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Desiree Chamberlain

"Don't worry I don't bite... hard"

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a character in “Hollow House”, originally authored by Synicate, as played by RolePlayGateway



Desiree Rose Chamberlain
Dezzy, Dez, mostly called Desiree
April 1st
Werewolf Princess
-Large Heights
-Being killed without expecting it
-Her brother getting hurt in any way
"Answer denied.... Just kidding!" Call her energetic, aggressive, yet sweet, and you pretty much nailed it. This dark haired girl is quite a hyper ball of fun! She is of course, kind and sweet. But what gets to her most, is arrogance. But although she isn't one to love it, she has a bit herself. She is proud and not afraid to admit it. But she does usually no when enough is enough. But one thing is for sure; she's not a peace keeper. Although she has the innocent and adorable look; don't forget, looks can deceive you. Also, she's quite a bubbly person! Even though she does have a lot of as her friends called it... blond moments. Common sense sometimes escapes her, but she has sharp instincts when necessary.

She is very lovable and kind though, but not when you get on her bad side. And lets just say that is a side you don't want to see. She has a very short and hot temper and isn't afraid to speak her mind, whether it is good, or bad. Is you start her up, there's a slim chance you can cool her down because trust me, this girl can hold a grudge. It takes a lot on her mind to get her to forget. But considering all of the emotional and mental pain she has gone through, that's not hard. Some things she wants to, but can't, forget. And Dezzy sure does know how to put up a fight. Frankly, she gets a lot of them. Because if she see's anybody being bullied, she will stick up for them. Whether it is a complete and utter stranger or not. But honestly, she's been kicked out of at least 4 schools for fights. And she's not afraid to say that she had won them all. She's definitely a fighter, but she will only fight for what she loves... or who. And she has to say, that what she has been through has made her quite defiant, and pretty emotional. She if you try to take one step in that direction... let's just say you don't want to.

She loves music with a passion. She's amazing at the guitar, piano, drums, and writing music. She has a very wide range of insturments she can play, and she is mostly somebody who plays by ear although she can read music like a pro. And most people recognize that she is also a very talented, and good, singer. Because whenever shes on a walk or just doing something, normally she has a small song or tune slipping from her lips. Most of them, she had written herself. Although you will never forget her eyes, you will never forget her voice either. It's somehow unique and different from the others. No one ever knows if it's the bell like ring to it, or the silky smoothness to it.

She also is in love with sports. Her sport; lacrosse and baseball. Yes, baseball, not softball. You say baseball's too tough? She can't see the difference! And lacrosse? She's a whiz. She's really good at both, and surfing. That is her favorite thing, other than music, to do. Spa or beach? Beach baby! She's not one of those girls who freaks out at the slightest thing like a fly or a broken nail. Her motto? Tough it out. Because you haven't seen the worst of it. Sadly, she has.

Another thing, is her sharp tongue. She's very clever when it comes to arguments and comebacks. Sometimes, she can make the strongest person back down from a single, cunning remark. Her snide comments and sarcasm to people she truly doesn't like can get her into some deep doo-doo though. Example; Her freshman science teachers was a witch. And when she was yelling at the class for the stupidest thing, Desiree called out, 'Look who doesn't have to dress up for Halloween?'. Yeah, she got nailed on that one.

Although, her tough and rebellious side shows, she does have some flaws. Well, a lot of flaws. Also, Dez does have a soft side. Towards the few she can trust, and the few she loves. She'll stick up for people, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Like said before, can be either good, or bad.

But, to find out who she really is under all of those layers, well, you will just have to find out.
Desiree grew up with a twin brother, and they always had each others backs. Although, Dez wasn't much into her brother fighting her battles, it was always easier having him there. Unlike her brother, she still is young at heart, and loves having a bit of fun. Well, a lot of fun. She enjoys parties, and always knew how to bring light to the darkest of places. She loves her family, but her and her father aren't the closest. THeres a reason they don't talk a lot. Mostly it is because she doesn't like abiding by the rules, being the rebel, and he is one to practically worship the fact rules were made. BUt, her and her mother are closer, more like sisters, and her twin, Asher, is always there for her, as she is for him.
Reaction to being sent to Hollow House?
Being cooped up with eighteen people? No thanks! Desiree strongly disliked the idea of going to the Hollow house, and refused to go since she found out. But, she doesn't exactly have a choice, and her father is forcing her to go. But, her temper could burst, and that would not be too fun. Although she is a joyful and happy person in general, this got on her bad side. At least her brother was going with her which would make things a whole lot easier.
Which race will you get along with best?
Phoenixes most likely, because like the werewolf race, they change forms. Or the merfolk for pretty much the same reason.
Which race do you dislike most?
The witches. They kind of creep her out with all that magic and stuff, sort of unpredictable. And probably the genies. They have their own magical stuff, and for the same reason as the witches.
Vulpix <3

So begins...

