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Hollywood High School

Hollywood High School


A normal and simple slice of life high school role-play.

6,400 readers have visited Hollywood High School since TvJunkie19 created it.



Address: 1521 N Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028
Mascot: Red Devils
School Colors: Red, White, Grey and Black
Principal: Ms. Alejandra Sanchez
Assistant Principal: Mr. Craig Alessi

"Hollywood High School Performing Arts Magnet is one of the best magnets in the city, with its amazing staff of talented teachers and directors, and its rigorous academic classes. Our school can proudly claim many Ph.d's from Stanford and other highly regarded universities, and teachers with professional experience in top ranked industries. The school is cozy and intimate with a small student to teacher ratio that insures a great deal of individual attention and care for the individual. This is a school with a long and astounding legacy - Judy Garland and Carol Burnett walked its halls, along with great luminaries in law and politics, such as Warren Christopher. Today we are still preparing future great leaders of the world, for many of our students go on to prestigious universities such as Berkeley, New York University and U.C.L.A. Hollywood is a school where one can truly receive a great education."

– Principal Ms. Alejandra Sanchez



It has many different small learning communities! There Is Teaching career academy for students who want to be future teachers. That academy even offers a chance to tutor second grade kids at a nearby elementary school, which gives them practice for the future! It has Performing Arts, which offers dance, theater, and singing. They perform many high quality plays. The Media and Technology small learning community offers computer classes, and chances to make high quality videos for the school's website. There Is also Health Nutrition Arts and Science, which offers a variety of cooking classes, and education about nutrition. And finally, there Is School for Advanced Studies, which offers Advance Placement classes for gifted students who need more of a challenge, academically.

These are the student schedules:

AP Freshman
AP Sophomore
AP Junior
AP Senior

List of Elective Classes:

Code: Select all
[u]Apologetics [/u]

• Comparative Religions
• Mythology
• Worldview Studies
• World Cultures

[u]Bible [/u]

• Church History
• Individual book Bible studies
• Old Testament/New Testament Survey
• Topical Bible studies


• Accounting
• Advertising
• Business Law
• Business Management
• Business Math
• Entrepreneurial Skills
• Financial Management
• Intro to Economics
• Marketing
• Office Skills

[u]Communication [/u]

• Creative Writing
• Communication Skills
• Journalism
• Public Speaking
• Research Skills/Writing
• Speech
• Study Skills


• Computer Applications
• Desktop Publishing
• Graphic Design
• Keyboarding/Word Processing
• Programming/Languages
• Web Design

[u]Fine Arts [/u]

• Architectural Design
• Art Appreciation/History Band
• Ceramics
• Choir
• Dance (African, Afro-Cuban, Classical Ballet, Neo-form/ Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin (Flamenco, Contemporary, and Modern))
• Drama/Theatre (Drama A, B, and Play Production)
• Drawing
• Film making
• Instrumental Music
• Jewelry making
• Music Appreciation/History Orchestra
• Painting
• Photography
• Sculpture


• CPR Training
• First Aid
• Nutrition

[u]Life Skills[/u]

• Auto Mechanics
• Woodshop
• Driver’s Ed
• Financial management
• Home management/Home economics (cooking, sewing, etc.)
• Industrial Arts
• Interior Design Plumbing

[u]Physical Education [/u]

• Aerobics
• Weightlifting
• Gymnastics

[u]Rhetoric [/u]

• Critical Thinking
• Debate
• Logic

[u]Science-related [/u]

• Intro to Astronomy
• Oceanography
• Botany
• Meteorology
• Geology

[u]Social Sciences [/u]

• Sociology
• Anthropology
• Psychology


• Spanish
• French
• Italian
• Sign Language

[u]Other [/u]

• Archeology
• Career Development
• Current events
• Gardening
• Horticulture
• Landscaping
• US or World Politics

By California Guidelines you must complete:

• Three courses in English
• Two courses in mathematics
• Two courses in science
• Three courses in history
• Two courses in physical education, unless the pupil has been exempted
• One course in visual or performing arts, foreign language, or career technical education. For the purpose of satisfying the minimum course requirement, a course in American Sign Language shall be deemed a course in foreign language

As a freshman and sophomore you basically only have a say so in what electives you take. When you get to your junior and senior year you get the option of not having to take certain courses. As a junior you do not have to take math, science or physical education if you have passed the courses in the pass and no longer wish to take them. As a senior you don't have to continue in any of the core courses if you have successfully passed them in the past. However, for those who plan on going to college in the future it is highly suggested that you in the very least take english, science, math and history for all four years. If you would like to drop classes please go to you guidance counselor (me) and let them know so you can adjust your schedule.

