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Faye Vess

"If you need me, I'll be in the library."

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a character in “Hogwarts: The TriWizard Tournament”, as played by Kuukakulily




Name: Faye Marie Vess
Birthday:March 8th
Age: 17
Year:Seventh Year

Faye is an intimidating looking person. Her formidable height compared with her stern looking face make younger people wary. However when she smiles, her face softens, revealing dimples on her cheeks and a bright smile. She likes to think she's at least good-looking, but isn't haughty enough to say so. She stands at 5'10, and she is very insecure about her height. Because of her height, her physique leaves something to be desired. She has almost no womanly curves to speak of, save for wider hips and barely there breasts. It would easy to mistake her for a man were it not for her lovely face. She likes to keep her hair short, cutting it off every few months at the shoulder. It has a dark brown hue that matches well with her light brown eyes.

She is rarely seen out of uniform, however when she ventures into Hogsmeade she'll don comfortable clothes. She prefers pastel colors in her clothes. Her most common type of clothing is oversized shirts, plaid shirts, slim jeans, and boots. She doesn't go out of her way to keep up with the fashion of the day because it changes so often. When she does wear makeup, she likes to keep it simple, wearing only eye makeup and some lip-gloss.

Faye is as nice as they come, though she's very shy. She prefers to keep to herself and her books and doesn't talk as much as she would like to. She prefers to stay in the background, observing and listening. Her mind wanders a lot and sometimes it can be hard for her to focus on one thing at a time. She gets on better with males rather than females, finding that has more in common with them. She wants to be more outgoing and make friends, but she often finds conversations stressful and will instead resort to talking to her cat. She's a bibliophile and thus loves books. She will read nearly anything, but likes fantasy novels the best.

She's very intelligent, having worked very hard to make her father proud. She takes great pride in her intelligence and she's used to being praised for it, but she doesn't let that go to her head and is very humble. She's been told she's pretty, but has no confidence in her looks themselves. When she's around friends and people who have the same common interests as her, she becomes very talkative and can go on for quite some time talking about this or that. Some find this endearing while others find it annoying. Either way, Faye is oblivious and doesn't know how to be quiet once she's started.

She finds people extremely interesting. She likes to know why they act the way they do and wants to know all about their behavior. She often considers herself not a huge part of society and thus disassociates herself from it. She is acroaphobic, which means she has an intense fear of heights. She refuses to fly a broom, though many young wizards consider it a right of passage.

-Her cat
-Her family
-Hogwarts's Library

-Being wrong
-Talking to strangers
-Being Tall
-Not being feminine enough

Hogwarts Information:

Wand: Holly, Unicorn hair core, 13 3/4 inches, flexible
Patronus: Balinese Cat
School Pet: A Balinese breed cat named Benny


Faye Marie Vess was born to a muggle mother, Adriana and a wizard father, David on a lovely spring day. She was the second of three children with an older brother, Markus and a younger sister, Patricia. Like most middle children, her achievements in life went largely unnoticed. Her parents loved her, but Faye had always been rather independent and she didn't mind that her brother and sister got more attention.

Of her siblings, Faye was the only one who displayed any magical tendencies at all. When she was only five, she had her brother, then seven, and her little sister, then three, they were all playing in the garden together. By chance, a butterfly alighted on her finger and her siblings were in awe watching it's wings flutter. It took them all by surprise when the butterfly caught fire. While this greatly upset her, (she feared that she was contagious), her father explained everything to her, though his true nature was never really kept secret to begin with. While her siblings were jealous at first, they learned to love her and was happy for her. Her father was more than ecstatic that one of his children took after him. He devoted a lot more time with her, teaching her everything about the wizard world and she sucked in the information like a sponge. He tried to get her to fly on a toy broomstick, but she wouldn't have any of it. On her 8th birthday, her mother presented her with her familiar, Benny. She grew extremely attached to him and he has since been her constant companion.

When she came to Hogwarts when she was eleven, she was a little dismayed to learn that not all witches and wizards were kind like her father, but nevertheless, it hasn't dampened her spirits. She has always excelled in her classes here and scored well on her O.W.L.S. This is the year for the N.E.W.T. exams, thought it has been interrupted by the Triwizard Tournament. She would like to test her extensive knowledge in the Tournament, but doesn't want attention cast on her.

