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Deirdre Damorte

0 · 160 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts: The TriWizard Tournament”, originally authored by Armageddon, as played by RolePlayGateway


Deirdre Rose Damorte

Age- 17

Gender - Female

Year - Seventh

Personality - Deirdre is a typically quiet person, she doesn't talk all that much to people unless she is comfortable with them – which she usually isn’t and thus is a bit hard to get to know. This can give her the appearance of being a stereotypical Slytherin, however she is anything but. She puts up a sort of cold exterior to try to project a certain amount of aloofness. She is brutally honest – probably one of her faults, along with her fiery temper. It’s usually best to not ask her something unless you know you can stand to hear the answer. She has a tendency to be a bit sarcastic and is known to be quite snarky when confronted or provoked which led her to not being a favorite of some of the girls she attended school with in the past...Underneath her protective layer of ice, she is undyingly loyal to those she cares about and respects - she would do absolutely anything for them. She's quite clever and rather cunning. She can be quite compassionate and kind to those around her, if she so chooses. She's usually willing to help if she can and is the first to protect an innocent in any situation with little concern for herself. She is quite fond of animals, both magical and non, especially her cat Renfield. Stubborn and strong willed, Deirdre is also very independent - she doesn't like asking for help when she realizes she's taken on more than she can handle. She has always prided herself on not needing anyone although she realizes now that this has contributed to her being quite lonely. Most people wouldn't guess it since she spends so much time alone, but Deirdre loves to laugh and make jokes and she would very much like to have some friends who she could confide in.

Appearance - Deirdre is a little on the tall side, approximately 5’6” and slender with a slight amount of curve to her hips. Her skin is fair, the color of cream and she has almond shaped emerald green eyes that she occasionally rims with eyeliner. Her hair is long, raven black and wavy, falling about halfway down her back. Her face would be described as slightly angular although not harsh looking as there is still softness to her features. As she attends a school that has a uniform, she doesn't often get to express her sense of 'style' much, however when she does get the chance to dress freely she usually wears black jeans (as she despises skirts and dresses) with either a black sweater along with a scarf and beanie or a tanktop. Whatever the weather permits her to wear, really. Sometime's she'll wear makeup, although not often and it's usually fairly light, mostly consisting of black eyeliner and some eyeshadows. She doesn't really follow fashion trends or anything as it doesn't interest her. She doesn’t own any jewelry except for her family ring which had belonged to her mother – a simple, thin silver band with a small emerald in the center which she never takes off.

House - Slytherin


History - Deirdre Rose Damorte was born into a pure blooded Irish family, both her parents had attended Hogwarts, her father a Slytherin and her mother a Gryffindor. Both her parents, respected Aurors died when she was still quite young, about five years old by death eaters. Her parents had been great supporters of Harry Potter’s. Deirdre would have been killed as well if it hadn’t been for her father taking her to a port key at the last minute and sending her away to somewhere safer. Having no other living family, Deirdre went to live with her elderly uncle who paid little to no mind to the child living in his home and was more than happy to ship her off to Beauxbatons Academy when she was old enough even though she had requested to go to Hogwarts like her mother and father had but Beauxbatons was farther and therefore he wouldn't have to deal with her as often. Before going to Beauxbatons she purchased her first wand, which is a twelve and a half inch willow wand with a dragon heartstring core. The loss of her family had struck her hard, being as young as she was she had never imagined she would lose them even though she knew they had been living in a dangerous time and what her parents did. After that, she had become obsessed with learning about the Dark Arts and the death eaters which haunted her dreams – she wanted to become a hero, someone like Alastor Moody who is her great inspiration for being an Auror and Harry Potter who could stop them. She thought if she could understand the Dark Arts and learn how those who used them think she could find a better way to stop them when she became an Auror like her parents, which she still intends to do when she graduates from Hogwarts.

In school she excels at Defense Against The Dark Arts and is very advanced (She can produce a corporeal patronus that takes the form of a dog.) , which isn't much of a surprise since at a young age she encompassed herself with it and she also didn't make friends at exactly make any friends at Beauxbatons and so she had more time to focus on her studies. She also enjoys Charms and excels at it along with potions and transfiguaration but admittedly she isn't quite so good at Divination or Herbology. She isn't much of a fan of flying either as she has a distinct fear of falling although she would never admit that to someone. She actually quite likes Quidditch and looks forward to watching it however since she is afraid of flying she is pretty sure she wouldn't like to play it and therefore keeps her feet firmly on the ground.

This year she is transferring to Hogwarts, as she more often than not had ‘disagreements’ and 'skirmishes' with a certain group of young ladies from Beauxbatons. Her head mistress believed she could use a good change. Admittedly, she had considered going to Durmstrang for their interest in the Dark Arts which she found to be quite interesting but she is happy to be going to Hogwarts and she hopes that perhaps she will do better with the other students here than she did back in France.

So begins...

Deirdre Damorte's Story

"What are you getting at?" Mumbled a slightly tired Lavender as she scurried towards the grand hall.
"What I'm getting at is you need more kip if you're going to be competing!"
"You being my patron now?" Lavender looked at the eager young Ravenclaw student.
"Completely mental are you? You'd be lost without one."
"What do you think I am, some sort of idiot?"
"Well I mean look at you, half asleep and a tick late for the welcoming ceremonies."
"Not as late as you, Mylor Mayfield."
"What are you - - - " The young boy's blue eyes lit up as Lavendar sprinted past him, books in hand.

