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Reinette Victoria de La Tour

Reinette is a kind girl with a beautiful smile, who loves to keep others happy. She has also found her love, though her parents want nothing of it...

0 · 423 views · located in Earth

a character in “Hold my Hand Forever”, as played by SithFaced


*If you'd like any other images as to how I imagine Reinette looks, simply look for images of the Estonian pop singer Kerli...

Reinette Victoria de La Tour


~ Dance
~ Singing
~ Painting
~ Going for walks
~ Playing her Cello
~ Playing the Violin and Electric Violin
~ Playing the Harp and the piano
~ Stage performance
~ Sewing
~ Parkour and Free Running

+ Pointe Ballet
+ Metal bands
+ French
+ Japan
+ The scent of Vanilla
+ Opera Music
+ Museums
+ The ocean
+ Lollipops
+ British comedy
+ Doctor Who
+ Loud Music
+ Creepy Dolls
+ Reading
+ Laughter
+ Sherlock Holmes
+ Dresses
+ A certain pointy eared Vulcan from Star Trek
+ Spending time with her friends
+ Harry Potter themed musicals
+ Singing
+ Shakespeare
+ Elvis
+ Video Games
+ Laying around the house
+ Spending hours behind her piano
+ Practicing her Cello/Violins/Harp
+ Poetry

- Clowns
- Needles
- Heights
- Moths
- Being left alone in the dark
- Death and dying

x Moths
x High, open places
x People who chew with their mouth open
x "Reality" Television shows
x War
x Liars
x Failure
x Hypocrites
x Football
x Bread
x Cigarettes
x People who do drugs
x Country Music
x The sound of someone biting their nails
x Talking about politics
x Needles
x Clowns
x Jumping on trampolines
x Walmart


Reinette always seems to have one of two expressions on her face; a bright happy smile, or a thoughtful, contemplative look. She is by no means nice to everyone she meets, though she is not a mean person; obviously, there are people in the world that she just doesn't get along with. Music is one of those things that brings out her smile - that, and a good joke. She loves to sing, and considers Choir class, as well as Madrigals, her most important and favorite class; she sings soprano, and always gets the soprano one voice parts, for her vocal range fits the soprano "high A" (A6) in quite easily. History comes in a close second. Its not to say that she's a teachers pet though; she'd rather play some video games than do her homework. Nevertheless, she does pretty well in school. But one of the things that brings that contemplative, thoughtful look to her face is history, and philosophical works. She loves to think about it all kinds of things... write all kinds of conclusions. Its safe to say that she writes a lot, especially when it comes to philosophical thought, and history.

*I personally would like to develop her personality as we move into the RP. I feel like its easier to get to know a character that way, then to give you lines which are hard to follow. I hope this is okay. If not, I'll be sure to re-edit it, and come up with... something more, I suppose...


Reinette Victoria de La Tour was born on the 5th of May, to a relatively normal, well-off, tight-knit family. She has an older brother, Alexis Colton de La Tour, who was two years her senior. She had a relatively normal and uneventful childhood, and got along quite well with her family, up until now; she has finally found someone she loves, but her parents want nothing of it. They want to see her go onto college, and they believe that if she finds herself tangled up in a relationship, that'll ruin her chances of staying in college.

*Note: Alexis is pronounced the same way you would for the french boys name; that is, the "i" is a long "e", and the "s" is silent...

So begins...

Reinette Victoria de La Tour's Story