Elizabeth Thompson

"You can only be so strong for so long."

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|| 23 || 30% Colombian || 20% British || 50% French || Eliza || Rose {Most common} || Ellie || Desiree {Dancer name} || Suicide ||


February 14th

|Sexual Preference|
Asexual || No sexual preference

|Guarded by|
Samael Evans

Former College Student {Studying in Music} | Manager at a bookstore in town {In the morning} | Exotic dancer {In the night}

|Eye Color|
Hazel with specks of gold in them

|Hair Color|
Naturally red | 'Ginger'

|Body Type|
Petite and athletic

|Skin Tone|
Pale peach

|Height & Weight|
5'5 and 123 lbs.

She has more scars than anything. She has a couple on her wrists that are still healing from her trying self-harming for the first time about a week ago. Not to forget about the ones all along her stomach along with old cigarette burn marks that still haven't gone away thanks to her abusive ex-boyfriend and estranged step-father. She has two tattoos right now, one on her shoulder and one on her right breast

|Brief Physical Description|
Ever since birth, Rose has never been the tallest. She's just over 5 feet, getting her height from her mother's side and her toned legs make up most of her body. She has never been the most petite girl girl in town, she used to be short and a bit chubby. It wasn't until Junior year of high school that Elizabeth got curves in all the right places giving her a large hourglass figure. Her skin, from spending ten years in her native land of France, is a paler peach color. But, in the winter she does get a bit paler than she's used to. Which she is not a fan of. But, her skin matches her hazel eyes and light brown hair perfectly. While most see her as beautiful without showing off her body, she doesn't see it. Most of the time she wears clothing that hugs her hips and chest unless it's just her and her close girl friends.

Rose is true to her family and the way she was raised even if she isn't the most amazing daughter in the world. She is as passionate, caring, and strong as her mother, Tatiana. She's the one who's always bring in the money for her family, while her mother is paralyzed from the waist down and her drunk asshole of a step-father isn't going to do anything to help, her older sister is off to an Ivy league college somewhere not giving a damn about them, and her little siblings aren't old enough to work without leaving school. Something, she refuses to let them do. She's a dreamer just like her mother is and in some cases, she's far more curious than she should be. She is open and adventurous just as her mother is. And she is not afraid of the unknown like a lot of other people are which may make her sound like crazy person. But, she welcomes it, she think without it, even now, than we would still be living in caves. So yea, She could be called a dreamer. She's always pushing her friends to do things with her whether or not they want to, especially her best friend. She's always the one that Eliza wants by her side more than anyone else.

The twenty-two year old loves to believe that if she wants to do something then maybe, just maybe.... she can actually do it. Which may be the reason she continues with her dream of becoming a famous artist/dancer. Some people believe that she is naive and a bit out there and maybe she is but, hey that's her. Along with this, she's an idealist who loves and always pursue high hopes, and dreams, and goals. Never shooting down another person's dreams no matter what they are. Again like her mother, she is optimistic, sue her; But the way she sees it it's better to feel everything and think everything is possible than to feel nothing at all and think nothing can be better. It makes her believe that, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. This fact leads her to sometimes thinks too much, a habit she's been trying to break. But, for the last twenty two years it has not been able to be broken. But like her father she is determined, independent, a leader, and really hard headed. She's a woman who's opinion and choices are not easily swayed. She is not one to take pity from anyone about anything and isn't above snapping on someone who sees her as inferior to them. And, she lives to prove those types of people wrong. Which has made her family very proud. Something that she has always wanted to place from them; pride and acceptance.

In two words, the young Indian woman is quite cynical and sarcastic. She's got a sharp tongue, and is always ready with a quick comment or a sarcastic quip, though she never means to cause real harm to anyone even if they hurt her first. The girl is also one to always throw herself into everything she does even if that means having to keep at it for hours on end. Like her band she has done ever since she was able to find out just how much she loved music. And with those years, she has always hated to lose or being shut down, just thinking about losing makes her pissed off no matter what it is. But, with having good quality she does have a few bad ones just like every other human being who has ever walked the Earth. She is a very cynical person. Never believing that someone is a true and honest as they tell her. She believes that everyone is always out to hurt her or to use her in one way or another. She thinks that people only want something from her and then are going to leave her high and dry which is something she is not okay with. So, she hurts them first. Once they sleep together, she's the one who gets up and leaves them whether it's a one night stand or a serious relationship. Whether she feels infatuation or true love for that person, she leaves them before they get the chance to hurt her. Which is what she did with everyone she has ever been with.

