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Alexi Winters

"Can you hear the wind of change?"

0 · 81 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts: The TriWizard Tournament”, originally authored by Vasilion, as played by RolePlayGateway


Alexi Winters
There's a new wind blowing, a wind of change. If you listen carefully, you can hear it whisper my name...

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Personality: Alexi is an erratic youngster. He has a burning desire for knowledge and power. In order to sate this hunger, he can quickly change opinions or allegiances in order to improve his position.
Despite this, he can be quite charismatic when the situation warrants it. He is very sociable and can often be found joking. He has a hard time taking most problems of everyday life serious, believing it to be insignificant in the long run. This mostly applies to other people’s problems, his own problems are, naturally, very important. While this makes him easygoing, it also makes him come across as cold and uncaring from time to time. He doesn’t want to act insensitive, but usually has difficulty in dealing with trouble in a non-lighthearted way. It's also a way for him to protect himself. He doesn't want to show any weakness, fearing someone might take advantage of it. Nevertheless, he is loyal to his friends, even though people normally don’t expect this from him at first.
During classes on the other hand, he is serious and focused. His future is one of the few things he doesn’t consider a joking matter. This dedication combined with his intelligence result in above average grades.
Alexi can be really competitive when his honour or prestige is on the line. While he tries to play fair, he doesn’t shy away from resorting to morally more ambiguous tricks in order to come out on top if the end justifies the means.
Finally he is very proud of his own achievements and likes to receive recognition, making some consider him arrogant.

Appearance: Alexi is tall but slender with short, blond hair. He has blue eyes and a sharp nose. When he laughs, wrinkles appear around his eyes. When he’s not wearing the school uniform, he usually settles for blue jeans, black shirts and a leather jacket, a gift from his favourite uncle, Alfred.

House: Slytherin

History: Alexi is a pureblood, the oldest son of two ministry employers of questionable morals. From a young age they told Alexi he was lucky to be of a superior kind. Halfbloods and mudbloods were lesser being, to be used and manipulated. While Alexi never completely agreed with his parents, it still filled him with a feeling of superiority.
After the fall of Voldemort this changed. Realizing that their beliefs were no longer popular, his parents did their best to at least keep up an appearance of tolerance. In private however they stayed true to their ideals of a pure and powerful wizard society.
Around this time his uncle Albert returned from a long trek through Europe. Albert had been an auror back in the days but had been forced to flee the country when Voldemort took control. While he had been no coward, he hadn’t been an courageous hero either. Rather than immediately returning after his defeat, Albert had explored Europe further. Upon his return he immediately took the education of his nephew upon himself, doing his best to undo the work of Alexi’s parents. He stressed the importance of tolerance, courage and loyalty, often referring to his own failings. As far as Albert was concerned, the only way to make amends was through giving his nephew a strong sense of duty.

When he went to Hogwarts Alexi wasn’t really sure what to believe and the same could be said for the sorting hat. After a long period of deliberation and doubting, the hat chose to put him in Slytherin.
While this certainly pleased his parents, the same couldn’t be said for his uncle, who considered Slytherin an evil house. It would take two years for his uncle to speak to his nephew once more.
At Hogwarts Alexi proved to be a dedicated student and an outgoing person. Unlike his shielded youth, he was now among equals. He was very sociable and outgoing, though he made sure to avoid any discussions regarding blood status, as he still wasn’t sure what to think. While his own results were excellent, he found it slightly disappointing to think he owed it all to his blood rather than personal skill. Besides, he had seen enough talented halfbloods and muggleborns to at least give them the advantage of doubt.
He enjoys most classes, but has a preference for potions and defense against the dark arts. He considers them to reward ingenuity more than any other classes. He cares little for quidditch and has a hard time understanding the appeal of the sport, partially because he is an inept flyer

Defense against the dark arts.

Exceedes expectations:
Study of ancient runes
Care of magical creatures

History of magic

Alexi has an owl named Rook (both an odd joke and an expression of his love for chess).
His wand is made of elm, is 11 inches long and had a dragon heartstring core, supple.
Whenever he is bored or thinking, he has a habit of flipping a coin or shuffling a deck of cards

So begins...

Alexi Winters's Story

"Please join me in welcoming the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!"

"Look at these dumstrangs and beuaxbatons.. Trotting around our school as they please." A slytherin girl rambled on, her hands waving in the air with distaste. "Isnt it just annoying Victoria?" She smiled at Victoria expectantly, waiting for praise. Though the "leader" seemed to be distracted- or bored. Thus The talkative girl flushed in embarrassment as the surrounding students snickered. "Victoria!"

