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Felix Quncie Nott

"Have you seen my rat?"

0 · 198 views · located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

a character in “Hogwarts: Year 1”, as played by IAmAlien


Name: Felix Quince Nott

Age: 12

House: Slythirine (first year)

Description: Image

Likes: His pet rat Roscoe, his friends, magic, his wand, Quidich, the Potter's and Weasly's (he admires them for some reason)

Dislikes: The Malfoy's (he thinks their too cocky), muggles, holly wood wands,

Fears: Thestrals, goblins, hags, werewolves, dementors,

History: Felix is the only son of Theodore Nott, who was the son of one of Voldemort's Death Eaters. He grew up a fairly normal life, living with his father and his step mother. His mother died giving birth to him, witch could be one of the reasons he sees creatures most other wizards can't. At age 11, he received a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but was forbidden to attend by his father. When he was 12, he received a second letter from the school. He begged his father until he finally agreed as long as he sends a letter everyday home to his father.

Wand: 13" ebony wand with unicorn hair core

His wand, his robes, his books, Roscoe (his rat), Mandela (his owl used for messaging), a sketchbook filled with drawings of the many creatures he's seen, a Dragon charm he wears around his neck

Other: Father is Theodore Nott, son of one of the death eaters.

This is Roscoe.
Roscoe is a large rat that is the size of a small cat or ferret. Roscoe is rather shy and spends most of his time on Felix's shoulder or right coat pocket.

This is Mandela.
Mandela is a large owl that is only loyal to the members of the Nott family.

This is Felix's wand.
Felix's wand is 13 inches long and made out of Ebony wood. It has a unicorn hair core and a bit of an outgoing personality.

So begins...

Felix Quncie Nott's Story

Felix was up in the dorms placing his suitcase that held his clothes and robes under his bed. On the window perch sat a bird cage, beside it a square cage for a large rat. Sitting on the table in front of the window perch was a small, 2 foot high perch for Mandela, Felix's messenger owl, who was currently using the stand as he looked out the window. On the bed, eating some grapes, was Roscoe, Felix's large pet rat. Once Felix was done putting his suitcase under the bed, he smiled to himself and put out his hand to Roscoe, who then crawled up Felix's arm and sat comfortably on his shoulder. Felix then open to window to allow Mandela to fly out if he wished. As Felix opened the window, he heard a noise and turned away from the window. He noticed Roscoe turn on his shoulder too as if he had heard the noise as well. "Lead the way, Roscoe." Felix whispered into his rats ear as he picked him up and sat him gently on the ground.

Felix followed Roscoe out of the dorm room, down the small corridor and into the Sylithern common room. "I need to remember to tell father I got into Sylithern." He told himself as he stood there a moment then followed Roscoe out of the common room and down the corridors until Roscoe stopped and climbed up Felix's leg and up to his shoulder where he perched himself and nodded to Felix.

Felix got the message and slowly inched his way to the edge of the wall to look around. Then, in a familiar voice, he heard the words "James! Brother!" witch made Felix speed up his step slightly to peer around the corner with narrow eyes. His eyes narrowed slightly as he studied the figures. A boy with brown hair who was yelling "Brother!", Albus Potter, son of Harry Potter. A girl with ginger hair. Defiantly a Weasley, nonetheless daughter of Ron Weasley. Now, Felix's eyes are drawn to a figure on the ground. That must be James Potter. Is what runs through Felix's mind as he sees blood and his eyes widen in shock. He watches all that happens and is frightened by it all, but feels sad, in a way, that this all happens on the first day. Felix waits a moment then looks at Roscoe as he ask himself a question in his head.

Should I try to help? Felix thinks.

Roscoe seems to stare Felix in the eye like he's trying to answer Felix's question. Then Felix lets out a sigh and pokes his head out from behind the wall so be can see Potter and Weasley and they can see him. "Hey!" Felix says to get their attention. "Do you guys need any help?" He adds after he has their attention. He has a slightly worried look on his face, but still has that mysterious look of Sylithern in his eyes as he shifts his eyes from Albus and Rose.

