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Adrian Beckette

relating a person to the whole world ; that is the meaning of cinema

0 · 637 views · located in Los Angeles, California

a character in “Hollywood Arts High School”, originally authored by sappho, as played by RolePlayGateway




xxxn a m e xx;xx adrian james beckette

xxxn i c k n a m e s xx;xx ace, adri , james

xxxg e n d e r xx;xx cisgender male

xxxa g e xx;xx Seventeen ; 17

xxxb i r t h d a y xx;xx july 19th

xxxs e x u a l i t y xx;xx bisexual ; biromantic

xxxm a j o r xx;xx cinematography


xxxh e i g h t xx;xx 6'2''

xxxw e i g h t xx;xx 182lbs

xxxb o d yx t y p e xx;xx ectomorph

xxxa p p e a r a n c e xx;xx

xxxxxxxxAdrian considers himself to be quite attractive and is modest to a fault. He has always been confident with his looks, but nothing to overly confident. Saying he is entirely metrosexual is a bit of a stretch but he still knows how to dress himself quite well. He would describe his style as laid back. He loves windbreakers, and nearly anything Adidas and vintage. He is a sucker for thrifting which his sister got him into. He loves tattoos and has quite a few of them. The most noticeable ones is the lion tattoo on his hand and a small triangle at the nape of his neck. He also got both of his ears pierced with his sister when he was thirteen and his septum when he was 18, however he wears them on and off. Adrian has always had more of a broad shouldered athletic build, and from birth had been blessed with a strong jaw. However, his curly hair and brown eyes, soften the harsh angles of his face and give him an overall kind appearance.

xxxp e r s o n a l i t y xx;xx

xxxxAdrian has always been a bit of a flirt. He can't help it, ever since he could talk he just exhumed confidence and charm as a person. He has never been a stickler for any long term commitment, and is almost flighty with all of his relationships. He just likes to think that he hasn't met the 'right one' yet. has always been confident in himself and everything he puts his mind to. He is very charming in his own way. Always ready with a smile and a joke to cheer up anyone with a frown, and a sort of persistent smile that is consistently contagious. People love to be around him. As, a film student he stands out like a sore thumb. Most would associate him as being in front of the camera, not behind it. Nevertheless, he has proven to be excellent at cinematography which he loves with all his being.

Adrian has never been much of a lone wolf, and you can almost always see him surrounded by people. He has a certain charisma that makes him stand out, possibly from his ridiculous flirting and charm or his quirky humor and personality. Of course, there are still those who dislike him, that's inevitable. Due to his sort of cocky attitude and stigma for trouble making, he has had his fair share of arguments with others. His arrogance is a stagnant flaw for him, but he is quick to shut his mouth when he knows he must. Still, he remains kind-hearted and will always stick up for someone. He's always been a great friend to others and at sometimes a complete dork.

xxxh i s t o r y xx;xx

xxxFrom a young age Adrian knew he wanted to be a filmmaker. As a child he would direct and stage his own action movies, which were quite terrible but he never ceased to amaze his parents with his unwilling ambition. He was eight when he got his first camera, it was small and cheap, the only thing his parents could afford at the time but he cherished it dearly. For the next couple of years before Adrian attended high school, he dove into the world of photography and film. He would watch classics religiously, and his first ever film was screened at his church when he was 12.

In high school, he spent time on the broadcast and film team, switching himself from everything, the reporter to the editor. He finally realized that he found his own perfect niche behind the camera. From his junior year on he went on to compete in the All American High School Film Festival, and several other student led festivals that won him many awards. His parents at the time were struggling to make ends meet, so when his dream college of, 'Hollywood School of Arts' there was quite a bit of conflict.

Adrian took up countless jobs over the summer to help his parents build up a college fund, but when applications rolled around he hadn't raised enough for even two years of schooling. He was heartbroken, until his mother urged him to try and apply for scholarships. He would say his happiest moment to date is the day he received the Film Grant for a full ride. He was overjoyed and practically bounced off the walls in waiting to attended. It was everything he dreamed of and more. He fell perfectly into place in the Film Program, and had a constant group of friends not long after his arrival. He wouldn't want to trade this opportunity for anything.

xxxp l a y e r xx;xx geminiblues

xxxf a c e c l a i m xx;xx Reece King

xxxt i m e z o n e xx;xx CST

xxxs h e e t xx b y xx;xxgeminiblues

So begins...

Adrian Beckette's Story

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Ashleigh Nyguen
Location; Campus → Home

It has been about two hours since the final bell rang and dismissed the students for the day. Before the students left though, an announcement was made that there was to be a bonfire on the campus behind the school. Students were greatly encouraged to attend the spectacle but it was not really mandatory for them to attend, since it was the weekend. Ashleigh leaned against her car in the parking lot and pondered on the idea of attending the bonfire that was to happen within a couple of hours.

She waved and spoke to certain people that passed by her while continuously thinking. Some people were going to the bonfire while others were going home and just relaxing, or having a kickback with a few people. Since there a couple hours and few minutes before the event tonight, Ashleigh decided to go on home so that she could change and be comfortable for the night.

As she made it home, her parents were there in the living area of their home and of course, she went over and addressed them before running upstairs to her room so that she could shower and change. After she did that, she sat down on her bed and went over to her backpack, pulling her cell phone out of her side zipper and sending out texts to see who was going to attend the event later that night.

To: CJ :D
Going 2 the bonfire tonight, luv? â™Ĩ

To: Chris ;3
You know, I bet you'd get an A if you capture amazing pics of tonight's bonfire.

She sent that message towards Chris as a slight bribe to get him to go to the bonfire so that she wouldn't be totally alone. Ashleigh made a few banners, which were hung up around the school for the bonfire just to capture people's attention about the event. She decided to send out at least two more text messages before putting the finishing touches on herself and leaving her home.

To: Alice :)
Hey, girl! Bonfire tonight or nah?

To: Haley :D
Are you tagging along with me to the bonfire?

Once she sent those messages, Ashleigh stood up and even tied her hair up into a high ponytail, which was something really rare for her to do. She grabbed her car keys and phone then trailed down the stairs and told her parents that she was going to school's bonfire, an event that opens up the school year and something that has been done every year. Her parents nodded their heads and she was out the front door within an instant but did not really leave yet. Instead, she sat down on the front porch and waited for people to text her back.