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Haley Overland

~ just another l.a devote ~

0 · 728 views · located in Los Angeles, California

a character in “Hollywood Arts High School”, as played by InakoUchiha


Haley Overland
L.A Devotee || Gasoline || Heavy

------Name: Overland, Haley, Michael
------Aliases: Hales
------Racial Identification: 1/2 Caucasian || 1/2 Italian
------Gender: Male
------Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

------Hair: Black-Brown
------Eyes: Bright Blue
------Height: 5"5'
------Weight: 120lbs.
------DOB: 08/20/2001 (15)

------Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
------Romantic Orientation: Homoromantic
------Role: Sophomore
------Area of Study: Performing Arts


❃ Haley has anxiety, ADHD, and is prone to have numerous panic attacks.
❃ He tends to stare at people's eyes when in conversation.
❃ He has the unruly ability, to tell when people are lying to him.
❃ He is socially awkward, to the point he will freeze in the middle of conversation.
❃ Haley speaks fluent Spansih and English, he often sings in Spanish as well.
❃ Haley firmly believes in reincarnation and soulmates.
❃ His type of dancing can vary, ballet to contemporary. But he is also rather skilled at belly dancing.

Talent Description
perΒ·formΒ·ing arts
forms of creative activity that are performed in front of an audience, such as drama, music, and dance.

Since he was young, Haley has always been a gifted performer. Since he was young he was placed in countless dance classes and singing lessons. So he managed to develop a love for the activity and became very gifted. If you ask Haley, he has no other life. He loves performing, and never wants to give it up.

Haley was born for performance. His mother, Valerie Overland, was a professional dancer and entrepreneur. His father, Maddox Overland, was a professional jazz singer and owned several bars. Being born to two stars, Haley was a destined artist. While his mother was pregnant, Haley was said to be a girl, so they chose the name, Hailey Michelle. When he was born, it was an obvious surprise he was a boy. Dead set on naming him Haley, to give him a unique experience, his parents changed the spelling and his middle name. This was how he was born.

As a child, Haley's parents were never really around, he was raised by an assortment of butlers and nannies. Being an over privileged kid, that was how he was destined to be raised. One, in particular, took over most of his "parenting", her name was Rosalina.

Rosalina was a young Mexican woman, of poor status, and took the role as the primary nanny for Haley. She took him to and from his dancing lessons, and his vocal sessions with famous mentors and everything. She homeschooled him and knew he was very intelligent. She was like his mother if she had bothered to pay him attention. She became very kind to Haley, often calling him her estrella. Haley was highly attached to Rosalina, and he even called her mom. Around the time Haley turned twelve, his father Maddox became invested in the woman. She was an attractive woman to him, far more beautiful than his wife. The two had a rocky relationship, and Maddox became romantically involved with the woman. This caused his mother and father to constantly argue, his mother went away longer than she normally did. His father continued the affair with Rosalina. Months went on with this, and his mother fired Rosalina (out of jealousy), for some fake charge the woman came up with. So Haley lost the person he was truly close to. This caused his selective mutism.

For two years, Haley didn't say a word. He chose to ignore all of his emotions, and just remain silent. His parents, who by then worked out their problems, sent him to a counselor. Who said, that Rosalina's removal for his mother's lie, was traumatic enough to cause a phase of selective mutism. A year later, Haley became more vocal, still rather quiet, but was able to speak freely. Now he attends Hollywood Arts and hopes to make something out of this. Just so he can be someone's shining estrella.

Haley's personality is rather odd to explain.

He's a mixture of empathetic and apathetic at the same time. He can feel for everyone at the most random moments, but he can also forget that emotions exist. He's truly a paradox. Haley isn't very aggressive, he's more of a passive person. He often lets upperclassmen, even the lower classmen, bully him or bother him. He's honestly just not a confrontational person. Now, this does not mean Haley can't hold a grudge or be rude to people. While he's not aggressive, Haley is very dismissive. If you messed up with him, he prefers to ignore that you have emotions and opinions on the matter. It isn't healthy, but it's the way he works through it. Being passive has also formed a trait of timidity in Haley. Often stuttering, or bumping into things. He's very jittery and anxious, he's also very easily distracted by beautiful people. He finds beauty in everything, physical or mental, but he often can be found staring into people's eyes.

Haley is very intuitive and knows when people are upset or angry. A trait that made him such a precious child, he knows when people are feeling angry or upset. Now, he doesn't know how to help them with that. He's what you could call socially awkward, being homeschooled most of his life, he never developed friends other than his nanny. The young man is also one of the most emotional people you will meet, but he can't exactly process them correctly. This often leads to him having panic attacks, or breaking down in little fits of pure sobbing.

One major thing that Haley is, he's a hopeless romantic. He has the idea that everyone has someone that they're meant for. He firmly stands by that, and will wait for the person who's meant for him. All in all, Haley's a detailed and complicated person. He just needs some special care.