Victoria watched a boy leave the common room, surprisingly unnoticed by the rest, and tilted her head in wonder. "hmm?" Standing up, she left the room undetected, and followed the boy quietly, her steps as light as a feather. 'What is he doing at this hour.' She wondered, and blinked as she noticed his steps quickening. Why was beyond her, until she heard a shout of panic. "James! Brother!"
Grey eyes widened a bit, and her brain raced in calculation and ideas. 'Must be Albus, the son of Potter.. Always the one to attract trouble..' And she wouldnt be surprised if James was struck down by some sort of magic, this school did have a history for that. And everyone knew that.
"Hey!" Felix says to get their attention. "Do you guys need any help?"
With that, she backed away into the shadows of the corridor, and watched the interaction between the three. Observing, a raven claw trait, which appears every now and then. Red hair, freckles, defiantly a weasley and coincidentally, the daughter of a member of the golden trio, Ron. "How ironic, a Weasley and a potter..." She whispered, amused, but her eyes held a look of seriousness. Blood and a stabbing was no laughing matter, but her heart did not seem to faze completely at the sight. Her heart may have worried, but she felt no real fear, for she has prepared for things like this. Or so she hoped. Slowly, Stepping out of the darkness, she lifted her wand and whispered Levioso, causing James to levitate off the ground slightly, but enough to move him. But the trick is that, james is not the one floating, the clothes are and if anyone observed closely, they can notice the strain between james and the loose articles of clothing, meaning someone may need to support him up as well.. "The infirmary first of all." Victoria stated, her worried filled [yet still slytherin] eyes scanning all, before focusing on the wounded. "His wounds appear heal able at the hands of a nurse.. but time is a dangerous thing to test..Potter, Weasley." Victoria voiced their surnames camly, showing no detest whatsoever.

Tara walked into the bedroom of hers and searched through the stuff she had brought along. She found her wand and smiled, putting it in the pocket inside the t-shirt she was wearing. Bringing her hands up to her hair, Tara messed around with it until it was in the right way and stretched, then went into the common room of Hufflepuf. She sat down in a chair and stared at the fire, excited to start her first year at this school. Everything had gone so fast, from discovering she could preform magic to the letter of Hogwarts, and her first pet owl!

She heard faint whispers behind her, probably because of how she looked. Tara looked down for a moment, than regained her happy self and went out of the room to go exploring, but returned to her bedroom quickly to grab her cap and went into the castle. She walked through the halls of the Castle, already a bit lost, when she heard voices. Without hesitation, Tara went into that direction to find herself watching how a wounded boy was floating, and there were other people too. She then recognized it were the Potters, and Weasly, and someone she didn't really know.

Tara slowly came forward, holding her wand. ''Do you need help?''

Rose looked down at her feet, at the piece of parchment lying on the ground. Why was Albus so interested in i-
Her thoughts were cut off by a yell from Al. "James! Brother!" She turned around to see James lying on the floor with a stab wound, bleeding. "Oh my god.." she whispered, her face getting paler. She felt like getting sick. Not because it was disgusting, but because it was terrifying.

"Rose! Help!" Albus pleaded, before seeing a ghost charge for him. He stumbled back slightly, almost tripping, before the ghost inhabited a suit of armor. "Filipendo!" Al yelled, knocking the night back. Rose looked on helplessly, unsure of what to do.

"R.....Rose.....what was that? That......that didn't look like an average ghost......we need to get James to the Infirmiry!" Al exclaimed. Rose nodded. She could feel the tears running down her cheeks now. What kind of a Gryffindor was she?

"I need to figure out what that was........I could use some help......your...better with libraries then me......" Al murmured. "Oh.. o-okay.." she stuttered out. Just then, about three people came over, and shouteed if they could use some help.

