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Zed Yggdrasil Xavier

A shy, but intelligient boy with great ambition.

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a character in “Hogwarts Year 2000”, as played by Zed Yggdrasil



Name: Zed Yggdrasil Xavier AKA: Zyx (Sykes)
Age: 11(currently)
Height: 4'2"
Weight: 85lbs.
Bloodstatus: Pureblood
Hair Style and Colour: Black and knee-length (feels like silk, his only vanity)
Eye color: Pale Violet
House: Slytherin
Wand Wood: Maple 12 1/2 inches rather swishy
Wand Core: Dragon Heartsting
Familiar: Black Cat

Personality: Shy, analytic, ambitious and a rule bender (why break when you can exploit?) not easily impressed, a little bit of a blood purist so muggleborns need to be cautious around him, for he may tend to hex first and ask questions later. He doesn't hate muggleborns per se, he just hates the fact that they are ignorant of the wizarding world, though if they ate least show a hint of knowledge he'll be a bit more accepting of them.

Equipment: Wand, ritual knife, school bag, with standard year 1 books, plus a few from his family library, cat treats, string and a wand holster

Abilities: Occlumency (Level: Beginner, attempting a mindscape) Ritualist (Level: New) Summoning (Level: Prodigy)[More akin to permanent conjurations. as long as the anatomy of the conjuration is known innately]{Currently Known: 3}(Snake, Spider and Lizard)

Familiar Information
Name: Night AKA: Nightmare
Species: Bombay Cat/Red Eyed
Personality: Rather uptight and pompous, but a troublemaker to the extreme, has a habit to steal things and frame people for the fun of it. Loves string to the point that he will hoard it in his own kitty den that is filled with string and a few other odd things he has found. (Rumoured to have quite the haul of panties, it has not been proven however.) Has a weakness for girls he finds pretty or who bribe him with treats and string, preferably both at once.

History: Firstborn son of the Yggdrasil main branch family and he hates it. Him and his family decided to leave their home country of Norway and head to England after Voldemort's fall. Their family is known to own the largest grimoire in the world and adept in many branches of magic, to keep it safe. Zed has read some of the grimoire himself and learned the basics of Occlumency and how to Summon a school he is more interested in. He had also learned one ritual from the book so far and rather simple and small one at that called; Purifying Ritual. A small one that cleans impurities from his body for two months. His mother and father rarely pay any attention him, so instead he relies on himself and a girl that has followed him around since he was six. A girl no else can see. She claims that he summoned her so had a friend to be with. He doesn't entirely believe her, but is giving her the benefit of the doubt and goes along with it. It was only thanks to her that he was able to get his wand and supplies from Diagon Alley, since his parents seem not to focus on him at all. He wants to just get though his time at school and get a mastery in charms and transfiguration and possibly potions, so he can continue with his dream of becoming a Master Summoner, a profession that has not been seen for over a thousand years.

Memory Charmed Erased History
At the tender age of six he had summoned an innocent succubus, in other words a virgin succubus and a young one at that. He summoned and bound her to him with only one desire, friendship. As a result she cannot leave our realm until he send her back with her true name a name he did know when he did the summon. She could become a dark succubus if he just sent her away without fulfilling the terms of the contract. A friendship to last until betrayal of the heart. His parents who saw what he did erased all of it from his mind and the succubus put herself under a powerful illusion spell. She would ever be heard and visible to him, till the her innocence is lost. As a result it weakened her power greatly and now she's similar to the average witch, with slightly more power to her spells.


Succubus Information
Name: Eterna
Age: 12(currently)
Personality: Quite the the little devil, she likes to help Night on his quest for string and cause trouble wherever she can. (She could give the Weasley Pranksters a run for their money, even the Marauders couldn't hold a candle to her.) Pouts a lot with Zed, since he won't join in on her pranks. though if he's tempted enough he just might, though he only joins when he is REALLY bored and in need of a good laugh. She's just too damn playful for her own good. Not too mention curious, she has gotten Zed in trouble quite a few times, since explaining her will make him seem like a crazy person.....Hogwarts beware Eterna has come and mischief will reign supreme.

So begins...