So begins...

Faye Vess's Story

Faye Vess

Faye sat quietly at the Ravenclaw table as the events unfolded. She sat towards the head of the table, close to the other seventh years and welcomed the new first years like a good prefect should. She watched intently as the Headmaster announced their visitors and about the Triwizard Tournament. For a moment, she considered entering herself, but her attention was drawn back as Lavender from her house boldly stepped forward as the first entrant. While Lavender wasn't her best friend,(that title belonged to Cerridwen Kettleburn) she could consider them good friends. She clapped for her along with a few other students, but then the whole business with Grimm happened. She was angry, not only because he bullied her friend, but also for what he called her. It was distasteful and disrespectful, but then again when had Grimm ever been classy and respectful in the first place? Faye herself had been subject to his name-calling on more than one occasion, but she had grown used to it and never took anything the arrogant brat said to heart. She wanted to put him in his place, but how to do so without drawing any attention to herself? Her problem was soon solved for her by a girl from Beauxbatons. When the prestigious academy first arrived, Faye's first thought was how vapid the school must be, but after the raven-haired girl's display of chivalry, Faye found she had new respect for them.

Faye listened as best she could from her spot as Grimm's sister Alison rebuked Lavender's savior. She chuckled at the Beauxbaton's girl response, which was very clever. She glanced back as Alison reclaimed her seat with her group of lackeys. While Grimm didn't scare her, his sister was another matter entirely. She seemed intimidating to Faye, though she had no real reason to fear her.

Faye's attention was brought back as Kye, her fellow prefect, went to submit his own name into the Goblet with the girl he always hung around with in Gryffindor. As more and more people gathered and put their name in the Goblet, Faye couldn't help but wonder if she should enter as well. After a few moments of deliberation she decided she would come later, when no one else was around and enter. After all, her father would be immensely proud of her if she was selected. She smile to herself and sipped at her pumpkin juice as Cerridwen spoke about whether or not she should enter. Unbeknownst to Cerridwen, Faye's attention was not on her, it was watching as Lavender left the table upset followed by a Durmstrang boy. Another Durmstrang boy boldly went and sat with Kye's friend, Adeline.

Alistair Webb

Another prefect, Alistair, sat happily chatting with his friends at the Hufflepuff table. He was seemingly oblivious to the events of the Ravenclaw table, even though the Great Hall had quieted to eavesdrop. As he looked to the professors at the Head Table, disapproval was written all over their faces at Grimm's actions. For Grimm to act that way in front of the visiting foreigners was unacceptable and gave Hogwarts a bad reputation, especially after the events of the past with pureblood mania.

After the drama stopped and Grimm was put in his place, the events resumed with young hopefuls entering their name in the Goblet one after another. Alistair bounded towards the forming line taking his place among other entrants. As he stepped up to the intimidating Goblet, he quickly scrawled his name on spare bit of parchment he dug from within his robes. He stared the Goblet down as he entered his name, almost daring it to spit it from the flames and reject him. To his delight, it devoured the paper and glowed with yellow-red flames. The flames turned back to their blue hue as he was about to sit down next to Kaylee, who he was good friends with, when she bounded up and went to introduce herself to the Beauxbaton's. Sighing he turned to his other friends and talked to them about his hopes for another Hufflepuff participant.

Faye Vess

The night was drawing on and the headmaster dismissed everyone from the Great Hall. Some older students milled around, talking to the foreigners, but Faye was a prefect and took her duty very seriously. She was responsible for making sure the new first years of her house would make it to the Ravenclaw house safe and sound. As soon as they were all dismissed, Faye was one of the first to jump up. She clapped her hands to draw the attention of the new young people and spoke for what seemed like the first time that night. "Alright, all Ravenclaw first years please form a line behind me please. Cerridwen hoped up to walk beside her as they left the hall followed by nervous newcomers. They made their way up the Grand Staircase when one of them decide to turn suddenly. The fear on the first years faces was evident but Faye calmly explained, "Do be careful on the staircases, they like to change." They passed by a corridor where Kye could be seen talking to the Slytherin girl who was Grimm's sister. "Hello, Kye. Hello Allison." She said as she passed them by, suddenly remembering the girl's name. One would think that Kye would be helping her escort the first years, but this was normal almost every year. He patrolled the corridors while she escorted the new ones. They had agreed on it when they first came to be prefects in the fifth year.

