adie Jeanna's eyes widened, her cheeks went red and her mouth closed shut.
Adie ignored her friend, her eyes studying the student as he summoned a cup into his hand and raised it in a toast. Adie raised her own glass, a smile playing across her face. So, he could cast wandless non-spoken spells? Adie could have laughed with delight, if this boy was picked for Durmstrang and she for Hogwarts than the competition would definitely be interesting. Of course there was less a chance of her being picked considering the greater numbers of Hogwarts' students that had already submitted their name.

"I'm Adie." She introduced herself. "Welcome to Hogwarts... " She paused, waiting for his name.

Kye Reid

Kye stretched in his seat, fighting back a yawn. Despite all the excitement, or perhaps because of it, Kye found that his mind kept wondering up to the Ravenclaw tower and his cosy bed.

A voice speaking to him caught him mid-yawn and Kye glanced up the table to see the dark haired girl who had cast the spell wishing him good luck. Kye nodded in reply, "Good luck." He called as the girl turned and walked away.
"Who was that?" Kye's friend Oslo asked beside him. Kye shrugged,
"Some Beauxbaton student I guess..." He paused, remembering the prefect meeting he had attended earlier. Hadn't someone mentioned an exchange student? Kye shrugged again and fought back another yawn.
The warmth of the great hall and the comforting food was finally taking its toll on him. He couldn't wait to sleep. He was also probably as tired as he was because he had been up late last night helping the teachers prepare for the arrival of the other schools. Being a prefect wasn't always glamorous and he had spent at least three hours last night helping them fling out the infestation of Gnomes on the southern grassed areas of the school.

"Maybe I'll go take a bath." He mumbled to himself. Oslo groaned loudly beside Kye,
"Oh man, you'll be gone for hours then." He complained, "I was banking on a game of Wizard's chess before bed."
Kye smiled, "I'm not playing you again, not after you threw the board on the ground."

Deirdre looked after Lavender as she fled the hall, frowning in concern. She had thought that she had seemed okay, but there she was leaving in a hurry - Deirdre was about to go after her, but not a moment later the two Durmstrangs she'd seen earlier were headed after her, although one stopped and made his way to the Gryffindor table. The blonde girl - the sister of the obnoxious Slytherin left too and she hoped she wouldn't make any trouble for the Lavender girl and the Durmstrang. She turned her head back to her table just as someone bounded up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder which just about made her jump out of her skin as she wasn't anticipating it with all the distractions about. She raised a brow at the bouncy creature which had just approached her - a short girl with blonde her and a fedora who was introducing herself as Kaylee, a Hufflepuff. "Deirdre of Beauxbatons." She said simply, a hint of her Irish accent still present in her voice despite all the years she'd studied in France. "And yes, I am the transfer student." She told her, wondering how this girl knew that about her or if she was just guessing when it could be any number of them. Well, what she'd heard of the Hufflepuff house seemed true enough to her at the moment. The girl then said something Deirdre hadn't expected in the slightest - to come join them at their table if she'd. For a moment the raven haired girl just stared at her in surprise. "Uhm," She said, stalling for time to get her head straight. Normally she would have declined, but since she was still sitting with the Beauxbatons, and as she reminded herself, would like to make friends, she thought better of refusing. "Sure." She said, nodding once. "Thank you." Deirdre tacked on, hastily and a bit awkwardly taking the blonde girl's hand, clearly not used to such offerings - more often then not at Beauxbatons she would go eat in the library or outside alone as opposed to joining the others in the dining hall.

Faintly, she heard someone mention the dailey prophet and struggled to catch the rest of what they said, but she caught the word 'murder'. Turning her head, she spotted the blonde haired boy when had spoken - A Slytherin. She was tempted, to go over and speak to him, to discuss it but she already just agreed to go with the cheery Hufflepuff (She wondered if they were all like that and instantly thought she felt a migraine coming on at the idea of having mass numbers of exuberant people around her). It would be rude to suddenly decline and so she looked toward the Hufflepuff table, seeing yet another upbeat looking young man with dark brown hair. ...I really hope I didn't just get myself into trouble. She thought, trying not to sigh. She then turned her emerald eyes to the Kaylee creature. "So, uhm. Do you like it here?" She asked, lamely, not entirely sure what to talk about. She was tempted to ask about the dueling team but had no idea if the girl would be interested in that topic at all. She didn't strike her as much of a fighter.