A blur of Ravenclaw robes rounded the corner of the wide atrium and disappeared before Mylor's eyes. "Aye! Lavender! That's not fair!" came Mylor's cries. Through the doors Lavender went, one hand clutching, "The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts", "A History of Magic", and other miscellaneous publications while her free hand fought to smooth her soft umber hair. Her fawn eyes, unclothed of their inertia and wide with excitement, scanned the assembly before she bravely entered. Glims suspended in mid air, the saccharine aroma of sweet bread and cinnamon slicking gale that traveled back and forth behind house ghosts. Then there were the visiting academies for the tournament, donned in their most beautiful uniforms. This is it! Look at the Beauxbatons! How lovely. Oh, oh! And the arrangements are just brilliant!

Roars of applause and jeering following whatever the headmaster had said about the goblet and the tournament masked Lavender in comfortable camouflage as she scurried towards the Ravenclaw table. When she glanced up to meet Sinistra's gaze, she was reassured and smiled persuasively, just a few teeth short of a grin as she lost her footing and went sailing into the stone floor.

Though pain scorched the right side of her face, she scrambled to her feet and gathered her books, muttering 'sorry' to no one in particular. Thankfully the hosanna was still all about and really, no one seemed to notice… Except for one particular person who was casting a sneering smirk her way, looking down at her with disapproval in his eyes. A polished black shoe pointed in her direction, beneath it a pair of particularly distinguishable green socks. "Thank you Grimm," she sighed defeatedly until on her knees where she stuffed her books under her arms. With great audacity, she stood at last and murmured, "You'd never guess that you're a self-proclaimed pureblood toff…"

"What did you say to me, you mudblood daft cow?!" Grimm Oglethorphe stood now, infuriated by the single offensive retort Lavender made in all of her years of his constant bullying.
"I didn't say anything, Grimm, I…"
"Family cock-up aren't you? Destroying a full-blooded family?"
"And I suppose you will be entering your name into the goblet to recondition your family's honor?" She boldly retaliated.
"What are you getting at?!"
"N-nothing," she stammered, his voice only then rattling her as she realized she had said far too much.

Grimm's aquamarine eyes narrowed down at Lavender but instinctively were diverted as if inclination told him to look away. His regard fell upon the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor who was staring at him with utter disfavor from behind the podium, seated at a long table beside other Hogwarts staff. Grimm straightened his robes and hissed, "Better clean yourself up, Dippitt."

It wasn't until he made this remark that the grand hall fell utterly inaudible and battalions separated mildly and foot steps halted. All eyes rested on the lustrous goblet, waiting to see who would be brave enough to enroll in the TriWizard tournament, the very tourney that robbed Cedric Diggory of his life a few years back. Tractably Grimm tucked in his cloak and sat back at the Slytherin table. Well isn't that funny, Grimm isn't budging. Lavender thought triumphantly as she stood silent amid tables of gawking students.

"Yeah Lavender!" A lone youthful, slightly squeaky voice called out to obliterate the quietude and encourage a fellow classmate. Following this ovation, Professor Sinistra discreetly nodded her head in approval as if beckoning Lavender and saying, "You're ready." But amongst the consent and support came the critical glare of the headmaster towards Mylor Mayfield of Ravenclaw, a far too avid student when it came to respecting quiet ceremonies. Lavender heard the swift 'swish' of Mylor pulling his robes around him and tucking himself into a table, hoping to disappear.

This is it…

With books stacked beneath her left arm, Lavender Dippitt brushed off her house garb and sucked in a large breath of air to hold as she approached the front of the hall, knowing she would barely be able to breathe. She only took a few steps as her feet braved her forward, leaving a slack-jawed Grimm Oglethorphe in her wake along with many other pupils who were thunderstruck as Lavender left the Ravenclaw table behind and did not seat herself. Had she had it her way, of course, she'd have simply snuck into the hall while all the world was quiet and relinquish the small, scribbly piece of paper with her name on it. But for once, her pride was at stake - and what would everyone think of her if her verbalized endorsement was for naught?

So past the alluring blue Beauxbatons and the Durmstrangs she went, fighting the urge to close her eyes in fear of facing scrutiny. A veil of cocoa hair shrouded her face as she stood on her tippy toes and all the hall fell soundless in her path. A small, fragile hand delved in her pocket for the small piece of vellum she had written up days ago. Of course, she didn't think - she wasn't sure, she'd actually be using it. Evidently little Lavender Dippit's heart was set on participating in the tournament but she herself doubted what she was capable of at times.

Looking over her shoulder beside the ablaze goblet, Lavender only saw a few witches and wizards despite being surrounded by hundreds as her feet weakened and threatened to let her fall. There was little first-year Mylor in the back, beaming straight at her and bobbing his head. Then there was Grimm, aghast. Closer to Lavender was a Beauxbaton girl, raven-haired with porcelain skin who seemed to be mulling something over herself as candle flame danced above her. Lavender, still with breath held, stood on her toes and bravely let the flames swallow her name and in a sense, her sovereignty - if she were to be chosen.

