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Georgia Y. Favereaux

"What's In A Name? That Which We Call A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet." ~William Shakespeare

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a character in “Hollywood Arts High School”, as played by JustBeingMe







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N A M E: Georgia Ysabella Favereaux
A G E: 17T A L E N T: Music
G E N D E R: FemaleG R A D E: Junior

"Patience Is Bitter, But Its Fruit Is Sweet"
~Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Hallelujah~Lindsey Stirling
Hello~Lettice Rowbotham
Wake Me Up~Viviane Nüscheler
TimberCourtney Kania-Young



"Good Night, Good Night! Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, That I Say Good Night Til It Be Morrow."
~William Shakespeare


George or Georgie
Ysa or Bella are also pretty common
Nymph by a few special people

{Someone who is only sexually
attracted those who they have an
emotional bond with.}
{Someone who is romantically attracted
To both genders.}

[Romantic Interest]

60% Irish
40% French



"That Perfect Bliss And Sole Felicity, The Sweet Fruition Of Earthly Crown."
~Christopher Marlowe



Georgia has always been a very musical, when she was really young she was called a prodigy and a genius because of her natural talent with string instruments though her interest was more focused on the Violin and Harp. Hours of practice everyday, numb fingers, lack of social life, and aching shoulders/arms, have allowed her to grow her natural talent into something truly beautiful to listen too. It has also allowed her to be proud of her achievements.

Due to her being so young and considered one of the best in the country, she is pretty well known in certain circles and has had the opportunity to do some things that other kids her age, in her field, dream of doing but she has made it 'big' yet because its only been one or two gigs. The older, professional musicians out there have a tendency to look down on her or to treat her like a pariah because her whole goal in life is to compose and play music on the violin or harp for the movie industry. Which is an odd goal, especially for a child with her talents because most veer toward joining one of the prominent orchestras.

Though not a natural talent, or what she is going to school for, she has done a little bit of modeling mostly because her dad had begged. Nothing big, just some small advertisements and those were mostly just because the booked model hadnt shown up and her dad had needed her help.



"Love Planted A Rose, And The World Turned It Sweet."
~Katherine Lee Bates



Georgia is a small but willowy girl, when described is often called classically beautiful because of her creamy complexion and her elegantly boned face. From the slightly up turned nose to her delicately carved cheekbones and deep set sea blue colored eyes, she is beautiful no doubt about it and her beauty is only highlighted by the rest of her physical features.

Though small, she is delicately boned and is a bit on the thin side and her hair is a mixture of shades of red ranging from light coppery brown to such a dark shade it seems almost black. She comes off as almost ethereal but approachable.

The best way to describe Georgia’s style is put together. She is always very put together, probably because of her parents. Her clothes are always well made and tailored to her body, she likes to wear either dark clothing that sets off her pale skin and red hair or light colors that make her look very feminine. Though she has been told repeatedly that she shouldnt wear pink because it clashes with her hair she does so anyway, she likes the color and doesnt see why she shouldnt wear it.

She isn’t one to do much with her hair or make up, often rotating out one of four hair styles and doing the same makeup every day. High pony, braid bun, sleek and down, or slightly/softly curled then her makeup is always pretty neutral, off white eye shadow with a cat eye and either dark red or neutral lipstick. Very simple without a lot of work but still makes her look her best.

Georgia's Style

[Height and Weight]
5’2 Ft

Self harm scars on her inner thighs.
The words "I am A Fighter" On her left wrist.
The words "I Am A Survivor" on her right wrist.
A small Sunflower tattooed behind her right ear
A small rose shaped birthmark on her left side on 'side' boob area.

Belly button
Every different ear possible



"Friendship Is Always A Sweet Responsibility, Never An Opportunity."
~Kahlil Gibran



Moody Whimsical Absent Minded Anxious Goofy Temperamental Kind

Georgia has been told on many occasion that she is as sweet as a peach, though a little unsure it is a good thing she does like the saying. Now, she might be sweet, kind, a little whimsical, and goofy but she isnt just sugar she does have some spice. She can be moody, temperamental, absent minded and she suffers from anxiety which makes her a nervous nelly daily.

Maybe its because of how she was raised but Georgia truly believes that to be treated right you most treat others how you wish to be treated which means she tries her best to always make people smile, to tell the truth without hurting feelings if it can be helped, and just all around being the best person she can be. Now, just because she tries to be the best person she can be doesn't mean she succeeds. Her daddy says that its because she is a musician and in such is filled with passion but she has major mood swings, is easily frustrated or made angry and has a difficult time controlling her emotions.