"Y-Yes! Th..thanks.." she stammered, wiping away her tears.
"His wounds appear heal able at the hands of a nurse.. but time is a dangerous thing to test..Potter, Weasley." Rose turned at the sound of her surname, and it was only then that she noticed a girl was levitation James.

Rose nodded twice in quick succession, walking over to James and holding his hand. He might be annoying, loud and sometimes even bossy, but he was her cousin, and if anything fatal happened to him, she wouldn't be able to bare it. She squeezed his hand lightly.

"Tha..thank you.." she mumbled, before saying louder, "Okay, we better get him down to the infirmary before he bleeds anymore. You two-" she added, pointing at a boy with dark brown hair and a girl with short, blonde hair "-Did you see everything? Like, the ghost and stuff? If you did, could go t-tell one of the teachers what happened?" her wobbly voice gave away to how scared she really was.

(Right, well, I'm assuming we are all heading towards the Infirmary, just make a note if your not actually)

Albus had seemingly been unable to recognize the presence of anyone unless he knew them. Albus helped carry his brother down to the Infirmary, but he asked Rose "I thought Ghosts could not did your mum say it....'The Physical Plane'. That ghost attacked us, and possessed a suit of armor. If they cant affect that stuff, how come that one could?". Of course, Albus already had an idea, but he kept it to himself. Because he was afraid for his life about the idea, especially if it was true. That ghost was no ordinary ghost, and it was of a specific person too: It was Voldemort's spirit. Wile there was no way to know, it was what he suspected. Although, notably, the ghost appeared to still be weak. Possibly it was just awakened by their presence. Which, would still point to being Voldemort's. Though it could be someone else's too......perhaps......

When they got there the nurse attempted to heal James with Magic, which only seemed to hurt him. The Wound appeared to have magic in it as well, and would require time and patience to heal, something James was not good with normally. The headmaster came down, and after many questions were asked, and serious stares were given, the headmaster then finally said "I do not know what magic did this, but a ghost could not have done this. We will sort this out. It will be morning in an hour or so, so you better get some rest at least....". Albus had not been paying attention to time. Albus and Time were not two things that really ever seemed to communicate properly. The headmaster then started to leave, when he noted "You best clear out of your head whatever illusion you saw, however....". But Albus knew what he saw was no Illusion Magic. Still crying slightly, he made his way towards the library. He intended to find out what attacked his brother, and then he would find it. However, that's about where his plan ended. He did not see if Rose was following him, he was a bit too upset now, but he hoped she was.

(There is a specific reason why this happened so quickly, that you'll find out later. And I'm surprised no one in Slytherine is trying to hatch a Basilisk yet xD)

She shook her head, and looked at her with a neutral look. Though she believed her, the room had a fill of dark magic, no question about that, but was it really a ghost? 'Tom Riddle was only a memory, but voldemo- stop this is bad thinking..there isnt even any crucifix left to revive him anywho...' Shaking it off, she lead the floating james to the infirminary and talked to the nurse for a bit, getting the info, which wasent as bad as she expected. But within seconds, which isnt surprising, the headmaster arrived with a few of the other teachers. "I do not know what magic did this, but a ghost could not have done this. We will sort this out. It will be morning in an hour or so, so you better get some rest at least...."

Victoria nodded, ignoring the serious eye and was about to leave, only to hear the stifling cry of Albus. Her eyes narrowed at this, and she shook her head with mild disappointment. Tears were okay, but this was a sign for the he gotta resist, because, this was only the beginning. Or so she thought. But who was she to judge.
Leaving the infirmary, she looked at both Rose and the Slytherin boy. Of course the Weasley will follow, they were born like that, but the boy? She wasent so sure, so she didnt know what to do either. Maybe she could help at libary, and it could deem useful to her too. 'Information is always useful.' Besides a couple of books for a read was necessary. So, she started off to the libary too, her steps, again, as light as a feather. 'But its dangerous too.' But Victoria didnt falter, because she knew she always was attracted to trouble anyways.