Quickly she turned away and began her return to the Ravenclaw table where classmates were whispering.

"Please join me in welcoming the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!"

"Look at these dumstrangs and beuaxbatons.. Trotting around our school as they please." A slytherin girl rambled on, her hands waving in the air with distaste. "Isnt it just annoying Victoria?" She smiled at Victoria expectantly, waiting for praise. Though the "leader" seemed to be distracted- or bored. Thus The talkative girl flushed in embarrassment as the surrounding students snickered. "Victoria!"

Her shrilly voice surely did snap the Victoria girl out of thought and to attention. "Hm..?" She hummed scanning the new crowd and faces.".. I suppose" leaning against the palm of her hand, she gave a glance at the girl she was talking too.
The girl was enlightened and seemed happy for the attention and connection, that probably made her think they were "friends". That rare word..

Victoria scoffed. 'like that would happen.'
Now don't judge. she had nothing against Elizabeth... If anyone knew her, they would know her trust issues. She hasn't made many friends in the years of Hogwarts and hadn't planned on it..
Honestly, She was afraid to get hurt. But Victoria wasn't going to say that.
"Victoria, are you going to do the tournament?"
She looked at her, blinking before smiling slightly. "Should I?"

"Of course, your one of the best" Elizabeth smirked "though you got winters and derderi to worry about."
She looked at the two mentioned. Oh yes, those two. She admired them despite one being a newcomer to Hogwarts. Again, she never would say that...defiantly with Winter's pride. Victoria wouldnt hear the end of it. Sitting down at the slytherin table with a few others who followed, she scanned the table. A few familiar faces.. and how they reacted to her presence showed that. Giving a few greets, she focused her attention on the flaming blue.

"This, is the Goblet of Fire. Any student who wishes to enter the tournament and is at least seventeen years of age, may write their name upon a piece of parchment and toss it into the fire before this hour on Thursday. From this moment on, the TriWizard Tournament has begun!"

"..." She studied goblet. Questions raced through her mind. Should I, Should I not? What would she gain. 'What would she loose.." Sighing slightly, Victoria stood and made her way to the goblet of fire. She looked down at the fire for a moment of reluctant, and then forced herself to write her name. With one last look, she tossed it in the fire. It burned- 'There we go..' Turning on her heels, she left to the table... Not with one regret.

Looking straight ahead, she made her way past a few others. Raven Claws, griffindor, and surprisingly huffle puff... Some she knew just by name, and Victoria had no doubt in any of them

Alison had made it to the mess hall late, having lost track of time when sketching along the lake. She had drawn the carriages as they flew in, the horses that carried them invisible to her hazel eyes. Long lashes batted playfully at her friends from afar, seeing them beckon her over as soon as she caught their eye. Pushing others down aggressively, the boys in her group made sure she had a place to sit, squeezing in a narrow gap between Ashlee and Naomi. "What I miss?" She asked, setting her books beneath her seat.

An amused expression was tossed to her brother from Naomi, and before the girl could explain why, Grimm's voice dripping with acid explained enough to Alison. "Going to need it if you've entered...Like they'd choose some wonky mudblood to compete in the TriWizard tournament! What an oaf!" Alison needn't even look to see who he was talking to. For the past few weeks there had only been one girl Grimm insisted on pestering. Glancing over her shoulder, Alison sent a semi apologetic look to Lavender, but quickly faces her friends as they heckled with laughter at her brothers poor humour.

"What in bloody 'ell?!" Jumping to his feet, Grimm made a scene as a cup of his juice was spilled onto his lap. Red flushed his face as he turned to the girl with hair dark as night as she hissed a warning for him to behave. Their friends egged him on, and Alison could recognize the spite written in Grimm's expression. He didn't take kindly to being told what to do, especially by someone he had never met before a day in his life. Before the situation could escalate any further, Alison was at her brothers side. Their circle quieted, as if there was a show going on before their eyes. It repulsed her how these people thrived on drama.

Gripping his forearm forcefully, Alison stood on her tiptoes and leaned forward to speak in a low voice into Grimm's ear. "Not here, not now." She said simply, and although it may have seen like a malicious suggestion, Alison knew how her brother worked. He didn't respond to rational thinking, only to scheming and underhand planning, it was the only way to make him postpone overreacting. Flexing his fingers into fists, as his cold eyes bounced from the ebony haired she-devil and the victim of his taunts. After a moment of contemplation, wordlessly he turned back to his friends and sat down. Looking at the girls, feigning indifference, Alison pursed her lips and raised her eyebrow at the new face. "Just a word of advice, keep your parenting skills to your future ill bred spawn, we have a mum already."

Without caring what the girl had to say for herself, Alison returned to her table, picking at her plate. Laughing, Naomi nudged her, "Damn mudblood lovers always trying to stand up for their little pets. You sure told her." The rest chuckled along, and Alison forced a smile as she nodded, stuffing a forkful into her mouth. Glancing once again at the Ravenclaw table, Alison felt herself sympathize for Lavender. Alison knew how cruel Grimm could be, a victim to his torture as a child. There was something wrong with Grimm, but really there was something wrong with the Oglethorpe's, herself included. Shoving down the guilt, Alison laughed along as Sean made a joke about the half breed he was partnered with in potions.