Desiree Chamberlain's Story


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Desiree Chamberlain

Voices clouded Desiree's thoughts as she lazily leaned against a stone wall, awaiting her brother. In the mean time, her mother and father were listing things she needed to do, things to say, and how to act. But, would this make any difference to the was she acted? No way. They were more like annoying flies, buzzing around Desiree's head, just begging to get squashed. And honestly, the brown haired woman was seriously considering it.

FInally, her rather short temper bursted, and she bolted upright, standing on her tip toes, and still only reaching her fathers shoulder. She was rather petite. "Okay! I get the picture! Can you just shut your freaking traps now?" the words just kind of came out. She didn't mean for them to sound that harsh. Maybe a simple I know would've worked... Dez thought, wanted to reel the words back in like a fish on a hook. But they were out there, and it stopped the King and Queen short.

"Excuse me?" her father barked. Yes, the one that Desiree wasn't very fond of. "You do not talk to your parents that way young lady! Do you know how much we have done for you...?" he yelled, and after that, Desiree merely tuned him out once more. Wow, she had gotten really good at that. She just rolled her big brown eyes and spun on her heel, gracefully walking away from her father. She wasn't going to deal with this right now.

No matter how much she did not want to go to that stupid mansion, it seemed that was the only way to get away from them. So Desiree took a deep breath and walked into the shimmering portal before her.

It was kind of fast forward after that. The young werewolf princess let out an inaudible whoa and stood on the beach, speechless as her gaze scanned her surroundings. Her new temporary home. She was speechless, something that never happens.

Then Desiree remembered. SHe forgot her brother! Hopefully Ash would make his way to the portal soon. She didn't like being the only of her kind here without backup. Although, she could take almost any of them if they tried to start anything.

(don't have time to post Fishers yet, have practice, will post either later today or tomorrow....)


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Diana Beaumont | thɛ vɑmpiʀɛ pʀincɛss

The petite and alluring creature that was the princess of vampires stood beside the fireplace that had not been turned alight since the chilly night before. From there, she glanced over at the bright, pearly portal that awaited her presence. Through her keen eyesight the entity itself was brighter than she would have liked it to be, as it caused her to lower her eyelids just a tad with every glance she shot at it. However, no matter how much she wanted her adventure to begin, her father would have none of it. He lectured her on how to keep her mind cool and collected as if she had no idea how, amongst other little things that she was perfectly aware of.

Finally, she could not take it anymore. “Yes, yes, father dear,” she smiled sweetly, her pneumatic lips brightening up the room with just one simple act. She was tired of being treated like a porcelain doll by her father—fragile, timid, and in need of sheltering. Although she hated the races she would stay with for such a long period of time, she wanted freedom in whatever shape it came. She needed to venture off and see new things. “I understand everything. I am not a child, remember?”

She grabbed the hands of both her parents before looking towards her brother. To him, she gave a wink of mischievousness and then turned to face the portal within their music room. Diana took a light hold on the locket that dangled from her porcelain neck, and walked into the brightness before her. To her surprise, there was a little tingling sensation all over her body. She had landed on the pristine grass of the house she now faced, but it was bright daylight. Had He given her a few moments to recuperate and thus, given her advantage to run to safety? Either way, she took full advantage of it as she took off to the main entrance. Her movements were quick, quick enough to pass by a set of twins (the Elven twins) with only brushing lightly against them.

Asher Chamberlain | thɛ wɛʀɛwolf pʀincɛ

“Who knows? You might even find someone while you’re over there, my dear boy,” the Werewolf Queen spoke, her words fluid and slightly teasing. Even after their little discussion with Desiree, their mother just bounced back. She was a handsome woman with strong, yet feminine features. And the grin on her face made Asher want to attack her—in a playful way, of course.