Most of the time it works... To an expense, you see sometimes Nita wonders to herself 'what if'. It isn't long until she shakes that out of her head, reminding herself that she did the right thing. But other just stick to her because they prove themselves. Another rather unlovely quality of hers is that she has a strict schedule for herself. Which has made her stricter on herself than how her parents were which is hard to believe but it is true. She has much control over herself and her decisions, always being the one to think of the outcomes. This is the part of the young France native that she needs to feel as if she has done something with her life and that everything that happened to her in her life means something. Making her quite determined.

But, the worst part of this girl's personality is how insecure she is with herself. Going along with the trait of cynical, she never sees herself good enough for someone's true affection. When some see her as a beautiful and adventurous girl, deep down she's just like every other woman. Afraid and scared. Growing up, she was always compared to her sister. She was smart, athletic, beautiful, skinny, tall, everything Elizabeth wasn't, her sister, Lina was. And even now once she has shed that old shell, she still doesn't see herself as good enough. Which is why she is the way she is. She wants to be everything that her sister is and more. Meaning, she wants to be rich, to get rich but on her own. Yet, as of right now she has to show off her body in order to make ends meet. To eat, have water, but clothing, everything she needs and wants is supported mostly by her career in the night. Someday she wishes to be able to quit, having that perfect life she dreams of. And be able to live happily ever after. Too bad she doesn't believe in fairy tails.

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Dancing | A Great Persuader | Not Afraid of Much | Very Open | Fluent in Three Languages; English, Romanian, and French | Can Read Spanish | Decent at Singing | Playing Piano | Street Smart |

Reading | Not Very Book Smart | A Bit Naive | Her Family and Friends | Will Do Anything to Make Ends Meet | A Budding Alcoholic | Her Past | Talking About Her Life in France | Terrible at Cooking/Baking | Sex addict {Won't admit it} |

Being Abused | Getting Pregnant | Dying Young | Drowning | Alcohol Poisoning | Losing A Loved One | Blood | Folklores | Spiders and Rats | Fighting | Failure | Being Poor/Homeless | Being Alone at Night | Fire | Hospitals |

To become a famous dancer/painter | To Travel All Over The World | To Be Able To Live Her Fantasy Life | To Quit Being a Exotic Dancer | To Settle Down After A Few Years | To Star In A Spanish Film | Be Able To Leave Town With Her Family | Get Her Mother Away From Her Step-Father |

She has been thinking a lot about suicide | She dropped out of college to help out her family | She was raped by her step-father at the age of 8-15 | She has been pregnant twice but had miscarriages | Her dreams | Her fears | That she had a 2.6 GPA all through high school | She had an affair with a teacher when she was 18 | She can't read college level books for the most part | Her step-father made the whole family change their last name from Ramirez to his last name, Thompson





So begins...

Elizabeth Thompson's Story

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With tears in her eyes, she stared at the tear stained letter she had written to her mother and little siblings. She just couldn't do it anymore. It was always there in her mind, haunting her, breaking her, tormenting her. She had been too brave and strong for too long. She gingerly placed the letter on the bridge, with a rock to keep it from blowing away. She looked down the at the ground below the bridge before stepping back, trying to control her breathing. The young redhead put her hands through her hair before walking back to the ledge of the bridge. "Don't think about it. Don't think about, just do it."

With all that had happen in the last twenty four hours, she couldn't fight anymore. Her stepfather was gone, her mother seemed like she hated her for doing what she did and her siblings seemed to refuse to take a side. Elise did what she promised to do; keep her 'father' from hurting any of them like he had hurt her, provide for the family, and more than anything stay strong for them. For most of her life, she had been strong, always fighting against the man her mother married only a year after their father died. And, now? Now, she was tired of fighting. Without thinking, the girl removed her heels and coat and tossed them to the side as she climbed over the railing of the local bridge. She didn't look down at the water below, she could. Instead she looked forward towards the horizon, seeing the way the sun was rising. She sighed peacefully before taking one step off and letting herself fall. There was no going back, all she could do was look up as the bridge began getting farther away from her and the cool breeze from the water began getting closer. And then, everything went black.