Her shrilly voice surely did snap the Victoria girl out of thought and to attention. "Hm..?" She hummed scanning the new crowd and faces.".. I suppose" leaning against the palm of her hand, she gave a glance at the girl she was talking too.
The girl was enlightened and seemed happy for the attention and connection, that probably made her think they were "friends". That rare word..

Victoria scoffed. 'like that would happen.'
Now don't judge. she had nothing against Elizabeth... If anyone knew her, they would know her trust issues. She hasn't made many friends in the years of Hogwarts and hadn't planned on it..
Honestly, She was afraid to get hurt. But Victoria wasn't going to say that.
"Victoria, are you going to do the tournament?"
She looked at her, blinking before smiling slightly. "Should I?"

"Of course, your one of the best" Elizabeth smirked "though you got winters and derderi to worry about."
She looked at the two mentioned. Oh yes, those two. She admired them despite one being a newcomer to Hogwarts. Again, she never would say that...defiantly with Winter's pride. Victoria wouldnt hear the end of it. Sitting down at the slytherin table with a few others who followed, she scanned the table. A few familiar faces.. and how they reacted to her presence showed that. Giving a few greets, she focused her attention on the flaming blue.

"This, is the Goblet of Fire. Any student who wishes to enter the tournament and is at least seventeen years of age, may write their name upon a piece of parchment and toss it into the fire before this hour on Thursday. From this moment on, the TriWizard Tournament has begun!"

"..." She studied goblet. Questions raced through her mind. Should I, Should I not? What would she gain. 'What would she loose.." Sighing slightly, Victoria stood and made her way to the goblet of fire. She looked down at the fire for a moment of reluctant, and then forced herself to write her name. With one last look, she tossed it in the fire. It burned- 'There we go..' Turning on her heels, she left to the table... Not with one regret.

Looking straight ahead, she made her way past a few others. Raven Claws, griffindor, and surprisingly huffle puff... Some she knew just by name, and Victoria had no doubt in any of them

Alexi let out a short whistle after the headmaster’s introduction. Of course he had read about the previous Triwizard tournament, but actually being a part of it was something new altogether. And it seemed Beauxbatons was still trying to show off as much as before. He suppressed the urge to mock them, no doubt there would be plenty of opportunities for that later. Their previous participation had after all been rather embarrassing. Last place until Voldemort’s return derailed the tournament. He hoped it would be the same this year. While he didn’t really care for Durmstrang, they at least had the decency to sit at the right table. Their table.
Still, a muscular Durmstrang student seemed eager to leave. Alexi tried to memorize the man’s face. One thing was for sure, he was different, though a bit asocial. He at the very least had drawn Alexi’s attention, which was more than could be said for those Beauxbaton peacocks.
As he saw the people line up, a satisfied smirk appeared on his face. Now this was the opportunity of a lifetime. If he could somehow end up being chosen, he might not only be able to make a name for himself, but also one for his house. Slytherin had been reviled enough the last years after Voldemort. And actions like Grimm’s didn’t help either. It was stupid and without style. Showing such discord in the presence of other schools, it was simply disgraceful.

He gave Victoria a quick thumbs up when he saw her enter her name. He turned towards his neighbour on his left, a tall guy named Bors. They got along quite well, even though Bors was a bit more vocal about his views on purebloods and the rest of the wizarding society.
“She might make it you know. I wouldn’t mind too much, I’d rather have a Slytherin than any of those other houses,” he mumbled, sipping from his pumpkin juice.
“Are you not going to enter Alexi?” Bors replied, “I’d say this is just the competition for you. Besting dragons, humiliating foreigners and so forth,” he added.
“Of course I will,” Alexi responded, grinning, but I’m just waiting till the line is a bit shorter. Besides, this way I can keep tabs on anyone entering. Those two Durmstrangs looked capable enough but I think,” his conversation was cut short when the girl in Beauxbatons uniform passed and did a slight gesture with her wand. Alexi had almost missed it.
“Did you see that? Looks like Beauxbatons is already showing off,” he whispered, grinning, “though it was about time someone put Grimm in his place. I just hope this doesn’t cause an international dispute,” he added, only partially joking. It would be extremely embarrassing if Slytherin would be battling Beauxbatons on day one. At least Alison intervened before things got uglier, though her comment had hinted af quite some future trouble. As the rest of their table resorted to their traditional rude comments on mudbloods, Alexi scribbled his name on a piece of paper. He was no longer willing to hear it. He shoved his chair back and walked up to the goblet. He wasn’t sure whether purebloods like himself were superior. Even if they were, but the whole show surrounding it was starting to get awfully dull. It was all fine to close the ranks, but his house sometimes took it too far.
Alexi paused in front of the goblet and slowly held up the paper before ceremoniously dropping it in the goblet. He made a quick bow and returned to his table. The show had begun.
“I’m sure you’ll get picked Alexi,” Bors commented, “after all, I’m not participating.”
“Oh really? I’m sure Hogwarts has lost a potential champion, so why stayout of it? Did you forget how to write your own name?” Alexi retorted. They both knew all too well Bors wasn’t cut out for these competitions. He was a great wizard and a fearsome duellist, but he lacked creativity and that was something no doubt required for this tournament. Alexi leaned back and resumed his survey of the hall.

