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Hollow House

Hollow House


a part of Hollow House, by Imagine That!.


Imagine That! holds sovereignty over Hollow House, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Hollow House is a part of Hollow House.

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Marie Dibson [21] Hi, What's your name?
Vincent James Dibson [19] "This isn't going to end well, is it?"
Pan Arton [16] Why do we need peace when havoc is so much more fun?
Brenton Aedus Vesta [16] "All of you just... shut the hell up. Can't sleep this horrid day away with all your noise."
Venus Melissa Arton [16] "How about we start working together, so we can get out of this place?"
Aileen Enora Vesta [16] "I will do what is best for my people"
Emmaline Quirin [16] "You can't tell me what to do!... Alright, you can. But I don't like it."
Delroy Figaro Quirin [15] "Anyone know a bit of magic?"
Leonardo Reyes [13] "Why is everyone so infuriated? Maybe we should just sit down and talk about it."
Juliet Reyes [13] "This is possibly the worst idea I've ever heard."

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Leo Reyes

Leo could see by the expression on his sister's face that she was worried about something. Or nervous. It was rare that he saw her like this, but he could understand why at this moment in time, she might be feeling slightly anxious. They had never interacted with any other species other than Elves -they had been kept in the safety of the Elvish realm for their entire lives, and they had believed that to be a good thing. However, now, it seemed as if it was backfiring on them. The other races had to have met before, as most of them were free spirits, compared to the two members of the Elven royalty. He gave his sister a quick, reassuring smile as she stood there, giving herself the once over in the mirror. Then, she had turned around to face him, and was straightening out his tie - she knew how irritated he got by the smallest little details being out of place - his parents had even joked in the past that he might have some symptoms of OCD. However, everyone knew that Elves didn't get any human diseases, and this was probably impossible, but it was still an eyeopener for him.

His mouth twitched slightly at the though of reminding Jules like their father. His father was his role model, for all sense and purposes. He was supposed to be, in theory, because he was their King, but he was such a kind and caring man that how anyone could hate him was beyond the young Elven prince's mind. "Like Dad, eh? I'm not going grey, am I?" He joked with her, his mouth however void of a smile as he did so. Soon, he was following his sister down the hallway towards the stairs, and descended them the same way that he had ascended - with a regal sense that could only have come from the Elves. He had to walk around another two people standing on the stairs, with their heads held high, the male staring cruel down at the rest of them, greeting them. However, the walked around with a false pretense, he could already sense that. They had a faint scent of dust, as bad as that sounded, which probably meant they came from one of the lower down races, like werewolves or genies. So why were they acting... oh they were Genies. Understandable then. He didn't say anything about their falseness as he passed them, and walked down to stand next to his twin.

"Hello," He repeated, giving a curt nod of his head to those that were there, hoping that the genie had stopped talking, and he wasn't interrupting, "My name is Leonardo Reyes, more commonly known as Leo, and this is my dear sister, Juliet. We are here to represent the Elven community. Who might you be, if you do not mind me asking?"

Emmy Quirin

Emmy was too busy laughing at her brother's failed vampire glare to notice the stroppy red-head walking past in much detail, she just saw a flick of red passing past the door. Her mind however was more focused on the scheme that they had come up with, and that they were going to be settling into their roles very soon. She shrugged back to her brother when he looked at her in confusion for a moment, and she had the same little epiphany that he did - the red head and the boy that had followed her definitely weren't the right people to be showing their facade to right now, so she went back to ignoring them again, and focusing instead on becoming a vampire. They had never pulled a prank as drastic as this before, so she was going to have to put all of her emotions into it. "Right, let's do it." She grinned mischievously to her brother as he stood at the door, gesturing for her to get up and leave with him.

She noticed the same two people that her brother did as she descended the stairs, and stood behind him. She looked at him for a moment, her expression one of disgust. She hated people that were really that chirpy; but she could see it in the girl's eyes that she was one of those really happy people. Lovely. she was going to be so fun to be around. As quickly as Del had done, Emmy's eyes turned to stone, and her mouth closed, holding in that trademark smile that was usually on her face, and replacing it with a hard smirk, her lips pressed together tightly. This was going to be so much fun. She was a fantastic liar, it came with her genetics, but putting it into action with people that she had never been around before? Oh god yes. Only for a moment were they the highest ranking species in the room, until the Elves descended. For a moment a surge of panic ran through her - their plan was going to be destroyed already. She saw the male elf look at her in confusion, before he continued on and introduced himself. Phew, they had gotten through that one!