#, as written by Issa
Kye Reid & Adeline Knox

Kye leaned forward in his seat as Lavender called back down the table, "I'm going to need it if you've entered, heard you're rather brilliant in charms and what not." Kye grinned back in reply and gave a shrug. His friend beside him gave Kye a nudge in the ribs,
"Birlliant at charms, aye?" Kye's friend Oslo chuckled, "Didn't you get one of the top scores in the class?"
Kye shrugged again, he couldn't lie. He was good at charms, the incantations that one learnt in that class were necessary when dueling and Kye, being one of the heads of the Hogwarts' Dueling Club, made sure he did his best in the subject. He was a true Ravenclaw in that respect, he would put all his effort into achieving and doing well. When he had sat his O.W.Ls he had studied long hours before each exam and his results had been his reward.

A snide comment from a neighbouring Slytherin, a boy named Grimm, pulled Kye's attention away from his friends and the food on his plate and towards the disturbance. The boy's taunt of Mudblood to Lavender was shocking to hear in the Great Hall. No doubt Grimm thought the teachers at the head table were well out of hearing distance but the boy hadn't counted on other students leaping to the muggle born girl's defense.
Kye barely caught the spell that a dark haired girl cast but he saw the result, the cup Grimm was drinking from spilled over onto the boy's robes. Grimm leapt to his feet. His anger was clear and if it hadn't been for the appearance of another Slytherin girl, his sister Kye guessed, than something was sure to have happened. As it was the other Oglethorpe sibling, Allison, stopped her brother and then made her own cutting remark towards the dark haired girl before sitting back down.

As a prefect Kye was meant to help keep the peace. He was meant to stop students fighting and from using magic in the corridors. The whole situation had come and gone almost too quickly for him to do anything. The girl who had cast the spell, who was wearing a Beauxbatons' uniform, had techhnically broken the rules too but given the circumstance Kye decided to let this one slide.. He had enjoyed Grimm's expression of surprise as the cup had spilled over him.

From where Adie was sitting, at the Gryffindor table, she couldn't make out any of what was said from the Slytherin table. Nor did she see the spell that the dark haired, Beauxbatons girl either. It wasn't rare for Slytherin's to mock students, especially the ones who thought purebloods were so much better than muggleborns. Even after voldemort had been defeated the views on magical blood were still held by a lot of the pureblood families. Her mother's grandparents also seemed to think that muggleborns shouldn't be associated with, hence their initial anger when Adie's mother had married one.
"Adie? Adie!" Adie was jerked out of her thoughts by Jeanna, her friend, insistently tapping her on the shoulder.
"What?" Adie asked, pulling her eyes away from the scene and towards her friends.
"What did it feel like? Putting your name in the goblet I mean." The question brought a smile to Adie's face,
"It felt like I had grown from a small, defenseless child into a powerful, confident witch." Adie said, straight-faced. Jeanna pulled a face and giggled. Adie's face eventually gave way to a grin as well, before she let her attention be drawn back to the goblet and the large number of other students who were putting their names in. There certainly were a lot of them going for it, she wondered how the goblet actually chose the champion for each school. Was it just luck?

Generally around such a time of year, despite her lack of zeal for most things involving herself, Lavender would be swollen with glee because of her upcoming birthday. Sable eyes rolled upward to peer curiously at the tapers which jounced at a leisure pace while ghosts passed beneath. Wonder what Mum is going to send this year, she pondered to herself and finished her pumpkin juice. The glass refilled itself and edged towards her waiting hand. Aside from the interaction that just occurred between herself and fellow classmate Kye, Grimm's jabbing and the occasional conversing with professors, Lavender wasn't much of a talker.

Without a smidge of shame, Mylor spotted Lavender's coffee tresses and nearly leapt across the Ravenclaw table to get to her. He was practically sitting in her lap like an agog toddler when he forced room to be made for himself. His slightly shaggy chestnut hair veiled his eyes until he puffed upward and solicited Lavender for information, "Were you scared? Did the flame burn you?"

Lavender's reply was postponed as her inspection once against crossed the Beauxbaton girl with ebony hair and ivory skin that had a glow which would make anyone want to touch it. She approached the goblet as it sizzled, snapping flames and swallowing designations. Obstinacy laced her expression as she unhanded a small piece of paper that the inferno gobbled happily, causing Lavender to simper with approval and admiration. With Beauxbaton trademarked grace, the girl turned on her heel and paced away from the chalice and advanced the Ravenclaw table.

"It didn't burn me, bet you're gutted you are."
"A bit! Hey, do you think you'll be one of the chosen?" He eagerly ventured.
"Really doubt it, what with other Ravenclaws entering who are prefects."
"Absolute tosh, Lavender! Your O.W.L.S were beastly!"
"Seems not to matter when you're a half breed…" She sighed.
"You talking about that useless knob Grimm? He ought to shut his gob, I mean honestly!"