It was in this one week that four young adults were losing their lives for one reason of another. Two of cancer, one from a car accident, and one from suicide. For most, this would be the end of a very short life but for these young sould. They are being given a second chance at life for one reason or another. For four young adults, they are being given that exact chance. Something about each of these humans are remarkable. In one way or other, they are worth being saved to see another day. To live another day of their life. For them, time is being rewound to exactly three months before their time of death, and each are being given a guardian angel to watch over them. What they don't know is that, the guardian angel is someone they have met once before whether it was a brief meeting or something more. What is the angels' job you may ask? Their job is quite simple, keep their human alive. Make them want to keep fighting or to keep living their life. To slowly heal them, physically and/or mentally. By any means necessary. But, as most have asked themselves, will they be able to change the past?

"C'mon, Elise! We're going out drinking, you know you want to." The smiling redhead, just chuckled as she rolled her eyes and shook her head towards the group of five other young adults. Made up of her best friends and co-workers. "As much as I would love to. I can't I have to work tonight and you guys know that." Her best friend, Alex just rolled her eyes before laying her head on her shorter friend's shoulder. "You always are working! Come on, have some fun!"

The young lady looked up at her friend before looking back at the time on her phone. "Me? Have fun? Alex, you know that's bullshit." The brunette rolled her eyes before feeling her phone vibrate, Elizabeth raised an eyebrow as her friend scoffed. "I have to work too." The others in the group sighed in disappointment, knowing that the best friends had to get going for their shift. "Exactly, so let's get going. Jake hates when we're late." Alex just nodded as they both began their quick walk to the club not too far from where they were downtown. "Eliza, wait!" The redhead turned towards her other best friend, Thomas with a smile as she looked towards him to see his hands were behind his back. "I know you're birthday is months away but, um...here. I saw it at work and I automatically thought of you--Is that weird? That's weird isn't it? Look, if you don't like it just let me know and--and I'll get you something else but..--"

"Tommy, I really have to get going. Whatever it is, I swear I'll love it." She assured him as he handed her a box and opened it to reveal a necklace with a blue stone in the middle. Eliza looked up at the man with a large smile on her face. "Do you like it?"

"Like it? Tommy, I love it. It's perfect, thank you."

"I glad you like it. Here I'll put it on for you." He undid the hook before fixing it around her neck and placing it loosely around her neck. She looked down at it before turning around to hug her friend. "It's beautiful, Thomas. I really do love it." Thomas was about to speak before being interrupted by Alexandra. "Hello! We gotta go, like now!" Eliza just let go of her friend and started running towards a waiting Alex, forgetting to look back and say goodbye to her group of friends.

The two girls made it to the back of the gentlemen's club and got to their stations to start getting ready. While her most of her friends hated her job, she did what she had to do in order to make ends meet and while they all wanted to help, she didn't allow them to. She didn't need their money and/or sympathy. While her friends all made their way to sleep, the young Hispanic girl was getting ready for her night job. She set her bag down at her station that had all her makeup, hair products, everything she needed in it before she started getting ready.

Ten minutes later she was having one of her coworkers tighten up her corset just as her name was being called of the microphone. As she made her way to the stage there was one person that caught her eye and that was her lover, Mario standing with the band. While she felt something for the man, she wouldn't exactly call it love. Not at all. Right now, Elizabeth saw them as 'friends with benefits' more than anything. She could hear the men cheer as she stepped on stage and she could see Mario give her a look a disapproval before starting the music. The man wanted what was best for her, he wanted her to leave the club and never come back but, Annie couldn't do it and risk giving up her lifestyle of luxury and expensive things.

And for the next six hours, 'Desiree' gave into the demands of her male clients before finally being able to leave a go back home. Mario had to sneak his way out through the backdoor, seeing that their boss would not like the pair being together, for lack of a better word. And they knew that, the only two people who knew about them were Alexandra and Thomas and the only reason they knew was because they caught the pair. When they got to her apartment, they didn't waste anytime to start showing their affection.

Later that morning, Elizabeth could barely feel Mario kissing her neck gently as he spoke to her. "Eliza." She just groaned softly before settling back into her large bed. "Beautiful, your phone was ringing." The young girl sighed before reaching for the phone on her bedside and seeing the text from her boss from her day job at the bookstore. She just sighed before sitting up in her bed with the blanket against her chest. "Don't call me that, it's not the truth and I hate lies." She got out of her bed and slipped on her robe. The Hispanic man just chuckled as he moved towards his lover and wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ear. "You're the only one who thinks it's a lie though." He said with a raised eyebrow as Elizabeth nudged out of his strong arms and made her way to her closet. "And, I thought you said that you would quit. You do not need to do this to yourself. I mean, you have your family, friends,.... me. You--.."