"Hello." She spoke after her brother, nodding regally in the direction of those beneath her.


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Pan Arton

Pan paused when Venus asked if they could talk. This agitated him a little, as talking had never quite been his forte, plus those words were never said when good things were involved. But he stayed silent and listened because he knew that it meant she had something she needed to get off her chest, and it was best to do it as quickly as possible. He was actually quite relieved that she just wanted to ask and sleep in his room.

"Yes, of course." He said with a grin. He wondered why she even felt the need to ask. It was a well documented fact that Pan would do almost anything for his sister. For any one else, that's a different story. But the bond he feels between he and his twin is just too strong to be broken. If Lissa needed his comfort to get through the nights at this house, he understood. Pan, himself, may need some comfort if there were any more people like that mermaid wondering around. Perky people just rubbed him the wrong way. However, he did hope that Lissa wasn't going to be this way during the whole time they are here. Since they arrived, Pan noticed that she has become a tad...What's the word...'clingy'. It didn't bother him too much. He enjoyed his sister's company and will always be willing to be with her when she needs him. But it was a little difficult to get used to. Back in their palace with guards on patrol 24/7, she has never needed him as much as she needed him now. And Pan likes his alone time. Being with his sister is great, but there are times he just needs to get away and be on his own and just brood and sulk. He knew his sister wouldn't understand this, and he didn't wish to burden her with his trivial issues. As long as she needed him, he's going to be by her side. He just has to figure out a way to get used to it.

"The bed looks big enough." He noted. "We should both be able to fit in there snugly. We won't even have to shrink down." He turned back up to face his sister. "Is that all you wanted to say? Because, strangely, I'm anxious to go meet everybody. Not excited, mind you, or even the least bit pleased. I just want to get it over with so we can get out of this dump as quickly as possible."


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#, as written by Shané
Delroy Figaro....Beaumont??? - Genie...Vampire?? Prince

Del watched in hidden amusement as Em's face hardened and a haughty and proud look dominated her usually cheeky and fun-loving smile. He glanced back down at the growing number of people. Two new twins came in introducing themselves as were-wolves in a rather childish manner. If Del hadn't been pretending to be a stuck-up vampire he probably would have joined in the joking, as it was her retained a cold stare and allowed a mocking smile to change his features.
That was when the elves appeared. Damn! They always had to appear when they weren't wanted, stuck up creatures. It would have been nice to be top of the ladder for a while. Ah well, second certainly beat last...that was when the elf prince gave himself and Em a hard look. Del kept his mask of pretence arrogance in place perfectly, but inwardly he cowered. Surely they wouldn't ruin their fun so early? He hadn't even started yet! Evidently the elf knew something was amiss, but he didn't question it further, continuing down the staircase to who was obviously his sister.
Del inwardly let out a sigh of relief, before being distracted by a very ditsy comment by the mermaid princess. Ugh! How dumb could you get? Nymphs and faeries??? Ew. Was he and his sister really that bad at acting? Then again she'd already proved herself ditsy earlier, so it was more likely her. Besides it would be rather fun to rebuke her.
He let out a sniff of disapproval at the mermaids comment, putting on an affended look.
"Do we look like fairies and elves to you?" he said in an affected show of hurt pride. "I am the Vampire Prince, Delroy Figaro-"
He was about to finish his name, when he realised they would probably know the genie last name. It was lucky he was good at lieing.
"Beaumont" He finished smoothly "And my sister, Emmaline Mercy Beaumont"
That was when the elves introduced themselves. Secretly this annoyed Del. He'd just done such a good performance, and here the elves were taking away the lime light. Outwardly he regally turned his head to observe them in obvious scrutiny as the male introduced themselves.

In a pretence of being slightly bored, Del glanced around the room. Perhaps he was pushing his luck by being borderline rude, but he couldn't help but playing the role for all it was worth.