"I'm Adie," the girl responded to his gesture, another next to her was rather red faced. If he wasn't focusing on Adie, that one would be playing a lot of noise into his skull."Welcome to Hogwarts," at this point she paused... waiting for him to speak. For a quick explanation, he pointed to his throat with his free left hand. He drew his hand up to his mouth, opening the mouth and hand in synch before shaking his head. This was followed by him pointing at his eyes then hers in kind before tapping his temple. This should give her the general idea of his message, he couldn't speak and was essentially asking for permission to bridge their minds to an extent.

"Vladimir Dragov, it is...nice to be here- much warmer than Durmstrang. Sorry but I have no voice, this is best I can do," he sent the thought over with a tentative link. Almost as an after thought, he asked about the other girl, " is she alright? She's is rather red...not ill or drunk I hope." If the girl put up any mental resistance, she'd be able to push off the link he had used for this kind of communication. Ink and quill could be used in that case, but he'd rather not resort to that. Such minor mental concerns wouldn't show up in the little link he sent out. But if she accepted the connection, without the use of Occlumency this minor noise would be played like background noise.

#, as written by Issa
Adie Knox

Adie's Occlumency and Legilimency were rusty at best. Of course she had practiced the art, it had been one of her obsessions for a time, but she had eventually grown bored of the magic and turned to other things. Still she understood what the boy was trying to convey through his hand signals and when a tentative link appeared she accepted with only a brief hesitation. She made sure to shield her mind from the boy, only allowing the mental conversation they were having to pass between them. Thankfully her occlumency was enough for such a shield although she doubted that it would stand against a strong attack but she also didn't think that anyone would try something like that under the watchful eyes of the Hogwarts' teachers.

""Vladimir Dragov, it is...nice to be here- much warmer than Durmstrang. Sorry but I have no voice, this is best I can do," His words echoed in her mind before he spoke again, "Is she alright? She's is rather red...not ill or drunk I hope."

Adie grinned at his concern for Jeanna, no doubt if the girl knew that Vladimir had mentioned her she would only turn a darker shade of red, "Jeanna gets nervous around boys." Adie admitted, giving her friend a nudge under the table with her foot, "And she's also probably had too much butter beer to drink."
Adie had to say that she had been impressed when Jeanna had arrived at the table with the proclamation that she could turn their standard orange juice into butter beer. She had been even more surprised when the spell actually worked. Adie had decided against joining her friend in the drinking, she didn't like to think what might have happened if she'd taken her name up to the goblet only to trip and fall drunkenly in front of everyone.

"So you don't talk?" Adie asked turning her attention back to Vladimir. Her curiousity had got the better of her. She might have found asking such a question rude if the two hadn't been mentally communicating. Surely there was some rule that meant questions like that weren't rude when you were already in each others heads...?

"Not so much that I don't so much as that I can't," a wry smile formed on Vladimir's face at the admission. " So between learning this, always using a quill and ink, or using Tranfiguration to somehow fix the issue. Legilimency was all around the best option, I'm not yet good enough to permanently fix the problem in a satisfactory manner." He employed his own skill in Occlumency to shield the self derision at his unmastered skills of metamorphosis, he only had a voice when turning into someone else. "Shy huh? Seems rather...limiting in terms of conversation. Though the fact she learned the spell to turn drinks into alcohol is something to compliment."

"I suppose good wishes for great competitions is about as good a toast as could be made at this time?" With the more question than toast, he drained his drink. No need to sit there foolishly with a glass in the air, not that changing facial expressions at each other really helped. "School rivalries and secrets aside, what can you tell me about Hogwarts? At Durmstrang, we do not have houses so it's every student for themselves. It seems like how you have the system broken down makes things more interesting. Hogsmeade being right next door and the lake also seem like places of student activity. The grounds, are a bit smaller than ours but your castle is larger as well." He figured it was best to keep the questions harmless for now, he was genuinely curious about the school. So he figured it was a good place to start in terms of conversation.

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Adie Knox

Adie smiled at Vladimir's quick assessment of Jeanna's boy shyness. Indeed conversation with Jeanna when a male around was hard, even impossible since she often closed up completely and wouldn't talk.
"Jeanne has a talent for odd spells." Adie admitted, out of the corner of her eye she could see that Jeanna was slightly less red than earlier, no doubt her curiousity at what Adie and Vladimir were doing was getting the better of her shyness.