Grimm's head snapped in their direction, a scheming slander short of escaping his mouth as the Beauxbaton girl came out of nowhere. His eyes turned steel as she glowered at him. The entire stare-down made Lavender fidget with discomfort, anticipating what would happen next, then…


Grimm was up in tumults at the girl's retaliation that caused his pants to be drenched - what she was retaliating for, nobody could be sure. But visceral as she was, Lavender bit back a smile and nodded with appreciation, "Th-thank you. And to you as well." Her black tresses almost disappeared down the latitude between Slytherin and Ravenclaw when Grimm's sister rose to her feet and rushed to her brother's aide, briefly maligning the Beauxbaton before sitting back down beside a fellow Slytherin who snipped some insult about mudbloods and their proponents.

Lavender sagged in posture, her hand falling away from the binding of, "A History of Magic." Mylor glanced at her, then back at Grimm and, for once said nothing. He picked up on Lavender's chagrin and simply patted her back, "You're a brilliant witch, Lavender Dippitt. Everyone knows that."

Softly, she elbowed the first-year away and abandoned her books as she stood from the table and hastened away from the noise and occupants of the hall. Mylor frowned a bit, looking after her and gathering her books in his arms to return to her at a later time. Once far enough away, Lavender stopped a few feet from the girl's lavatory in a hallway lined with mirrors, a fair distance from the grand vestibule where she quickly plummeted from conquest to embarrassment. A small hand lifted to press some hair from her face, scrutinizing her reflection. Elitist purebloods considered her a sinful creation, something polluted and unclean. But now this much was publicized thanks to Grimm, his sister and his friends. Everyone saw what happened.

ImageWhat Lavender saw in the mirror didn't appear much different from anyone else in her eyes, anyway. The weight of her ingress and the insults she received caused her to quietly inhale and exhale as tears rimmed her burnt sienna eyes. She stood alone in the quiet entryway.

"You stop it now. Don't you cry. He's just a bit shirty and it'll get sussed in no time. Bloody bullying never got to you before." She spoke softly to herself, whispers echoing in the hall like ghostly rustles.

Alexi let out a short whistle after the headmaster’s introduction. Of course he had read about the previous Triwizard tournament, but actually being a part of it was something new altogether. And it seemed Beauxbatons was still trying to show off as much as before. He suppressed the urge to mock them, no doubt there would be plenty of opportunities for that later. Their previous participation had after all been rather embarrassing. Last place until Voldemort’s return derailed the tournament. He hoped it would be the same this year. While he didn’t really care for Durmstrang, they at least had the decency to sit at the right table. Their table.
Still, a muscular Durmstrang student seemed eager to leave. Alexi tried to memorize the man’s face. One thing was for sure, he was different, though a bit asocial. He at the very least had drawn Alexi’s attention, which was more than could be said for those Beauxbaton peacocks.
As he saw the people line up, a satisfied smirk appeared on his face. Now this was the opportunity of a lifetime. If he could somehow end up being chosen, he might not only be able to make a name for himself, but also one for his house. Slytherin had been reviled enough the last years after Voldemort. And actions like Grimm’s didn’t help either. It was stupid and without style. Showing such discord in the presence of other schools, it was simply disgraceful.

He gave Victoria a quick thumbs up when he saw her enter her name. He turned towards his neighbour on his left, a tall guy named Bors. They got along quite well, even though Bors was a bit more vocal about his views on purebloods and the rest of the wizarding society.
“She might make it you know. I wouldn’t mind too much, I’d rather have a Slytherin than any of those other houses,” he mumbled, sipping from his pumpkin juice.
“Are you not going to enter Alexi?” Bors replied, “I’d say this is just the competition for you. Besting dragons, humiliating foreigners and so forth,” he added.
“Of course I will,” Alexi responded, grinning, but I’m just waiting till the line is a bit shorter. Besides, this way I can keep tabs on anyone entering. Those two Durmstrangs looked capable enough but I think,” his conversation was cut short when the girl in Beauxbatons uniform passed and did a slight gesture with her wand. Alexi had almost missed it.
“Did you see that? Looks like Beauxbatons is already showing off,” he whispered, grinning, “though it was about time someone put Grimm in his place. I just hope this doesn’t cause an international dispute,” he added, only partially joking. It would be extremely embarrassing if Slytherin would be battling Beauxbatons on day one. At least Alison intervened before things got uglier, though her comment had hinted af quite some future trouble. As the rest of their table resorted to their traditional rude comments on mudbloods, Alexi scribbled his name on a piece of paper. He was no longer willing to hear it. He shoved his chair back and walked up to the goblet. He wasn’t sure whether purebloods like himself were superior. Even if they were, but the whole show surrounding it was starting to get awfully dull. It was all fine to close the ranks, but his house sometimes took it too far.
Alexi paused in front of the goblet and slowly held up the paper before ceremoniously dropping it in the goblet. He made a quick bow and returned to his table. The show had begun.
“I’m sure you’ll get picked Alexi,” Bors commented, “after all, I’m not participating.”
“Oh really? I’m sure Hogwarts has lost a potential champion, so why stayout of it? Did you forget how to write your own name?” Alexi retorted. They both knew all too well Bors wasn’t cut out for these competitions. He was a great wizard and a fearsome duellist, but he lacked creativity and that was something no doubt required for this tournament. Alexi leaned back and resumed his survey of the hall.