“Where did that Ravenclaw girl go to? Think she’s okay?” Alexi asked, slightly worried. Grimm’s bullying wasn’t something most people brushed aside easily.
“The one Grimm picked on? Who cares? She’s no pureblood like us. She should be glad she’s even allowed to attend the school at all,” Bors bellowed loudly, “that Beauxbatons girl should be glad Alison intervened, otherwise Grimm would have blasted her into pieces!” he slammed his fist on the table. Some nearby Slytherins clapped him on the back but Alexi just sighed.
“I’m not so sure about that Bors. Let’s not underestimate her just yet,” Alexi muttered softly. That little spell had revealed quite some skill, “we might be purebloods, but that doesn’t mean we win by default,” he emptied his cup and sighed, “I suppose I should go welcome these newcomers? As the future Hogwarts Triwizard tournament representative I might as well get to know my opponents. Then again, I’m liking my current chair quite a lot. If anyone really wants to talk to me, they might as well get over here,” he concluded as he refilled his cup.

“Say, did anyone read the daily prophet today?” he asked loudly, not aiming his question at anyone in particular. He just hoped someone would pick up on it. Bors did it, but unfortunately he had mostly looked at the quidditch results.
"I didn't mean the stupid quidditch game! I meant the murder!" Alexi replied brusquely, quickly giving his friend and the other nearby Slytherins a resume.

Deirdre looked after Lavender as she fled the hall, frowning in concern. She had thought that she had seemed okay, but there she was leaving in a hurry - Deirdre was about to go after her, but not a moment later the two Durmstrangs she'd seen earlier were headed after her, although one stopped and made his way to the Gryffindor table. The blonde girl - the sister of the obnoxious Slytherin left too and she hoped she wouldn't make any trouble for the Lavender girl and the Durmstrang. She turned her head back to her table just as someone bounded up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder which just about made her jump out of her skin as she wasn't anticipating it with all the distractions about. She raised a brow at the bouncy creature which had just approached her - a short girl with blonde her and a fedora who was introducing herself as Kaylee, a Hufflepuff. "Deirdre of Beauxbatons." She said simply, a hint of her Irish accent still present in her voice despite all the years she'd studied in France. "And yes, I am the transfer student." She told her, wondering how this girl knew that about her or if she was just guessing when it could be any number of them. Well, what she'd heard of the Hufflepuff house seemed true enough to her at the moment. The girl then said something Deirdre hadn't expected in the slightest - to come join them at their table if she'd. For a moment the raven haired girl just stared at her in surprise. "Uhm," She said, stalling for time to get her head straight. Normally she would have declined, but since she was still sitting with the Beauxbatons, and as she reminded herself, would like to make friends, she thought better of refusing. "Sure." She said, nodding once. "Thank you." Deirdre tacked on, hastily and a bit awkwardly taking the blonde girl's hand, clearly not used to such offerings - more often then not at Beauxbatons she would go eat in the library or outside alone as opposed to joining the others in the dining hall.

Faintly, she heard someone mention the dailey prophet and struggled to catch the rest of what they said, but she caught the word 'murder'. Turning her head, she spotted the blonde haired boy when had spoken - A Slytherin. She was tempted, to go over and speak to him, to discuss it but she already just agreed to go with the cheery Hufflepuff (She wondered if they were all like that and instantly thought she felt a migraine coming on at the idea of having mass numbers of exuberant people around her). It would be rude to suddenly decline and so she looked toward the Hufflepuff table, seeing yet another upbeat looking young man with dark brown hair. ...I really hope I didn't just get myself into trouble. She thought, trying not to sigh. She then turned her emerald eyes to the Kaylee creature. "So, uhm. Do you like it here?" She asked, lamely, not entirely sure what to talk about. She was tempted to ask about the dueling team but had no idea if the girl would be interested in that topic at all. She didn't strike her as much of a fighter.