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Innes Ross

"What the bloody hell is going on here?"

0 · 226 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts: The TriWizard Tournament”, as played by Forensic_Anthro


Innes Ross




Innes is really active, though not overly social. Unless he's comfortable being around someone, he's generally pretty quiet. Innes is rather artistic and all of his notebooks have some rough sketches and doodles in and on them. Where his father taught him how to fight and play Quidditch, his mother instructed him in other things such as how to cook and play guitar and piano. Due to his father's influence, he's always been very fit and active. He's bounced from sport to sport throughout the years, but has always loved Quidditch. He was raised to be loyal and patient, though he can have moments, like everyone else, where he loses all that and can be rather short-tempered. He's also quite sarcastic when he finds an opportunity to be.

He has layered red-brown hair and hazel eyes. He's slim and very well muscled from almost constantly training himself to get stronger. However, his build naturally hides most of his muscle tone. He has a light dusting of freckles across his nose, courtesy of his Scottish heritage, though he obviously has an equally strong amount of Japanese in him from his mother. His arms and legs have quite a few scars on them from when he first started learning to fight and to play Quidditch. He also has his family's crest tattooed in red over his heart. He tends to wear a black undershirt, capris, and a beanie.


Innes was born in Scotland to Ian Ross, a rather renown pureblood fighting instructor there, and Amu Ross, a rather lesser-known half-blood composer that never hit it big. Throughout his childhood he often went on long trips to stay with his cousin, Kaylee, and her fathers. That continued until the year Innes turned thirteen, when they sent him to Durmstrang Academy to begin his magical training. There he began work to stay at the top of his class, since he only seemed to have two things to do at the school; study and practice. Once he heard it was being reinstated, his goal became to win the Triwizard cup. When his parents and uncles heard that he would be visiting Hogwarts they quickly instructed him to watch after Kaylee while he was there.

Extra useless information that you don't need to read about if you don't want to.


Handedness: Right

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Red-brown

Distinguishing marks: He has a light dusting of freckles across his nose, courtesy of his Scottish heritage. He also has his family's crest tattooed in red over his heart.


Parents: Amu Ross and Ian Ross

Siblings: None, but his cousin is Kaylee.

Relationship status: Single

Friends: Kaylee and a couple others. He also has plenty of friends back in Scotland who he has tried to keep in touch with.

Enemies: TBA

Ethnicity: Scottish-Japanese

Religion: Agnostic


Education: Durmstrang student

Vocation/occupation: He does some graphic design commissions and helps people figure out their Herbology and Divination homework, since he's gotten it mostly figured out. He's also quite favored to have as a partner for in-class work.

Own or rent: He lives in the dorms.

Living space: His room is just as barren besides for his textbooks and whatever else he feels he may need in the imminent future.

Main transport: Skateboard or broomstick.


Fears: Abandonment, crowds, being disabled, and dying.

Eating habits: Innes is a surprisingly neat eater, which is more out of habit than actual neatness.

Food preferences: He'll eat anything that gets put in front of him so long as he knows it's safe to eat.

Sleeping habits: He's an extremely light sleeper and often doesn't get enough sleep because of it.

Book preferences: He'll read anything except biographies.

Music preferences: He likes a couple specific bands, but hasn't found any others that he's completely sold on.

Groups or alone?: He likes small groups.

Leader or follower: Follower, though he can pull off being a leader sometimes.

Planned out or spontaneous: A bit of both.

Hobbies: Cooking, coming up with design ideas, listening to music, and playing sports (especially Quidditch).

How do they relax: Cooking, coming up with design ideas, playing guitar or piano, and going running or playing sports.

What excites them: Finishing a commission, learning a new recipe, winning a match, and making new friends.

Stressors: Too much responsibility, crowds, and deadlines.

Obsessions: Art, music, sports, and food.

Ambitions: To become a Quidditch star.


Birth date: January 1st

Time of birth: 12:01 am

Western astrological sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac: Snake

Handwriting: Very neat and simple.

General health: Very healthy. He rarely gets sick.


Drugs/alcohol: He doesn't really care, so long as no one gets hurt.

Prized possessions: A silver ring with his family's crest on it. He wears it on a silver chain around his neck.

So begins...