“Where did that Ravenclaw girl go to? Think she’s okay?” Alexi asked, slightly worried. Grimm’s bullying wasn’t something most people brushed aside easily.
“The one Grimm picked on? Who cares? She’s no pureblood like us. She should be glad she’s even allowed to attend the school at all,” Bors bellowed loudly, “that Beauxbatons girl should be glad Alison intervened, otherwise Grimm would have blasted her into pieces!” he slammed his fist on the table. Some nearby Slytherins clapped him on the back but Alexi just sighed.
“I’m not so sure about that Bors. Let’s not underestimate her just yet,” Alexi muttered softly. That little spell had revealed quite some skill, “we might be purebloods, but that doesn’t mean we win by default,” he emptied his cup and sighed, “I suppose I should go welcome these newcomers? As the future Hogwarts Triwizard tournament representative I might as well get to know my opponents. Then again, I’m liking my current chair quite a lot. If anyone really wants to talk to me, they might as well get over here,” he concluded as he refilled his cup.

“Say, did anyone read the daily prophet today?” he asked loudly, not aiming his question at anyone in particular. He just hoped someone would pick up on it. Bors did it, but unfortunately he had mostly looked at the quidditch results.
"I didn't mean the stupid quidditch game! I meant the murder!" Alexi replied brusquely, quickly giving his friend and the other nearby Slytherins a resume.

Kaylee Schaefer

Kaylee watched as drama, as always, interrupted the festivities. Although she couldn't see very well, Kaylee managed to spot Grimm and the Beauxbaton girl that was transferring to Hogwarts. Seeing Lavender leave just a few minutes later and the ebony-haired girl move to go sit with the Beauxbatons. Stepping over the bench seat clumsily, she practically bounced across the hall to reach the vicinity of the Beauxbaton's table and the dark-haired girl.

Adjusting her fedora, Kaylee tapped the girl on the shoulder and smiled. "Hi, I'm Kaylee from Hufflepuff house. You're the transfer student, right? You can come sit with me and my house if you'd like. I promise we don't bite!" she held out a hand to the girl, offering assistance to step over the bench seat, should the girl accept her offer.

Innes Ross

Innes didn't quite catch the start of the ridicule from one of the boys at the Slytherin table, but he saw the aftermath. The girl had quickly left the Great Hall, leaving behind her books. Standing up, he went to collect her books, pausing and casting a disproving glance toward the group of Pureblood Elitists as he went by.

"Nothing is brought about by blood. You're not perfect or superior just because you're a Pureblood. You're still a person, just like the rest of us, regardless of your blood." he continued on, collecting the girl's books and quietly asking one of the students what the girl's name was.

Nodding his thanks to the student who supplied the requested information, he headed out of the hall, crimson robes swishing quietly with each step. In the hallways, he stopped. He didn't even know his way around the school to have the faintest idea of where the girl could have gone. Shaking his head, Inness picked a direction and started off, walking as fast as he could without outright running. Luckily, he seemed to have gone the right way and eventually found himself entering a hall of mirrors. Seeing the girl looking quite upset as she looked in one of the mirrors, he cautiously approached her.

"Ah.. Lavender, was it? I wanted to make sure you were okay. From what I heard, that boy was way out of line. If there's anything I can do.." he trailed off, not entirely sure what else to say.

Faye Vess

Faye sat quietly at the Ravenclaw table as the events unfolded. She sat towards the head of the table, close to the other seventh years and welcomed the new first years like a good prefect should. She watched intently as the Headmaster announced their visitors and about the Triwizard Tournament. For a moment, she considered entering herself, but her attention was drawn back as Lavender from her house boldly stepped forward as the first entrant. While Lavender wasn't her best friend,(that title belonged to Cerridwen Kettleburn) she could consider them good friends. She clapped for her along with a few other students, but then the whole business with Grimm happened. She was angry, not only because he bullied her friend, but also for what he called her. It was distasteful and disrespectful, but then again when had Grimm ever been classy and respectful in the first place? Faye herself had been subject to his name-calling on more than one occasion, but she had grown used to it and never took anything the arrogant brat said to heart. She wanted to put him in his place, but how to do so without drawing any attention to herself? Her problem was soon solved for her by a girl from Beauxbatons. When the prestigious academy first arrived, Faye's first thought was how vapid the school must be, but after the raven-haired girl's display of chivalry, Faye found she had new respect for them.

Faye listened as best she could from her spot as Grimm's sister Alison rebuked Lavender's savior. She chuckled at the Beauxbaton's girl response, which was very clever. She glanced back as Alison reclaimed her seat with her group of lackeys. While Grimm didn't scare her, his sister was another matter entirely. She seemed intimidating to Faye, though she had no real reason to fear her.

Faye's attention was brought back as Kye, her fellow prefect, went to submit his own name into the Goblet with the girl he always hung around with in Gryffindor. As more and more people gathered and put their name in the Goblet, Faye couldn't help but wonder if she should enter as well. After a few moments of deliberation she decided she would come later, when no one else was around and enter. After all, her father would be immensely proud of her if she was selected. She smile to herself and sipped at her pumpkin juice as Cerridwen spoke about whether or not she should enter. Unbeknownst to Cerridwen, Faye's attention was not on her, it was watching as Lavender left the table upset followed by a Durmstrang boy. Another Durmstrang boy boldly went and sat with Kye's friend, Adeline.

