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Lonnie Talbot

Let's be peaceful or I'll tear you all to bits.

0 · 212 views · located in Hollow House

a character in “Hollow House”, as played by Worldsastage


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Image GIFSoup
Name: Lon Bane Talbot
Nickname: Lonnie
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: Fifth of September
Heir: Werewolf Prince
Likes: Family
Squeeky Toys (His guilty pleasure)
Dislikes: Lightning
Rabbits (They're just too chewey)
Fears: Being seen as weak. It would kill him if he'd ever break a leg or an arm, or ever became so sick that he couldn't defend himself. He'd surely be disowned by his family, lose his right as heir, or much worse.
Personality: Lonnie is fast talking and overly confident. He fashions himself to be a leader and believes himself to be in charge whenever he's in the room. The only one above him is his own father, to whom he is incredibly loyal. As a werewolf, he has the occassional temper tantrums, but as a potential leader, he doesn't want to be seen as a short tempered brute. He has trained himself to remain calm in high stress situations, but there are still certain persons and events that can tick him off and transform. It can be a struggle to keep a handle on his emotions, but it's a fight he deals with every day.
History: He was born from the Alph Wolf along with his twin sister. Being the next eligible male to lead the pack, he has been trained to be a leader and taught how to be a fighter. He has proven himself to be a fierce warrior time and time again, the type of werewolf that the others would fear to challenge for the throne.
Reaction to being sent to Hollow House? As the entitled Prince of the werewolf race, he is honored to be sent to complete this task. It is just one of many tasks a leader such as himself must be able to face without complaint. He doesn't care much for peace himself, but being assigned this task by his king, he is determined to see it through to the very end, and to mutilate anybody who attempts to hinder his progress.
Which race will you get along with best? Phoenixes, being fellow shape shifters.
Which race do you dislike most? Nymphs. They're just annoying.
Other: Charmander.

So begins...

Lonnie Talbot's Story