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Chiyo Kim

"Let's have some fun shall we?"

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a character in “Hola! It's Summertime!”, as played by phoenix_lynx


{"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”}
Happy || Pharrell Williams || Thank you || Nell || Daydreaming || Paramore


Chiyo Kim
"Chiyo meaning eternal, my father did want me to be remembered forever!"

"Only those close to me call me that, it's pretty embarrassing!"

{Birth Date}
18th of December 1993
"My favourite season is winter after all."

"I guess I'm an adult now huh?"

50% Japanese || 50% Korean

"All is fair in love and war."

{Face Claim}
Bae Suzy



{Build|| Weight}
Slim yet with distinctive muscles due to rock climbing and athletics. || 47kg

{Skin Color}
Somewhat pale.
"I can never tan, I only burn!"

Natural brunette with shades of lighter brown as highlights
"I like dying my hair though, blonde doesn't suit me as much as I'd like!"

{Eye Color}
Dark brown
"It's rather common."

{Distinctive markings}
As Chiyo has a passion for rock climbing and throughout her childhood has always tried to set her own records, she has a few scars from incidents where she's cut herself on the rocks. Some required stitches and have left small scars mostly on her legs.

None - she's never had any desire for piercings and found them somewhat annoying to her.


Outgoing || Energetic || Brave || Blunt || Naive || Superstitious

Outgoing & Energetic
Chiyo has always wanted to live her life with as much fun as possible but also in a way where negative thoughts didn't cloud her mind. Being friendly is something necessary for her as the thought of being alone can sometimes make her fearful of the future after all she is one who loves social interaction. Though somewhat awkward at times especially with new people or in new surroundings nonetheless Chiyo adapts quickly to fit those individuals around her. At times others find her slightly annoying but that is mostly due to the fact that she'll hardly show any negative emotions or show her tiredness.

She's quite a risk taker who loves an adrenaline rush regardless of the consequences behind her actions. Activities like rock climbing has made her such way as she enjoys the thrill from a fear factor that most may hate. Chiyo has grown up with parents who never wanted to baby their children and therefore she has learnt to just deal with any pain and continue on which is exactly why she questions those around her who are quite childish or cowardly. With a bunch of new bruises every week it's hardly a surprise anymore when she laughs it of. Even when she was a young teen who had to get stitches on both her knees due to a rock climbing accident, she forced her recovery period to shorten so she could go on a hiking trip.

Chiyo has no filter that separates what she can think and what she can actually say out loud resulting in a fair amount of awkward situations. Without even realizing she'll speak her thoughts and especially around new people she has the tendency to seem nosy or weird. Honesty is all good but being too honest can also be a vital flaw as lying is something she is dreadful at. This girl cannot lie to save her life. In most social situations she'll go about the conversation normally when she tries but she'll always have that one slip up, usually with random questions that probably should be asked. Also Chiyo when thinking really hard in times where she doesn't want to mess up a new friendship will pause frequently throughout the conversation to think through her response.

Rather than naive Chiyo is mostly just to trusting a tad bit too gullible at times. She sees the good in people and will just immediately assume that everyone is good with nice intentions. Her kindhearted nature comes through will the fact that saying no is near impossible for her as she gets too guilty for sometimes no reason. Her friends usually tease her about her innocence and the fact that someday it may just cause her trouble, however in Chiyo's eyes she simply just views her flaws as something apart of her that she wouldn't change even if she could.

Chiyo is highly superstitious and with her OCD tendencies she ties them both together. It doesn't matter what it is she will forever abide by that nonexistent rule to avoid any bad luck. Things like breaking a mirror and walking under a ladder is simply minor things, to add her OCD into the mix she will go out of her way to avoid certain numbers [she strongly dislikes even numbers] in everyday life. It may seem silly to some but for Chiyo it's her life.


Always mumbling to herself || When speaking in Japanese she acts overly cute around her friends || Avoids walking on cracked pavements || Mentally give strangers a name she'd believe would suit them || Chews hers tongue as she hates chewing gum || Cracks the knuckles of her friends/those who let her || Will randomly add Korean/Japanese into a sentence || Uses quotes as answers when questioned || Makes a to-do list everyday || Carries around a small star stamp and will stamp those around her|| Taps on doors 3 times before entering/closing || Draws little pen tattoos on her arms || Pinches her arm when in an uncomfortable situation/when nervous

Singing || "I've always wanted to be a singer when I was younger of course that was just a dream but I'm pretty good, I sometimes post videos up on YouTube." {x}
Rock climbing || "I've always loved hiking and rock climbing just gives me that thrill you know, my goal is to climb as many mountains as possible!"
Surfing || "To be fair it is in my blood, both my parents meet each other when surfing on holiday so of course I would follow along with their passion."
Otome games || "Ah jeez don't make me say it out loud, fine I do love Otome games but hey let us just keep it between ourselves."
Sports in general ||"I'm a pretty active person, everything from having morning jogs to playing badminton is something I enjoyed. I don't like staying indoors for long!"