Students on the honor roll will automatically be given an AP student schedule. If you don't excel in all areas of school but are really exceptionally at a certain subject you can be placed in the advance placement class or that subject(s). If you are an honor student you like the freshman and sophomores can only select your electives and cannot drop classes. Upperclassmen or not.

Those juniors and seniors who choose to drop classes can take up electives that interest them or they can take nothing and have a free period. This allows some students to come in later or leave early than other students. If you have a gap in your schedule you are free to leave the school and return for your class. Or you can stay on school grounds. Some students stick around and do things during they're free period like get tutoring at the tutor center, hang out in their guidance counselor office, go to sleep in the school library, ect.

Behind the Facade

Principal Sanchez isn't lying when she brags about what a great school Hollywood High is. Many teachers here are good. Some are outstanding. Performances are second to none and are better than most, if not all private schools of this genre. When it comes to sports the school doesn't excel in all areas but when it comes to the school's football, basketball and baseball team you couldn't find better. However, no matter how much praise is given to the school at the end of the day it is a high school like any other high school. Everyone knows high school can be hell. But no one knows it as much as the students of Hollywood High School. Every high school seems to be ruled by a caste system, but none take it to the extremes that the students at Hollywood High seems to. Your clique defines you and there are very few middle grounds. Walking on campus is like walking into a battlefield, and only the strong survive.

When you first step into the halls of Hollywood High, you’re instantly setting your eyes on the different cliques around the school. It’s practically social suicide if you decide to step out of your certain group of friends, even if you’re already pretty low on the totem pole to begin with. It’s just common knowledge to stick with what you know around the halls of the school.

Code: Select all
[u]Character Sheet [/u]

Full name:
Reason or meaning of name:
Reason for nickname:
Birth date:

[u]Physical appearance[/u]

How old does he/she appear:
Body build:
Shape of face:
Eye color:
Glasses or contacts:
Skin tone:
Distinguishing marks:
Hair color:
Type of hair:
Physical disabilities:
Favorite outfit:
Jewelry or accessories:
Overall attractiveness:


Good personality traits:
Bad personality traits:
Greatest joys in life:
Greatest fears:
Life philosophy:

[u]Favorites [/u]

Favorite color:
Least favorite color:
Form of entertainment:
Most prized possession:

[u]Habits & Hobbies[/u]

Plays a musical instrument?
Plays a sport?
How he/she would spend a rainy day:
Spending habits:
Other drugs:


Drives and motivations:
Immediate goals:
Long term goals:
How the character plans to accomplish these goals:


Type of childhood:
First memory:
Most important childhood memory:
Childhood hero:
Dream job:

[u]Present [/u]

Currently living with:


Family member name:
Relation between (mother, father, sister, brother, ect.):
Relationship With (good, bad, complicated, ect.):

[u]School Life[/u]

What grade are you in?:
What clique are you in?
Where are you on the social ladder?:
Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?"
If you could be apart of any other clique what clique would it be?:
Best subject:
Worst subject:
How are your grades:


Anything else you want to add:

[u]Teacher Sheet[/u]

What grade do you teach:
What subject do you teach:
On a scale of 1 - 10 how hard is your class to pass:

List of Teachers

~ 9th Grade Teachers
~ 10th Grade Teachers
~ 11th Grade Teachers
~ 12th Grade Teachers

Overall Plot

I have always really been into shows like Degrassi, One Tree Hill, 90210, ect. I've recently started re-watching One Tree Hill and that got me in the mood to do a high school role-play. The issue with high school role-plays is that they never seem to make it pass the first day of school. So while this role-play will stem from the high school it will be more of a slice of life role-play taking place both in and out of school. This role-play is about the lives of it’s student body. So while a big part of it has to do with their school lives their lives outside of school is also important.

Toggle Rules


Activity is crucial ― I really cannot stress this enough. I’ve seen a handful of quality role-plays die due to inactivity and I don’t want that happening here. There’s nothing worse than a dead ooc or ic. If you can’t be on for whatever reason, you’re real life has gotten really busy, or you just don't want to be apart of this role-play anymore― please notify me via pm or in the ooc. I understand that, as the creator of this role-play , I set an example when it comes to activity; however, I really don’t want you relying on my posts 24/7.