Felix watched as other students seemed to show up. He walked up to James and examined the wound without touching. Cool... He thought as he looked at it, him being a boy who, for some odd reason, is obsessed with goriness and death. His brow was frowned a bit, but the slightest hint of a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Not because he was happy about the misfortune of the Potter and Weasley, but because this was turning out to be a quite eventful first day.

He walked with Potter, Weasley, and the Slytherin girl he has yet to be introduced to, to the infirmary. He watched as the nurse tried to help James with magic and how it seemed to just make it worse. He stared at the Headmaster as he came and asked his many questions. Felix just sort of stood there with Roscoe, still perched on his shoulder, and his arms crossed with a blank expression on his face as he processed what was happening. Ironic, isn't it... Felix thought. That this happens to none other than a Potter. He continued in his thought. Potter's. Potter's and Weasley's. They think their the center of attention. Felix continued in thought, his eyes narrowing a bit. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Voldemort's spirit trying to come back. But that seems to be impossible. But, whomever, or whatever, it was certainly has captured my attention... Felix then snapped out of his mind of thought as he heard the cry of Albus Potter, witch Felix then returned with a look of Slytherin, a cold heartless look, but Felix's look had the slightest hint of pity for Potter.

Felix looked around and saw everyone leaving to do whatever they will for the time being. No use going to bed if I'll just be getting up in less than in hour. He thought, then turned around to look at the Potter in the infirmary bed. "So you're the first born of the Potter's, are you? James, James Potter, that's your name?" Felix said, questioning the boy in the bed as he went around to look at the boys wound one more time. "Amazing, is it not? What could have done such a thing?" He added then stood up straight and tilted his head to the left before spinning around and heading towards the door. Felix decided not to go back to the common room, but instead sat down on some steps and pulled out a small journal that he had filled with many drawings of many creatures and many facts about those many creatures.

(would you like a Slytherin to try to hatch a Basilisk because I'm sure Felix would love to with the help of another Slytherin (: )

(aww...okay awesome)

Felix closed his little book and put it in his back pocket then leaned back on the stairs and scanned the surrounding area. As he did this, he thought back to that evening and when he was put into Slytherin by the sorting hat.

"Felix Q. Nott!" Felix's name was called by the teacher holding the sorting hat. It made him freeze in his tracks, the sound of his last name echoing over the grand hall. He was sure that at least the teachers and staff would remember that such a last name belonged to Mr. Nott, Felix's grandfather, who was one of Voldemort's most faithful Death Eaters.

Felix made himself walk up and sit in the chair. Once he sat down and the hat was placed upon his head, his face went blank and serious with a certain gleam in his eyes that only seems to be there with...certain students. "Ahh, a Nott, I see..." Said something right above Felix's head that made he look up and see that it was the hat talking.

Of course, a talking hat. Felix thought as he rolled his eyes slightly, his face getting the expression of boredom. "Ahh, you have a certain character, don't you? Nott. Such a belongs to only one house...SLYTHERIN!"

Felix remembered it all. Roscoe then climbed off his shoulder and onto Felix's knee. He nodded his nose up with two little squeaks and Felix sat up and let out a small "Oh!" of realization. He took his small book out of his pocket and flipped to a clean page and decided to write the letter he promised to his father back home.

