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Roxanne Shayna Weasley

What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me... Stranger.

0 · 700 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts: Welcome to the New Age”, as played by TheGypsyQueen_13


}{“That Which Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger.”}{

Roxy After Hours

Theme Song
Notorious||The Saturdays
A Bigger Man Sound||Chase & Status ft. Novelist
Song to Love Interest
A Message||Kelela
You And I||Lady Gaga

}{"Missing Someone Is Your Heart's Way Of Reminding You That You Love Them"}{

Full Name
Roxanne Shayna Weasley



April 13th

Sexual Orientation

* Animals
* Club music
* Reading
* Quidditch
* Being ahead in her school work
* A good joke
* Spending time with her friends and family
* Being with her father in his joke shop

* Religion
* Clowns
* Being doubted
* When people take themselves to seriously
* People that can't stand up for themselves
* Weakness
* Total silence

"If I put my mind to it I could be good at whatever I want!"
Roxy is a skilled chaser, very lean and aggressive she could have been a beater like her father but her mother wouldn't have it so Roxy settled with chaser and quickly fell in love with it. She is very focused when it comes to her study's, she wants to be a professor at Hogwarts when her time comes, her dream job is to teach Defense Against The Dark Arts. She Is very good at combative magic and would rather fight something out then talk it over, she needs to work on that.

Distinct Markings
She is covered in different sized scars from getting into fights, quidditch, and being a reckless child.

Her ears are peirced, four in one ear and three in the other, as well as her septum.

A series of small lines that move from finger to finger though out the day. A sun and moon on her arms, the moon is only visible at night and the sun during the day.

Roxy is Mulatto, she loves the way she looks, and she has worked very hard to get to that point. She is lean and muscular and has a model body, if she weren't so short. Her smile is bright and warm but she often doesn't show it because she is so serious. Her eyes soft at times and sharp and cold at others, it all depends if you are on her good side or bad side.

"Not short… Pocket sized."

}{“All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos.”}{

The daughter of George Weasley and Angelina Weasley (née Johnson). Arthur and Molly Weasley are her paternal grandfather and grandmother. She doesn't know much about her mothers family because there were muggles and Roxy thinks they might not even be alive anymore.
"Yeah I'm half blooded, what is so important about that?!"

George Weasley(Father) & Angelina Weasley née Johnson(Mother)

Pet Image
Two Fennec Foxes named Ava and Mia, they are twin.

For the first two years she was at Hogwarts Roxy was dating a girl, but the girl got expelled and totally cut all ties with Roxy. To this day Roxy still has no idea what happened.

Patience, wisdom, intelligence, adaptability. Having a fox patrons means Roxanne is at times high strung and at other times exceedingly calm, charismatic and mysterious, there are times when she stands out and times when she just blends in. She likes to both keep the peace and start mischief. She tends to be partially rooted in the spirit world, living her day to day in sort of a world between.
The fox patrons is a strong symbol of femininity, shape-shifting, illusion, and magic!

* Being weak
* Not being smart enough
* Being crushed
* Fire
* Losing her friends and family
* Losing Ava and Mia

Fire consuming everything around her.
"I could think of so many better ways to go than burning to death."

}{“Your Value Doesn't Decrease Based On Someone's Inability To See Your Worth.”}{

Roxanne is very protective of those she cares for. She is a bit of an old soul, she doesn't speak to much, although she can be kind of scary at times she is actually very friendly once she gets to know the people around her, and they get to know her.
It's always been kind of hard for Roxy to show her emotions, even to her own family. She has never really been one for showing love, not that she doesn't love her family with all her heart, they are her family. She just doesnt know how to show it, the most she is comfortable with is giving her parents a hug every now and them. She just kind of feels out of her element. She can be very secretive when it comes to her personal life. She doesn't like to burden others with her problems, Roxanne would rather find her own solution, then ask for help.
The only.. Creatures she is really able to show affection to are her fox's Mia and Ava.

}{“I'm Good At Being Bad, Or Is It Bad At Being Good?”}{


"I can touch my tongue to my nose, does that count?"