Innes Ross's Story

Vladimir had sat around in his cabin, bored during the trip to Hogwarts. He couldn't deny that short of the home school, Dursmstrang students would have the best conditions. Benefit of going to a school that was significantly smaller than the competition, the students virtually all had their own cabin. At least that was what he assumed, but since he was amongst the elite of Durmstrang it might just be the treatment for top students. A faint smile broke out on his face, that was a trait unique to Durmstrang, manifest preferential treatment to the top students in each year. Since it was much warmer in Scotland, he hadn't bothered wearing the fur coat over the red robes of his school but he wasn't unique in the idea.

The other two schools were already in attendance, and as such his school mates and himself were left to hurry to their seats when the announcement of the Triwizard Tournament commenced. Durmstrang had sat with with the Slytherin table, it appeared to be something of a tradition. But at the moment, he found the idea might have had something to do with the small group of locals pestering him. It didn't take a genius to realize the group around him were Pureblood fanatics. This left their motives rather transparent, the mixing of their bloodline with his own. Had he been able to speak, Vladimir would have probably driven them off but he had no desire to waste the time or the magic at this point. Instead, he waited for official announcements to complete and silently excused himself from the table.

As he stood up, it occurred to him that virtually the entirety of the three schools were seated. He even ignored his own hunger by opting to leave and as such seemed to be drawing attention to himself unnecessarily. But despite all this, he still began the walk across the hall towards the doors. In Durmstrang he'd earned the reputation of being ever distant yet something of a flirt...a side affect of his method of communication. Despite his desire to leave, there was no haste in his step. It was more like he was taking a stroll across the hall and take in the sites, if anything it seemed more believable that he just happened to be walking towards the door in the process. Still, as he came across the Goblet he crossed the line and entered his name. It was at this point his eyes fell upon a fellow classmate, one he recognized.

He focused on the back of the head of the man, the sound of the hall faded out. Within his own vision was naught but the one he sought communication with, otherwise his message wouldn't be received. "Will you not enter your name now, First Seat?" He had referred to the man by something of school titles. It wasn't uncommon for students at Durmstrang to interact based on seat placement in the grade- Vladimir himself ranked Third.

Innes Ross

As he stepped off the ship, Innes paused to enjoy the warm breeze that ruffled his hair. Clutching his beanie in his hand, he was about to pull it on when the headmaster spotted him. Reluctantly tucking the beanie into a pocket, he sighed and grinned. Sure, he couldn't wear his beanie for now, but he was back home in Scotland at the very least. Following the rest of the Durmstrang students as they migrated toward the great Hall, he could feel the tension and excitement in the air. Innes knew that with every step he was getting closer to not only reuniting with his cousin, but also entering his name into the Goblet of Fire.

As they entered the hall, they were hurried to their seats, being the last school in attendance. Frowning slightly as they were ushered to the Slytherin table, Innes paid less attention to what Dumbledore was saying and more to trying to find the Hufflepuff table in an attempt to find his little cousin. Spotting a familiar fedora among the crowd, he smiled slightly before returning his attention to the 'main event.'

Several people had already gone up to the Goblet to put their names in, and just as he was about to rise to enter his as well, a familiar classmate approached him. "I was just about to, Third Seat." he stood and made his way to the Goblet, retrieving a neat rectangle of paper from his pocket and dropping it into the flame.

Pausing to watch the parchment be devoured by the flames, he turned and returned to his seat.

Kaylee Schaefer

Kaylee was bored. Fidgeting in her seat while she waited for the other two schools to arrive. The anticipation of new students and her cousin's arrival was killing her. Squeaking as the person next to her bumped her shoulder and told her to sit still, she sighed. However, it wasn't long before the Beauxbatons and then the Durmstrangs entered the hall. Within another few minutes she had spotted her cousin and Dumbledore had announced the official start of the TriWizard Tournament. Grinning as she saw Innes go to enter his name, she had to stop herself from going to tackle hug him. It had been a long time since the last time she saw him.

"Looks like little Nezzy finally beat me out in height." the rather short girl reached up and played with the brim of her fedora.

Today's hat was one she rarely wore, but rather kept careful care of; it was black with a silver band and her family crest on it in red; the same crest that was tattooed over Innes' heart, actually.

#, as written by Issa

Adie sat at the Gryffindor table, happily chatting to her friends as they waited for the other schools to arrived. Adie's gaze kept flicking up to where the TriWizard Goblet stood inactive. She couldn't help but grin, she had turned 17 only a week ago and would therefore be able to submit her name for the tournament.
"Stop looking so damned happy Ads!" One of her 16 year old friends moaned, "Why can't I have been born three months earlier?"
Adie just laughed and gave her friend a pat on the back.