"Well you have the four houses: Gryffindor, the best house," Adie couldn't help but grin at that. Of course she thought Gryffindor was the best, she was in it after all. "Ravenclaw has intelligence, Hufflepuff are nice and loyal and Slytherin are ambitious and cunning. We get sorted into our house in our first year and they become our school family" Adie couldn't help but let the hint of disdain into her thoughts as she mentioned Slytherin. The house was still thought of as the 'dark' house, something that Voldemort's attack on Hogwarts had only helped to emphasis.
She shrugged when thinking about the student activities, "I'm sure Durmstrang has plenty of places for students to relax. Hogwarts has nice grounds in the summer and Hogsmeade is always a short trip away. And we have a quidditch cup between the houses, do you play quidditch? Who do you support?"

It was, possibly, a rather abrupt change of topic but in Adie's nearly everything linked back to Quidditch. She couldn't fathom a place where quidditch wasn't played but since Durmstrang, to her knowledge, didn't have houses she wondered how they were able to play.

Kye Reid

Kye pushed himself to his feet, fighting back another yawn.
"I'll see you later Os," He said to his friend who was still disappointed that he wouldn't play him in Wizard's chess. Kye left the hall, glancing and noting that Adie seemed to be in conversation with a Durmstrang student. Kye grinned, no doubt she was already grilling the boy on his quidditch preferences.

The walk to the prefects' bathroom was largely uneventful. Some students seemed to be on their way to bed but the majority were chatting in excited groups. As he walked Kye broke up the younger groups, sending them to their houses and bed. The only things being discussed were the Durmstrang and Beauxbaton students and the goblet. He had more than a few 'good lucks' thrown his way which he waved off with an easy smile. He didn't know what his chances of being picked were, a lot of Hogwarts' students had already submitted their names and no doubt more would do so when the hall was empty. Of course he would love if he was picked, becoming the Hogwarts' champion was definitely a title he could live with.

As he reached the corridors near the prefects' bathroom the students began to disappear until he was walking alone through the stone hallways. His footsteps echoed around him and down the hall. Up ahead he could make out a statue of a knight. Kye stopped in his tracks as a flash of cloth flashed behind the statue. Who was hiding behind the statue? Kye grinned, he loved catching students in places where they shouldn't be. While he didn't often give out detentions or take away points, unless the student was really bad, he did enjoy teasing students. Besides it was still early enough that students were allowed out.

Taking quiet steps Kye edged his way towards the statue before sticking his head around the side to see the hiding student. He recognised the blonde slytherin, Alison, her name was. She had been one of the students from the drama in the hall and now here she was hiding behind a statue. Well, that was certainly interesting.
"And what are you doing?" He asked, putting on his serious prefect voice. He managed, somehow, to keep the smile off his face as he leaned against the marble knight and waited for the girl to answer.

"I don't play Quidditch, after all just about every role requires speaking and the use of magic on the field is a foul. If I had to pick a team...Bulgaria; though I follow the sport as a whole and truly don't have a favorite." It was true, he did love the sport a lot, but since he'd grown up with the sport...and it's rules; he'd never even bothered so much as riding a broom. Well he'd ridden brooms for recreation and transportation but not for sporting reasons.

"How about yourself? You seem the athletic type and if I had to guess from your build: Chaser or Seeker." His brain began to try to solve the problem from what he knew, but he forced himself to pay attention. If he tried to figure it out himself, he'd end up losing track of the conversation. "Also, who's your bets on the World Cup next year? I hear the Sweetwater All-Stars have gotten a new trainer specifically so they can dominate the open positions for the US national team." His thoughts carried the tone to indicate he believed the matter to be a joke, lately the US national team had been performing worse than usual.

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Adie Knox


Kye Reid

Adie smiled as he tried to guess which position she played. "Chaser or seeker?"
He was right on the mark, "I play Chaser for the Gryffindor team." She admitted, "I doubt that the sweetwater All-stars will do well. They aren't quite on the same level as most of the other teams."

She took a sip of her drink, momentarily breaking their connection as her attention wondered around the great hall. It appeared that most people were leaving now. Adie shrugged and turned her mind back to Vladimir, he was much more interesting to talk to than anyone she would find in the common room.

"So tell me a bit about Durmstrang." She asked, making sure their connection was complete again, "Are you and the other two that came from your school the top students?"
She assumed that Durmstrang, as well as Bauexbaton wouldn't send their average or least talented students so it only made sense that those who had come to try and compete in the TriWizard Tournament were the top from their respective schools.

