Aeriel Srebro

"Calm down! It was only a joke, no need to get so wound up."

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a character in “Hogwarts Year 2000”, as played by Amythi


Aeriel Ianira Srebro
Aer, or if you will, The Great and Powerful Queen of Everything, Your Majesty works just fine too
||Birth Date||
November 21st
3 feet, 9 and 3/4 inches
65 lbs
||Body Build||
Lean with slight curves developing
||Eye Color||
Grayish Blue
Parents used a magical eyesight correction potion when she was young, no need now.
||Skin Tone||
||Distinguishing Marks||
A crescent moon scar on her left shoulder blade.
||Predominant Features||
||Hair Color||
||Type of Hair||
Fine but with a slight wave to it
It's uncontrollable, just...uncontrollable.
In the high-alto range
||Physical Disabilities||
||Usual Fashion of Dress||
Shorts and a big t-shirt, when not at school of course.
||Favorite Outfit||
A pair of faded and ripped blue jeans, and a white muscle top with blue embroidery with bulky black boots.
Pierced ears with a sapphire stud in her left ear and a diamond stud in her right ear. A silver chain necklace with silver owl pendant hanging from it.
Hellenism (Ancient greek)
||Blood status||
Half blood
||Wand Wood||
9 and a half inches, slightly springy, Rowan
||Wand Core||
Tabby Cat

||Good Personality Traits||
Loyal, Funny, Energetic, Smart, Resourceful
||Bad Personality Traits||
Wary, Oblivious (to emotions), Stubborn, Short-tempered, Manipulative
||Mood Most Often In||
Happy and mischievous
||Sense of Humor||
Extravagant and whatever type can get the most extreme reaction from the people nearby
||Greatest Joy in Life||
Making other's react
||Greatest Fear||
Being locked in a small space
||Single Event That Would Throw Their Life Into Chaos||
Being told she had couldn't manipulate others
||Most at Ease When||
By a source of water alone
||Most Ill at Ease When||
In a desert with someone she considers annoying
||Enraged When||
Someone insults her hight, or does something she considers stupid and she gets in trouble for it or they blame her.
||Depressed/Sad When||
Someone she cares for leaves or dies
Herself and people she cares about surviving.
Life Philosophy||
It's not coming to you, whatever it is, you have to chase it down yourself
||One Wish||
To be able to breathe underwater, so she could leave
||Soft Spot||
Abused animals or children
||Greatest Strength||
Her ability to move on from upsetting things
||Greatest Vulnerability/Weakness||
Her care for defenseless creatures
||Biggest Regret||
That she's become so jaded because of her parents
||Minor Regret||
That she didn't spend enough time studying her Hogwarts books before she arrived.
||Darkest Secret||
Her parents neglect her when there's no one else around because she's a bastard child.
The thought of her parents holding power over her for the rest of her life.
||Immediate Goals||
To learn all she can at Hogwarts while making connections to use later in life.
||Long Term Goals||
To be better in both business and as a person, than her parents and to force them to acknowledge it.
||Plans to Accomplish Goals||
Make all the contacts she can while at Hogwarts and to get an apprenticeship afterwards to someone worthwhile.

||Least Favorite Color||[/b}

"The Princess Bride" even though it is a muggle book...
||Form of Entertainment||
Other peoples reactions
||Mode of Transportation||[/b}
By horse
[b]||Most Prized Possession||

Her owl pendant necklace her mother gave her before dying

||Musical Instrument||
||Spending a Rainy Day||
Tending her animals and reading a good book
||Spending Habits||
On books, food and supplies for the animals, and new outdoor clothes for the ones that have been worn out
||Spend Too Much Time...||
Taking walks and reading
||Spend Too Little Time...||
'Developing her feminine side'
||Extremely Skilled at||
Manipulating, making potions
||Extremely Unskilled at||
Gossiping, other than as a joke
||Nervous Tic(s)||
Wriggling her toes
||Usual Body Posture||
Straight back, feet shoulder width, and hands in her pockets
Very polite towards people she respects, but familiar with new people and others she already knows
Tends to cackle wildly when she realizes something ahead of everyone else.