At that moment the students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons entered, causing the Hogwarts' students to suddenly hush. The three schools rarely saw each other out of the TriWizard Tournament so it was a new sight for most of the students.
The Hogwarts' Headmaster welcomed both schools and then stepped down to the Goblet. With a wave of his wand it burst into blue flames.

"This, is the Goblet of Fire. Any student who wishes to enter the tournament and is at least seventeen years of age, may write their name upon a piece of parchment and toss it into the fire before this hour on Thursday. From this moment on, the TriWizard Tournament has begun." His words sent a thrill through Adie's spine. Finally, the Tournament had began.

Already students were approaching the Goblet and entering their names. A seventh year Ravenclaw was the first from Hogwarts to put her name in, followed by two Durmstrang students. Adie, egged on by her friends, stood up and swiftly strode towards the Goblet. Butterflies were whirling around her stomach and she couldn't keep the excited smile off her face. As she approached the goblet, another student fell into step with her.

"I'll bet you a butterbeer that I'm picked for Hogwarts." Kye Reid muttered to Adie. Kye was a seventh year Ravenclaw and also a prefect. The two had known each other since early childhood, being neighbours and the children of magical families.
"One butterbeer?" Adie snorted, then she smirked up at Kye, "Fine. If I win you have to admit that Puddlemere United is in every way inferior to the Montrose Magpies."
Kye gave his own quiet laugh and would have replied but the two had now reached the Goblet. Together they stepped over the threshold and dropped their names into the goblet.
Stepping back and away Kye made one last remark to Adie before the two went to their own tables, "You've got yourself a bet. I'm going to enjoy that butterbeer while I watch PU beat the Magpies."
Adie just rolled her eyes and wondered back to her table.

Kye returned to his seat at the head of the Ravenclaw table, getting various pats on the back and 'good luck' calls as he did. Kye was competitive by nature, he liked to win and do well. If he was selected for the Hogwarts side then he would put everything he had into winning the cup. He had watched as the students before him had entered their names, analyzing their possible strengths and weaknesses. Of course he only had the general appearance of the Durmstrang students to go on, but it was a start. As for Lavender, a fellow 7th year ravenclaw, he hoped that if he or his friend Adie wasn't selected than at least another Ravenclaw.
"Good luck Lavender." He called down the table to her.

"Blimey! Ain't she got a clue what she's doing?" Whispered Elizabeth Crowley as the small-boned, potential TriWizard Cup contestant whisked past her, longing to cram herself between classmates and blend in again. Usually after submitting herself to some sort of embarrassment or discomfort, she'd have rushed to the library or her room. But Lavender had to admit to herself, she was excited to see who else would be putting their names in and taking the plunge, so to speak.

What appeared to be the open ceiling of the hall twinkled and flickered with the daubed, surreal image of a magnificent nighttime firmament. First years were commonly enraptured by the sight but, those older knew it was a simple spell and that the grand hall wasn't just some open, unprotected atrium. Candles danced in the ether above resplendent stretches of food and drink.

Slowly a line began to form by the goblet which was spitting and licking flames up into the hushed air like some sort of circus big top attraction. Broad-shouldered men from the visiting school undoubtedly, became scores in the queue of plucky young souls who fidgeted with pieces of paper wielding their names. And then there was the bumping, nudging pair of Ravenclaws that Lavender recognized as Kye Reid and Adeline Knox, known to be friends for quite some time.

"Why don't you eat somethin'?" Came a voice from beside where Lavender sat, an unidentified scholar from her house whom seemed to be concerned. He had almond-shaped green eyes and a crooked right fang. Offering no verbal reply, Lavender forced a smile and snatched a small sweet biscuit from a cascading mountain atop a tray which initially diverted her attention from the goblet. Her stomach gurgled, begging to be fed. Lavender's small digits picked apart the bread piece by piece as she anxiously surveyed the aspirants at the front of the hall once more.

At least two from each house volunteered themselves for the tournament. Her heart sank a bit. Of course once the competition was narrowed down, Lavender wouldn't be considered. As she watched them all go on, she began to doubt her abilities significantly.

"Good luck Lavender."