In all things considered Georgia is a likable young lady with a few not so likable traits that oddly enough make her more endearing because of the fact that she is constantly trying to control those traits of hers and failing miserably.

[Likes and Dislikes]

✔Classical Music ✔Spring Days
✔Warm Sunshine ✔Cool Breeze ✔Hot tea
✔Over Sized Sweaters ✔The Taste of Cigarettes
✔Her dads Colcannon with Corned Beef Brisket
✔Ivory and Pink Floral Patterns

✘Jazz Music ✘Sweating
✘Winter Rain Storms
✘Math Tests ✘Her Biology Partner ✘Football
✘Cold Coffee ✘The Smell Of Butterscotch
✘Jewelry And Purses

[Strengths and Weaknesses]

✔Smart and Observant: Georgia is one of the best friends a person could have or one of the worst enemies because not only is she smart, she is observant and in such can be the best friend, always knowing when something is wrong or seeing the very slight change in mood. She can also be the worst of enemies because of the same reasons and can use it against those she does like.

✔Agile: She is often over looked because of her small build but Georgia has been in martial arts and gymnastics sense she was very young and it has allowed her to be very agile which is extraordinarily helpful in the few occurrences that she has needed to defend herself physically.

✔Graceful: Between Martial Arts and Gymnastics, Georgia has become very graceful. Not only does it help her appear even more feminine which is something she thinks she lacks because her 'curves' are very delicate, it also allows her to move quietly which when she wants to be unheard. Like when she wants to sneak out of her home.

✘Anxious/Anxiety: Though confident in her musical capabilities, confident in being able to protect herself, confident in herself really. She is still riddled with anxiety and has pretty regular anxiety attacks. Which of course limits her social interactions, her public shows, or just anything outside of her normal routine and comfort zone.

✘Naive: Georgia is a smart, beautiful, and talented but that doesn't mean that she is experienced. Sexual innuendos go completely over her head and typically end up with her being made fun of or being placed in awkward situations.

✘Delicate/Small: Just because she has trained to protect herself it doesn't mean that Georgia is completely safe, she is still small, delicate and in such weaker then anyone bigger then herself.

[Oddities and Flaws]

✔Twirls Hair: When excited or happy Georgia has a tendency to twirl her hair around her fingers. It isnt a super noticeable odd habit of hers but the few that know her well can always tell when she is excited by it.

✘Bites Lip: When Upset or Nervous she will bite her lip to distract herself from what she is feeling. Sometimes it helps other times it just makes how she feels worse.

Aquaphobia: Is a social phobia that is defined as the persistent, unwarranted and irrational fear of water. Georgia isnt afraid of bathtubs or pools, even shallow lakes are ok for the most part its fast, deep, and huge bodies of water that scare her to the point that she will faint if brought to close to it which is a problem living in LA. She has conquered the fear to a point, meaning she can now seat on the sand at the beach without having a panic attack can even put her feet in for a limited amount of time. Thats it though, if pushed into the ocean or if a big wave washes up and gets her wet she will have an anxiety attack which is quite embarrassing for her.



"What's In A Name? That Which We Call A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet."
~William Shakespeare



Georgia Ysabelle Favereaux was born on a midsummer afternoon to a young Irish woman in West Virginia, it wasn't long after that that she was put up for adoption. At three months old she was adopted by Carter Favereaux and his significant other Thomas McAdams, now young Georgia's early life was pretty normal but it was filled with happiness. Carter and Thomas adored her and gave her anything she wanted, when she was five she got her first violin. Honestly Carter hadn't been thinking that she would learn from for several more years, it had been a spur of the moment purchase on his part but as soon as the little girl saw the delicate and elegant instrument she wanted to learn. It didn't take long, only about a year, for her to master all of the beginning and about half of the intermediate songs in the beginners song book.

Carter and Thomas didnt want her life to just be music, they didn't want it to be centered around her violin and for her not have a social life. They decided to send her to a special school for gifted children, it was a great time for her because she was surrounded by children that were like her. Too smart for their own good, gifted in different and unique ways.

When Georgia was twelve she made international news for being the youngest Violinist to play with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, though this was amazing and it made her really happy to do something that no one else had done at this point, this was also her first dealing with adults that weren't impressed with her skills. That saw her as a pest, saw her natural skill as a cheat because of all the years they had spent learning their instruments, saw her as a interloper. This dimmed her spirit about music and for awhile she only played at school or when one of her fathers asked her too, now it didnt take long for her violin and the music to draw her back but that was short lived.