Alistair Webb

Another prefect, Alistair, sat happily chatting with his friends at the Hufflepuff table. He was seemingly oblivious to the events of the Ravenclaw table, even though the Great Hall had quieted to eavesdrop. As he looked to the professors at the Head Table, disapproval was written all over their faces at Grimm's actions. For Grimm to act that way in front of the visiting foreigners was unacceptable and gave Hogwarts a bad reputation, especially after the events of the past with pureblood mania.

After the drama stopped and Grimm was put in his place, the events resumed with young hopefuls entering their name in the Goblet one after another. Alistair bounded towards the forming line taking his place among other entrants. As he stepped up to the intimidating Goblet, he quickly scrawled his name on spare bit of parchment he dug from within his robes. He stared the Goblet down as he entered his name, almost daring it to spit it from the flames and reject him. To his delight, it devoured the paper and glowed with yellow-red flames. The flames turned back to their blue hue as he was about to sit down next to Kaylee, who he was good friends with, when she bounded up and went to introduce herself to the Beauxbaton's. Sighing he turned to his other friends and talked to them about his hopes for another Hufflepuff participant.

#, as written by Issa
Adeline Knox

"Adie!" Jeanna's voice hissed in her ear. Jeanna was trying to be discrete but her attempt at a whisper was probably louder than a normal whisper... or quiet voice.
"What?" Adie replied in a normal voice, fighting back a smile at her friend.
"One of the Durmstrang students is coming towards us." Jeanna tried to fight back a giggle and failed. Adie rolled her eyes, her friend was infamously bad around boys. She giggled, turned red and mumbled whenever they were around.

Adie glanced up, half expecting the Durmstrang student to be walking in the opposite direction (Jeanna also liked to exaggerate). To her surprise the boy was walking towards their table and ending up taking a seat opposite her. Beside Adie Jeanna's eyes widened, her cheeks went red and her mouth closed shut.
Adie ignored her friend, her eyes studying the student as he summoned a cup into his hand and raised it in a toast. Adie raised her own glass, a smile playing across her face. So, he could cast wandless non-spoken spells? Adie could have laughed with delight, if this boy was picked for Durmstrang and she for Hogwarts than the competition would definitely be interesting. Of course there was less a chance of her being picked considering the greater numbers of Hogwarts' students that had already submitted their name.

"I'm Adie." She introduced herself. "Welcome to Hogwarts... " She paused, waiting for his name.

Kye Reid

Kye stretched in his seat, fighting back a yawn. Despite all the excitement, or perhaps because of it, Kye found that his mind kept wondering up to the Ravenclaw tower and his cosy bed.

A voice speaking to him caught him mid-yawn and Kye glanced up the table to see the dark haired girl who had cast the spell wishing him good luck. Kye nodded in reply, "Good luck." He called as the girl turned and walked away.
"Who was that?" Kye's friend Oslo asked beside him. Kye shrugged,
"Some Beauxbaton student I guess..." He paused, remembering the prefect meeting he had attended earlier. Hadn't someone mentioned an exchange student? Kye shrugged again and fought back another yawn.
The warmth of the great hall and the comforting food was finally taking its toll on him. He couldn't wait to sleep. He was also probably as tired as he was because he had been up late last night helping the teachers prepare for the arrival of the other schools. Being a prefect wasn't always glamorous and he had spent at least three hours last night helping them fling out the infestation of Gnomes on the southern grassed areas of the school.

"Maybe I'll go take a bath." He mumbled to himself. Oslo groaned loudly beside Kye,
"Oh man, you'll be gone for hours then." He complained, "I was banking on a game of Wizard's chess before bed."
Kye smiled, "I'm not playing you again, not after you threw the board on the ground."

Kaylee Schaefer

"It's wonderful to meet you, Dei-Dei!" Kaylee was already starting with the nicknames, even though she'd only just learned the girl's name.

Smiling when the girl took her hand and accepted the offer to come sit at their table, she tugged the girl back to the Hufflepuff table. Tapping someone's shoulder, room was quickly made for the two of them to sit right about where Kaylee had been before.

Raising an eyebrow at Deirdre's question, she nodded. "It's quite lively here at Hogwarts. Or did you mean in Hufflepuff house? Either way, they're both lots of fun." she decided to leave out the fact that not many people were too fond of her.

Looking around the table for someone else she knew, she spotted Alistair. "Hey! Ali!" she drug the nickname out. "Meet Deidei. She's cool, so be nice to her, alright?" she gestured vaguely toward Deirdre as she was introducing the girl.

Turning back to Deirdre, she thought for a moment and decided that she should probably explain a bit. "Ah, that's Ali by the way. He's the house Prefect, so try not to cause trouble around him, m'kay?"

Innes Ross

Even though Lavender said that it was nothing, Innes was still concerned. It looked like the mockery happened quite often. He was struck from his thoughts by her question.

"Innes Ross. I don't know if you know Kaylee from Hufflepuff, I think it is? She's my cousin." watching as she repaired the mirror, he raised an eyebrow. "Not a bad spell," he stepped closer to examine the mirror, "not even a scratch left." he nodded approvingly.

Pausing to think for a moment, he tucked the books against his hip with one arm and held out the other hand in offering to Lavender. "Would you care to return to the hall? It didn't seem like you got a chance to eat. Or perhaps I could bring you something and we could eat together? To be honest, I'm really not fond of crowds." he flushed ever so slightly at the mention of his phobia.