Just short of swallowing a piece of dough, Lavender's mahogany eyes swiveled at the mention of her name until they trained themselves on Kye Reid. Not completely sure what to make of his remark, the corners of her lips tugged into a closed-smile, cheeks full of bread. A solid 'gulp' was heard before she called down the table, "I'm going to need it if you've entered, heard you're rather brilliant in charms and what not." Silently she merged back in with the crowd of Ravenclaws, excusing herself from conversation as if sheepish for speaking.

"Going to need it if you've entered," mimicked Grimm a table away, "Like they'd choose some wonky mudblood to compete in the TriWizard tournament! What an oaf!" A roar of laughter erupted from his section of the Slytherin table as they all shook their heads at Lavender's expense. The Dippitt girl lowered her head and flipped through some books, clearing her throat and underscoring specific sections she was adamant about memorizing. Inescapably Grimm carried on with his tyranny, now feeling free of the Defense professor's black look. In turn Lavender gingerly sipped at some pumpkin juice and set two books on the table, already exhausted with being surrounded by Hogwarts folk and visitors alike where Grimm could make a fool of her.

Surprisingly, the first to enter was a seemingly timid looking young witch from Hogwarts, from what house, she wasn't entirely sure. She had cocoa colored hair and big brown eyes. She looked like she couldn't hurt a fly, Deirdre thought but the girl was walking with a sort of determination that made Deirdre smile, especially when what seemed to be a young student cheered, rather loudly for her. Good for you. She thought, watching as the girl returned back to her table, where her classmates seemed to be talking. A few others then went up to go enter their names in the goblet, including two Durmstrang boys. Watching everyone else enter their names, Deirdre wanted to sigh. You might as well just enter your name already, seems everyone else is. She thought to herself.

Just then, two more Hogwarts students began making their way up to the goblet, passing Deirdre as they did so. She smirked a little as she caught a bit of their conversation. They seemed to be betting on who they thought would be chosen, which amused her but at the same time she thought it nice - It seemed like friendly competition and at that moment she felt her hopes for her own social life begin to blossom.

She then rose to her feet and retrieved the now crumpled piece of paper which she had hastily scribbled her name (Barely legibly) onto from her pocket and began to make her way down to the goblet, keeping her expression blank. This would probably cause some confusion as to who she would be competing for, since she was still in her Beauxbatons uniform and had originally intended to wait to enter her name but she didn't really care all that much at the moment.

It only took her a moment to reach the goblet, thanks to her table's close proximity to it. Once she reached it, she looked into the crackling flames and without hesitation, slipped the parchment into the fire and gazing at it for a moment longer before turning swiftly on her heel and making her way back down to her table.

As she passed the Ravenclaw table on her way to her bench, she heard another Hogwarts entrant, the boy who had been making bets with another girl wish the timid looking one, apparently named Lavender luck. Hmm. People seemed to like her, she thought to herself. She was glad that she was being given support, since from the girl's response to him seemed as nice as Deirdre had first perceived her to be. What she heard next, stopped her in her tracks though. She turned her emerald green eyes onto the Slytherin who was now making jabs at the girl. Mudblood? Deirdre narrowed her eyes at that. She despised that filthy word and the purists who used it. No, she wasn't going to let that little weasel run his mouth. Unable to help herself, she slipped her wand out of her pocket and flicked it at the Slytherin boy's cup with the swiftness of a practiced witch. "Expelliarmus." She said, quietly but clearly and watched the cup tumble over and (hopefully) splash onto the little weasel's robes. She hoped none of the headmasters or professors saw that, as she doubted they would see that as reflecting well on Beauxbatons. "Watch your mouth." Deirdre hissed at him, her voice cool. She then turned her gaze to the Lavender girl. "Best of luck to you." She said, her voice for once lacking sarcasm.

Kaylee Schaefer

Kaylee watched as drama, as always, interrupted the festivities. Although she couldn't see very well, Kaylee managed to spot Grimm and the Beauxbaton girl that was transferring to Hogwarts. Seeing Lavender leave just a few minutes later and the ebony-haired girl move to go sit with the Beauxbatons. Stepping over the bench seat clumsily, she practically bounced across the hall to reach the vicinity of the Beauxbaton's table and the dark-haired girl.

Adjusting her fedora, Kaylee tapped the girl on the shoulder and smiled. "Hi, I'm Kaylee from Hufflepuff house. You're the transfer student, right? You can come sit with me and my house if you'd like. I promise we don't bite!" she held out a hand to the girl, offering assistance to step over the bench seat, should the girl accept her offer.