Only three months after her one time performance with the Orchestra Georgia was kidnapped, now she was and still is a smart girl, so she used her brain and escaped but it caused her fear of water because the day she escaped there was a storm and it capsized the boat that her kidnappers were keeping her on. She almost died, lucky for her the coast guard had gotten a report earlier in the day of a boat just floating in the middle of the ocean with no passengers being spotted.

After her kidnapping Georgia's fathers insisted on her taking self defense courses and through this she learned that she enjoyed excising and even asked for gymnastic classes because her instructor had suggested them. Still afraid for her safety Carter and Thomas moved the trio to LA, both of the companies they worked for had branches in southern California and they had been offered positions in the 'new' offices sense it had opened. Georgia was happy to make her fathers feel more comfortable so she never mentioned that she wasnt making friends, or that going to school with so many people she didnt know was causing panic attacks.

When she was accepted into Hollywood Arts High School, it was the greatest day of her life. She thought it would be her opportunity to finally make friends in LA but though the school is for all the arts, there are far more students attending for acting, dancing, and singing then anything else and in such she has made very few friends.

So begins...

Georgia Y. Favereaux's Story

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Ashleigh Nyguen
Location; Campus → Home

It has been about two hours since the final bell rang and dismissed the students for the day. Before the students left though, an announcement was made that there was to be a bonfire on the campus behind the school. Students were greatly encouraged to attend the spectacle but it was not really mandatory for them to attend, since it was the weekend. Ashleigh leaned against her car in the parking lot and pondered on the idea of attending the bonfire that was to happen within a couple of hours.

She waved and spoke to certain people that passed by her while continuously thinking. Some people were going to the bonfire while others were going home and just relaxing, or having a kickback with a few people. Since there a couple hours and few minutes before the event tonight, Ashleigh decided to go on home so that she could change and be comfortable for the night.

As she made it home, her parents were there in the living area of their home and of course, she went over and addressed them before running upstairs to her room so that she could shower and change. After she did that, she sat down on her bed and went over to her backpack, pulling her cell phone out of her side zipper and sending out texts to see who was going to attend the event later that night.

To: CJ :D
Going 2 the bonfire tonight, luv?

To: Chris ;3
You know, I bet you'd get an A if you capture amazing pics of tonight's bonfire.

She sent that message towards Chris as a slight bribe to get him to go to the bonfire so that she wouldn't be totally alone. Ashleigh made a few banners, which were hung up around the school for the bonfire just to capture people's attention about the event. She decided to send out at least two more text messages before putting the finishing touches on herself and leaving her home.

To: Alice :)
Hey, girl! Bonfire tonight or nah?

To: Haley :D
Are you tagging along with me to the bonfire?

Once she sent those messages, Ashleigh stood up and even tied her hair up into a high ponytail, which was something really rare for her to do. She grabbed her car keys and phone then trailed down the stairs and told her parents that she was going to school's bonfire, an event that opens up the school year and something that has been done every year. Her parents nodded their heads and she was out the front door within an instant but did not really leave yet. Instead, she sat down on the front porch and waited for people to text her back.

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O R C H I D . B A S S
Dialogue: #C2A0F8
Classification: Sophomore
Location: Cafeteria
Orchid couldn't believe the school was having a bonfire behind the campus. She couldn't understand why that would be a good idea in the opinions of the staff but there was nothing she could do about the way they did things. After all, she just started going to Hollywood Arts this year and things were going to be completely different than what they always were for her in the past. This school was just a lot more actively involved in the students's lives than any normal school out there.

School was let out and she dropped by her locker to put away all of the items she wouldn't need to take home with her and stepped out the building to be on her way home. She thought about the possibility of her actually showing up to this huge social event but she just couldn't seem to wrap her mind around it. So instead of just skipping the entire event she texted Georgia to see what she was doing. Maybe she would go if Georgia was, just so she wouldn't be standing around by herself.

To: Georgia
Hey girl! Are you going to the bonfire tonight? I'm not sure if it's my scene.

It was the truth, the bonfire really wasn't her scene. A huge group of people she doesn't know and don't feel comfortable around?
Yeah, not the best idea for her. She just doesn't like being in huge crowds. They make her feel uncomfortable and there are usually people around who want to prive into her personal life and get to know her. Anyone who has ever tried knows that she doesn't open up easily, if not then at all. Georgia was really the only person at this school she has opened up to and even then it hasn't been a lot. All Georgia knows is like her favorite color, the basics really.

Once she got home, she noticed that her parents were out. That was definitely normal though. Her siblings were at their after school activities, leaving her alone at the house. Being alone was hands down her favorite thing in the world. Orchid went up to her bedroom and closed the door behind her before plopping down on the bed with a sigh. The first place her eyes landed was her ceiling.