Animal care material, wand, expanding leather messenger bag, experienced potions materials
Potions, Good with animals, nearly photographic memory, slight empathy

Familiar Information
Tabby Cat
Quiet seeming, she lurks in the background and is fairly self sufficient, but around Aeriel she's outgoing and humorous. She taps her paws and moves things to convey her emotions, even when people think she's just a cat she can communicate well enough for Aeriel to understand her, and that's what maters to her. She's very protective of Aeriel, as Aeriel saved her and took her in when she was just a kitten and was dying on the streets.

Aeriel was born on November 21st, and her mother loved her despite the fact that she was born of an affair. When she was five though, her mother was told she had brain cancer. Her mother held on until Aeriel was seven, before finally dying. Before she did though, she gave Aeriel an owl pendant on a silver chain, as an owl was on their family crest. The pendant was a family heirloom and Aeriel swore to wear it at all times before giving it to her own daughter, after her mother died. She then hunted down her father, only to find he was a wealthy, pureblood wizard with a family of his own. She showed up in his parlor one day and confronted him about taking her in. He did so reluctantly and only when she threatened to go to the press about it. Considering that she was conceived when he was married to another woman, he hurriedly took her in and told his wife she was a distant deceased cousin's only remaining daughter. Aeriel's now stepmother doubted the story, and suspected the truth, leading the woman to neglect Aeriel and deny any comfort or luxuries. Aeriel spent most of her time there outside on walks, reading in secluded places, handling the family animals, and making plans to bring her father's family down. When she got her Hogwarts letter she was ecstatic, it meant she could leave her father's household, and begin commencing her plans to bring them down.

So begins...

Aeriel Srebro's Story


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"Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!" squeals out Eterna as she flies around the Great Hall, adding to my already pulsing headache. 'Why do I put up with her again?' I wonder as a pretty blonde gets sorted into Ravenclaw. Knowing I got awhile to wait I begin thinking on my next summon pattern for my lizards. 'Hmm, maybe if I were to give them colors based off of the houses it might work out, but what if I gave them the ability or trait of their representative house, I wonder how I ca-' my train of thought is interrupted as I finally hear my name get called out. 'Well here goes nothing,' I say confidently to myself as I begin my walk to the stool. Just in time for Eterna to come ramming into me and give me a tight hug causing to cuss, "Dammit, la gå deg blodig jente!" She replies quickly and flies off laughing. 'I swear she will be the death me of one day,' I mutter to my self as I take my seat on the stool and the darkness the of the oversize hat envelopes me. I jump as I hear a voice talk to me, but relax when I realize its the sorting hat, "Hmmm, very intresting. A sharp mind, a thirst for knowledge and a desire to prove yourself. But where to put you. A cunning mind as well and oh my very interesting, though you got a ways to go for your mind to be strong, but yours will do at the time, yes better be.....' Thinking the hat hat is going to take forever I begin to hum a song to myself; 'Åh, du skitne skitten lue, skynd deg og tenke, før jeg bruker du en skrape innlegget, og når din pumpet opp, vil jeg kaste deg i ilden, så jeg kan være varm hele natten.' Just as I finish the song he shouts out. "SLYTHERIN!" Letting out a small chuckle and a sly smile I rise from the stool and handing the hat back to the small professor, I then head off to take my seat with my fellow Slytherins amongst green and silver. 'That would be an interesting color for a lizard.' I then enjoy whats left of the sorting and wait for the food to appear. Once it does I begin to eat, complaining mentally that there is no Norwegian food.


