James Parker

"Sarcasm is just one more service I offer."

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"Okay okay I take it back! Un-screw you!"


James Matthew Parker

Jamie- What he prefers to be called
Jimbo- Used by his cousin to annoy him, he hates it

Sixth year || 16

|Birth Date|
July 7th, 2000


|Sexual Orientation|

|Relationship Status|



13 ¼ Hornbeam wood with a unicorn hair core

A little Elf Owl named Sherlock


Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms & Curses, Quidditch, candy, dry humor

Potions, herbology, people messing with his cousin, large crowds, listening to his parents fight

Cunning || Honest || Humorous || Cynical || Callous || Sarcastic

Jamie is one of those people that will often speak his mind and doesn't care I'd what he says hurts a person's feelings. He's as honest as can be, but has a harsh way of being honest. He uses sarcasm on a regular basis, though if one looks closely they'll realise he uses it as a self-defense to cover up his insecurities.

Take the time to get to know him and you'll find that he can be an enjoyable person to be around. He has a sense of humor that can easily lighten up a mood. He's not very trusting of people and often has problems with making friends, however if you do manage to break past his defenses you'll find that he is very loyal. Hurt someone he cares about and you'll find yourself in trouble. He'll use his cunning nature to get back at you.

When he's around his cousin Sara you'll find he has a slightly different attitude. He's rather protective of her, growing attached to her almost like she was his younger sister. He has a very kind way of speaking to her and you'll find that he almost never uses sarcasm with her. He also tries his best to not be so harsh around her in fear that he'll cause her even more heartache.

Jamie was born in Scotland to Daniel and Mary Park. His father was a Muggle while his mother is a Pureblood witch. Mary was best friends with Sara’s mother Sun-Hee while they were both at Hogwarts. They met brothers Daniel and David Park while on holiday in their last year at Hogwarts. One thing led to another and the best friends married the brothers. Unfortunately David and Sun-Hee moved to Los Angeles while Daniel and Mary stayed in Scotland.

A few years later Jamie came along and what their only child as the two ended up getting a divorce. Jamie spent his early years in between houses, though he preferred his mother’s house. She showed him magic which intrigued him while his father’s most interesting quality was that he was a stage actor. Unfortunately for him as well his parents often fought if they were in the same room together which caused for Jamie to become distrustful and bitter to people.

When he turned 11 he got his acceptance letter to Hogwarts and he couldn't be happier. Not only for the fact that he was going to learn magic, but to get away from his parents for awhile. He was placed in Slytherin House which the Sorting Hat had no problem determining. He was quite thrilled about this since it was also the House his mother came from. So began his schooling at Hogwarts.

|Extracurricular Activities|
Slytherin Quidditch Keeper

|Face Claim|
Ki Hong Lee

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