If you are inactive for 3 days without letting me know the reason behind it, I'll shoot you a pm. I want dedicated role-players so please, please, please don’t send in a character sheet if you won’t be sticking around for the long haul. And while I do expect you to be active, I understand that you have real life commitments. If you know you’re going to be away for extended periods of time, please message me and let me know.


This is a semi-literate role-play meaning I do expect literacy. I understand that your grammar and spelling can’t always be on point ― especially if English isn’t your first language ― but, if am being completely honest right now, am only going to accept role-players who have a decent grasp at literacy. When it comes to writing post I do understand writers block and how we're not always given much to go off of when replying to others. I hate word counts so in post a minimum of paragraph is expected.


On another note, OOC drama will not be tolerated. Please come to me if you’re experiencing issues with other members OOC, even if that OOC member is myself. I’ll help out in any way that I can ― but I can only do that if you let me know what’s up. This role-play will contain explicit, mature, and possibly triggering themes. Sex, drugs, alcohol, teen angst ― there’ll be plenty of it. After all, this is a high school role-play.


Nobody likes to be left out, right? Try to reach out to as many people as you can when it comes to plotting. Don’t be afraid to make the first move and shoot someone an pm or say something in the ooc! Role-plays are all about character interaction and, hey, you might even surprise yourself with how it all turns out. Character development gets a major thumb up from me.


I must approve all major changes to a character before the plot begins. This includes (but is not limited to) pregnancies/pregnancy scares, suicide attempts, death of a family member, and any long-term illnesses or injuries (cancer, mono, car accidents resulting in comas, etc.).


OOC drama is not welcome here. IC drama, however, is highly encouraged. Please come to me if you’re experiencing issues with other members OOC, even if that OOC member is myself. I’ll help out in any way that I can ― but I can only do that if you let me know what’s up.


Just don’t do it. It makes everyone unhappy. If you’re new to roleplaying, here's a helpful link so you can learn what not to do.


I personally don't do role-plays involving anime and therefore when you make your characters please use real images. I also am not a fan of assigned face-claims so you guys are completely freedom over what your character(s) look like.


Am fine with people making multiple characters as long as you can role-play for all of them. I would like differences in the characters that you make in that you either a boy and a girl, or a freshman and senior or nerd and like a jock. Just make your characters different.


I've always felt that part of the reason high school role-plays fail is because the classes are always boring. This is in part due to the lack of a teacher-student interaction. So when you join I will ask that you take the role of a teacher. You will only play for the teacher you choose during that class. So for example if you choose to be the sophomore gym teacher during period seven you would post as your character(s) and that teacher. You'd tell the students what they're doing that day, take attendance and just be a teacher for that period. Once period eight begins you go back to playing just your characters. You are free to play more than one teacher (I would actually love you if you took multiple teachers).


• I am going to be making a student relations page. Before you can make your first post in the IC you will have to make your character(s) relations page. This is very important to me because I like for all the characters to have some sort of background and connect to each other.

• I am also going to be making a sports team page, after school clubs & activities page, cliques page and an events page.

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 7 authors


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Character Portrait: Austin McBroom Character Portrait: Jasmine Vazquez Character Portrait: Mikaela Davis
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It's a new day at Hollywood High School. The staff is getting prepared to teach their students and the students are preparing to face something more difficult than hollywood itself: High School. But not just any high school. See an anybody can get into high school. You just sign up, in fact you have to. But see here at HHS, you had to be special to get in, and even that won't help you fit in. Here at least half the student body is rich, tan, and fit. To survive here you have to have it, whatever that might be.

It's homecoming week at Hollywood High. A week that isolates the lonely and applauds the popular. Today it's twin day, the only day you can wear the same outfit without a showdown. You'll also be nominating your homecoming Prince and Princess. Will it be the Queen Bee or our reigning rule breaking Prom Queen? Don't forget your ballots!

On a related note... Homecoming tickets are on sale at lunch this whole week. And you can buy a devilishly tasty candy apple from our delicious devil girls.