As the girl looked through her closet she looked up at the ceiling and sighed. She wanted Mario, she did but she was not willing to get hurt again. She wished that for once, a man would just want to stay the way they were. The would sleep together and then act like nothing ever happened between them. She turned towards him and sighed. "Mar, you're my friend and I adore you. But..--"

"I know, I know. You don't want a relationship right now, you don't want to ruin what we have, you don't want to get hurt, and so on and so forth. I get it, I know." He said as he grabbed his shirt from off the floor and slipped it on. When he slid on his black jeans he looked towards the Hispanic girl before sighing and chuckling softly. "One day, you're going to look back and wonder why you were such a bitch." Elise just scoffed as she watched him walk to the door. She went to the door behind him and tapped his shoulder. "I know what I'm doing, Mario. Get some business of your own and stay out of mine."

As he walked down the stairs he turned towards him in annoyance. "Yea, whatever. By the way, you must have forgotten that you're family's just next door." She looked to the apartment door next to her before looking back at Mario who had a raised eyebrow as he walked to his car. As he drove off, she just slammed the door and walked back to her bedroom to go take a shower and get dressed.

Twenty minutes later, she was out of the shower and almost done getting ready. Her makeup was all done along with her freshly dried hair as she slipped on her jeans that hugged her hips. She looked over her reflection with a small smile and shrug as she grabbed her jacket and purse. The girl walked next door to make sure that her siblings were either at school or on their way and when she entered the dirty apartment, the smell of alcohol instantly made her gag. She looked in the living room to see her younger sister looked down as she picked up her backpack while being talked down to by their stepfather. The more she listened, the more it reminded her of how he spoke to her in that way when she was Sophia's age. Sophia looked towards her sister and shook her head telling her to stay where she way and not to intervene like she always did.

But, she couldn't just listen to her rapist try to talk to her sister the same way. Elizabeth huffed out before storming into the room and pushing the man away from her sister. "Stay the hell away from her!" She looked up into the man's gray, chilling eyes all while he looked towards the younger Thompson sister. "Get to school, Sophia. We'll finish this talk when you get home."

"Like hell you will. You will never get to her as long as I'm still breathing." Alexander just looked down at the woman trying to challenge him. "Now, beautiful. What have I told you about disrespect?" The girl just slightly shrugged, knowing exactly what was going to happen. While he raised his hand, she got a smirk on her face. "You know, the second you hit me is the second I finally have the proof I need to get you locked up and away from my mother."

The man lowered his hand before moving it to the girl's jaw, roughly making her look him in the eyes. "If your mother wanted to leave me, why hasn't she? She could walk right out that door if she really desired to, my love."

Eliza jerked her head away from his grip as she back away slowly. "You're an asshole! You know exactly why she can't move..--" Alexander just grinned as the young girl moved away from him. He sat down in his chair, looking over to the girl before speaking. "Well, of course I do. I just wanted to make it clear that she is never leaving this house and neither are these children. You? You just got lucky enough to move next door." Disgusted with the man, Elizabeth just grabbed her coat that was on the floor before heading towards the door. "Oh, don't forget to close the door all the way, beautiful." Eliza slammed the door behind her as she headed down the cement steps and towards her car. She saw Alexandra's car in the driveway next to hers, meaning that her best friend more than likely still sleeping with her boyfriend and their boss, Jake.

Not paying much mind to the thought, the girl just slid into her car. As she fixed her mirror, she could see her stepfather staring out the window. She just smirk as she gave him the bird and started driving into town. It didn't take too long to get to the bookstore and when she did get her car parked in the employees' parking lot in the back of the two story brick building. She stepped out on the car, having her heels slam on the cement as she tossed her nearly gone cigarette on the ground and stepped on it before heading inside the large bookstore to get started on her shift.