They finally arrived at the trapdoor to the Ravenclaw common room after the trek up the winding spiral staircase. She knocked three times with the knocker, preparing to answer the question it would inevitably ask. The Raven's mouth on the door opened and out flowed a serene voice. "What is it that no man ever yet see, which never was, but always is to be?" Faye thought for a moment before the answer came to her. "The answer is tomorrow." The raven's mouth opened once more and the voice drifted out again. "You are correct." The door clicked and Faye pushed it open, walking the rest of the way up the staircase. Cerridwen followed closely behind and held the door for the first years. As they entered the common room some gasped. It was circular and spacious while still remaining cozy. If you listened closely enough, you could hear the wind whistling through the many windows. Once the last child came through she asked them to gather in a semi-circle. "My name is Faye Vess and I will be be one of your prefects this year. As you just witnessed, we don't have a password to enter the common room. To enter, you knock on the door three times and you must answer the question that is posed to you. If you answer incorrectly, the door will not open. Many of the questions require you to think hard on the question and answer wisely, as it is expected of a Ravenclaw. To your left is the boys' dormitory and to your right is the girls'. Your rooms will be marked with a sign saying 'First Years'. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or another prefect. That being said, if you are caught misbehaving, points will be taken from the house. If you do well in classes and do good deeds, points will be awarded to the house. Any prefect of any house can take away or reward points. Your classes will be assigned to you in the morning after breakfast by our Head of House, Professor Flitwick so it is important that you are there in the morning. I believe that is all there is to say, sir bedso everybody get a good night's rest." With that, she dismissed them to their beds. As they filed off Faye turned to Cerridwen. "I'm not really ready to go to sleep, I think I'll go help Kye patrol the halls for a while." Cerridwen nodded and turned to go to their room.

Faye exited the tower and walked back down the corridors. She came upon the corridor with the mirrors where the Durmstrang boy and Lavender were. "Hello, Lavender." She didn't know how to introduce herself to the Durmstrang student, so she said a simple "Hello." to him. They seemed to be talking among themselves and she didn't want to be rude so she went on her way past them. She was bored and decided to make her way back to the Great Hall to perhaps talk with the other students that remained. The Hufflepuffs were nice enough and she saw a friend of her's, Alistair, talking to one of the Beauxbaton's girls and Kaylee, the blond-headed girl with a love for hats. She sat between Alistair and another Hufflepuff whose name she couldn't recall. She said a quick "Hey, what's up?" to him before grabbing a pastry from his plate and taking a bite.

Alistair Webb

Alistair's attention was brought back as Kaylee came and introduced the Beauxbaton's girl as "Dei-Dei". He gave a broad smile to the girl and extended his hand to her. "I see Kaylee has already given you a nickname. My name is apparently Ali, short for Alistair." he said jokingly. He had long since grown used to the silly girl and her nicknames for everybody. He had no problems with it, in fact he thought it was rather cute. He was turning back to his plate to eat one of the delicious pastries when he found it gone. He turned to his left to see it in the hands of Faye, one of his good friends from Ravenclaw. She gave him a smile that plainly said she had eaten the sweet. He gave her a stern look and said, "If were anyone else, I would have taken points away for that, but I'll be nice." He smiled back at her and looked behind her to his friend, Miles. It was no secret to anyone in Hufflepuff that Miles had a huge crush on Faye, ever since their first year. In fact, everyone but Faye was aware of it. Alistair gave Miles a suggestive look, implying that he should ask her out, finally. Miles gave a quick shake of his head, mouthing "not yet". Faye was quite oblivious to the whole exchange, though it was in plain view of everyone else.