Eremophobia {being alone/loneliness} || Ataxophobia {untidiness} ||

Rock climbing injures - A serious one is a flexor tendon tear which she got when she was 15, this resulted in her inability to bend the fingers of her left hand properly and most of the time the fingers in both her hands feel numb to her. Chiyo refused to give up on rock climbing even though it could get more serious if it becomes completely ruptured - it also resulted in an extreme head injury which caused amnesia and even now has a problem with her memory where she can randomly go blank. It can small from not knowing where she is to something more dangerous where she may not know who she is or recall any events. {Takes medication}

{Likes & Dislikes}

▲Rock climbing
▲The smell of oranges
▲Nightly walks

▲Asian dramas
▲Japanese live action dramas
▲Running Man
▲Otome games [secretly]
▲Cold beer
▼Humid weather
▼Sour candies
▼Iced tea
▼Overly crowded places
▼Asked to act cute
▼Horror movies
▼Flowers as gifts


{Place of Origin}
Gwangju, South Korea

{Family & People of Importance}
Jinyoung Kim || 47 || Father || Living
Emiko Kim || 45 || Mother || Estranged
Seohyun Kim || 45 || Step-mother || Living
Minhyuk Kim || 21 || Step-brother || Living
Hikari Kim || 18 || Sister || Living
Jun Kim || 16 || Brother || Living

Chiyo Kim was born on a harsh snowy day on the 18th of December 1993 in Gwangju. As the first born and surprisingly a girl even though the doctor told her parents they would be expecting a boy, she was filled with attention from everyone around her as she was simply such a cute baby. Of course she took after her mother's beauty and while her father was busy with work it was her mother Emiko who made sure Chiyo was brought up perfectly.

As someone who loves people around her even as a little girl, Chiyo desperately wanted siblings which she was given after three years as her little sister Hikari was born and then again after two years which was finally a little boy named Jun. The house was bursting with young children running around with bundles of energy that no one could truly tame them, all except her father. Chiyo took on the protective older sister role quickly and was the peacemaker of the family, forever ensuring that the younger siblings would make up after a fight and always sacrificing her own desserts for Hikari and Jun.

It seemed like a perfect happy family or though it seemed on the surface, behind closed doors the relationship between Jinyoung and Emiko became unstable and it seemed like they really weren't happy anymore. Even though her father really loved her mother, her mother on the other hand had began having an affair with a younger man secretly. It was when Chiyo was 8 that her mother finally walked out on the family leaving a quickly scribbled note behind with a halfhearted reason. The kids were heartbroken but Chiyo knew that she had to at least pretend to be fine and help her siblings get through it. It was her father who ended up moving them to their grandparents house to make sure the kids were around family at all times.

During that time her father introduced her to rock climbing and instantly Chiyo fell in love with the sport. She'd go to indoor rock climbing lessons and would travel across the country throughout her holidays to improve her skills. She became active in sport participating in running activities like cross country or competitive badminton. Perhaps it was a way of coping with her mother leaving, constantly distracting herself but it kept her happy. Also singing became her passion and secretly she'd always hoped to become an K-pop idol but never had the guts to audition so it was just a dream. However she still wanted others to know about her singing ability and she found that writing songs became much like a diary, so she started to upload her very first videos on YouTube when she was 14.

When she was 15 she ended up being in a rock climbing accident as while she was climbing Mount Temple in Alberta Canada due to a mixture of the snowy conditions and the technical difficulties in the safety wear. It caused her to have a flexor tendon tear and severe injuries to her legs due to deep cuts. Because she had already been injured beforehand the impact had worsened her condition and she needed physiotherapy [which she still has regularly]. Her doctor warned her of the consequences if she were to continue rock climbing but Chiyo didn't listen despite her father's concerns.

Her father's dating life was absent and with a gentle push from all the children he began to give love another shot. Before her father turned 36 he fell in love with Seohyun and they later married over 4 years. This increased the family as Seohyun had already had a son in her previous marriage, Minhyuk who was the same age as Chiyo. Finally her father as well as her family were happy once more.

{Theme Song}
{Misguided Ghosts || Paramore}
I'm going away for a while
But I'll be back
Don't try to follow me
'Cause I'll return as soon as possible
See, I'm trying to find my place
But it might not be here where I feel safe

We all learn to make mistakes
And run from them, from them
With no direction
We'll run from them, from them
With no conviction

'Cause I'm just one of those ghosts
Travelin' endlessly
Don't need no roads
In fact, they follow me
And we just go in circles

And now I'm told that this is life
That pain is just a simple compromise
So we can get what we want out of it

Would someone care to classify?
Our broken hearts and twisted minds
So I can find someone to rely on
And run to them, to them
Full speed ahead
Oh, you are not useless
We are just

Misguided ghosts
Travelin' endlessly
The ones we trusted the most
Pushed us far away
And there's no one road
We should not be the same
But I'm just a ghost
And still they echo me
They echo me in circles

So begins...

Chiyo Kim's Story