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#, as written by Amythi
I had been so excited that I was going to Hogwarts, but now I'm a bit...disappointed. What is this? Everyone's wearing plain black robes and uniforms, there's no individuality anywhere! And we aren't allowed in the forest either? I rolled my eyes as the Headmistress told us to behave and not break any rules, what were we supposed to do then? Sit down and listen quietly? I don't think so. A few people seem interesting I suppose, but they're far from my place in line, and there's no point introducing myself. I saw a small blonde girl get up and get sorted into Ravenclaw, before turning my attention back to myself. I started fiddling with my pendant, smirking lightly at the few kids who stared confusedly at me. Ah kids, so much fun, so much fun. Maybe this place won't be so bad, after all I can mess with all the little innocents here, oh what fun, what fun! I heard my name being called, so I looked up blankly, staring at the small man looking for me, a bit panicked. I strolled up to him and sat delicately on the stool, my robes swishing dramatically behind me. I heard the grumbles from a few students about me being 'a stupid show-off' and smirked, clearly they hadn't figured out how to handle theirs yet. So medieval I thought, picking at my robe sleeve distastefully, before looking ahead and smirking again as the hat dropped down to cover my face. A voice chuckled and I gave an inward start, before realizing that the hat been imbued with sentiment and powerful magic, making it animated. "How interesting, you certainly have a logical sort of mind don't you?" I tilted my head gently before nodding gently.
'How can I not, with all the grief in this world.' I thought, before letting the hat continue on it's tirade.
"Hush, you! Let an old hat think, hmm... You're certainly loyal enough for Hufflepuff.. but your trust issues would make it nearly impossible for you to accomplish your goals in that house... You're brave enough for Gryffindor certainly, and you have no problem helping others out, but you insist on them paying you back in some way. A trait that would not be well received in that house... You're more than smart enough for Ravenclaw, but your lack of passion for learning itself without the motive of revenge would make that house impossible for you. Not to mention they're far to unsociable for you to make connections there...Slytherin would suit you fine though, your cunning, perhaps to ambitious for your own good, and you'll go to any means to achieve what you want...Yes, I think Slytherin, don't you?"
I chuckled lightly, 'So I get a choice?'
"Not at all, not at all." It whispered into my mind, before shouting loudly, "SLYTHERIN!" as I went to pick it off my head, it said "Good luck achieving your goals child." I laughed lightly, a genuine smile lighting up my face.
'Thank you Mr. Hat, thank you.' I heard it laugh as I finished pulling it off my head and passed it to the small professor. Before swirling dramatically towards the table overshadowed by green and silver banners. My smile slipped down to a slight grin, my eyes tightening calculatingly, as I stared at the table clapping loudly. I sat down in a place by the end of the table, a chatty older student to my left, an empty spot to my right. I would have scooted down another seat to avoid the ceaseless chatter, but she had latched her attentions onto me now, and all I could do was sit still and nod occasionally, giving a smile when she asked for my opinion. When the food finally came I was relieved, and began piling a small amount of food onto my plate. Now entirely ignoring the people around me. All that mattered now was the food, and my plans to conquer my relatives. That doesn't mean I didn't look around a bit, a boy with long hair nearby who seemed to be contemplating something. Ah well, what he does is his business, as long as he stays out of mine.


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#, as written by Amythi
As we walked down to our common rooms, I found myself walking near a girl with long blonde hair, not that she noticed. She seemed to be looking at the boy with long hair I noticed earlier. I was fine with that, it let me do my own thinking, like how my horse back home was probably suffering because of those idiots I'm forced to live with... Soon we were in our common room, and were being assigned personal ones, it'd be nice to have my own room, one that's larger than my old one. 'My house mates don't seem so bad either' I thought as the long haired boy from earlier, whose name was apparently Zed, began to introduce himself. As the blonde stuttered over her own name, I chuckled quietly, 'Look's like things are going to start getting entertaining round here!'. I kept a grin on my face, as the boy grumbled about his seat, but sat down anyways. I took a seat on a couch a few seats away. "Potions for me. And you can both call me Aer, I suppose if you must. Us first years should stick together." Turning my attention to Undesuline for her answer, and placing my hands in my robe pockets, and trying to ignore the feelings of curiosity and contempt I could feel wafting from the upper class men, trying to clear my mind and focus on the two before me.