Alistair turned his attention to the head of the table, seeing that the other prefects had taken the first years to the common room. If he was completely honest with himself, he was never a good prefect. He thought he was only chosen because everyone liked him. Kaylee had spoken again warning "DeiDei" to be careful around him. "You don't have to worry about me, it's Faye here you should look out for." he said gesturing to the girl behind him. "What's you real name if you don't mind me asking? Nicknames are more of Kaylee's thing." He said smiling at the blond beside him.

#, as written by Issa
Adie Knox


Kye Reid

Adie smiled as he tried to guess which position she played. "Chaser or seeker?"
He was right on the mark, "I play Chaser for the Gryffindor team." She admitted, "I doubt that the sweetwater All-stars will do well. They aren't quite on the same level as most of the other teams."

She took a sip of her drink, momentarily breaking their connection as her attention wondered around the great hall. It appeared that most people were leaving now. Adie shrugged and turned her mind back to Vladimir, he was much more interesting to talk to than anyone she would find in the common room.

"So tell me a bit about Durmstrang." She asked, making sure their connection was complete again, "Are you and the other two that came from your school the top students?"
She assumed that Durmstrang, as well as Bauexbaton wouldn't send their average or least talented students so it only made sense that those who had come to try and compete in the TriWizard Tournament were the top from their respective schools.

[hr] [/hr]

Kye waited as the girl, Allison, explained why she was behind the statue. Kye had to fight hard from keeping a smile off his face as she recounted her story about Peeves. The poltergeist was definitely a nuisance and he could well believe him tormenting students.
The girl finished her tale and her eyes began searching Kye's face, perhaps trying to remember his name or simply wondering if he would punish her. Finally she smiled and spoke,
"You're name is Kye...right?"
There was none of the cold, cutting tones in her voice that he had heard earlier in the Great Hall. Instead she sounded genuinely friendly.

Just as Kye was about to confirm that that was indeed his name a group of first year Ravenclaws walked by, led by Faye Vess. She was a fellow Ravenclaw prefect. Kye always let her take the first years up to the tower since she seemed to enjoy it and it left Kye to enjoy his own time.
"Hello Kye. Hello Allison." Faye said as she passed the two, confirming Allison's question. Kye nodded in response and grinned at the first years. No doubt more than a few of them were feeling overwhelmed with all that the day had shown them.

After they left Kye returned his attention to Allison,
"Kye Reid." He said, "And you are Allison if I am not mistaken."
Kye couldn't help but grin as he had a thought,
"Do you usually return to the Slytherin common rooms by this route? I thought your common rooms were in the dungeon. Peeves must of chased you for a long time."

Deirdre gawked at the blonde for a moment, rather taken aback by her enthusiasm, however she quickly hid this. Dei-Dei? She thought to herself, rather amused. She'd never been nicknamed by someone before. Well, at least she seems nice. "Nice to meet you too." She said, with a bit less enthusiasm as she was swept off to the Hufflepuff table by the energetic blonde. "Just Hogwarts." She told her, but it was a bit late and the girl had already answered both questions. The blonde prodded another student whom quickly made room for them at the table. They were then sitting across from the cheerful looking Hufflepuff who was a prefect, judging by his badge.

Like just about everywhere else in the hall, students here were chattering happily and Deirdre felt slightly uncomfortable sitting amongst them. Thankfully though, the Hufflepuff table seemed friendly and Kaylee quickly began making introductions to the prefect. Ali? Dei-Dei? The dark haired girl raised a brow a little at that. Apparently the other girl was fond of nicknames. She didn't say anything as Kaylee gestured in her general direction to indicate who she was. She turned her emerald green eyes to 'Ali' then, studying him briefly. The boy had dark brown hair and like Kaylee, seemed very welcoming which she was rather grateful for. He held out his hand to her and she shook it, but not without a bit of awkwardness. She nodded once at what he said. "Yes. Um, nice to meet you, Ali." She said, with a small smile as she used his nickname. She knew she didn't sound French at all, which might come as a bit of a surprise to some of them, since she came from Beauxbatons.