Asher decided not to talk about that subject again. They had shared their views on the subject frequent times, but that wasn’t what was filling up his entire head at that moment. He had yet to meet everyone, which he wasn’t looking too much forward into. There were sure to be fights and plenty of them, surely something to always keep him on edge.

He was about to exchange a few more words with the royalty of the land when his twin sister passed through. He had hoped that she would be kinder towards their parents or at least reconsolidate with them before leaving, but that hope died fast. He sighed, waved at his parents, and them stepped through the blinding light. Once there and behind his sister, Asher wrapped his arms around her in a bearhug and walked as he talked with her up in the air. “Maybe you were a bit harsh?” he chuckled and teased her, “you’re so moody, little sister.”


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Desiree Chamberlain

Although Dezzy did have rather sharp hearing, the way her brother came up behind her and embraced her made her jump with a startled squeak. "Ash!" she protested as her feet were lifted off the ground. Luckily it only lasted a moment, and she felt earth under her. She grasped his arm and gave it a squeeze before turning around to faace him after he commented about her being 'moody',

"Okay, first of all, I am not moody. I just don't like being told what to do." she corrected. Jeez, people just didn't understand the difference these days! "And second of all..." she started and playfully pushed his shoulder with a sly grin and a laugh of amusement. "... who are you calling little? I'm pretty sure we have the same, exact birthday." Desiree looked around, her feet guiding her in a 360 spin as she took in her surroundings. Yep, she was lost. If Desiree was horrible at anything, it was directions. She's lucky to find her way home let alone some mansion she has never set foot in before... especially with other... species.

Desiree's wavy long brown hair cascaded down her shoulders as she spun in a smooth 360, taking in her surroundings. Yeah, still nothing but beach and trees. They most likely had to follow a path. And Desiree was right. A small stone path led into the woods, and when she peeked through it, she spotted a huge mansion.

"Never mind... I think I found it..." she mumbled in awe.

Fisher Almora

Fisher patiently spoke with his parents, but honestly, itched to get away. He was getting tired of them piling on things to do, and things not to do. And about two minutes after his sister left, they sent him off. With a relieved sigh, the quiet man turned and strided towards the portal, and walked into it with no hesitation. When he regained his footing, he saw his sister, Eva, and a large house. A mansion.

"This must be it..." Fisher told himself quietly and caught up to Eva, placing a protective hand on her shoulder.

"Wait up!" she told her with a sincere half smile that he could only give family. And mostly her sister. His kind brown eyes looked around and he took a rather nervous deep breath, letting the crisp morning air fill his senses, and the sound of the chirping birds dance in his ears. He could stay out here the whole times, and he'd be fine. BUt no, he had to go make friends with the other races. That he wasn't all too fond of.

WIth a heavy sigh, the Nymph Prince ran a hand through his matching brown hair, and rolled his shoulders, attempting to relax.... well, as much as a man could. His rather unfocused mind kept wandering back to his home. The lush green trees and their bush partners. The buzzing bees that relied on the colorful expanse of flowers for survival. Yeah, most guys thought nature was stupid. Flowers are girly! Tree's are pointless! Well, for a nymph, that was their lifeline. Their key to survival. Without it, there would be none. And their enemies could take advantage of that. One reason why them nymphs were rather vulnerable, easy to target. Although the other species thought they were the easiest to terminate, they never expect the happy-go-lucky, singing and dancing, eco-friendly hippies (had to put that reminds me of my geography teacher) to put up a fight, when in real life, they were lethal enemies. Some people just needed to live outside their heads sometimes....

But of all people, that's Fisher. Exhibit A, he daydreams about this crap all the time. Well, more like day-nightmares. Shaking the thought form his mind, he walked alongside his twin sister, grasping her smaller hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze of reassurance as they approached the Hollow House.


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Diana Beaumont | thɛ vɑmpiʀɛ pʀincɛss

The smile that had curled Diana’s rosy lips soon vanished upon taking a deep breath. She had sensed her brother right behind her and having her twin there had raised her spirits, but the elixir of harsh scents on her nose vanished her excitement for the moment. She could smell oh so many things within the large house—mansion—they were staying. Everyone’s possessions maintained their own unique odor and her sharp senses had easily spotted it. Some were satisfactory, some were pleasant, but others were just dreadful.