Roxy is a chaser for the Ravenclaw house team, and she loves it!
"I'm fast and I can take a beating and hand it right back to you. I'm also really good at faking out the other team so mine can score"

English and French

12", Holly with a Dragon heartstring core.
Holly is a powerful protective wood that is good for use against evil, it also represents dream and fertility. The Dragon's heartstring core also makes the wand very effective when it comes to hexes.

A Cleansweep 11.
The Cleansweep 11 goes from 0-70 in ten second. It has good handling and speed. A good, affordable broom with an anti-jinx varnish and vibration control.

Special Devices
"These are my treasures..."
Roxy collects small samples of different magical creatures and substances. So far she has mermaid scales, mermaid tears, elf dust, star dust and unicorn blood and unicorn tears which are by far the hardest things to get… Maybe besides Mermaid scales and tears. She has also been able to get a bit of fairy dust, which was much easier then the rest.
She also has a pare of glasses that if you didn't know any better you would think are just normal reading glasses, the are not. When Roxy wears them she can see things that are invisible.

Always being a bit of a trouble maker seemed to get Roxy into some sticky situations quite often as a child. She was always mouthing off to those of any authority in her life.
She was especially troublesome to her mother, until about the age of 10 when she realized just what a prick she was being. She quickly got her act together and made amends. When she got her letter from Hogwarts Roxy didn't think she was good enough to go, but after a long walk with her mother she had changed her mind. George always wonders what the two of them talked about but nether of them will tell him.
At first when she was sorted into Ravenclaw Roxanne was really upset, because her parents had been in gryffindor. After a while she made friends in Ravenclaw and now she is very happy and proud of the house she is in.

So begins...

Roxanne Shayna Weasley's Story

Roxy Weasley
Freddy Weasley
Roxy and Freddy came out of their rooms at the same time and looked across the hall at each other, Freddy smiled, his pearly teeth almost reflecting Roxy's blank stare.
Suddenly they both bolted for the bathroom at the end of the hall, getting there at the same time. They pushed and shoved to get in front of the mirror."I WAS HERE FIRST!" Yelled Roxy pushing her big brother toward the bath tub.
"I was born first." Freddy replied calmly, sliding back in front of Roxy and picking up his tooth brush. "Doesn't mean you can have the bathroom first!" Just as she was about to grab her tooth brush their father came out of his room right by the bathroom.
His shoulder length orange-red hair was wild and stuck out in all directions. The siblings stood very still as he walked into the bathroom behind them then, with his eyes still half closed, raised his wand and Roxy and Freddy were in the air and wisked out of the bathroom the door slamming behind them.
"HEY NOT FAIR" The two of them said simultaneously. After a moment they heard the shower curtain being pulled open and they both smiled wickedly at each other.
There was a bang and the floor seemed to shake, a yell came from behind the door and then it swung open and their father stood in the doorway covered in purple powder, his hair was blown back and he was about to yell at them when they rushed past him.
"Thanks dad" They said together as the shut and locked the door behind them. Once they were inside they high fived and giggled together then Roxy jumped behind the shower curtain, stripped and took a quick shower while her brother made sure all their bathroom stuff was packed in small boxes. When she was finished Freddy tossed a blue towel over the curtain rod to her.
Roxy dried off and wrapped the towel around herself and then switched places with Freddy.
As he showered off she was fixing her hair and make up, "You would think he'd know that was coming by now." She said trying to keep her hand still as she put mascara on.
Freddy's head popped out from behind the curtain and he pointed at her, "To be fair we did put the dust bunny in the toilet last time.."
"And in his magazine the time before that!"
They laughed and then finished up and walked out of the bathroom, their blue and yellow towels held tight around them as they ran back to their rooms to get dressed. Freddy was the first one out in the hallway, he dragged his last trunk out of his room and waited for Roxy.
She bounced out of her room Mia and Ava x trotting along on ether side of her.
They quickly made their way downstairs where their mom handed them their breakfast.
Roxy ate a few bites and then gave the rest to her brother who had already finished his, she fed Ava and Mia and then the four of them were out the door."Don't forget to put them on their leash's in the station!" Their mom yelled after Roxy pointing to the Foxes.
Getting to the platform was easy enough it was finding a seat in the chaos that would be a problem.
Freddy and Roxy finally found an empty cabin and all but melted into their seats across from each other.
Roxy let Ava and Mia off their leashes and they hopped up onto the seat next to her and curled up to sleep for the train ride.
"I wonder who is going to come sit with us this time…" Roxy mussed as she glanced out at the corridor as people ran past to get to the best seats.