Just then, a pretty Ravenclaw girl appeared, taking one of the prefect's pastries without him noticing, Deirdre noted. The girl reminded her a bit of a muggle model, with her height which was above Deirdre's 5'6" which wasn't exactly short. The girl had a lovely face which was framed by short brown hair. Apparently she was a friend of Alistar's and he didn't even make a fuss about her taking his sweet. 'Ali' shot a look at another Hufflepuff boy who, Deirdre noted looked as though he had a strong crush on the Ravenclaw who appeared completely and utter oblivious to the exchange between the two boys.

Kaylee then spoke again, warning her to be careful around 'Ali', verifying that he indeed was a prefect. "I'll remember that." She told them, and thought that she should try to keep her magic use to a minimum even though that was going to be hard for her, she was sure. Alistar then spoke up, saying that she needn't worry about him as a prefect and that she should instead worry about his Ravenclaw friend, apparently named Faye. "I'll try and keep my magic in check." She smiled briefly at Faye. She then turned her attention back to Alistar. "Oh, ah...It's Deirdre." She said, with a slight shrug, glancing back to the table she had just come from and with a wave of her wand, brought her goblet which she had forgotten over. Only once it was resting the table, did she realize what she had done. Looking over at the Hufflepuffs and the Ravenclaw, she paused. "...You didn't see anything." She said, seriously, with a wave of her hand as if that would wipe the memory of her floating goblet from their minds, however smirk was beginning to find it's way onto her face. "Anyway," She said, deciding to continue with her dueling question since she wasn't entirely sure what she should talk to these people about. "do any of you know when the Dueling Club meets? I'm afraid I don't have a schedule." She figured at least one of them would know.

The unloading hall, surely a fair distance away, still managed to cantilever its noise and banter well into the parallel hallway that Lavender was now sharing with this Innes Ross. Lavender could feel his vermilion-brown eyes burning into her with inquisition and doubt about her facade. She wavered a bit, straining her ears to focus on the noise from the grand hall. But the Dippitt girl found it increasingly difficult to keep up this veneer as Innes popped her small and poorly guarded personal bubble.

"Innes Ross. I don't know if you know Kaylee from Hufflepuff - - - "
"Kaylee. She has the little tabby cat, Tara." Lavender interrupted unintentionally.
"Not a bad spell," Innes continued as he examined Lavender's work of the mirror.
"Well Iโ€ฆ"
"Not even a scratch left." He concluded.

Finally she pivoted to face him directly, her eyes swinging away from the refashioned mirror chassis to address his compliment. Though she didn't fancy herself coy, she felt her cheeks flush a cast of coral at his acknowledgment. Blinking a bit, she incessantly rubbed her cheek with her sleeve and muttered, "Thank you." Reserved as she was, again her eyes traveled away from his gaze only to fall upon her books that were wedged firmly beneath his arm. And then her line of vision traced its way to his extended hand which was apparently being offered to her on the invitation to eat together.

It wasn't until Faye, another Ravenclaw bumped into Lavender that she realized she'd been hesitant on taking Innes up on his offer. Stammering with embarrassment, she sidestepped a bit, "Oh, h-h-ello Faye." The Dippitt girl nodded with a smile curtly, staring rather admirably at Faye's perfectly waved, dark umber hair. But in moments, Lavender's fellow classmate was gone again which brought her back to Innes' overture.

Lavender rocked on her knees for a second, swaying in consonance with the rhythm of commotion down the hall. She reached a hand behind her to itch at the back of her neck before awkwardly accepting his invitation, "Well I suppose I ought to put something in my gob. My mum hated when I'd go to bed on an empty stomach." Bringing her hand forth again, she pressed some of her chestnut tresses behind one ear. Her small fingers bravely approached Innes' hand before they by the narrowest of margins grasped his own, much like a toddler to an adult.

Together the two made their way back to the grand hall, only by a hair's breadth avoiding Grimm Oglethorpe as he passed with a group of his dolt friends who were undoubtedly still laughing at Lavender Dippitt's expense. She lowered her head a bit in shame until she and Innes made it back into the slightly stripped vestibule. The radiant hall had quieted and emptied, leaving a few straggling ghosts, students and professors in its wake. Squirming with discomfort, still seated at the Ravenclaw table was Mylor. He looked briefly at the drooping candles in the upper atmosphere then to Lavender, raising a brow when he saw her hand-in-hand with the Durmstrang boy.