When she had made her way into the foyer, Diana had also set eyes on the piece of paper with everyone’s names on it. Even though the Elven twins had been in her presence as well, she found it remarkably easy to pay to mind to their existence. She smelled their scent, heard their words, saw their faces, but cared not for any of it. Her eyes were transfixed on the roaster for a second before she looked away spoke to her brother as she walked toward the staircase. “Xander, I believe our rooms are one and two. I don’t know why, but they decided that I would be number two, “ Diana smiled at him as she stood beside the staircase. She used the railing to support herself whilst she took off her pumps that were dirtied by the mud and grass.

Then, without waiting any further, she gracefully took hold of her twin’s hand and led him down the corridor that she believed would lead them to their chambers. “I have no idea where I’m going but let’s look at this as an adventure, shall we?” she said with a tone that was obviously influenced by the smile on her face.

Asher Chamberlain | thɛ wɛʀɛwolf pʀincɛ

“Ah, twins, yes. But who was born first? This guy,” Asher pointed at himself with his thumbs as he watched his sister spin around like the grumpy airhead she was. He really didn’t care too much about who was born first, for the seconds were really nothing to him. What made the difference however, was their personalities—their attitudes, their way of speech, the way they interacted, and how they handled responsibilities. Through that list, Asher was the big brother in the brother-sister relationship they shared. It was just him; it was his title.

A little ghost of a grin graced his face and an eyebrow rose when Desiree finally found the little clue that would lead her to their destination. Of course, he knew that her discovery was a surprise for them both—just a little. “Bravo, Dez,” he mused and ruffled her brown hair before beginning to make his way to the place they were required to stay for a long, long while.


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Desiree Chamberlain

Who was born first? This guy!

Desiree merely giggled lightly at the words, her cheerful, and energetic persona leaking back into her. It was rare that she was grumpy more than a couple of minutes. Then, the next, it was as if nothing was wrong at all. Dez walked alongside her- apparently older -brother and lightly bumped his shoulder with hers, although her petite size looked delicate, she was rather strong, and that movement was hard enough to knock his steps out of place for a moment. Asher ruffled her long, wavy, dark hair, and Desiree teased him by making a slight woof noise. That has always been a little inside joke. Cause, you know, they were werewolves, and the woof was a dog.... Yeah.

The ecstatic girl felt a nervous, yet anxious and excited shudder pass through her body, and she swiveled neatly on her heel and pranced along backwards, so she could talk. It was as if she had eyes in the back of her head though, the way the placement of the stones on the ground seemed to change angle, she knew they were turning. Soon enough, stone gave way to soft iceberg grass and she stumbled, catching herself and turning around before she did a face plant in the soft stuff. She let out a startled noise and caught herself quickly, looking up to see a large, stone, yet modern, mansion.

"Whoa, that is a lot bigger than I thought it would be..." she muttered with an impressed half-laugh.

Fisher Almora

At Eva's comment about being glad he was here, Fisher lightly nudged her arm with his elbow and gave a laid back chuckle. "C'mon sis. You know I wouldn't leave you be on your own." he said rather matter-of-factually. Although Fisher considered himself quite a good brother, he had to do those.... brotherly... things every once in a while, right? So, he gave a teasing grin and looked down on her. "Cause, you know, you wouldn't last a day with your skittish nature." he teased with a kind hearted wink. The dark haired man finally saw the sandy beach give way to clear, open pasture, or meadow green, soft grass, and on the horizon, saw their final destination.

The Hollow House.

Although Fisher wasn't looking forward to the challenges and... arguments... of this place with all the races, he was anxious just to get it over with, so he took a breath, and the beginnings of a smirk tugged at his lips.

Bring it on... he thought to himself, competitively. He knew, that, he would have his allies, and his rivals And to choose each one carefully. Of all the things he had learned- or rather been forced to remember -that was what he would be able to use. The one and only Kingly type thing he could keep in mind and help this whole case go down, and get over quickly.


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Desiree Chamberlain

The sight of people caught Desiree's attention, and she grinned and dashed forward, not really minding they were a different race. Who cared? Well, she sort of did, but she was trying her best not to make enemies... "Hello!" she chirped in a cheerful way when her brother introduced her and himself.

Obviously, it was kind of hard to distinguish the different species just by their human appearance, so she awaited them to introduce themselves. In the meantime, she decided to talk a bit. BUt, when she talks a bit people end up screaming at her to shut her mouth..... "So, yeah. Thats Asher! And like he said, we're werewolves." she made a playful little gesture like claws, and gave a little growl and bounce. That earned a little giggle from herself.

