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Kaylee Schaefer

"The party has arrived!"

0 · 320 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts: The TriWizard Tournament”, as played by Forensic_Anthro


Kaylee Schaefer




Willow with unicorn core, 10 inches, quite flexible

Kaylee likes to think that she's the life of the party. She's energetic, outgoing, and extremely friendly. Of course, that isn't to say that she doesn't have her shy moments. She likes being right in the middle of a crowd, but often avoids the forefront. She's surprisingly smart and often tutors other students if they give her sweets or something else that appeals to her. Actually, that's how she acquired most of her hats. Despite how sociable she is, Kaylee actually has a bit of a hard time keeping friends. Between teasing them and getting upset over something that they did, she often seems to lose them as fast as she makes them. Once she finds a good friend, however, she will loyally stick by their side. Her constant friend is her little tabby cat, Tora, who is often found climbing out of Kaylee's bag abruptly in the middle of class. The kitten is often called the "Houdini cat" because even if he's put in a box or contained by the teacher until the end of class, he almost always seems to find a way out. Out of everything about her, besides for her friendliness, she is best known for her habit of giving people pet names.

Standing at a towering 5'2" (and one centimeter, mind you), Kaylee is the tallest out of all her friends. Or so she wishes. She prides herself on always wearing a different fedora. Her hair is, for once, its natural color; blonde. She often likes to add in highlights in order to mix it up, but the one constant is that her hair is always short and pinned back. She has fairly pale skin, though it seems to hold a slight tan. Despite the fact that she has some curves, she prefers to wear slightly baggy and boyish clothes most of the time. However, she has been known to wear some girlish outfits on occasion. Of course, that's when she's not wearing her robes. Although she detests wearing a lot of makeup, she isn't opposed to using a little bit of eyeliner to brighten up her dark blue eyes and always seems to have her nails painted black.


Kaylee was adopted by Kise Schaefer, a half-blood Animagus, and Eli Ross-Schaefer, a pure-blood Auror that was originally from Scotland. Although Kise attended Hogwarts, Eli was sent to a Scottish academy for witchcraft and wizardry. Kaylee had a quiet, friendly, and eventful childhood. Her fathers always took her to the most popular magical events and made sure she understood everything. She began learning about magic from a young age alongside her cousin, Innes. Once she was old enough, Kaylee was sent off to Hogwarts. It was a sad parting with Innes, who was being sent to Durmstrang Academy. At Hogwarts, it wasn't long before Kaylee was teased about her openness or her bi-sexuality or whatever else people could come up with to torture her over. However, over time most of the students seemed to accept her, though there are still some insults thrown at her every so often. This year, with new students transferring in, she's hoping to make some good friends and that they won't be temporary. She's especially excited that Innes is among the Durmstrang students coming to visit. Her goal is to one day become an Animagus and an Auror; it turns out she was never able to choose which parent to follow in the footsteps of.

Extra useless information that you don't need to read about if you don't want to.


Handedness: Left

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 111 lbs.

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde


Parents: Kise Schaefer and Eli Ross-Schaefer

Siblings: None

Relationship status: Single

Friends: Innes and a few other "friends."

Enemies: TBA

Ethnicity: Scottish-Japanese with a bit of German, too.

Religion: Agnostic


Education: Hogwarts student.

Degrees: N/a

Vocation/occupation: She mostly just tutors people for whatever they're willing to give her, whether it be candy or hats or money. She's also been known to do some small art commissions if she's asked nicely.

Employment history: N/a

Own or rent: She lives in the Hufflepuff dormitory.

Living space: Her bed is highly decorated in drawings and other assorted bits of color.


Fears: Being alone, needles, getting lost, and dying.

Eating habits: She's not the neatest person ever, but at least she doesn't end up totally covered in it.

Food preferences: She'll eat just about anything.

Sleeping habits: She's a very deep sleeper and it's often said that she could sleep through a nuclear disaster.

Book preferences: She reads anything and everything, but especially enjoys graphic novels.

Music preferences: She has a few specific bands she likes, but broadens or completely her preferences every couple months.

Groups or alone?: She likes groups.

Leader or follower: A bit of both, really.