The sun was out shining brightly on this morning. The light had poured through the windows, shining directly into Lysander's eyes rousing the boy from his sleep. He awoke with a yawn, and groggily stretched out his limbs. It was still early and though he was sure his parents were already up, a quick look to the other side of the room confirmed it. His lazy doppelganger was still sleeping, and rather heavily too.

It didn't take Lysander very long to jump out of bed, and get dressed. As he did so the boy evidently disturbed the sleep of an irritable furball resting at the foot of the bed. Lysander simply shook his head in a bemused sort of way, Grimsby was just as lazy as his owner, though his temper was far worse. Compared to his brother he had always been something of a morning person. Next to his bed sat Zeus patiently perched within his cage. Though at this point Lysander would swear the bird was giving him an irritated glare. The bird was much happier once the cage was open, and it was once again allowed to stretch his wings.

It took a few shakes, but eventually Lorcan opened his eyes. For a moment there was only a blurry image standing in front of him. It was his face, or more accurately it was his brother's."Ah bloody hell Ly. Can't I just sleep a little more?" He turned away in a vain attempt to avoid waking up for the day.

"Nope. It's time to get up. First day of school today. We don't want to be late." Lysander spoke in a slightly more excited tone than usual, clearly eager to return back to Hogwarts, though he was certain that Lorcan's excitement eclipsed his own. He shook him a few more times though to no avail. Eventually Zeus perched himself near Lorcan's head, and began hooting attempting to wake him.

It wasn't until Lorcan felt something pawing at his face that he finally decided to open his eyes, and move. Grimsby was there joining the movement to wake the tired wizard. "Ah it's a damn mutiny!" He spoke with annoyance as he got up, lifted Grimsby into the air, sending him on his way, though not without a quick scratch beneath his chin."Fine, fine. I'm getting up. Don't get your trousers in a bunch!"

"Hey it's not my fault you refuse to get up! Remember what happened last time? We nearly missed the train." Lysander then began to gather his things, and finish packing everything he needed. When he was done he double checked his bags to make sure he didn't forget anything. As he did so Lorcan made sure to get to the bathroom before his brother could.

It took quite a bit of time for the twins to get ready as Lorcan had neglected to pack the day before. Though as soon as they were ready they rushed out the door. It didn't take them long to reach the station, and soon they were face to face with the Hogwarts Express.

Lorcan eyed the train excitedly eager to board and catch up with his friends. He could only imagine the things James or Alice had gotten into over the summer vacation, and he simply couldn't wait to catch up with his best mates.Come on lets go find us a seat!" He eagerly made his way to the train, his brother following by his side. Grimsby was lazily walking beside his Lorcan and his brother.

Lysander however stared at the train, nervously eyeing the large amounts of students already pouring in. Even after four years attending Hogwarts, the first day always made him feel somewhat nervous, despite his best efforts."I hope there's enough room. What if we don't get to sit together? Or get stuck with ALbus?"

Lorcan visibly shook at the suggestions. Though they were in different houses and each one truly loved where they were they hated being seperated. For the moment however they weren't yet at Hogwarts, and Lorcan would hate to be apart from his brother if he didn't have to. "Spending time with my least favorite of the Potters? Hopefully not." There was animosity, and annoyance in his voice that would be utterly absent with regards to any other Potter. Lorcan simply adored the family, there were few Potters he disliked. Albus just happened to be the exception.

When the twins had boarded the train they both began searching for a compartment to take residence in for the trip. Ideally Lorcan was keeping an eye out for those friends of his like James, Lily, and Alice, who had taken a likening to both twins. However after searching for a moment they Lorcan was unable to locate them through the influx of students boarding the train, searching for their own companions.