Faye Vess

The night was drawing on and the headmaster dismissed everyone from the Great Hall. Some older students milled around, talking to the foreigners, but Faye was a prefect and took her duty very seriously. She was responsible for making sure the new first years of her house would make it to the Ravenclaw house safe and sound. As soon as they were all dismissed, Faye was one of the first to jump up. She clapped her hands to draw the attention of the new young people and spoke for what seemed like the first time that night. "Alright, all Ravenclaw first years please form a line behind me please. Cerridwen hoped up to walk beside her as they left the hall followed by nervous newcomers. They made their way up the Grand Staircase when one of them decide to turn suddenly. The fear on the first years faces was evident but Faye calmly explained, "Do be careful on the staircases, they like to change." They passed by a corridor where Kye could be seen talking to the Slytherin girl who was Grimm's sister. "Hello, Kye. Hello Allison." She said as she passed them by, suddenly remembering the girl's name. One would think that Kye would be helping her escort the first years, but this was normal almost every year. He patrolled the corridors while she escorted the new ones. They had agreed on it when they first came to be prefects in the fifth year.

They finally arrived at the trapdoor to the Ravenclaw common room after the trek up the winding spiral staircase. She knocked three times with the knocker, preparing to answer the question it would inevitably ask. The Raven's mouth on the door opened and out flowed a serene voice. "What is it that no man ever yet see, which never was, but always is to be?" Faye thought for a moment before the answer came to her. "The answer is tomorrow." The raven's mouth opened once more and the voice drifted out again. "You are correct." The door clicked and Faye pushed it open, walking the rest of the way up the staircase. Cerridwen followed closely behind and held the door for the first years. As they entered the common room some gasped. It was circular and spacious while still remaining cozy. If you listened closely enough, you could hear the wind whistling through the many windows. Once the last child came through she asked them to gather in a semi-circle. "My name is Faye Vess and I will be be one of your prefects this year. As you just witnessed, we don't have a password to enter the common room. To enter, you knock on the door three times and you must answer the question that is posed to you. If you answer incorrectly, the door will not open. Many of the questions require you to think hard on the question and answer wisely, as it is expected of a Ravenclaw. To your left is the boys' dormitory and to your right is the girls'. Your rooms will be marked with a sign saying 'First Years'. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or another prefect. That being said, if you are caught misbehaving, points will be taken from the house. If you do well in classes and do good deeds, points will be awarded to the house. Any prefect of any house can take away or reward points. Your classes will be assigned to you in the morning after breakfast by our Head of House, Professor Flitwick so it is important that you are there in the morning. I believe that is all there is to say, sir bedso everybody get a good night's rest." With that, she dismissed them to their beds. As they filed off Faye turned to Cerridwen. "I'm not really ready to go to sleep, I think I'll go help Kye patrol the halls for a while." Cerridwen nodded and turned to go to their room.

Faye exited the tower and walked back down the corridors. She came upon the corridor with the mirrors where the Durmstrang boy and Lavender were. "Hello, Lavender." She didn't know how to introduce herself to the Durmstrang student, so she said a simple "Hello." to him. They seemed to be talking among themselves and she didn't want to be rude so she went on her way past them. She was bored and decided to make her way back to the Great Hall to perhaps talk with the other students that remained. The Hufflepuffs were nice enough and she saw a friend of her's, Alistair, talking to one of the Beauxbaton's girls and Kaylee, the blond-headed girl with a love for hats. She sat between Alistair and another Hufflepuff whose name she couldn't recall. She said a quick "Hey, what's up?" to him before grabbing a pastry from his plate and taking a bite.

Alistair Webb

Alistair's attention was brought back as Kaylee came and introduced the Beauxbaton's girl as "Dei-Dei". He gave a broad smile to the girl and extended his hand to her. "I see Kaylee has already given you a nickname. My name is apparently Ali, short for Alistair." he said jokingly. He had long since grown used to the silly girl and her nicknames for everybody. He had no problems with it, in fact he thought it was rather cute. He was turning back to his plate to eat one of the delicious pastries when he found it gone. He turned to his left to see it in the hands of Faye, one of his good friends from Ravenclaw. She gave him a smile that plainly said she had eaten the sweet. He gave her a stern look and said, "If were anyone else, I would have taken points away for that, but I'll be nice." He smiled back at her and looked behind her to his friend, Miles. It was no secret to anyone in Hufflepuff that Miles had a huge crush on Faye, ever since their first year. In fact, everyone but Faye was aware of it. Alistair gave Miles a suggestive look, implying that he should ask her out, finally. Miles gave a quick shake of his head, mouthing "not yet". Faye was quite oblivious to the whole exchange, though it was in plain view of everyone else.

Alistair turned his attention to the head of the table, seeing that the other prefects had taken the first years to the common room. If he was completely honest with himself, he was never a good prefect. He thought he was only chosen because everyone liked him. Kaylee had spoken again warning "DeiDei" to be careful around him. "You don't have to worry about me, it's Faye here you should look out for." he said gesturing to the girl behind him. "What's you real name if you don't mind me asking? Nicknames are more of Kaylee's thing." He said smiling at the blond beside him.