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#, as written by Mela
Venus Melissa Arton, Faerie Princess

Lissa's face lit up at Pan giving her 'permission' to stay with him. Her smile only widened at him deducting that she would be able to sleep in his bed without any problems. She loved her bother more than anything, especially in this instant. She knew he was sacrificing privacy for her, which was why she'd asked him instead of just assuming, even if she was aware he'd do pretty much everything for her. She felt a little bit like she was using him, but she couldn't stop. If she did let go, she thought she might break. She was only able to be herself because of having him as a safety-net, and nothing else. She hoped she'd be able to let go a little at some point, because she knew Pan needed solitude sometimes. She didn't understand that he did, as she was completely opposite, but she did accept it. Pan had often just... disappeared for periods of time back home, and she'd always known he did it to be alone; think, wonder, plot. It was, after all, what Pan did best.

Then her brother turned to look directly at her once more and spoke. His words made her laugh softly, shaking her head at him. "Always so negative, Panny." She said playfully, "you might not like to be here; I don't really either, but you can't say it's a dump. That would be lying, and mother always said not to lie." She added the lying bit with fake innocence, bashing her eyelashes at him before laughing. Their mother had tried to lecture Pan about not lying in like... forever. She'd never succeeded; probably because Pan just sort of... ignored her, like he always did when she bothered to chastise him. "But, that was it for now," she finished, smiling up at him before pulling at his green jacket to make it sit perfectly on his figure. "You look just dashing," she noted, meaning it; the look worked for Pan, and green was totally his colour, which she'd often told him. "C'mon then, let's go hunt down some people," she added, taking his hand before she opened the door and brought him along.

As the fairy twins made their way through the house, Lissa detected chatter by the entrance hall. Her lips curving into a happy smile, she sped up, dragging her brother along. "I think there are a lot of them down there now, Panny!" She couldn't help a bit of excitement. She'd already decided she'd have everyone sign that treaty ASAP, so getting to know people was the first step to achieving her goal. The second they entered, stepping into the room for everyone to see, she waved with her free. "Hi there," she said, suddenly slightly nervous at the amount of people in the room. She cleared a throat, smile slightly less excited. "I'm Venus Melissa... or Lissa, or Mel. Really, I have a lot of names," she stated, almost kicking herself for her less than smooth way of handling things. Damned nervousness getting the best of her. She took a little step closer to Pan, searching strength in his presence before she felt able to continue, "My brother, Pan," she said, gesturing towards him, "and I are representing the Faeries."

She smiled, her anxiety so very obvious on her face. She looked around the room, her eyes darting slightly in fear as she caught sight of a couple looking less than nice. By their posture they couldn't possible be anything good. However, when she saw a couple with pointy ears, her mood turned slightly less dark, brightening. Elves! She'd always wanted to meet elves, and now they were standing right there. She also saw the mermaid twins, so she sent them a smile of recognition, even if this feeling was one-sided.


8 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Juliet Reyes Character Portrait: Emmaline Quirin Character Portrait: Delroy Figaro Quirin Character Portrait: Pan Arton Character Portrait: Leonardo Reyes Character Portrait: Venus Melissa Arton Character Portrait: Vincent James Dibson Character Portrait: Marie Dibson
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Pan smirked as his sister told him not to lie. But he wasn't lying. This place was a dump. It may be an expensive dump. It may be a beautiful dump. It may be a massive and comfortable dump. But it was a dump nonetheless. It was a place Pan has no desire to be in. A place that stinks with the stench of the other races. And if it isn't a dump now, it will be before long after the various races meet and nothing short of war breaks out among them. By then, the place will be more then a dump. It'll be a nuclear wasteland.

Shortly, Pan felt himself being dragged out of his room and down the hall back into the main entry. He started to wander if this was going to be his main mode of transport throughout the house. In the room, he spotted many people of various races. The mermaids he recognized immediately, but had no desire to even make eye contact with either of them. He also recognized the elves by their pointed ears. He hated them immediately. There were four others that he couldn't recognize. Two seemed to be acting pompously. He had the feeling that it was an 'act' they were putting on. Being a natural liar himself, and a good one, he could spot the signs of insincerity. What exactly they were trying to pull, he couldn't tell. Perhaps they were simply trying to put on a brave front while being completely terrified on the inside. Something he felt his sister may be doing this very moment. The other two appeared to be slightly more sociable. He couldn't get a proper read off of them just yet. He needed a bit more time.

As his sister took care of their introductions, he gave a polite, but completely disinterested wave towards them. He made no attempt to smile. He wanted them to realize how much he hated being here, and how much he despised them all. He didn't want to give any of them the wrong idea that he was here to make friends, though he felt that message was going to be lost on at least one of them.