Planned out or spontaneous: Spontaneous

Hobbies: Drawing, listening to music, reading, tutoring, and dancing.

How do they relax: Listening to music, drawing, or dancing.

What excites them: Finishing a commission, learning a new spell, making new friends, and making someone happy.

Stressors: Too much responsibility, people, insults, and deadlines.

Obsessions: Art, music, and food.

Ambitions: To become an Animagus and an Auror.


Birth date: January 13th

Time of birth: 1:09 am

Western astrological sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac: Snake

Handwriting: Neat and elaborate.

General health: Quite healthy, but when she gets sick it hits her hard.


Drugs/alcohol: She doesn't really care, so long as no one gets hurt.

Prized possessions: A black fedora, with her family crest on the band, that her fathers gave her when she enrolled.

So begins...

Kaylee Schaefer's Story

Innes Ross

As he stepped off the ship, Innes paused to enjoy the warm breeze that ruffled his hair. Clutching his beanie in his hand, he was about to pull it on when the headmaster spotted him. Reluctantly tucking the beanie into a pocket, he sighed and grinned. Sure, he couldn't wear his beanie for now, but he was back home in Scotland at the very least. Following the rest of the Durmstrang students as they migrated toward the great Hall, he could feel the tension and excitement in the air. Innes knew that with every step he was getting closer to not only reuniting with his cousin, but also entering his name into the Goblet of Fire.

As they entered the hall, they were hurried to their seats, being the last school in attendance. Frowning slightly as they were ushered to the Slytherin table, Innes paid less attention to what Dumbledore was saying and more to trying to find the Hufflepuff table in an attempt to find his little cousin. Spotting a familiar fedora among the crowd, he smiled slightly before returning his attention to the 'main event.'

Several people had already gone up to the Goblet to put their names in, and just as he was about to rise to enter his as well, a familiar classmate approached him. "I was just about to, Third Seat." he stood and made his way to the Goblet, retrieving a neat rectangle of paper from his pocket and dropping it into the flame.

Pausing to watch the parchment be devoured by the flames, he turned and returned to his seat.

Kaylee Schaefer

Kaylee was bored. Fidgeting in her seat while she waited for the other two schools to arrive. The anticipation of new students and her cousin's arrival was killing her. Squeaking as the person next to her bumped her shoulder and told her to sit still, she sighed. However, it wasn't long before the Beauxbatons and then the Durmstrangs entered the hall. Within another few minutes she had spotted her cousin and Dumbledore had announced the official start of the TriWizard Tournament. Grinning as she saw Innes go to enter his name, she had to stop herself from going to tackle hug him. It had been a long time since the last time she saw him.

"Looks like little Nezzy finally beat me out in height." the rather short girl reached up and played with the brim of her fedora.

Today's hat was one she rarely wore, but rather kept careful care of; it was black with a silver band and her family crest on it in red; the same crest that was tattooed over Innes' heart, actually.

Kaylee Schaefer

Kaylee watched as drama, as always, interrupted the festivities. Although she couldn't see very well, Kaylee managed to spot Grimm and the Beauxbaton girl that was transferring to Hogwarts. Seeing Lavender leave just a few minutes later and the ebony-haired girl move to go sit with the Beauxbatons. Stepping over the bench seat clumsily, she practically bounced across the hall to reach the vicinity of the Beauxbaton's table and the dark-haired girl.

Adjusting her fedora, Kaylee tapped the girl on the shoulder and smiled. "Hi, I'm Kaylee from Hufflepuff house. You're the transfer student, right? You can come sit with me and my house if you'd like. I promise we don't bite!" she held out a hand to the girl, offering assistance to step over the bench seat, should the girl accept her offer.

Innes Ross

Innes didn't quite catch the start of the ridicule from one of the boys at the Slytherin table, but he saw the aftermath. The girl had quickly left the Great Hall, leaving behind her books. Standing up, he went to collect her books, pausing and casting a disproving glance toward the group of Pureblood Elitists as he went by.

"Nothing is brought about by blood. You're not perfect or superior just because you're a Pureblood. You're still a person, just like the rest of us, regardless of your blood." he continued on, collecting the girl's books and quietly asking one of the students what the girl's name was.