"WHo are you?" she asked curiously, and kept rambling on. "... This is a really big house..... I wonder who else is going to be here? My father said there was going to be eighteen of us here! That ought be interesting..." and she knew to shut up when she realized she was going on a d on and gave a sweet, but apologetic smile in their direction.


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Vincent Dibson

Vince, still annoyed with his own introduction, could only be surprised to the way the girl reacted to him and his sister. She seemed terrified of them. What for? Vincent didn’t consider himself particularly intimidating, and Marie was anything but that. But, then again, what did these creatures hear of the merfolk back home? When the girl said her name and race, it made sense. Although Vince never witnessed it with his own eyes, he knew the fundamentals that fire and water don’t mix. Is that why she was afraid of them? Because they live in water? Vince thought this to be completely irrational. Aileen seemed nice enough though, even if she was tensed up.

When her brother spoke up, however, Vince knew in an instant he’s going to be trouble. As Brent sent a cold smile at Marie, Vince stepped in front of her, a sense of protection and tension building up inside of him. He didn’t like this phoenix. He was a threat. When he started talking, Vince’s eyes narrowed, in anger and confusion. Is this a rank thing? Vince never really cared about the merfolk’s status in the ranks. If no one bothered them, why should he? But Brent was crossing the line. Who the hell did he think he was?

When he blew fire, Vince nearly stumbled back in shock. The feeling of intense heat and dryness startled him. Now Vince was confused. What’s this guy’s problem? Aileen sent across an apologetic look before following her brother up the stairs. Vince felt a strange connection to her. He and Aileen shared one important thing in common. They both seemed to be chasing their out of control siblings, trying to keep them from embarrassing themselves and the people around them. He gave a small shrug to her unspoken apology, which meant, It doesn’t really matter. He was about to answer to Brent’s receding form, when Marie beat him to it. “It was nice meeting you!”

Vince’s stomach dropped. “Marie, what am I going to do with you?” He said to himself, looking sadly at his sister. He tried to protect her as best he can, but he knew she’d always go slipping out of his grasp like the little fish she was. He zoned out as Marie started rambling, glancing absentmindedly at the sheet that hung on the wall. Vince decided he’d try to talk to his sister, to open her eyes to the situation. Before he could say anything though, new voices broke in.

Turning, he noticed two other pairs coming towards them, one from the staircase and one from the entrance. He guessed the conversation would have to wait then... He glanced up at the two pairs. The first, who already introduced themselves as werewolves Desiree and Asher, surprised him greatly. These were werewolves? Vince had always pictured werewolves as intimidating, unstable and sullen, not as friendly and welcoming as these two appeared to be. Thankfully not everyone in this mansion was a replica of Brent.

The others, coming down from the stairwell, seemed strange. The way they held themselves reminded Vince of some of the Lords and Ladies he’d seen at royal balls back in the sea, with superior looks on their faces and the flaunting steps. These were the kind of people that made Vince feel incredibly uneasy.

Hearing Desiree’s question, he answered with a bit more thought than the first introduction they made. “I’m Vincent Dibson, and this is my sister, Marie. We’re the merfolk.”

He looked at his sister, letting her once again take the reins over the conversation. Vince was never one for small talk.

He glanced at the werewolf princess. She seemed just as at ease and happy about this predicament as Marie. Vince could see the two becoming close friends, and smiled. It wasn’t like Marie couldn’t make friends in an instant, but it made Vince happy to know that there were other people in this mansion with just as much enthusiasm as she has. Asher seemed nice enough as well, Vince thought with a bit of relief. Not as alarming as he thought the creatures of the night would be.


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Pan Arton

Before Venus can give Pan an answer, the mermaids began talking again, and Venus had signaled for him to stay quiet. He did. He was only partially interested in what the mermaids had to say to one another. But he listened all the same. The way the female shouted out after the phoenixes once they left was a bit quaint, and a tad dim witted. His sister seemed amused by it, so that made her happy. The rest of it was rather dull. Some naive ranting about there being good in people. Reminded him a bit of Lissa. It was one of the traits he liked about her. Something he'd lost a long time ago. It was something he wouldn't want anyone to lose, especially his sister.

After some time, Venus expressed wanting to make introductions. He smiled at the notion, all the while, secretly hating it. He didn't look forward to meeting any of these people face to face. He was just fine being a fly on the wall, but to actually interact with these people was nothing less than torture. But he knew it had to happen eventually.