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“Ralph? Ralph? Oh for Christ’s sake! Ralph!” A high-pitched voice blasted through Ralph’s head, dispersing all the clouds and scrolls that had been right in front of his eyes. “Raphael Edward Smith, you will wake up this moment, or else!” Groaning, Ralph grabbed the pillow beside his head and placed it over his head, trying to block out the surge of noise that now flooded his human senses. He could hear his mother shout his name again, only to hear his father yell back, from outside the house, “Oh for Christ’s sake, Dan, stop yelling! The boy’ll come down soon enough.” Through the pillow, Ralph could hear his father mutter darkly, the familiar crinkling of newspaper announcing that his father had gone to check the mail. Thank God I live in South Carolina. Raphael thought, lifting the pillow slightly and opening one of his eyes slightly, only to close it shut with a confirming glance that he had forgotten to close his window. A drafty, cold wind blew through his window, causing Ralph to pull his large blanket over his head and he drifted back asleep again, his eyes fluttering closed once more.

Two sharp raps brought Ralph back to the real world, rudely. “Raphael! For God’s sake, it’s already twelve in the afternoon, young man! I didn’t bring you up to let you be a lazy piece of garbage!” Ralph sighed and sat up, and blinked lazily. “I’m up, Mom,” he replied, yawning widely. He could hear his mother stomping back down the stairs, her angry muttering mixing in with the noises from outside and from the kitchen downstairs. “And for the love of God, close your window!” Ralph shook his head with exasperation- he had come home late last night and had barely been able to get any sleep at all. Excitement coursed through his veins as he got up and closed his window, bolting it shut. He had found his human. To think that he has been so close to me for so long. Really shouldn’t have spent that much time pursuing an education to leave this place. Ralph stretched, a satisfied smile on his face, and changed quickly, pulling off his pajamas to put on a dress shirt with a sweater on top, and a pair of formal pants. His wardrobe itself was filled with such formal, or semi-formal clothes, and almost no casual clothes at all. Not a hoodie in sight.

Humming a light tune- Act 1, Tableau 1, The Christmas Tree from Tchaikovsky’s the Nutcracker Ballet- Ralph made his way to the bathroom and brushed his teeth within 5 minutes sharp. Finishing his business, Ralph bounded down the stairs, two steps at a time, and walked into the kitchen. “Morning, mother.” he said, placing a light kiss on Danielle’s cheek before pouring himself a cup of coffee and sitting down across from his father at the table. “Morning, father.” His father shot him an annoyed look before returning to his newspaper. “Mmpfh.” Came the usual, standard, muffled reply from behind the newspaper. Stomping over with his breakfast on a plate, and two other plates in her other hand, Ralph’s mother set his food hard on the table, causing a bit of his scrambled eggs to fly off the plate and onto the desk. “Breakfast,” she muttered, placing the two other plates gently on the table in front of the newspaper and for herself, “is finally served.” She shot a dark glance at Ralph before sitting down in her chair, picking up the pre-placed fork and knife in front of her before carefully digging in. Ralph coughed slightly and muttered a ‘thank you’ before digging into his food himself, careful to make sure he didn’t watch Danielle too much and that he didn’t start laughing. He could tell that his father was having a hard time looking serious as well, as the older man folded his newspaper to a side to reveal a forced frown on his face.

“Well, where were you last night?” Suddenly breaking the silence, his mother looked at Ralph with expectant eyes, an eyebrow raised. “You never stay out after ten, and you always give us a call if you do come home at ten, along with where you’re at and who you’re with.” Ralph kept his head down, staring at his scrambled eggs. Humans. He thought. Well, rather, mothers. Coughing again, he looked up and then looked away again. I would suppose that after living with humans for so long I’d be a bit better at lying. “Mom, I swear to God, I was just driving over. I’m sorry that I didn’t call you, but I was tired.” Careful to not make any eye contact- now why wouldn’t I?- Ralph shoveled some more of his scrambled eggs into his mouth. The earlier tasty eggs now felt like rubber as a feeling coursed through his body, a feeling that Ralph was now rather well acquainted with through his human body. Nervousness. Consciously shifting around in his chair, Ralph cleared his throat to look at his mother’s eyes glaring down at him with a fiery intensity. “You did not go out drinking.” Ralph sighed and looked at his mother, “No.”

“You were not outside participating in illegal activities?” Ralph and Danielle both glared at his father who snorted into his eggs the moment the question was asked. With an impatient huff, Ralph turned and faced his mom, “No, Ma, come on, you know me better. I’d never do that sort of stuff.” The lady pursed her lips and looked at her son, “Download music from the internet? I’m sure you did that last night.” Ralph groaned as he grabbed his place and got up, placing the dirty plate in the sink. Why is it that humans have to be so aggravating all the time? Especially mothers. Mothers! Ralph rolled his eyes, the humane emotions coursing through his vein tilting him towards annoyance and anger. “I’m going out; I’ll be back.” Without saying anything else, Ralph bounded towards the front door, grabbing the jacket he had placed on the coat hanger and putting it on, while grabbing his car keys from the key holder on the shoe rack with his other hand. Where’s my phone. Sighing, Ralph turned right back and ignored the white and furious face his mother shot at him as he bounded up the stairs, grabbed his phone, and ran back down again.