So begins...

Haley Overland's Story

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Ashleigh Nyguen
Location; Campus β†’ Home

It has been about two hours since the final bell rang and dismissed the students for the day. Before the students left though, an announcement was made that there was to be a bonfire on the campus behind the school. Students were greatly encouraged to attend the spectacle but it was not really mandatory for them to attend, since it was the weekend. Ashleigh leaned against her car in the parking lot and pondered on the idea of attending the bonfire that was to happen within a couple of hours.

She waved and spoke to certain people that passed by her while continuously thinking. Some people were going to the bonfire while others were going home and just relaxing, or having a kickback with a few people. Since there a couple hours and few minutes before the event tonight, Ashleigh decided to go on home so that she could change and be comfortable for the night.

As she made it home, her parents were there in the living area of their home and of course, she went over and addressed them before running upstairs to her room so that she could shower and change. After she did that, she sat down on her bed and went over to her backpack, pulling her cell phone out of her side zipper and sending out texts to see who was going to attend the event later that night.

To: CJ :D
Going 2 the bonfire tonight, luv? β™₯

To: Chris ;3
You know, I bet you'd get an A if you capture amazing pics of tonight's bonfire.

She sent that message towards Chris as a slight bribe to get him to go to the bonfire so that she wouldn't be totally alone. Ashleigh made a few banners, which were hung up around the school for the bonfire just to capture people's attention about the event. She decided to send out at least two more text messages before putting the finishing touches on herself and leaving her home.

To: Alice :)
Hey, girl! Bonfire tonight or nah?

To: Haley :D
Are you tagging along with me to the bonfire?

Once she sent those messages, Ashleigh stood up and even tied her hair up into a high ponytail, which was something really rare for her to do. She grabbed her car keys and phone then trailed down the stairs and told her parents that she was going to school's bonfire, an event that opens up the school year and something that has been done every year. Her parents nodded their heads and she was out the front door within an instant but did not really leave yet. Instead, she sat down on the front porch and waited for people to text her back.

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H A L E Y . O V E R L A N D
Dialogue: #CE7DCA
Outfit: Outfit(s)
Location: Campus β†’ Home

Sweat dropped down in continuous drops from Haley's body. His outfit being a simply dance practice one, a t-shirt and blue shorts. His body would move in rhythm to the music. As the music deepened with towards the end, a notification interrupted it, and Haley paused. His head tilted as he walked over, and picked up his phone pausing the music.

From: Ash <3
Are you tagging along with me to the bonfire?

Oh yeah! That was tonight! Haley smiled and blinked slowly. He had remembered his freshman year, and he was that awkward kid who stood in the corner until one of the other dance kids walked up to him and got him in a goofy mood. He laughed at the memory of the bonfire the year before, and he would take out his phone. He landed on Ash's name.

To: Ash <3
Yeah! I'm at the school, I'll take a shower in the locker rooms and get into my clothes. Thank the dancer gods, I packed another set of clothes. Do you mind swinging down here, and picking little ol me up?

Haley would place his phone in his bag and walk to the locker room, nobody was in there which was good. After a quick shower, the male would get into his outfit for the bonfire. His dark blue/green eyes staring at the bag, as he put on his jacket. He always wore one, it kept him more calm and easy going in a lot of party-based situations. He would take out his phone, and send a small text towards his dancing partner, and sort of crush, Carter.

To: CJ
You going to the bonfire? It'd be boring without you <3

He was subtle about his feelings. Yeah....."subtle", luckily Carter never noticed. There were several obvious reasons that Carter was attractive. Mainly because of his personality, he was a dork to put it simply. He was also great to work with. He would exit the locker room and walk to the front of the school where hopefully Ashleigh could pick him up.

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#, as written by sappho


No matter what time school ended Adrian always ended up staying after school a couple of hours anyway. Filming, editing, filming, editing. No matter how repetitive his day at school always seemed, he loved it nonetheless.

He was currently fiddling with the new Blackmagic camera their teacher, Mr. Bronson had ordered for the class, thanks to the generous film grant they had received last week. The thing was beautiful, and it took all of Adrian’s will not to grab it the second Mr. Bronson had unveiled their new toy. He was the lead cinematographer of their film program, so he only saw fit that he was the first one to check her out.

”Coming to the bonfire tonight? A clear voice rang from the door, which made him jolt from his position and in the process nearly ending the life of the new camera. β€œShit Jess, don’t do that” He mumbled grumpily placing the camera on the table gently. ”Oh loosen up Beckette” She said flashing him a flirtatious smile which he gladly fed into. ”Bonfire. 8p.m. Be there” She said with a small smirk before disappearing out of the room.

Adrian was always a fan of parties. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and quickly texted Haley and then after a moment of thought, Ashleigh. She would know if there was a bonfire.


You going to the bonfire tonight?


Is there a bonfire tonight? If you’re going let me know so I can avoid you at all costs. :)