Zed Yggdrasil Xavier's Story


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#, as written by Amythi
I had been so excited that I was going to Hogwarts, but now I'm a bit...disappointed. What is this? Everyone's wearing plain black robes and uniforms, there's no individuality anywhere! And we aren't allowed in the forest either? I rolled my eyes as the Headmistress told us to behave and not break any rules, what were we supposed to do then? Sit down and listen quietly? I don't think so. A few people seem interesting I suppose, but they're far from my place in line, and there's no point introducing myself. I saw a small blonde girl get up and get sorted into Ravenclaw, before turning my attention back to myself. I started fiddling with my pendant, smirking lightly at the few kids who stared confusedly at me. Ah kids, so much fun, so much fun. Maybe this place won't be so bad, after all I can mess with all the little innocents here, oh what fun, what fun! I heard my name being called, so I looked up blankly, staring at the small man looking for me, a bit panicked. I strolled up to him and sat delicately on the stool, my robes swishing dramatically behind me. I heard the grumbles from a few students about me being 'a stupid show-off' and smirked, clearly they hadn't figured out how to handle theirs yet. So medieval I thought, picking at my robe sleeve distastefully, before looking ahead and smirking again as the hat dropped down to cover my face. A voice chuckled and I gave an inward start, before realizing that the hat been imbued with sentiment and powerful magic, making it animated. "How interesting, you certainly have a logical sort of mind don't you?" I tilted my head gently before nodding gently.
'How can I not, with all the grief in this world.' I thought, before letting the hat continue on it's tirade.
"Hush, you! Let an old hat think, hmm... You're certainly loyal enough for Hufflepuff.. but your trust issues would make it nearly impossible for you to accomplish your goals in that house... You're brave enough for Gryffindor certainly, and you have no problem helping others out, but you insist on them paying you back in some way. A trait that would not be well received in that house... You're more than smart enough for Ravenclaw, but your lack of passion for learning itself without the motive of revenge would make that house impossible for you. Not to mention they're far to unsociable for you to make connections there...Slytherin would suit you fine though, your cunning, perhaps to ambitious for your own good, and you'll go to any means to achieve what you want...Yes, I think Slytherin, don't you?"
I chuckled lightly, 'So I get a choice?'
"Not at all, not at all." It whispered into my mind, before shouting loudly, "SLYTHERIN!" as I went to pick it off my head, it said "Good luck achieving your goals child." I laughed lightly, a genuine smile lighting up my face.
'Thank you Mr. Hat, thank you.' I heard it laugh as I finished pulling it off my head and passed it to the small professor. Before swirling dramatically towards the table overshadowed by green and silver banners. My smile slipped down to a slight grin, my eyes tightening calculatingly, as I stared at the table clapping loudly. I sat down in a place by the end of the table, a chatty older student to my left, an empty spot to my right. I would have scooted down another seat to avoid the ceaseless chatter, but she had latched her attentions onto me now, and all I could do was sit still and nod occasionally, giving a smile when she asked for my opinion. When the food finally came I was relieved, and began piling a small amount of food onto my plate. Now entirely ignoring the people around me. All that mattered now was the food, and my plans to conquer my relatives. That doesn't mean I didn't look around a bit, a boy with long hair nearby who seemed to be contemplating something. Ah well, what he does is his business, as long as he stays out of mine.


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#, as written by Amythi
As we walked down to our common rooms, I found myself walking near a girl with long blonde hair, not that she noticed. She seemed to be looking at the boy with long hair I noticed earlier. I was fine with that, it let me do my own thinking, like how my horse back home was probably suffering because of those idiots I'm forced to live with... Soon we were in our common room, and were being assigned personal ones, it'd be nice to have my own room, one that's larger than my old one. 'My house mates don't seem so bad either' I thought as the long haired boy from earlier, whose name was apparently Zed, began to introduce himself. As the blonde stuttered over her own name, I chuckled quietly, 'Look's like things are going to start getting entertaining round here!'. I kept a grin on my face, as the boy grumbled about his seat, but sat down anyways. I took a seat on a couch a few seats away. "Potions for me. And you can both call me Aer, I suppose if you must. Us first years should stick together." Turning my attention to Undesuline for her answer, and placing my hands in my robe pockets, and trying to ignore the feelings of curiosity and contempt I could feel wafting from the upper class men, trying to clear my mind and focus on the two before me.


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"Leah Woodwind," the Professor called. I hesitated, but I made my way up to the talking hat, sat down and the hat was placed on my head. "Oh, well hello there. This is going to be tough...." It didn't speak for a whole minute, then said. "I choose to put you in.... Slytherin!" The whole Slytherin table cheered as I came and sat down next to a few guys.
"Hello there, I'm Draco Malfoy." I smiled. "I know, we spoke on the train. Remember?" Draco smiled and nodded. "Ah, yes. Now I remember. Leah Woodwind."

As we all ate dinner, I continued to sneak food for Shadow. I didn't care if anyone saw me or not, I just needed to feed him. As I was about to feed him chicken, he wandered somewhere else, to the girl sitting next to me. "Shadow!" I hissed. Shadow saw the food in my hand and trotted to me. "Good boy," I whispered, stroking his head. I glance at the girl, then I nudge Draco. "Hey Draco, who is she?" I pointed at the girl next to me. "I don't know. Why don't you ask for her name."
"No! Me and other girls don't get along well..." I hissed quietly. "Oh, okay then." He says, continuing to eat. I chuckled and nudged him. "Hey Draco," He looked at me. "What is it Leah?"
"Um... I just wanted to say that..." I could feel my face turn red. "I'm glad that you wanted to be my friend, even though you barely know me..." Draco smiles. "No problem Leah. And I don't mind that I barely know you. When I first saw you, you seemed nice enough to be friends with." I smiled at him like I would do any other friend. It was very hard to see Draco smile, that has to be the first time I've seen him smile to me personally.
"Meow," Shadow meowed, wanting attention. "Urg," I pick him up and put him in my lap. "Spoiled cat..." Draco looked down and saw my cat. "Leah, you know you're not supposed to take you pets to the table." I shrugged "So, I mean, I need to feed him and he won't eat cat food." Draco nods, understanding.