As the search for a suitable compartment continued the twins came across one filled with Weaslys. Not surprising considering just how many of them there were. These particular Weaslys were Roxy, and Freddie, certainly not the worst people to ride with. "Hey what about here?" With a mischievous smirk Lorcan gave Lysander a gentle push into the cart, knowing full well his brothers crush. Zeus who was stuck in his cage being held by Lysander gave more protest to the shove than the worrisome twin ever would.

With a push Lysander was suddenly face to face with Freddy Weasly, the Hufflepuff he had all too often been to nervous to speak with directly. He awkwardly looked toward the ground hoping that no one noticed the sheepish grin or the increasing redness of his face. Lysander mentally cursed out his brother, for putting him in this situation."Oh um hi there Freddie. And uh Roxy. Would you two maybe mind...." Lysander found that in this situation it was increasingly hard to find the right words to say anything, until his words awkwardly fizzled out.

With a grin Lorcan threw a playful, and loving arm over his brothers shoulders. In the face of his brothers inability to speak properly Lorcan opened his mouth to speak."Roxy, Freddy! Good to see you! Are these seats taken?


It was such a hard thing to ask for a sleep-in in the Longbottom household. Augusta waited for her mother to put an end to the disruptive routine sibling bickering but no aid ever came. She rubbed her eyes with a half hearted groan and got up to face her seventh year and finished the last of her packing in her trunk from the previous night.

Augusta loved Hogwarts for all it bloomed her to be and the second home it felt like. That and home was never that far in Hogwarts anyway. Her dad worked at the school, and the twins were still under the same castle roof.

She slaved her feet to the kitchen for some breakfast. And she moved more efficiently than the twins that she could still hear distantly down the hall. Augusta sighed out and shook her head. No wonder they had to get up early, it took that long to get their butts in gear. She herself took a while to appreciate the perk of organization but the duo she was living'd be a long time. But it was their own problem so she would not assist, even if their mother asked her to. After all it was they who deprived her a few extra precious minutes of sleep.

The journey to platform 9¾ was rather mellow. That was held in comparison to this morning's fuss. Arriving at the platform, Augusta threw in some stashed chocolate from her uniform. They were her little sanity treats. Augusta pat the twins as she passed to board the express, catching the last of their conversation. "Augusta counts as the greatest friend, thank you." She shot Alice a look not to argue with it and one that could have communicated 'don' you forget it.'

As she waltzed pass the compartments, she wiggled her fingers with all the decisions. Augusta second looked one with an amused smile. What a bundle. The Scamander Twins and Weasleys and Lysander struggling for words. But that was no parade she was going to rain on.

Augusta continued her walk, where the increasing fear of being left with some second years grew. Alas she found a free compartment and slipped into it quickly as if racing somebody to it.

Roxy Weasley
Freddy Weasley
Freddy and Roxy, who had just started a game of wizards chess looked up together to see Lorcan and Lysander standing at the door to the compartment. Freddy smiled softly and patted the seat next to him, "Please, make yourself at home." Roxy nodded and then stood up and gave lorcan a big smack on the back, "Well Lo! It sure is good to see you. I've been so bored with no one to talk quidditch with!" They sat down, chittering like chipmunks. "You can talk about quidditch with me too, you know."
At that Roxy stop dead mid sentence, looked over at Fred and just stared at him almost dumbfounded. She quickly glanced back at Lorcan then back at Freddy. "If you know so much about quidditch the whats pray tell was the origin of the Golden Snitch?"
Roxy crossed her arms and sat back to watch as her brother squirmed in his seat. After a few moments of silence Roxy chuckled and sat up straight.
"In 1269 a wizard by the name of Barberus Bragge, the Chief of the Wizards' Council attended a game. As a nod to the sport of Snidget-hunting, which was also popular at the time, Bragge brought such a bird to the game and released it from its cage. He told the players that one-hundred fifty Galleons would be awarded to the player who caught the bird. Easier said than done: the Snidget is very fast, very small, and can make sudden changes of direction at high speeds. The considerable challenge posed by the flight patterns of the bird is what made Snidget-hunting so popular in the first place. What happened at the Quidditch game in question was rather predictable: the players totally ignored the game, and each and every one simply went off in pursuit of the Snidget, which was kept within the arena by the crowd using Repelling Charms.
After many years of this the population of the Snidget's numbers had drastically declined and in the 14th century was made an endangered species meaning the Snidget could no longer be used for Quidditch. The game could not be played without a substitute and that was made by a metal-charmer from Godric's Hollow who invented a fake Snidget, which he called the Golden Snitch."