Innes Ross

Innes didn't quite catch the start of the ridicule from one of the boys at the Slytherin table, but he saw the aftermath. The girl had quickly left the Great Hall, leaving behind her books. Standing up, he went to collect her books, pausing and casting a disproving glance toward the group of Pureblood Elitists as he went by.

"Nothing is brought about by blood. You're not perfect or superior just because you're a Pureblood. You're still a person, just like the rest of us, regardless of your blood." he continued on, collecting the girl's books and quietly asking one of the students what the girl's name was.

Nodding his thanks to the student who supplied the requested information, he headed out of the hall, crimson robes swishing quietly with each step. In the hallways, he stopped. He didn't even know his way around the school to have the faintest idea of where the girl could have gone. Shaking his head, Inness picked a direction and started off, walking as fast as he could without outright running. Luckily, he seemed to have gone the right way and eventually found himself entering a hall of mirrors. Seeing the girl looking quite upset as she looked in one of the mirrors, he cautiously approached her.

"Ah.. Lavender, was it? I wanted to make sure you were okay. From what I heard, that boy was way out of line. If there's anything I can do.." he trailed off, not entirely sure what else to say.

Just moments ago, there went Lavender before the grace of the headmaster and visiting academies, brave enough to be the first to put her name in the goblet. And from where she stood before the mirror then, she was a mere fraction of the valiant Ravenclaw soul who was so bold as to be the earliest aspirant of the TriWizard tournament. But, never so petty as to wallow in self pity, she found herself ashamed of her tears. With the sleeve of her robe, she roughly patted her cheeks dry and took a deep breath.

Once again she dared to put her head in an ascending motion, meeting the reflection of a half-muggle girl with discoid sepia eyes and slightly rosy cheeks. If there was anything improper, sinful or contaminated about her - it was that she was allowing bloody Grimm Oglethorpe to get to her.

Taper flames danced in their position, suspended in small mountings on ancient chandeliers overhead. Shadows convulsed on the walls, something that used to trick Lavender when she was still fairly new to the school. Often she'd look over her shoulder and scurry back to the commons at breakneck speed. She'd long outgrown the birdbrained fears of a new student, but failed to overcome the apprehension towards the dark. And the damned candles weren't much help where that was concerned.

Stilled hush imbibed the mirror-decorated foyer. Lavender sighed longingly, aching to speak with her mother to efface her self doubt. She knew that it was a grave matter, keeping confidence in herself especially in wearisome times. Halwyn and Ambrosia would be disappointed if they knew their 'tough little girl' was falling victim to some imbecile remarks and uncertainty about her origin. Nonetheless, Lavender stared into her reflection with her eyes slightly narrowed. Eager fingers delved inside her Ravenclaw finery to retrieve her wand.

"Deprimo!" The small girl whispered with determination, her switch pointed at the mirror.

A metallic 'squeak' was heard as the bolt in the stone loosened and the looking glass wavered a bit before crashing onto the floor, reverberating against the repetition of the murmured spell. It disintegrated rapidly but was all at once, swallowed by the silence that haunted the halls.

Lavender had jumped back a bit when the glass shattered, but stood stark still in the aftermath. It wasn't until she felt a presence that her eyes pinned themselves wide and shot to her right where a hale and hearty young man was approaching. Durmstrang, she thought to herself and suddenly became filled with panic. It was embarrassing enough to have been insulted by Grimm in front of everybody let alone be caught destroying mirrors in the corridor while everyone else ate and celebrated. The last thing she needed was some boy from the visiting school thinking Hogwarts was full of milksops.

"Ah… Lavender, was it? I wanted to make sure you were okay. From what I heard, that boy was way out of line. If there's anything I can do…"

Quietly she pivoted a bit to face him, taking notice to the books he held in his hands. Rather thoughtful. Coercing a weak smile, Lavender only nodded and curtsied a bit to show her due regard and gratitude. She fought the urge to kick away the fragmented glass as she spoke softly, "It's nothing really - right gobsmacked I was is all… That all that happened in such a short time. No matter. I'm alright, thank you for checking on me and bringing my books."

She turned away from him, disconcerted to be seen by a visitor in the heart of her insecurities. "What's your name?" Pausing, she lifted her wand again.