“I promise I’ll be back home for dinner. I’ll make sure to call you two if something happens, okay?” Opening and closing the front door, Ralph bounded out but slow enough to hear his father say from behind his paper, “Cut the boy some slack! Just because it’s the first time this has happened doesn’t mean you have to chew him out like there’s no tomorrow. Jeez, woman.” Laughing slightly, Ralph walked to his car, unlocked it and sat down on the cold seat. Shivering slightly, he turned on the car and waited for the heater to start up. Should I go see him? I really have no idea what to do… Ralph sighed and placed his hands on the wheel, a serious look crossing his face. His time was rewound back to three months ago, and, well, I do know who he is and where he is at but how do I get close to him?

Pulling out, Ralph started a slow drive down the streets and made his way towards the address he had made sure to save in his memory.

Pulling to a stop, Ralph parked his car perfectly and turned off the engine. This is the place. He still didn’t know what to do, but it was against his character to push the task off any longer. It was his duty as an angel to help heal this man of tuberculosis, make sure he didn’t die so that the grand scheme of plans could go as intended by the Lord. I suppose this will turn out rather…interesting? Ralph thought as he sighed once more and took the first step towards his probable success or failure.

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Clarissa sat quietly on her chair before beginning to play her Cello, she played the instrument as Elegantly as she could, she loved the sound of the music, it put her in a peaceful place where pain didn’t exist, where the sun hit everything perfectly, making every color pop. She liked to say it was her little peace of heaven. She swayed slightly with every stroke of the bow, slowly disappearing into her little piece of heaven as the song progressed. The song was just starting to quicken when she stopped, her chest was tight and she found it hard to breath, she fell from her chair, her chest burned as she struggled to breath. Her eyes slowly closed, as she released her last ragged breath.


Clarissa sat quietly her bed watching the TV, she looked at her phone picking it up to see that Jessica had messaged her. Outside! :) she smiled a little getting off her bed grabbing her bag heading down the stairs.

"Mom, Dad, I'm heading out with Jessica, We'll be back at like eleven" Clarissa called before grabbing her jacket and leaving her house quietly closing the door behind her, she walked up to Jessica's car getting in she looked at her friend who was almost glaring at her. "What?"

"What took you so long Clary? Ive been sitting here for ten minutes." Jessica complained. "I thought you died, and your parents forgot to tell me."

"Funny Jess." Clarissa replied with a roll of her eyes. "I was watching Tv, and didn't check my phone...Now where are we going?" Clarissa asked looking out the window at all of the different things passing by, she didn't want to go out in the first place but Jessica insisted and she didn't want to Disappoint her friend.

Jessica looked at Clarissa. "We are making a stop at the Graveyard, to visit Makayla, its her birthday after all. Then we are going to a party."

Clarissa sighed, she didn't want to go out for that reason, she didn't want to go to the Graveyard where her other best friend was buried, she would have been nineteen if she hadn't killed herself five years before, and Clarissa wouldn't be carrying around the burden of her death on her shoulders. Makayla was always the youngest of the three girls, she appeared to be the happiest as well, it was a shock when she killed herself, she was always bright and happy, and then she turned into the dead girl who hung herself, leaving a note for her family and friends explaining how she couldn't do it anymore, that once again Society had killed the teenager. Clarissa only went to her grave on her birthday, and this year she didn't want to go, because it just brought back the pain she worked so hard to get rid of. She spent about three years after Makayla’s death helping Makayla’s family move on, and took little time to mourn herself, so she just pushed all the pain down and locked it up.

She reluctantly got out of the car and made her way through the rows of Gravestones checking over her shoulder to make sure Jessica was close behind, she stopped at one Grave stone that had Makayla's name on it, Clarissa wrapped her arms around herself looking at the name carved into the stone. "Happy Birthday Makayla." she whispered looking at Jessica.

"Clary? do you believe in angels?" Jessica asked quietly looking at the stone.

