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Lorcan Scamander

"Perfection is the only option for me."

0 · 676 views · located in Hogwarts

a character in “Hogwarts: The Year The Sky Fell”, as played by Scripter


"How about a private tutoring session?"


ImageImage|Full Name|
Lorcan Xenophillius Scamander.
Try saying that three times fast.

August 30th.

And, might I say, I'm quite the Dancing Queen.


Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander.
My name might be Scamander, but I sure can Lovegood.

A fat, female calico cat by the name of Pixie.

|Relationship Status|
Lorcan is known for never really being in a closed relationship. He'll jump from person to person, then double back whenever he feels up to it. I wouldn't call it cheating, per say. I never said we were dating exclusively. Despite his loose moral standards when it comes to relationships, Lorcan has had a mega-crush on Scorpius for years, but there is no way in hell he would ever tell that Slytherin his feelings intentionally. It would lose him too much dignity.



|Hair Color|
Dirty Blonde.

|Eye Color|
Pale Blue/Silver.

|Height & Weight|
5'10" & 135 lbs.

|Scars & Tattoos|
Lorcan's skin is almost entirely unblemished except for a large burn scar enveloping his left hand from a misfired spell in his first year.

Lorcan has a pleasant sort of face face, and he more than knows it. He likes to think of himself as the complete package, brains and beauty to spare. A tad on the tall side, with a muscle mass that suggests that he does a bit more than just hit the books, and a charming smile completes the set. His face is always drawn up in a beaming smile, cheerful and giddy for all of his days. Even at the worst of times, Lorcan hates to show his unhappiness. Lorcan likes to keep himself crisp and clean looking at all times, always with freshly pressed clothes and hair that is never out of place. However, he is known for forgetting to shave occasionally, so stubble can be present at times, and he has an awful habit of biting his nails, leaving them blunted and jagged.


Cocky | Intelligent | Clownish | Self-Serving | Sensitive | Easily Influenced

Lorcan doesn't give off the best of first impressions. Firstly, he is quite the eccentric. He is never one to whisper or lower his voice for anything. With a combination of wild hand gestures, a laugh so loud it resonates off the walls, and a tendency to yell out jests at improper times, to some people, Lorcan can be hard to handle. He doesn't keep to himself well, and because of that, Lorcan tends to have no filters on what comes out of his mouth. Anything and everything that is thought is said. If something doesn't seem quite right to him, expect him to announce it. Loudly. He dishes out insults, praise, and self-deprecating jokes all at the same time, never stopping to think maybe he should restate himself to make sure others understand what he's trying to get across.

With Lorcan's excellence in both his studies and on the Quidditch field, he has grown quite the ego over his years at Hogwarts. It's not that he thinks he is better than the other students at Hogwarts, Lorcan just thinks himself amazing in every way possible. Lorcan tends to cringe at incompetence, and will avoid anything who screws things up constantly, as if it might rub off on him. Everything he does might as well be lined in gold, and it is impossible for him to make a mistake. That is, that is what he tells himself. In reality, if he messes up, he'll start to beat himself up over it. It will keep him up at night for weeks, like a nightmare on repeat, replaying the instance over and over and over until it drives him mad. After a major screw up, Lorcan will even refuse to eat or talk to anyone, isolating himself to his studies, practicing whatever he couldn't do over and over again until it is perfected.

Even though he tries to deny it, Lorcan takes after his mother a great deal. Not only in looks but in manner also. Until he came to Hogwarts, he thought the mention of Nargles and the unseen were normal conversation. Quickly after arriving, Lorcan realized that these things were not normal, and were very strange to the normal wizarding populous. Adapting to what he found to be average, Lorcan was able to avoid 'major humiliation', and has kept this persona since. Determined to be perfect, Lorcan refuses to do anything that might be deemed 'Odd' or the like, and likes to keep himself under the guise of being one-hundred percent perfection. However, some of his strange habits had never been able to be broken. He reads his books upside-down (Which he plays off as 'Being too smart to read them right-side-up.'), and is quite gullible and easily swayed when it comes to the crazy plans his friends may come up with.

  • Muggle Snacks/Candies.
  • Jokes/Pranks
  • Poetry.
  • Having Flings.
  • Exotic Animals.
  • Knowing Everything.
  • Astrology.
  • Failing.
  • Making Mistakes.
  • Being Embarrassed.
  • Being Quiet.
  • Kiss-Ups.
  • Meats.
  • 1st Years.


Ravenclaw. || 7th Year.

Charms O | Transfiguration O | Herbology O | DADA A
| Ancient Ruins O | Potions O | Care of Magical Creatures O | Astronomy O |
Divination O | Arithmancy O | History of Magic O
Defense Against the Dark Arts is such a stupid class... And, no, I'm not just saying that because I got an A... Me... An A? Can you even believe that?!

Lorcan would have been a prefect boy, his grades being the best of the best, however, he's not a stranger to detention due to his frequent outburst during classes and natural curiosity when it comes to the off-limits.

Plays for Ravenclaw as a Keeper.
Good luck replacing me next year, kids. My successor better be kickass or there'll be riots.


10" Cherry, Dragon Heartstring Core.

|Special Devices|
Spectrespecs., handed to him by his mother right before he boarded the train in his first year. He's tried to 'accidentally' leave them at home every year since, even on Christmas Holiday, but his mother always ends up sending them back, insisting they were important to keep on his person. Rather, he keeps them hiding in his trunk in his dorm, tucked under all of it's contents.

English is his primary language, however he is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and Latin.

-Fast Learner.

|Patronus & Boggart|
Lorcan's Patronus is a rather plump rabbit, which he, of course, casts with perfect form. However, he complains constantly that it's rather slow and quite girly, not fitting of his image at all. His boggart is someone close making fun of him, laughing at the face of his misfortune or mistakes.


So begins...

Lorcan Scamander's Story