"Reparo." One by one, shards of looking glass became buoyant. Up into the air they came, defying gravity and assembling themselves at remarkable speed until the mirror was whole again. As lovely as ever, the gold-adorned frame redeveloped.

Vladimir was drawn from his wondering of how to arrange for food after he left the hall. This process was interrupted when a certain girl ran out of the hall, emotional turmoil from what he could sense. On reflex, he began after her...but Innes was way ahead of him. This left him to swallow a small bout of frustration from his own uselessness. His lack of a voice left as a poor comforter at best and things would get worse if he left too. Furthermore, if he let his emotions run wild there was not telling whether his magic would run with it... an event that had occurred before.

To cover for his motion, he went towards the Gryffindor table. In his opinion, their red borders were more suited to the crimson Durmstrang robes than the Slytherin green. This also let him gather more information, the Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors were of particular interest to him in this competition. The chivalrous and family like atmospheres were rather absent at Durmstrang which was full of the over clever and ambitious like Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Strangely enough, he didn't even need to try to communicate for a space to be made for him to sit. It left him opposite of a blonde girl, one he believed had also put her name in the Goblet of Fire. A quick glance revealed no free cup nearby him, but he was able to pull on to his hands with a quick Summoning Charm. To another experienced magic user, no much of a feat... but it was one of the few spells he could also perform wandless. As a gesture of good faith, he held out the drink for a toast. A quick nod of his head towards hers was used to indicate his intentions. After all, since the two of them could end up competing against each other, a bit of good will made for a better show. In case some form of true communication was genuinely needed, he attempted to make eye contact. That way he could send his thoughts to her quickly and efficiently, granted a bit less convenient than truly being able to speak.

Faye Vess

Faye sat quietly at the Ravenclaw table as the events unfolded. She sat towards the head of the table, close to the other seventh years and welcomed the new first years like a good prefect should. She watched intently as the Headmaster announced their visitors and about the Triwizard Tournament. For a moment, she considered entering herself, but her attention was drawn back as Lavender from her house boldly stepped forward as the first entrant. While Lavender wasn't her best friend,(that title belonged to Cerridwen Kettleburn) she could consider them good friends. She clapped for her along with a few other students, but then the whole business with Grimm happened. She was angry, not only because he bullied her friend, but also for what he called her. It was distasteful and disrespectful, but then again when had Grimm ever been classy and respectful in the first place? Faye herself had been subject to his name-calling on more than one occasion, but she had grown used to it and never took anything the arrogant brat said to heart. She wanted to put him in his place, but how to do so without drawing any attention to herself? Her problem was soon solved for her by a girl from Beauxbatons. When the prestigious academy first arrived, Faye's first thought was how vapid the school must be, but after the raven-haired girl's display of chivalry, Faye found she had new respect for them.

Faye listened as best she could from her spot as Grimm's sister Alison rebuked Lavender's savior. She chuckled at the Beauxbaton's girl response, which was very clever. She glanced back as Alison reclaimed her seat with her group of lackeys. While Grimm didn't scare her, his sister was another matter entirely. She seemed intimidating to Faye, though she had no real reason to fear her.

Faye's attention was brought back as Kye, her fellow prefect, went to submit his own name into the Goblet with the girl he always hung around with in Gryffindor. As more and more people gathered and put their name in the Goblet, Faye couldn't help but wonder if she should enter as well. After a few moments of deliberation she decided she would come later, when no one else was around and enter. After all, her father would be immensely proud of her if she was selected. She smile to herself and sipped at her pumpkin juice as Cerridwen spoke about whether or not she should enter. Unbeknownst to Cerridwen, Faye's attention was not on her, it was watching as Lavender left the table upset followed by a Durmstrang boy. Another Durmstrang boy boldly went and sat with Kye's friend, Adeline.

Alistair Webb

Another prefect, Alistair, sat happily chatting with his friends at the Hufflepuff table. He was seemingly oblivious to the events of the Ravenclaw table, even though the Great Hall had quieted to eavesdrop. As he looked to the professors at the Head Table, disapproval was written all over their faces at Grimm's actions. For Grimm to act that way in front of the visiting foreigners was unacceptable and gave Hogwarts a bad reputation, especially after the events of the past with pureblood mania.