Nodding his thanks to the student who supplied the requested information, he headed out of the hall, crimson robes swishing quietly with each step. In the hallways, he stopped. He didn't even know his way around the school to have the faintest idea of where the girl could have gone. Shaking his head, Inness picked a direction and started off, walking as fast as he could without outright running. Luckily, he seemed to have gone the right way and eventually found himself entering a hall of mirrors. Seeing the girl looking quite upset as she looked in one of the mirrors, he cautiously approached her.

"Ah.. Lavender, was it? I wanted to make sure you were okay. From what I heard, that boy was way out of line. If there's anything I can do.." he trailed off, not entirely sure what else to say.

Faye Vess

Faye sat quietly at the Ravenclaw table as the events unfolded. She sat towards the head of the table, close to the other seventh years and welcomed the new first years like a good prefect should. She watched intently as the Headmaster announced their visitors and about the Triwizard Tournament. For a moment, she considered entering herself, but her attention was drawn back as Lavender from her house boldly stepped forward as the first entrant. While Lavender wasn't her best friend,(that title belonged to Cerridwen Kettleburn) she could consider them good friends. She clapped for her along with a few other students, but then the whole business with Grimm happened. She was angry, not only because he bullied her friend, but also for what he called her. It was distasteful and disrespectful, but then again when had Grimm ever been classy and respectful in the first place? Faye herself had been subject to his name-calling on more than one occasion, but she had grown used to it and never took anything the arrogant brat said to heart. She wanted to put him in his place, but how to do so without drawing any attention to herself? Her problem was soon solved for her by a girl from Beauxbatons. When the prestigious academy first arrived, Faye's first thought was how vapid the school must be, but after the raven-haired girl's display of chivalry, Faye found she had new respect for them.

Faye listened as best she could from her spot as Grimm's sister Alison rebuked Lavender's savior. She chuckled at the Beauxbaton's girl response, which was very clever. She glanced back as Alison reclaimed her seat with her group of lackeys. While Grimm didn't scare her, his sister was another matter entirely. She seemed intimidating to Faye, though she had no real reason to fear her.

Faye's attention was brought back as Kye, her fellow prefect, went to submit his own name into the Goblet with the girl he always hung around with in Gryffindor. As more and more people gathered and put their name in the Goblet, Faye couldn't help but wonder if she should enter as well. After a few moments of deliberation she decided she would come later, when no one else was around and enter. After all, her father would be immensely proud of her if she was selected. She smile to herself and sipped at her pumpkin juice as Cerridwen spoke about whether or not she should enter. Unbeknownst to Cerridwen, Faye's attention was not on her, it was watching as Lavender left the table upset followed by a Durmstrang boy. Another Durmstrang boy boldly went and sat with Kye's friend, Adeline.

Alistair Webb

Another prefect, Alistair, sat happily chatting with his friends at the Hufflepuff table. He was seemingly oblivious to the events of the Ravenclaw table, even though the Great Hall had quieted to eavesdrop. As he looked to the professors at the Head Table, disapproval was written all over their faces at Grimm's actions. For Grimm to act that way in front of the visiting foreigners was unacceptable and gave Hogwarts a bad reputation, especially after the events of the past with pureblood mania.

After the drama stopped and Grimm was put in his place, the events resumed with young hopefuls entering their name in the Goblet one after another. Alistair bounded towards the forming line taking his place among other entrants. As he stepped up to the intimidating Goblet, he quickly scrawled his name on spare bit of parchment he dug from within his robes. He stared the Goblet down as he entered his name, almost daring it to spit it from the flames and reject him. To his delight, it devoured the paper and glowed with yellow-red flames. The flames turned back to their blue hue as he was about to sit down next to Kaylee, who he was good friends with, when she bounded up and went to introduce herself to the Beauxbaton's. Sighing he turned to his other friends and talked to them about his hopes for another Hufflepuff participant.