Before he knew it, he was being whisked away down the hall and carried into his sister's room through the key hole. Inside he was assaulted by all things white and silver. It was almost painful. It all just seemed too clean and too pure. It was a harsh reminder of what he wasn't. Although his sister seemed to enjoy it. He was glad. "It's beautiful." He told her. "For you. I just hope my room doesn't look anything like this."

Pan didn't mind being taken into this room as she changed, except for the whole pureness and light thing. Being faeries, he wasn't bothered by the naked body. As she changed, Pan looked on and watched her put on her new dress. He smiled at it. "It's very flowery." He commented. "It looks great on you. I think it's a bit formal, though. We're just going to be meeting all of the other races. It's hardly worth looking nice for." He said rather coldly. "Never mind. You look great. Now it's my turn." He turned and flew the same way he came in. "Hurry before the vampires get you." He teased as he flew across the hallway. Fortunately, his room was just across the hall from his sister's. Only a few measly feet of danger zone. But Pan didn't see any vampires out in the hall, and actually believed that the vampires hadn't have arrived at all. He flew into his own room and looked around.

"This is more like it." The place was dark. Black floors, black walls, black furniture, black everything. There was also plenty of white, but it contrasted nicely with the blackness. It reminded him of his own heart. He felt like he would be sleeping inside his own soul tonight, as odd as that sounds. He didn't wait for his sister to walk in, knowing she was right behind him and would be coming in at any moment. He flew into his closet and started looking through his options. He didn't spend long. He found a plain black t-shirt, and a dark green jacket. He also found a pair of black jeans. He laid the outfit out on his bed and began his transformation back into his larger size. He changed quickly, not wanting to keep his sister waiting to begin the meet and greets. Once the last article of clothing was one, he walked to the door, grimacing at his sister on his way out.

"So where are we off to now?" He asked her as he stepped into the hall. "Walk around until we find somebody? Or is there some place specific you'd like to go?"

Marie Dibson

Marie took her eyes off from the paper hanging on the wall to look at her brother, who felt like he had something to see. She could feel that he wasn't exactly happy with the way the previous conversation went, but hadn't had the chance to say anything about before the hall was filled with even more people. Marie nearly squealed, but held it in.

The first pair, that entered through the door, introduced themselves as werewolves, which piqued the mermaid's interest. She imagined their transformations as something cute and adorable, like puppies. She didn't know what puppies are, but thought they would be adorable, like starfish. She had to resist the urge to pet them both on the heads right then and there. But they were people first, and she was aware of it. After all, they did look and act like people. And these ones appeared a lot more friendlier and open than the phoenixes.

The other pair hadn't made any introductions such yet, but carried a very sophisticated aura about them. They appeared to think themselves above all the rest, and not just because they were on the stairs. She had no idea who they were, but they too seemed less grumpy than the phoenixes.

Before she could get over her excitement to say anything, Vincent made the first move and introduced themselves to the strangers. A sense of pride welled up in the sister, proud of her brother for taking such a daring move. She put her arm on his shoulder and shot him a smile. "That was really good." But then could sense his bravery fading away, and decided to take the reins.

She turned to the werewolves and gave them both a warm smile. "It's very good to meet both of you." Then turned to the strangers on the stairs. "You too. Like my brother said, we're merfolks. We come from the water, and it isn't often we get to meet members of the other races. It's kind of like having a party, isn't it?" She turned towards the female werewolf, Desiree, whom Marie felt a special bond with for some reason, like she reminded her of somebody back home.

"Yes, this is a big house, isn't it?" She responded to Desiree's inquiry. "We haven't had the chance to go past this room, and I'm still not quite sure how we're going to get up to the higher floors, since our bodies seem to want to stick to the floor for some reason. I'm still not quite used to getting around on these legs. Do you guys have to jump to get to high places? Is that what you call it? Jumping?" She thought about it for a little while, and then realized that she just got off on a tangent and had to try to return back to the conversation at hand. "As for the number of people here, I think it's 20. It is still a lot though. But you can check out this list to be sure." She said, pointing to the list by the door. "We're all on it!" She says, almost exploding with excitement. "It even tells us what rooms we're sleeping in."

She turned back to the strangers on the stairs. "Oh, I almost forgot. You never told us who you were. Oh, wait, I want to guess. Nymphs? No, faeries! No. Okay, I give up."