Clarissa sighed looking up at the stars."I'm not sure...I think they may exist but they may not, there is really no way to know until we die." She looked at the Gravestone again, after a few minutes they made their way back to the car, and headed to the party, it was the usual, people getting drunk and doing stupid things, Clarissa didnt even know why they went, for all she cared it was a bunch of jocks from their university trying to get in bed with any girl, and being complete jerks to anyone they didnt like. Like usual she just went to a corner where she could avoid talking to anyone, she always embarrassed herself when she made the effort to converse with someone, so she decided it was best she didnt, the only reason she didnt leave was because Jessica wanted to have a good time and she wanted her friend to be happy.

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The silence was deafening.

Her brown eyes snapped open. Silence. Odd. With one arm, Hope immediately pulled the thin blanket off from her body and with a sudden roll, she pushed herself right off of the bed she had taken so much comfort in a few seconds ago. Shit. The sunlight shining through the edges of her curtains confirmed her suspicions. Without the usual sounds of honking and chatting that passes by her window every single morning, the sun now lingered high in the sky. "Oh you're kidding me..."

It wasn't like Hope to sleep in, especially not on her assignment days. But here she stood, her hands clinging to the edges of the curtains, pulling it back just to shield her eyes from the sudden sunlight that now filled her small apartment. Then again. She was reading over her new assignment's profile just the night before. Salazar Eres. Even as she had just woken up, her mind was as clear as day, remembering with nearly photographic memory everything she scanned over the night before. She had always taken the effort to remember everything she can about the human she was assigned to, given that it was easier memorizing than actually understanding them, the latter still a mystery to her.

Snapping out of her daze, she turned her head from the window, her hands at the same time pulling her pale blonde hair into a ponytail. She didn't exactly have time for perfection, nor did she care for such, simply that she was most definitely late on her schedule. Grabbing a thin white jacket from her chair along with a white messenger bag, Hope fled out of the small apartment she had rented for the time being, having been given the location of the man just a week before. Charleston, South Carolina. Not exactly the most welcoming place she has seen. "Hello, Hope!" A friendly voice rang from the right of her as she turned her head, the old woman who had rented the apartment to her called from the yard on the right. "Good morning, Mrs. Davidson." Hope gave her a friendly nod before hurrying off toward the location she had been walking to already. Although she took a liking to the old woman, she usually kept out of the human's ways. They were too unpredictable for her liking.

"Alright. Let's do this." She held out the small notebook from her bag, putting a pen between her teeth as she recounted the things she remembered from the night before, "Cause of death... Car crash.." She mumbled through the pen as she looked down her notebook, filled with information on every single one of her assignments. Humans.. She sighed in exasperation at the cause of death. There was a reason she didn't use cars to get around places. Then again, she had been alive for way too long, and seen far too much what modern innovations can do to humans. But just as she turned her attention away for one second at the sound of laughter down the streets, a sense of emptiness filled her. What am I doing.. But she couldn't take her eyes away from the couple to the left of the streets, throwing the beach ball toward their twin children, the family dog barking its life away on the side. She forced her eyes away from the family, forcing herself to look down at her notebook. If there was one thing about humans that fascinated her, it was definitely their sense of familial relations.

"Right.. Back to what's-his-face." She continued her walk down the street, and it was a matter of minutes before she laid her eyes upon the familiar house which she had memorized the looks of the night before. Her eyes scanning the building, studying its structure. Keeping her footsteps quiet and light, she made her way around the house, stopping just at a large pine tree on the side of the building. With nimble hands and feet, she pushed herself up onto the tree, taking a self-praise in her casual choice of clothing for the day. Her arm grabbed onto the thick branch on her right, pulling herself up into the branches that overlooked the window in front of her, a faint smirk rising on the corner of her lips. This was too easy. She didn't exactly follow the conventional rules of "Human Stalking", always choosing the play the game her own way.

"Now exactly who are y-" She squinted her eyes, attempting to look into the window before she noticed she had subconsciously leaned slightly too far, the corner of her feet slipping off of the large branch she had swore she had a balance on. With as much quietness as she could muster, which wasn't much, she grabbed onto the branch on her side, and within seconds, nearly her entire half of her body hung from the tree. Well isn't this just my day? She thought bitterly, and with as much grace as she could manage, which once again was not much at all, she landed on the ground with a thud. "I love my job... With much sarcasm lingering in her voice, she spoke up at the sky, knowing exactly who was listening.