To: Theodore Nott
From: Felix Quince Nott

Dear Father, I have such good news! I have been placed into the Slytherin house, just like you wished. Roscoe is sitting here next to me, and I play to always have it that way, never letting him out of my sight. I may even hide him in my pocket during class. Anyways, you were right. The Potter's boy, Albus I think his name is, started school this year too, along with that Wesley girl. They had a nasty run-in with a ghost and it hurt the older Potter boy, giving him a nasty bloody cool wound that has some sort of dark magic around it, oddly enough. I think it may have been a Poltergeist. That's the only type of paranormal that could have done that and still have enough energy to posses a suit of armor and sing at the younger Potter boy with a sword. Anyhow, Mandela and Roscoe still don't get along, but Mandela well have time to cool off on the flight to give this to you. Write back as soon as you can, father.
Sincerely, your son, Felix Q. Nott

Felix tore the page out of the little book and put the book back in his pocket. "Let's go, Roscoe." He said as he stood up and walked to the Slytherin common room and into the dorm room. He whistled a small whistle, trying not to wake the others, and Mandela came flying, like a dementor in the night, to the open window. "Take this to father." He whispered to Mandela as he placed the paper in Mandela's hand, who was then off and out the window again, flying way into the distance. As Felix watched the large bird fly out of sight, he gave a nod and turned around to go back into the common room. He had changed robes from his normal school robe to his grandfathers old school robe that had the word "Nott" stitched with a glittering dark green stitch onto the inside part of the left forearm. He put his hood on and headed out into the corridor with a large white and grey rat following close behind him. He was heading towards the library, but saw Potter and Wesley, then Felix decided to spy on them by hiding in the dark shadows of the crowed library.

Victoria was on the other side of the library, checking books that might be an interest of her. But as she did so, she listened in on what the golden duo were talking about. And it was quiet easy...seeing how they were in a quiet library in the morning and all. But being this, she heard footsteps of another, creeping into the room, oblivious to the golden duo.
Stepping out of the row of books, she looked around and stared at all the potential hiding places. Which benifited her.
Soon enough, her eyes stopped at a shadowed area of the room, and once she stared hard enough, Victoria noticed the out line of a body. "Well, another peeker I see." She thought , her eyes scanning the back of this person. The colors of his robe, familar hair.. An image of the boy from before came to her in reminder. 'The Slytherin boy who I yet have to introduce too. Interesting.' Sneaking up on him, she stood behind him and in a whispered voice, she spoke. "Curious are you..?" A kind smile pulled at her lips, but she blinked as she heard a nearby crash from the potter boy. But he seemed alright, as he was talking happily. "Oh they must have found something..." Victoria muttered with interest, eyeing him from an empty book gap from behind a nearby book shelf. "..well its almost time for class.." Looking at him, she smiled a bit more, her griffindor side peeking out, before stepping out of the library and to the common rooms.

Felix watched as Albus fell on Rose. He smiled happily and let out a small laugh before turning to the voice behind him. There he saw the Slytherin girl he had seen earlier when they had saw that weird encounter with some type of paranormal. Felix smirked at her comment about him being curious. He had replied with "Yes, very. And I could say the same about you." With a grin on his face. He glanced back over at the two and saw the big book. Nodding he said "Yeah…" as a reply to what the girl said. He them turned back to the girl with a smile on his face. He didn't notice it earlier, but this girl was very pretty.

When she said it was almost time for class and started walking away, Felix stood there for a moment trying to decide if he should head back to the common room like this girl was doing or if he should stay until Potter and Wesley leave. Good for Felix, he has a pet rat that'll decide for him. Roscoe had started following the girl while Felix watched. So Felix decided to walk with the girl. "Hey, wait up!" He called out quietly, not wanted Potter and Wesley to notice them. "I'll walk with you." He said with a smile as he came up alongside the girl. "I'm Felix, by the way. Felix Nott." He said introducing himself and then looked down as Roscoe climbed up his leg. "And this is Roscoe." He said pointing at Roscoe as he took his usual spot on Felix's left shoulder.