Roxy sat back and grinned then muttered softly to the boys who had their mouths wide open,
"And that is why you should pay attention in COMC." She was right after all, Care of Magical Creatures was one of her favorite classes.

Freddy looked at Lysander and scowled, "I though we had a whole train ride ahead of us before we got lectures guess I was wrong." He looked past Lysander just in time to see Augusta Longbottom pas their cabin, he hoped the train would get moving soon. He couldn't wait to get to Hogwarts.


Lysander felt an instant, though small wave of relief was over him the moment Freddy invited them into the compartment. Though it seemed to come back as Lysander took a seat next to the attractive wizard. He tried once more to hide his nervousness, and was sure that he was far more successful this time. Though he decided it was best not to open his mouth, at least for the moment.

Lorcan wore a confident smirk and gave a hearty laugh in response to Roxy smacking his back."No one to talk Quidditch with? Well that's just not right." He quickly took up a seat next to the Ravenclaw captain, and quickly began rattling away about the best game ever conceived. As Roxy went into explaining he gave a sort of dumbfounded look. He never really knew the origins of the Golden Snitch, and he certainly wasn't expecting to hear a lecture about it on the train.

Lysaner however gave a knowledgeable nod as Roxy began to speak. Lysander always did fairly well in care of magical Creatures. Of course that was something that most people expected of a Scamander. Perhaps that explained Lorcan's clearly fake expression of comprehension?

when Freddy spoke to him Lysander he gave a quick, yet nervous nod. "Oh yeah who knew right? Lectures are the worst." By Merlin he hoped he didn't sound too stupid, as words poured out of his mouth.

As Lysander spoke Lorcan could only marvel at his brother's inability to speak. Though it wasn't soemthing that unusal. Lysander did always have trouble talking to people in general, let alone those he developed a crush on. Lorcan thought it was best to take command of the conversation himself. He Lorcan looked at both the Weasly's with an inquisitive smile."So Roxy, Freddie. How was your summer? Anything exciting happen?"

Freddy Weasley

Roxy looked back at Lorcan and the two of them began to talk about their summers, she told him about how she spent some of the summer in Romania with her uncle Charlie and how she almost got a to ride a dragon but how her uncle changed his mind at the last second.
As they chattered on Freddy looked over at Lysander who had been quiet for most of the time he had been sitting next to Fred. "Are you excited to get to School? I know I am, I got an owl from Professor Parker. He said he found something when he and Hagrid went on a trip to visit the giants in the dark forest."
Roxy heard Freddy talking about the owl he got from Parker and quickly told him to shut up, that what Professor Howlett found was going to be much more interesting then anything from the dark forest. Freddy waved Roxy away and then began to set up for another game of wizard chess "Want to play?" He asked Lysander, Freddy filed as he set up the last piece and the board sprang to life, his chess pieces looking up at him ready to attack the other pieces.


Lorcan sat there chatting away with Roxy, about what they did over the summer, and he was quiet thoroughly amazed that she almost got to ride a dragon. "Wow that sounds cool. I wish I could do stuff like that. You think I'd be able to see all kinds of cool monsters, and beasts..He paused, and then started to talk in a playfully mocking tone.[color= #AB0000]"But no Mum, and dad says it's to dangerous."[/color]

While Lorcan was rambling with Roxy, Lysander sat there, trying not to make a fool of himself. When Freddy started to speak to him, he took a moment to collect himself, he managed not to stumble over his words much as he spoke, though he still couldn't quiet shake a nervous feeling, inching its way down his spine."Well yeah I'm pretty excited to get back." He gave a nervous pause again. It wasn't just Freddy's presence that set him on edge. Lysander thought what this year at Hogwarts would be like, and though he tried not to he couldn't help but feel like something bad was going to happen."Well to be honest I have a bad feeling about this year. Not sure why, its, it's probably nothing though."

