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Hola! It's Summertime {Reboot}



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Earth is a part of Hola! It's Summertime {Reboot}.

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Background from the meeting of nations:

In the Alakoma booth, marked by the tricolour flag of purpure, argent, and or, sit a few Capricorn (in human form, but still distinguishable by their ram-like horns), most prominent among them a young woman dressed in some of the finest textiles and jewellery among her people [[picture something along the lines of this mixed with this and this]]. She is accompanied by a few formally dressed Capricorn men [[along the lines of this with this hair]]. Upon being cued by the WuXing, the young woman beckons to one of the men, who bows to the young woman as he stands and approaches the front of the booth. “Honoured representatives of the nations of Aokoa. Waiahau Taniawata [[’praise the waters and the winds (for delivering you all here)’]]. Join me in congratulating and thanking the WuXing for hosting this fantastic event.” He speaks in slightly accented but somewhat fluent Ashi-Wu, the language of the WuXing hosts, towards whom he then claps. “I am Ka’awani Utara Tamawaie Aoramae Karekohu Mo’onuiona of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Affairs of Alakoma; I speak today with the grace of our Lady, on behalf of the Capricorn of Alakoma.” He bows to the room. “I would like to take a moment to speak of our capital’s Hononui Stock Exchange, which has been reopened in our new and admittedly ambitiously named World Trade Centre. We entreat you all to visit, in hopes of creating a grander market city than the world has yet seen. But to my point today, in an effort to grow the Hononui Stock Exchange and our World Trade Centre, we would like to create an international trade directory of nations such that traders might more easily get an overview of different nations’ stocks and economies, that may hopefully entice business opportunities between traders from nations with yet little to no mercantile relationship. I implore you all to seek me out following the formal conclusion of these talks, so I may add information pertaining to your