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Kye waited as the girl, Allison, explained why she was behind the statue. Kye had to fight hard from keeping a smile off his face as she recounted her story about Peeves. The poltergeist was definitely a nuisance and he could well believe him tormenting students.
The girl finished her tale and her eyes began searching Kye's face, perhaps trying to remember his name or simply wondering if he would punish her. Finally she smiled and spoke,
"You're name is Kye...right?"
There was none of the cold, cutting tones in her voice that he had heard earlier in the Great Hall. Instead she sounded genuinely friendly.

Just as Kye was about to confirm that that was indeed his name a group of first year Ravenclaws walked by, led by Faye Vess. She was a fellow Ravenclaw prefect. Kye always let her take the first years up to the tower since she seemed to enjoy it and it left Kye to enjoy his own time.
"Hello Kye. Hello Allison." Faye said as she passed the two, confirming Allison's question. Kye nodded in response and grinned at the first years. No doubt more than a few of them were feeling overwhelmed with all that the day had shown them.

After they left Kye returned his attention to Allison,
"Kye Reid." He said, "And you are Allison if I am not mistaken."
Kye couldn't help but grin as he had a thought,
"Do you usually return to the Slytherin common rooms by this route? I thought your common rooms were in the dungeon. Peeves must of chased you for a long time."

"Yes, only the top 30 of us were brought along. Though so far, it would appear that only Innes- the first seat and myself- the third have put our names within the Goblet. Granted second seat isn't good with crowds, so that non entry was expected." Vlad began to scratch his chin during the explanation, not entirely sure what was safe to mention. Durmstrang was paranoid about its secrets to say the least and he had to spend some time determining what was harmless information.

"Rather than sorting into houses, Durmstrang is divided into classes based upon ability. To keep things competitive, a student can be shifted between classes based upon their academic performance. Furthermore, each class is divided into seats...making for a clear hierarchy of talent within each class. This is compounded by superior classes get preferential treatment- even down to the individual student scale." Vlad offered what information he could on the running of the institute without getting into specifics. "Needless to say, that every student here is from First Class since it's believed a lesser class wouldn't be able produce candidates of the same quality."

Vlad noticed the emptying of the hall as well, and paid it little heed since his counterpart did the same. Most of his classmates were also preparing to leave, but the top five seats were given extra privilege. After all, since the top five were the best the school had to offer; it was expected they would uphold the reputation of the school best- and as such supervision was deemed less necessary. One question did surface about how quickly the Hogwarts students were filing out of the hall.

"Does Hogwarts have a blanket curfew for all the students, or is it broken down by year with tonight being an exception?" Vlad expressed his question without too much thought. " It seems rather wasteful to bind upperclassmen to the same restrictions as the younger students."

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Adie Knox

Adie tried to imagine Hogwarts going by the Durmstrang system. No doubt it they were sorted into classes based on the student's ability than the Ravenclaw students would find themselves at the top of the pile. She had to say that she preferred the Hogwarts' houses, but then again it was what she had grown up with and what she knew. She was probably biased towards it.

It also confirmed what Adie had been thinking when Vladimir mentioned that the students that had arrived at Hogwarts were from the top class. Why would you let someone with less skill take the place of a more talented witch of wizard when they most likely wouldn't be chosen to compete. It also made her more interested in seeing what Vladimir could do. To be in the top 30 of his school would be an achievement in itself but he had also said he was the third chair, so he was the among the very top ranked students of his school.

As to the curfew Adie shrugged, "Most students are expected to return to their common rooms after dinner. For first to fourth years their curfew is 8pm and fifth years up are expected to be in their dormitories by 9pm. You lose house points if you're found up after curfew so most people follow it." She replied, fighting back a grin as she thought of the times she had been late for curfew. It was easy getting out of losing house points when she made sure to only be out when Kye was patrolling. He always just shook his head and gave her a halfhearted speech on getting to sleep.

"Special events like this and other feasts generally extend the curfew by an hour at least since they go on later but most students usually go straight to bed afterwards." Adie added. Even now some students still milled around the Great Hall, but these were mostly older students.

Beside the two Jeanna had been sitting silently while they mentally talked but, on seeing students begin to leave the girl leaned over to Adie and whispered in her ear,
"Don't let him know I told you this but the guy has a dead sexy stare. If all Durmstrang boys look like him I'm transferring.'
Jenna let out a small giggle before turning a darker shade of red (if it were possible). She quickly got up from the table and made a fast exit out of the Great Hall, only glancing back at the pair once.
Adie couldn't help but let out a small laugh at the girl's words. Typical Jeanna, she obviously meant her statement as a joke because she knew as well as Adie that moving schools would be useless since she still wouldn't be able to talk to anyone. Adie nodded after Jeanna's receding back. "You've got a fan." Was all Adie told Vladimir. She wasn't completely prepared to let the girl off the hook for leaving her, but she would hardly tell Vladimir exactly what Jeanna had said.