Deirdre looked after Lavender as she fled the hall, frowning in concern. She had thought that she had seemed okay, but there she was leaving in a hurry - Deirdre was about to go after her, but not a moment later the two Durmstrangs she'd seen earlier were headed after her, although one stopped and made his way to the Gryffindor table. The blonde girl - the sister of the obnoxious Slytherin left too and she hoped she wouldn't make any trouble for the Lavender girl and the Durmstrang. She turned her head back to her table just as someone bounded up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder which just about made her jump out of her skin as she wasn't anticipating it with all the distractions about. She raised a brow at the bouncy creature which had just approached her - a short girl with blonde her and a fedora who was introducing herself as Kaylee, a Hufflepuff. "Deirdre of Beauxbatons." She said simply, a hint of her Irish accent still present in her voice despite all the years she'd studied in France. "And yes, I am the transfer student." She told her, wondering how this girl knew that about her or if she was just guessing when it could be any number of them. Well, what she'd heard of the Hufflepuff house seemed true enough to her at the moment. The girl then said something Deirdre hadn't expected in the slightest - to come join them at their table if she'd. For a moment the raven haired girl just stared at her in surprise. "Uhm," She said, stalling for time to get her head straight. Normally she would have declined, but since she was still sitting with the Beauxbatons, and as she reminded herself, would like to make friends, she thought better of refusing. "Sure." She said, nodding once. "Thank you." Deirdre tacked on, hastily and a bit awkwardly taking the blonde girl's hand, clearly not used to such offerings - more often then not at Beauxbatons she would go eat in the library or outside alone as opposed to joining the others in the dining hall.

Faintly, she heard someone mention the dailey prophet and struggled to catch the rest of what they said, but she caught the word 'murder'. Turning her head, she spotted the blonde haired boy when had spoken - A Slytherin. She was tempted, to go over and speak to him, to discuss it but she already just agreed to go with the cheery Hufflepuff (She wondered if they were all like that and instantly thought she felt a migraine coming on at the idea of having mass numbers of exuberant people around her). It would be rude to suddenly decline and so she looked toward the Hufflepuff table, seeing yet another upbeat looking young man with dark brown hair. ...I really hope I didn't just get myself into trouble. She thought, trying not to sigh. She then turned her emerald eyes to the Kaylee creature. "So, uhm. Do you like it here?" She asked, lamely, not entirely sure what to talk about. She was tempted to ask about the dueling team but had no idea if the girl would be interested in that topic at all. She didn't strike her as much of a fighter.

Kaylee Schaefer

"It's wonderful to meet you, Dei-Dei!" Kaylee was already starting with the nicknames, even though she'd only just learned the girl's name.

Smiling when the girl took her hand and accepted the offer to come sit at their table, she tugged the girl back to the Hufflepuff table. Tapping someone's shoulder, room was quickly made for the two of them to sit right about where Kaylee had been before.

Raising an eyebrow at Deirdre's question, she nodded. "It's quite lively here at Hogwarts. Or did you mean in Hufflepuff house? Either way, they're both lots of fun." she decided to leave out the fact that not many people were too fond of her.

Looking around the table for someone else she knew, she spotted Alistair. "Hey! Ali!" she drug the nickname out. "Meet Deidei. She's cool, so be nice to her, alright?" she gestured vaguely toward Deirdre as she was introducing the girl.

Turning back to Deirdre, she thought for a moment and decided that she should probably explain a bit. "Ah, that's Ali by the way. He's the house Prefect, so try not to cause trouble around him, m'kay?"

Innes Ross

Even though Lavender said that it was nothing, Innes was still concerned. It looked like the mockery happened quite often. He was struck from his thoughts by her question.

"Innes Ross. I don't know if you know Kaylee from Hufflepuff, I think it is? She's my cousin." watching as she repaired the mirror, he raised an eyebrow. "Not a bad spell," he stepped closer to examine the mirror, "not even a scratch left." he nodded approvingly.

Pausing to think for a moment, he tucked the books against his hip with one arm and held out the other hand in offering to Lavender. "Would you care to return to the hall? It didn't seem like you got a chance to eat. Or perhaps I could bring you something and we could eat together? To be honest, I'm really not fond of crowds." he flushed ever so slightly at the mention of his phobia.

