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Orchid Bass

"I don't know. I'm just upset, okay? And angry...about nothing...and everything."

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a character in “Hollywood Arts High School”, as played by ScreamingWillow


Orchid Bass

Face Claim: India Eisley
Dialogue Color: #C2A0F8

"I don't know. I'm just upset, okay? And angry...about nothing...and everything."

Theme Songs
Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas
Rolling in the Deep - Adele

ImageImageFull Name
Orchid Elizabeth Bass

Sixteen; 16

Birth Date & Zodiac
October 17, 2000 - ♎ Libra

Marital Status & Orientation
Single & Bisexual


School Major
Visual Arts

Orchid isn't exactly the friendliest of people. She prefers to keep to herself most of the time and get lost in her photography. All her life she felt that she was invisible to the world around her and that is what caused her to form this impenetrable shell around her. The majority of the time when she speaks she has more of a monotone in her voice and she rarely shares her feelings or shows her emotions. Instead she deals with everything on her own and lets all of her feelings and emotions out through her photography. Quiite frankly she prefers it that way. Her business is her business, no one else needs to know what is going on in her life.

Of course once this shell of her's is broken down, her better qualities starts to peek through. Orchid is a very down to earth kind of girl when it comes to her friends and family who are in need of her guidance. She will always make sure they get everything they need or want before taking care of herself. This is the way she always was while growing up. But don't get her wrong, she doesn't let anyone walk all over her. If she sees someone beginning to do that, she will cut it down quickly without a single hesitation.

Throughout every aspect of her life Orchid never seems able to allow herself to see the brighter outcomes. Instead every time she thinks of situations she is dealing with in her life, all that she comes up with are bad outcomes. This is what you would call a pessimistic, and she is just that.

Orchid's parents always seemed to believe that there was more going on with her mentally than anyone was ever able to see. But there was never anything wrong with her. Orchid was always healthy. Eventually everyone stopped thinking that she was depressed, etc. and started believing that it was just who she was. And that was always the case. Orchid is who she is and nobody can change that. She would never allow anyone to change her. If they didn't like who she was they didn't need to be in her life. Eventually, that's how it ended up. Nobody ever wanted to be around her after a while and she had no idea why that was. Around that time she closed herself up and not once allowed another person into her life.
Life Story
Orchid grew up in a relatively normal family. Her parents treated her right and always made sure she had the things she needed to get through life and were always there to back her up if needed. The family was always very close nit. With Orchid being the eldest out of five, things began to get rough for her once she became a teenager. She always felt that she was invisible ever since because all of her parents attention seemed to focus on her four younger siblings who needed it more than she did. Of course she still loved her family just as she always had, but things started to change and she didn't like it.

Around that time she slowly began to change. Orchid kept all of her feelings to herself and never spoke to her parents about things going on in her life. Because of her closing herself off from the rest of the world, her parents started believing she was going through depression. She was taken to a doctor a couple times throughout her early teenage years but each time nothing came back. Orchid was the picture of health and she still is.

It wasn't until the age of fourteen that she received her first camera for her birthday that she fell in love with photography and she quickly learned this was her only outlet. Orchid would spend the majority of her time taking photographs of the world around her. She was so in love with photography that she began begging her parents to allow her to apply for the Hollywood Arts High School. At first her parents were completely against it because they would have to move across the country but eventually they gave in. Her parents wanted her to pursue her dreams and having an early start would be a good opportunity for her. So, Orchid sent in her application and she was accepted. A couple weeks later the whole family moved out to Hollywood.

Orchid couldn't believe she was finally able to get something she wanted. All of her siblings were upset about the big move because they were leaving their friends behind and they had to start over. But Orchid couldn't have been any more happier. Of course her emotions were shown through a monotone facial expression and vocal opinions, but she was happy.