Kye Reid

"It's Sonny...actually." Alison - Sonny - corrected Kye. The boy shrugged, wondering at her strange attitude towards her name. But he didn't comment, if she wanted to be called Sonny than he would call her Sonny.

When she answered his question in regard to what she was doing up so far away from the Slytherin common room a small smirk formed on her face. "I was returning from the owlry, I had a letter to send out to me mum." Her answered seemed believable enough and Kye, not caring to question her further, simply shrugged again.

"Didn't I see you put your name in the Goblet of fire?" Her next question came quickly, as if changing the direction of the conversation would distract Kye from his earlier questions. In truth he really wasn't all that bothered by the girl's personal business, if she was sending a letter to her mother than that was fine by him. The only thing that would have concerned him was if she had been endangering other students, something that he doubted she had been doing.
"Have you even thought about what happens if your chosen?" Her second question quickly followed the first.

Kye tilted his head to the side. He hadn't actually given it much thought. Yes, he had pictured the glory of winning the cup and returning home a champion but the actual tasks hadn't crossed his mind. He assumed that they would be tough, requiring both intelligence and magical skill to conquer, two qualities that he believed he had. He was a Ravenclaw after all.
"Yes, I put my name in. Didn't you?" He replied, he couldn't fathom why anyone wouldn't put their name in the goblet. He couldn't remember whether or not he had seen Sonny enter her name.
"If I'm chosen I imagine it'll be tough, the tasks won't be easy. But I'm always up for a challenge." He gave an easy laugh and shrugged again, his default reply it seemed, "It'll be fun and a great way to test what I've learnt"
He didn't add that it would give him a chance to learn more. He was a typical Ravenclaw in the respect that he loved to learn. The TriWizard Tournament would give the contestants a marvelous opportunity to expand their knowledge.

Vladimir appreciated the fact the hall was emptying, it left less background noise from strong emotions and thoughts buzzing through his skull. The loudest, was the girl by Adeline- though that could probably chalked up to her proximity. When he felt the familiar noise of Innes and the girl he'd chased after, oddly more recognizable than she should be, he had to keep himself from looking. In his opinion, it'd be rude to just look over his shoulder to confirm the fact when he was mid conversation with Adeline.

At this point, he felt a burning sensation in his lift eye- specifically the iris and the area began to feel more fluid. With a glimpse into the silverware he noticed the eye beginning to turn green. Strong emotion, including curiosity had that kind of affect due to his lack of talent as a Metamorphmagus. With a mental note to practice more, he began to rub and quickly blink the eye as if something had gotten into it. During this time he forced it back to its natural violet color, and with a combination of using reflections and blindly groping around different mental noise he reached the girl with Innes. "I hope you are feeling better, such hazing is really unsightly." Despite his best efforts, the lack of line of sight to his target and the sheer distance would make hearing this message hard. A hint of a whisper at best, the concern attached to it on the other hand, would most likely be transmitted.

Much to his surprise, the connection with Adeline hadn't wavered. He'd been intent to carry out his conversation with her still, though the effort he'd just exerted had been taxing. A glint in her eye told him that he must have confirmed something she really wanted to know, and made her curious about something. Though without trying to actually get into her mind, this was pure speculation. He nodded as she explained the curfew, it seemed logical enough...if somewhat different than what he considered normal.After Adeline finished her explanation, the friend whispered something to her and left, and he snorted at her joke.

"I heard...kinda, your friend hasn't been shielding her thoughts so I've been hearing bits and pieces of them as background noise.So while I might not know EXACTLY what she said, I believe I understood the gist of it. A hybrid of a grimace and smile appeared on his face as he made the confession. "Though I think she'd find the school and myself a bit different than what she thinks...booze aside of course. Granted I think that's the reason she found the staring appealing instead of weird." A playful wink was thrown in at the end of the thought, before he asked two more question that bugged him.

"What are these House points and their function? It sounds something like our class system but for a group. Which I'd also guess means that while you eat apart and probably sleep in House dorms, there's no real rule forbidding their interaction. I guess I'm asking, are House members allowed to visit other...Houses?" He'd perused a couple books on Hogwarts before, but found mentions of such rules noticeably absent,much like the specifics of the House system.