After the drama stopped and Grimm was put in his place, the events resumed with young hopefuls entering their name in the Goblet one after another. Alistair bounded towards the forming line taking his place among other entrants. As he stepped up to the intimidating Goblet, he quickly scrawled his name on spare bit of parchment he dug from within his robes. He stared the Goblet down as he entered his name, almost daring it to spit it from the flames and reject him. To his delight, it devoured the paper and glowed with yellow-red flames. The flames turned back to their blue hue as he was about to sit down next to Kaylee, who he was good friends with, when she bounded up and went to introduce herself to the Beauxbaton's. Sighing he turned to his other friends and talked to them about his hopes for another Hufflepuff participant.

Deirdre looked after Lavender as she fled the hall, frowning in concern. She had thought that she had seemed okay, but there she was leaving in a hurry - Deirdre was about to go after her, but not a moment later the two Durmstrangs she'd seen earlier were headed after her, although one stopped and made his way to the Gryffindor table. The blonde girl - the sister of the obnoxious Slytherin left too and she hoped she wouldn't make any trouble for the Lavender girl and the Durmstrang. She turned her head back to her table just as someone bounded up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder which just about made her jump out of her skin as she wasn't anticipating it with all the distractions about. She raised a brow at the bouncy creature which had just approached her - a short girl with blonde her and a fedora who was introducing herself as Kaylee, a Hufflepuff. "Deirdre of Beauxbatons." She said simply, a hint of her Irish accent still present in her voice despite all the years she'd studied in France. "And yes, I am the transfer student." She told her, wondering how this girl knew that about her or if she was just guessing when it could be any number of them. Well, what she'd heard of the Hufflepuff house seemed true enough to her at the moment. The girl then said something Deirdre hadn't expected in the slightest - to come join them at their table if she'd. For a moment the raven haired girl just stared at her in surprise. "Uhm," She said, stalling for time to get her head straight. Normally she would have declined, but since she was still sitting with the Beauxbatons, and as she reminded herself, would like to make friends, she thought better of refusing. "Sure." She said, nodding once. "Thank you." Deirdre tacked on, hastily and a bit awkwardly taking the blonde girl's hand, clearly not used to such offerings - more often then not at Beauxbatons she would go eat in the library or outside alone as opposed to joining the others in the dining hall.

Faintly, she heard someone mention the dailey prophet and struggled to catch the rest of what they said, but she caught the word 'murder'. Turning her head, she spotted the blonde haired boy when had spoken - A Slytherin. She was tempted, to go over and speak to him, to discuss it but she already just agreed to go with the cheery Hufflepuff (She wondered if they were all like that and instantly thought she felt a migraine coming on at the idea of having mass numbers of exuberant people around her). It would be rude to suddenly decline and so she looked toward the Hufflepuff table, seeing yet another upbeat looking young man with dark brown hair. ...I really hope I didn't just get myself into trouble. She thought, trying not to sigh. She then turned her emerald eyes to the Kaylee creature. "So, uhm. Do you like it here?" She asked, lamely, not entirely sure what to talk about. She was tempted to ask about the dueling team but had no idea if the girl would be interested in that topic at all. She didn't strike her as much of a fighter.

Kaylee Schaefer

"It's wonderful to meet you, Dei-Dei!" Kaylee was already starting with the nicknames, even though she'd only just learned the girl's name.

Smiling when the girl took her hand and accepted the offer to come sit at their table, she tugged the girl back to the Hufflepuff table. Tapping someone's shoulder, room was quickly made for the two of them to sit right about where Kaylee had been before.

Raising an eyebrow at Deirdre's question, she nodded. "It's quite lively here at Hogwarts. Or did you mean in Hufflepuff house? Either way, they're both lots of fun." she decided to leave out the fact that not many people were too fond of her.

Looking around the table for someone else she knew, she spotted Alistair. "Hey! Ali!" she drug the nickname out. "Meet Deidei. She's cool, so be nice to her, alright?" she gestured vaguely toward Deirdre as she was introducing the girl.

Turning back to Deirdre, she thought for a moment and decided that she should probably explain a bit. "Ah, that's Ali by the way. He's the house Prefect, so try not to cause trouble around him, m'kay?"

Innes Ross

Even though Lavender said that it was nothing, Innes was still concerned. It looked like the mockery happened quite often. He was struck from his thoughts by her question.

"Innes Ross. I don't know if you know Kaylee from Hufflepuff, I think it is? She's my cousin." watching as she repaired the mirror, he raised an eyebrow. "Not a bad spell," he stepped closer to examine the mirror, "not even a scratch left." he nodded approvingly.