Orchid started at the beginning of her sophomore year in hopes that she would enjoy her new life at the school. She hoped that she would finally be able to make some friends who would like her for who she was, but she wasn't going to get her hopes up too high. Everyone who even gets to know her a little bit ends up getting scared off. She never understood why, but she just rolled with the punches and never let it phase her.
Orchid's Photography
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So begins...

Orchid Bass's Story

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Ashleigh Nyguen
Location; Campus → Home

It has been about two hours since the final bell rang and dismissed the students for the day. Before the students left though, an announcement was made that there was to be a bonfire on the campus behind the school. Students were greatly encouraged to attend the spectacle but it was not really mandatory for them to attend, since it was the weekend. Ashleigh leaned against her car in the parking lot and pondered on the idea of attending the bonfire that was to happen within a couple of hours.

She waved and spoke to certain people that passed by her while continuously thinking. Some people were going to the bonfire while others were going home and just relaxing, or having a kickback with a few people. Since there a couple hours and few minutes before the event tonight, Ashleigh decided to go on home so that she could change and be comfortable for the night.

As she made it home, her parents were there in the living area of their home and of course, she went over and addressed them before running upstairs to her room so that she could shower and change. After she did that, she sat down on her bed and went over to her backpack, pulling her cell phone out of her side zipper and sending out texts to see who was going to attend the event later that night.

To: CJ :D
Going 2 the bonfire tonight, luv? â™Ĩ

To: Chris ;3
You know, I bet you'd get an A if you capture amazing pics of tonight's bonfire.

She sent that message towards Chris as a slight bribe to get him to go to the bonfire so that she wouldn't be totally alone. Ashleigh made a few banners, which were hung up around the school for the bonfire just to capture people's attention about the event. She decided to send out at least two more text messages before putting the finishing touches on herself and leaving her home.

To: Alice :)
Hey, girl! Bonfire tonight or nah?

To: Haley :D
Are you tagging along with me to the bonfire?

Once she sent those messages, Ashleigh stood up and even tied her hair up into a high ponytail, which was something really rare for her to do. She grabbed her car keys and phone then trailed down the stairs and told her parents that she was going to school's bonfire, an event that opens up the school year and something that has been done every year. Her parents nodded their heads and she was out the front door within an instant but did not really leave yet. Instead, she sat down on the front porch and waited for people to text her back.

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O R C H I D . B A S S
Dialogue: #C2A0F8
Classification: Sophomore
Location: Cafeteria
Orchid couldn't believe the school was having a bonfire behind the campus. She couldn't understand why that would be a good idea in the opinions of the staff but there was nothing she could do about the way they did things. After all, she just started going to Hollywood Arts this year and things were going to be completely different than what they always were for her in the past. This school was just a lot more actively involved in the students's lives than any normal school out there.

School was let out and she dropped by her locker to put away all of the items she wouldn't need to take home with her and stepped out the building to be on her way home. She thought about the possibility of her actually showing up to this huge social event but she just couldn't seem to wrap her mind around it. So instead of just skipping the entire event she texted Georgia to see what she was doing. Maybe she would go if Georgia was, just so she wouldn't be standing around by herself.

To: Georgia
Hey girl! Are you going to the bonfire tonight? I'm not sure if it's my scene.

It was the truth, the bonfire really wasn't her scene. A huge group of people she doesn't know and don't feel comfortable around?
Yeah, not the best idea for her. She just doesn't like being in huge crowds. They make her feel uncomfortable and there are usually people around who want to prive into her personal life and get to know her. Anyone who has ever tried knows that she doesn't open up easily, if not then at all. Georgia was really the only person at this school she has opened up to and even then it hasn't been a lot. All Georgia knows is like her favorite color, the basics really.

Once she got home, she noticed that her parents were out. That was definitely normal though. Her siblings were at their after school activities, leaving her alone at the house. Being alone was hands down her favorite thing in the world. Orchid went up to her bedroom and closed the door behind her before plopping down on the bed with a sigh. The first place her eyes landed was her ceiling.