Nibbling on a piece of bacon she checked the time on her phone. 5:33 am she mumbled the time to herself as she looked up at her grandparents who were having a conversation that she had tuned out of long ago. "I've got to go." Mikaela stated as she up from the table and walked around the table over to where her grandmother sat."My bus comes at five-forty-five and it's like a ten minute walk to the bus stop." Her words came out in a rush as she planted a kiss on her grandmother's kiss and than her grandfather's. "I'll be home after work!" She yelled as she ran out the dining room leaving her breakfast and her grandparents behind her.

Her puppy Moshi trailed behind her as she grabbed her bag that sat in front of the front door. As she strapped her bag to her bag she bent down and ran her hands over the white fur ball for a couple of seconds before raising to her feet. "I'll see you later Moshi." The dog barked at the mention of his name and Mikaela couldn't help but smile as she left her grandparent's house. As she locked the door behind her she got her i-touch out of bag front pocket. Putting in her ear buds she started the ten minute walk to the bus stopped. In order to get to Hollywood High every morning for school she would have to take two buses unless one of her grandparents decided to drive her. By bus, it was an hour and a half journey to the school, one which she mostly slept through while riding the bus. After working until nine-thirty the day before than going home to do her homework her naps on the bus were a godsend.

"Stop it! Stop! Ouch - oh my god Austin if you don't stop I am going to bitch slap the hell out of you!" Austin snickered as he gave Jasmine one last bop with the pillow before stepping down off her bed. "Well if you'd get up I wouldn't have to assault." He said matter-of-factly with a sly grin. Rolling her brown eyes she peeked at him from underneath her comforter. "You look like the American flag.", she said analyzing his clothing, "Givenchy?" she asked tiredly. Falling back into the bed he used Jasmine's body as a pillow laying his head on her hip, "You know your clothes." Fighting the urge to go back to sleep Jasmine spoke, "So, what's with the early wake up call?" She spoke as she shifted under the weight of Austin's head getting more comfortable. "IHOP. I woke up this morning with a craving for it and figured we'd could go get breakfast before school." Jasmine gave a small chuckle, "IHOP huh? So what happened to that diet you were suppose to be on?" A small grin spread across his face. "The diet. Umm ... am starting that next week. Definitely next week." As they shared a look the two both started laughing as they both knew Austin's diet would never be a healthy one. "Alright well lucky for you I've already got my outfit ready. Thank you Alaia." Austin sat up so Jasmine could crawl out of bed. "Oh right today's twin day." He said loud enough that she could hear him from her closet. "Yup and for today Alaia Carter is my twin." she spoke as she came from her closet with her outfit in hand. Setting her stuff on her bed she began walking to her bathroom, "I'll be ready in no time."

"Alright am ready to go." Jasmine said as she re-entered her bedroom fully dressed and ready to get going. "What time is it now?" Austin checked the time in the top corner of the Jasmine's macbook screen, "Six-seventeen." He said as he clicked the shutdown button and got up off the bed. "God, am starving." Jasmine laughed, "Austin your always starving." Austin shrugged in response, "What? Am a growing boy you know." Jasmine just rolled her eyes as she got her Alexander McQueen book bag up off the floor, "Yeah, okay. Let's get out of here before I change my mind and get back in my bed."

It wasn't a long drive from Jasmine's house to the school, and the IHOP was located right across the street. Which was perfect because in the time it took from them to drive to the restaurant, get seated in the booth and ordered their food they had a full half an hour to eat their breakfast before they had to be to school. Jasmine ordered herself the strawberry banana french toast with a splashberry splasher and Austin got the country fried steak with scrambled eggs and a vanilla milkshake. Throughout breakfast they talked about random stuff while multitasking as Jasmine interacted with her jasminators over twitter.


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Character Portrait: Auggie Scott Character Portrait: Briony Sullivan Character Portrait: Grayson Levine
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Briony Sullivan was going to be very busy this year.

When she decided that she would re-join the cheerleading world and became a Devil Girl this year, she understood that she would have to split her time accordingly. She would have to leave her Chronicle duties behind thirty minutes before they actually ended, leave the Multimedia Club on Fridays earlier than normal, and then find time on the weekend to go over the storyboard for her...internship, since that would be the politically correct term, and then do homework. Not saying that any of that was particularly hard. She had worked under pressure for the majority of the summer. But even she could admit that she was only human and well, Briony was kinda exhausted.