At the anterior of the foyer, still fierce in all of its prestige was the vehement and astonishing goblet. Lavender wondered how many names it had feasted upon and who would be chosen. The goblet roared quietly, its inferno awe-inspiring yet fearsome all at once. She glanced at it with a certain spirit of inquiry, almost as though she were asking it with her gaze if she were to be favored as a consummate candidate.

Gently retracting her hand, Lavender sat at the Ravenclaw table and made room beside her for Innes. Mylor scooted down the bench to join their company and was going on before Lavender got the opportunity to express her curiosity about Durmstrang.

"That Grimm - he was just trying to nick your glory. Hey - you alright?"

"Fine, Mylor. Did I miss anything?" Lavender ignored the comment about Grimm.
"Just a bunch of students stuffing nosh into their faces and goblet nonsense - who's your friend?"
"Innes Ross ofโ€ฆ"
"Durmstrang. Wicked," Mylor breathed, "Tell me all about your school? Are you all that smarmy and welly?"
"I highly doubt they're all strapping Casanova types, Mylor - don't be so wet behind the ears."
"Sod off, woman! Anyway, Innes, what you think about the tournament?"

With a heavy sigh, Lavender tugged a plate full of sweet bread towards herself and Innes, began picking small pieces from it and accepted that she wasn't much of a talker anyway.

Avoiding eye contact, Alison winced as a slew of students from the house of Ravenclaw passed by them. Knowing Hogwarts, by the time she woke up in the morning there would be a rumor that someone witnessed Kye and herself sneaking off together - and boy would Grimm and his friends have a field day with that one. Faye, a girl Alison once had as a tutor for History of Magic, said hello as she passed, and Alison offered a weak smile. It wasn't that Alison was ashamed to be seen with Kye, he was handsome enough in a rugged sort of way instead of the fine features and pale skin and hair type most people in her family tended to chase. However being see with a clean cut prefect wasn't very good for her image. One thing Alison could admit she enjoyed about people assuming the worst from the youngest Oglethorpe was that they all left her alone.

Chewing on her bottom lip, she nodded as he verified her name was Alison, despite Faye having said it only moments ago. As her name rolled off his tongue, she felt a shiver run up her spine, causing her to twitch involuntarily. Alison never liked the way her name sounded, it was too cold. It was the perfect name for the person everyone believed her to be, she supposed. Her family called her Alice on occasion, Grimm never varied from Alison. Most other people in their house called the girl Sonny, everyone else just avoided her. Before Kye could move on, Alison blurted out, "It's Sonny...actually."

"Do you usually return to the Slytherin common rooms by this route? I thought your common rooms were in the dungeon. Peeves must of chased you for a long time."

An amused glint in his eyes showed he didn't quite believe her tale, making Alison fidget under his stare. Her lips were in a small smirk, repressing the urge for a Cheshire like smile to give herself away. Tugging at the ends of her cropped hair in thought, Alison slowly shook her head. Pressing her lips together, she rolled them against each other as if to wipe off evidence of a smile, then opening her mouth to speak. "I was returning from the owlry, I had a letter to send out to me mum."

It wasn't a complete lie, which is why Alison seemed perfectly believable as she spoke. Straightening her posture, looking Kye squarely into his pale blue eyes, she figured it best to change the direction of the conversation. The last thing she needed was a nosy prefect digging into her business. "Didn't I see you put your name in the Goblet of fire?"

Suddenly remembering that Kye was one of the heads of the dueling team. Seeing that she mostly dueled with those within her own year, she had never had the chance to duel everybody in the club, including Kye. She wondered who would win, an amused grin lighting her features. "Have you even thought about what happens if your chosen?"

Pressure, limelight, conflict, panic, and who knows what else. It seemed ridiculous, putting one student from each school on a pedestal too challenge one another and name one a champion. Yet strangely, tempting. The taste of victory was surely sweet, and they'd all want a piece of it, but who had it in them to rise as the Victor of them all?



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