Faye Vess

The night was drawing on and the headmaster dismissed everyone from the Great Hall. Some older students milled around, talking to the foreigners, but Faye was a prefect and took her duty very seriously. She was responsible for making sure the new first years of her house would make it to the Ravenclaw house safe and sound. As soon as they were all dismissed, Faye was one of the first to jump up. She clapped her hands to draw the attention of the new young people and spoke for what seemed like the first time that night. "Alright, all Ravenclaw first years please form a line behind me please. Cerridwen hoped up to walk beside her as they left the hall followed by nervous newcomers. They made their way up the Grand Staircase when one of them decide to turn suddenly. The fear on the first years faces was evident but Faye calmly explained, "Do be careful on the staircases, they like to change." They passed by a corridor where Kye could be seen talking to the Slytherin girl who was Grimm's sister. "Hello, Kye. Hello Allison." She said as she passed them by, suddenly remembering the girl's name. One would think that Kye would be helping her escort the first years, but this was normal almost every year. He patrolled the corridors while she escorted the new ones. They had agreed on it when they first came to be prefects in the fifth year.

They finally arrived at the trapdoor to the Ravenclaw common room after the trek up the winding spiral staircase. She knocked three times with the knocker, preparing to answer the question it would inevitably ask. The Raven's mouth on the door opened and out flowed a serene voice. "What is it that no man ever yet see, which never was, but always is to be?" Faye thought for a moment before the answer came to her. "The answer is tomorrow." The raven's mouth opened once more and the voice drifted out again. "You are correct." The door clicked and Faye pushed it open, walking the rest of the way up the staircase. Cerridwen followed closely behind and held the door for the first years. As they entered the common room some gasped. It was circular and spacious while still remaining cozy. If you listened closely enough, you could hear the wind whistling through the many windows. Once the last child came through she asked them to gather in a semi-circle. "My name is Faye Vess and I will be be one of your prefects this year. As you just witnessed, we don't have a password to enter the common room. To enter, you knock on the door three times and you must answer the question that is posed to you. If you answer incorrectly, the door will not open. Many of the questions require you to think hard on the question and answer wisely, as it is expected of a Ravenclaw. To your left is the boys' dormitory and to your right is the girls'. Your rooms will be marked with a sign saying 'First Years'. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or another prefect. That being said, if you are caught misbehaving, points will be taken from the house. If you do well in classes and do good deeds, points will be awarded to the house. Any prefect of any house can take away or reward points. Your classes will be assigned to you in the morning after breakfast by our Head of House, Professor Flitwick so it is important that you are there in the morning. I believe that is all there is to say, sir bedso everybody get a good night's rest." With that, she dismissed them to their beds. As they filed off Faye turned to Cerridwen. "I'm not really ready to go to sleep, I think I'll go help Kye patrol the halls for a while." Cerridwen nodded and turned to go to their room.

Faye exited the tower and walked back down the corridors. She came upon the corridor with the mirrors where the Durmstrang boy and Lavender were. "Hello, Lavender." She didn't know how to introduce herself to the Durmstrang student, so she said a simple "Hello." to him. They seemed to be talking among themselves and she didn't want to be rude so she went on her way past them. She was bored and decided to make her way back to the Great Hall to perhaps talk with the other students that remained. The Hufflepuffs were nice enough and she saw a friend of her's, Alistair, talking to one of the Beauxbaton's girls and Kaylee, the blond-headed girl with a love for hats. She sat between Alistair and another Hufflepuff whose name she couldn't recall. She said a quick "Hey, what's up?" to him before grabbing a pastry from his plate and taking a bite.

Alistair Webb

Alistair's attention was brought back as Kaylee came and introduced the Beauxbaton's girl as "Dei-Dei". He gave a broad smile to the girl and extended his hand to her. "I see Kaylee has already given you a nickname. My name is apparently Ali, short for Alistair." he said jokingly. He had long since grown used to the silly girl and her nicknames for everybody. He had no problems with it, in fact he thought it was rather cute. He was turning back to his plate to eat one of the delicious pastries when he found it gone. He turned to his left to see it in the hands of Faye, one of his good friends from Ravenclaw. She gave him a smile that plainly said she had eaten the sweet. He gave her a stern look and said, "If were anyone else, I would have taken points away for that, but I'll be nice." He smiled back at her and looked behind her to his friend, Miles. It was no secret to anyone in Hufflepuff that Miles had a huge crush on Faye, ever since their first year. In fact, everyone but Faye was aware of it. Alistair gave Miles a suggestive look, implying that he should ask her out, finally. Miles gave a quick shake of his head, mouthing "not yet". Faye was quite oblivious to the whole exchange, though it was in plain view of everyone else.