When Freddy asked him to play a game of wizard chess Lysander gave a brisk nod. He was never much of a chess player, but certainly it couldn't be that hard of a game.

Roxy Weasley

( Thursday, September 1st, 2022 || Casual || Feelin' || Hogwarts Express || Mood: Flustered || Mission: Catch the little rascals )

As Roxy and Lorcan went back to talking and Freddy and Lysander played their game, neither of them were very good at it but it was fun none the less.
As the train trudged on there was a great rattle that shook all the compartments, and one of the chess pieces fell and landed on Mia the foxes head.
Mia and Ava both woke up and were suddenly hissing and scrambling around to compartment. In the shuffle Freddy accidentally hit the door in just the right way that it slid open and the two Foxes bolted out and down the corridor. Roxy saw and ran after them cursing herself for taking their collars off when they got into the cart. The collars had been enchanted so that the two could always find their way back to Roxy.
She fallowed them into a compartment the had been open just enough so that they could run in.
She watched as they hopped up into one of the occupants lap and curled back up to go to sleep. After catching her breath Roxy sighed and then looked up at the man who the two of them had found.
Roxy laughed and crossed her arms, "Well if it isn't my favorite Potter! How are you James?" She smiled at the puzzled look on his face at the two sleeping foxes on his lap.

| James Potter | Mission: Juggle coolest cousin and potential boyhood crisis |

| Grey Sampson | Mission: Maintain normality. |

James jumped a little as two little foxes dashed into their compartment and leapt into his lap. They snuffled and fidgeted for a few moments before they promptly curled up in a pile with each other and fell asleep. James lay a hand over one of them, immediately recognizing them. Where Mia and Ava were, their owner was never far behind...

Roxy laughed and crossed her arms in the door of the compartment and James grinned back at her. "And there's my favorite Weasely! Roxy, if you really wanted to see me, you could have just done it. No need to use Mia and Ava as an excuse," he teased, scratching Mia gently behind the ear. "You remember Dakota Wood," he said, hoping fervently that he wasn't blushing. "And this is Grey. She's a transfer from America. Future Gryffindor for sure," he said with a wink towards Grey. "This is my cousin, Roxanne. She's the nastiest chaser out there. Don't have to worry about a bludger knocking you off of your broom. Roxy will do the job herself."

Grey looked up at the girl who had just entered. She was about her height with gorgeous brown skin and long, gently curled hair. Even though she was little, there was something... intimidating about her. Grey smiled half-heartedly. She'd had more than her fair share of bullies at home. It was hard not to see a potential tormentor in everyone now, especially when she was looking at a girl like Roxanne who was pretty enough to make Grey look plain and apparently talented enough to have won James' admiration. "Nice to meet you," Grey said weakly.




The Hogwarts Express left King's Cross Station at 11:00am. After a few slightly dramatic events over the six hour period of the drive, they had now reached Hogsmeade Station in Scotland at exactly 5:00pm. No earlier and no later. The first years went off in their boats right away to head to the castle. But, the other students had ten minutes to stay in Hogsmeade as the last few Thestrals were getting prepared to travel the children to the school.

Roxy & Freddy Weasley

Uniforms: x x || Feelin || Hogsmeade || Mood: Excited || Mission: Get to the carriges!

After talking to James and Grey for the last stretch of the train ride Roxy hopped off the train and looked around to find Freddy, it always helped that he was so tall, made it easier to find him. She quickly pushed through the crowds of people toward him and Lorcan and Lysander, "Well don't you boys look spiffy!" she said with a smile.

Freddy smiled proudly and patted Mia and Ava on the head. "I see you found your creatures." He said nodding toward the two foxes in Roxy's arms. "You want me to carry one until we get to Hogwarts?" He asked noticing she was having a hard time holding on to them both with people bumping into her.

"Please!" Roxy handed over Mia to Freddy who curled up in the crook of his elbow and just sat there watching the crowds of people.
"I don't really need anything here do you guys?" Roxy asked looking from Freddy to Lorcan and Lysander.

Freddy shook his head and looked at the twins as well, smiling softly at the slight tent of red on Lysander's cheeks.