She watched a girl [Olivia] pass her with a look of curiosity. She was the one from before.. the one in the shadows 'A griffindor probably..' Though she snapped out of it as she heard a familiar voice call out to her..or so she thought. Looking around, she saw no one else in the hall other then her. "Hey, wait up!" She looked over her shoulder, and noticed the slytherin boy and a small rat following her. A tiny smile formed. "I'll walk with you." She nodded in response, liking the idea of company, but she hoped it wasent her half veela blood charm that attract him here. But at the same time, she didnt seem to care, company was company, besides he looked worth-while. "I'm Felix, by the way. Felix Nott." He said introducing himself and then looked down as Roscoe climbed up his leg. "And this is Roscoe." She felt her smile broaden, as her eyes soften with a small gleam of joy. "Victoria Gray, a pleasure Felix." She pat the rat gently on the head with her forefinger. "You too Roscoe heh." She then noticed her irregular and defiantly abnormal slytherin behavior. Friendliness, petting.. Her cheeks bloomed a light pink, and she quickly straightened up and looked forward, hoping to cover up what she did. 'D-damn you and your lack of self-control!' Victoria thought, mentally glaring at her conscious. She knew of her multi faced personalities, and she was okay if it were to peek out every now and then, but that was just going all out! She worried, and glanced at Felix. Would he dislike her, for her griffindor traits.. 'And just when i thought i made a new friend..'
"Um... What are your classes F-" She coughed, her voice calming down. "Felix?" Victoria eyed him for a reaction.

Felix smiled as he heard what the girl, Victoria, had said her name was. Victoria. Victoria. Felix thought the name over in his head for a moment. Such a lovely name. He continued in thought. He became puzzled as he saw Victoria act a little bit out of Slytherin character then go stiff. Was it strange, a Slytherin showing traits of a total opposite character? Well, yes, maybe a little, but Felix didn't mind. To him, it was a burst of fresh air. Everyone he's ever known; father, grandfather, even playmates his father had gotten him, we're only cold and cruel, loyal to only the Dark Lord and the many gangs they've join and their family's. But, this, a first year Slytherin girl with a beautiful name of Victoria, showing kind hearted traits, felt amazing to Felix making his small smirk turn into a kind smile, even if it was just a hint of kindness mixed with the normal Slytyerin look he always wore.

He was took out of thought at the sound of Victorias voice, how nice it sounded in Felix's ears making him stare a moment as he thought back to the classes he has. "Huhm…I have Potions first. Tyen Defense against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration after that, Magical Creatures after that, Herbology, then Magical Histories." Felix stated, reciting his whole schedule. "What are your classes, Madame Victoria?" He added, saying the last part a little jokingly to break the tension that seemed to be filling the air, then gave a small bow, adding to the jokingly voice with a small chuckle. Then he stood up straight and smiled, a rather kind smile for Felix, and traced "Nott", that was stitched on the inside left forearm of his grandfathers robe, with his right index finger as he stared and smiled at Victoria.

(now you know I have no creative skills & just took the schedule from the front page haha)

She blinked in surprise as she watched his small smirk, melting into a..kind smile and Joy of realization flooded her mind, as she felt like he was okay with her multi personality, though at the same time, she felt herself fluster, hopefully it wasent too noticeable. "Huhm…I have Potions first. Tyen Defense against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration after that, Magical Creatures after that, Herbology, then Magical Histories." Felix stated, reciting his whole schedule. "What are your classes, Madame Victoria?" Again it was her turn once more to feel surprise and again flustered by his chuckle. 'what a coincidence..' And she felt a little giggle escape her, as Felix bowed down mockingly, but in a comical way. Her eyes twinkled with mischievous, and she curtsied back, liking the free tension around them. "Well my good Sir Felix, it seems like we have the same classes, coincidence isnt it~?" Victoria followed his hand as he fingered his stitched surname and noticed it looking familar, but she didnt know how. 'hm..?' Dropping the curiousity, she decided to focus on her walking companion, by making direct eye contact, which was easy with her straight forward and blunt personality. Although it seemed a bit hard this time, and she found herself glancing around as if she was trying to distract herself. It irked her, but she let it slide. 'I'm not not shy..'

[Ah its fine XD you can see that i have no real imagination either :D]