Pausing to think for a moment, he tucked the books against his hip with one arm and held out the other hand in offering to Lavender. "Would you care to return to the hall? It didn't seem like you got a chance to eat. Or perhaps I could bring you something and we could eat together? To be honest, I'm really not fond of crowds." he flushed ever so slightly at the mention of his phobia.

The unloading hall, surely a fair distance away, still managed to cantilever its noise and banter well into the parallel hallway that Lavender was now sharing with this Innes Ross. Lavender could feel his vermilion-brown eyes burning into her with inquisition and doubt about her facade. She wavered a bit, straining her ears to focus on the noise from the grand hall. But the Dippitt girl found it increasingly difficult to keep up this veneer as Innes popped her small and poorly guarded personal bubble.

"Innes Ross. I don't know if you know Kaylee from Hufflepuff - - - "
"Kaylee. She has the little tabby cat, Tara." Lavender interrupted unintentionally.
"Not a bad spell," Innes continued as he examined Lavender's work of the mirror.
"Well I…"
"Not even a scratch left." He concluded.

Finally she pivoted to face him directly, her eyes swinging away from the refashioned mirror chassis to address his compliment. Though she didn't fancy herself coy, she felt her cheeks flush a cast of coral at his acknowledgment. Blinking a bit, she incessantly rubbed her cheek with her sleeve and muttered, "Thank you." Reserved as she was, again her eyes traveled away from his gaze only to fall upon her books that were wedged firmly beneath his arm. And then her line of vision traced its way to his extended hand which was apparently being offered to her on the invitation to eat together.

It wasn't until Faye, another Ravenclaw bumped into Lavender that she realized she'd been hesitant on taking Innes up on his offer. Stammering with embarrassment, she sidestepped a bit, "Oh, h-h-ello Faye." The Dippitt girl nodded with a smile curtly, staring rather admirably at Faye's perfectly waved, dark umber hair. But in moments, Lavender's fellow classmate was gone again which brought her back to Innes' overture.

Lavender rocked on her knees for a second, swaying in consonance with the rhythm of commotion down the hall. She reached a hand behind her to itch at the back of her neck before awkwardly accepting his invitation, "Well I suppose I ought to put something in my gob. My mum hated when I'd go to bed on an empty stomach." Bringing her hand forth again, she pressed some of her chestnut tresses behind one ear. Her small fingers bravely approached Innes' hand before they by the narrowest of margins grasped his own, much like a toddler to an adult.

Together the two made their way back to the grand hall, only by a hair's breadth avoiding Grimm Oglethorpe as he passed with a group of his dolt friends who were undoubtedly still laughing at Lavender Dippitt's expense. She lowered her head a bit in shame until she and Innes made it back into the slightly stripped vestibule. The radiant hall had quieted and emptied, leaving a few straggling ghosts, students and professors in its wake. Squirming with discomfort, still seated at the Ravenclaw table was Mylor. He looked briefly at the drooping candles in the upper atmosphere then to Lavender, raising a brow when he saw her hand-in-hand with the Durmstrang boy.

At the anterior of the foyer, still fierce in all of its prestige was the vehement and astonishing goblet. Lavender wondered how many names it had feasted upon and who would be chosen. The goblet roared quietly, its inferno awe-inspiring yet fearsome all at once. She glanced at it with a certain spirit of inquiry, almost as though she were asking it with her gaze if she were to be favored as a consummate candidate.

Gently retracting her hand, Lavender sat at the Ravenclaw table and made room beside her for Innes. Mylor scooted down the bench to join their company and was going on before Lavender got the opportunity to express her curiosity about Durmstrang.

"That Grimm - he was just trying to nick your glory. Hey - you alright?"

"Fine, Mylor. Did I miss anything?" Lavender ignored the comment about Grimm.
"Just a bunch of students stuffing nosh into their faces and goblet nonsense - who's your friend?"
"Innes Ross of…"
"Durmstrang. Wicked," Mylor breathed, "Tell me all about your school? Are you all that smarmy and welly?"
"I highly doubt they're all strapping Casanova types, Mylor - don't be so wet behind the ears."
"Sod off, woman! Anyway, Innes, what you think about the tournament?"

With a heavy sigh, Lavender tugged a plate full of sweet bread towards herself and Innes, began picking small pieces from it and accepted that she wasn't much of a talker anyway.