Alistair turned his attention to the head of the table, seeing that the other prefects had taken the first years to the common room. If he was completely honest with himself, he was never a good prefect. He thought he was only chosen because everyone liked him. Kaylee had spoken again warning "DeiDei" to be careful around him. "You don't have to worry about me, it's Faye here you should look out for." he said gesturing to the girl behind him. "What's you real name if you don't mind me asking? Nicknames are more of Kaylee's thing." He said smiling at the blond beside him.

Deirdre gawked at the blonde for a moment, rather taken aback by her enthusiasm, however she quickly hid this. Dei-Dei? She thought to herself, rather amused. She'd never been nicknamed by someone before. Well, at least she seems nice. "Nice to meet you too." She said, with a bit less enthusiasm as she was swept off to the Hufflepuff table by the energetic blonde. "Just Hogwarts." She told her, but it was a bit late and the girl had already answered both questions. The blonde prodded another student whom quickly made room for them at the table. They were then sitting across from the cheerful looking Hufflepuff who was a prefect, judging by his badge.

Like just about everywhere else in the hall, students here were chattering happily and Deirdre felt slightly uncomfortable sitting amongst them. Thankfully though, the Hufflepuff table seemed friendly and Kaylee quickly began making introductions to the prefect. Ali? Dei-Dei? The dark haired girl raised a brow a little at that. Apparently the other girl was fond of nicknames. She didn't say anything as Kaylee gestured in her general direction to indicate who she was. She turned her emerald green eyes to 'Ali' then, studying him briefly. The boy had dark brown hair and like Kaylee, seemed very welcoming which she was rather grateful for. He held out his hand to her and she shook it, but not without a bit of awkwardness. She nodded once at what he said. "Yes. Um, nice to meet you, Ali." She said, with a small smile as she used his nickname. She knew she didn't sound French at all, which might come as a bit of a surprise to some of them, since she came from Beauxbatons.

Just then, a pretty Ravenclaw girl appeared, taking one of the prefect's pastries without him noticing, Deirdre noted. The girl reminded her a bit of a muggle model, with her height which was above Deirdre's 5'6" which wasn't exactly short. The girl had a lovely face which was framed by short brown hair. Apparently she was a friend of Alistar's and he didn't even make a fuss about her taking his sweet. 'Ali' shot a look at another Hufflepuff boy who, Deirdre noted looked as though he had a strong crush on the Ravenclaw who appeared completely and utter oblivious to the exchange between the two boys.

Kaylee then spoke again, warning her to be careful around 'Ali', verifying that he indeed was a prefect. "I'll remember that." She told them, and thought that she should try to keep her magic use to a minimum even though that was going to be hard for her, she was sure. Alistar then spoke up, saying that she needn't worry about him as a prefect and that she should instead worry about his Ravenclaw friend, apparently named Faye. "I'll try and keep my magic in check." She smiled briefly at Faye. She then turned her attention back to Alistar. "Oh, ah...It's Deirdre." She said, with a slight shrug, glancing back to the table she had just come from and with a wave of her wand, brought her goblet which she had forgotten over. Only once it was resting the table, did she realize what she had done. Looking over at the Hufflepuffs and the Ravenclaw, she paused. "...You didn't see anything." She said, seriously, with a wave of her hand as if that would wipe the memory of her floating goblet from their minds, however smirk was beginning to find it's way onto her face. "Anyway," She said, deciding to continue with her dueling question since she wasn't entirely sure what she should talk to these people about. "do any of you know when the Dueling Club meets? I'm afraid I don't have a schedule." She figured at least one of them would know.