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Alistair Wilson

0 · 312 views · located in Holland Hall

a character in “Holland Hall Boarding Academy”, as played by nightwolf


Full Name: Alistair James Wilson
Nickname: Ali
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Powers: Ali can fly without the aid of wings or any manual equiptment
Height: 5'11''
Weight:10 stone 12 pounds
Personality: Ali is sweet and cares about his friends, he is very sensitive and shy when in new situations but gains confidence when he gets used to where he is.
History: Ali found his powers when he was five he slip and almost fell down the stairs but he found himself floating. His inability to speak however happened when he was born his voice box was never fully developed during his mothers pregnacy, the doctors said it was be a few years untill he would actually speak, 2 or 3 years but after then he never spoke being so used to never speaking and since he never learnt he didn't see the point of speaking anyway. His parents tried different strategies to get him to speak but nothing worked, they found out about the school and decided to send him there. He communicates by either writting down something or making gestures to try and get his point across.
Family: His mother Sarah, father James and his sister Shauna. His parents have had no history of powers whatsoever and his sister hasnt either his parents believe tht is was a skipped gene passed on through generation.
Pets: Ali owns a brown tabby kitten called Admetus he doesn't call the cat he makes a squeaking noise which the kitten comes to.
Secret(s): Ali struggles with most subjects especially with reading, due to his inabiltiy to speak he can't sound words out and therefore can't read properly he has never told anyone mainly because he should be able to read at the age of 16 and mainly becuase he cant speak anyway.
Crush: to be edited eventually

So begins...

Alistair Wilson's Story