She woke up mostly every day at five in the morning, not because she school was too far. In fact, school was a measely twenty minutes if she didn't pick up August, which they were going to do. No, Briony would wake up now and go jogging on the days she knew she wasn't going to ride her bike. She needed to keep up her endurance; cheering reminded her that that was a thing. Her flexibility, coordination, and balance were on point. Hell, even her strength managed to be up to par, though she was beginning to feel the strain. But she needed to keep fit. However, at this moment, she was not up because she needed to work out. Briony was doing some last minute edits for the paper, which would be distributed this morning and some last minute overviews for the school's website as it pertained to her involvement with the Multimedia club.

"I swear, you're going to burn out before the school year ends," Sofia commented from Briony's bedroom door, silk robe parted just slightly to reveal the camisole and short set she was wearing. Briony didn't offer a response at first; with her hands clasped before her as if she were saying a prayer, her eyes were too busy taking in the website in its completion, various gifs and images scattered all across her screen along with "Devils" taking center stage. "Bri!"

"I'm done, I'm done," she exclaimed, putting her laptop to sleep before closing its top. Still somewhat tired, her slim arms rose above her head, her back arched lithely as she stretched. A yawn came forth. "And I'm fine, totally good. Just need a shower, some breakfast, and a venti coffee." Sofia laughed softly, shaking her head in amusement. She was home more often now that her last show, a reenactment of The Borgias was officially over. Unlike the last time, the series ended with Lucrezia and Cesare's individual deaths. It left Sofia nominated for three more awards and a possible involvement in a new historical series.

"One of these days, you're going to turn into coffee," she commented and Briony grinned. "Get ready and we can make a stop. And don't forget to call Auggie and remind her that we're picking her up."

After about thirty minutes, Briony was dressed and getting her bag situated. Her hair managed to comply with her hands and was currently in a messy ponytail; she had finally straightened it two days ago, so the curls were looser, like large and voluminous waves. A few tendrils fell on either side of her face as she reached for her book bag and Samsung Galaxy s5. Satisfied with her appearance and checking everything that she had, Briony realized that it was about 6:45. Crap! She sent a quick text out to Auggie, hoping her best friend remembered that she was getting a ride today.

To: Auggie
Message: Hey, on our way. Woulda sent an earlier text, got sidetracked. See you in 10 :D


His schedule was the same as always. Wake up at half past five in the morning. Complete three sets of twenty sit-ups and push-ups, stretch, and then run at least three miles. By the time all of that has occurred and yes, Grayson Levine does time himself, it should be around half past six or a little afterwards.

Which it currently was when he first attempted to wake up his younger brother, Lucas.

"Luke, I don't like repeating myself," Grayson said rather quietly, in that calm bass of a voice that annoyed some, aroused others, and delighted a few. And at times, frightened a good many, especially considering it is rare to hear him talking nonstop. But on to more important things - like waking up his brother for school.

Ever since Lucas began to attend Hollywood High, he has managed to stain Grayson's near perfect attendance. Gray drove now since it was his senior year and most days, despite their mother's insistence that each kid learn to fend for themselves and catch the bus, he still had to see to it that both of his brothers got to school on time. The youngest was a piece of cake. Promise him some Captain Crunch and you'd have it made, which was why Grayson was semi-relieved that the younger one was currently in the kitchen with their mother. Lucas Levine?

Luke was a real dick.

Gray tried to understand, he really did. Despite his schedule, Grayson preferred days where he could simply relax and take his time. He liked waking up late and not having to consider what he wore for the day because he would probably shower late depending on what their plans were. But he also knew that he had school and well, Grayson's attendance and being prompt - a skill and way of life his mother drilled in his head - was as much a part of Grayson as his hair. He was already dressed and his book bag was waiting by the door. Luke just had to be the difficult one.

"Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you," Grayson muttered and Lucas turned over sleepily, burying his face into his pillow, ignorant to his older sibling's plans. A few seconds later and you could hear a child's howl, the sound near ear-splitting. Grayson only stood over the younger brunette male with a rather smug smirk; Lucas and Lucas' bed were both drenched with icy cold water, little ice cubes decorating the cobalt sheets. His smirk grew with his brother's deepening scowl. "Now, get dressed. You know how I hate being late." Grayson called that over his shoulder, a small chuckle escaping him at the answering "Dick!" as he closed the door.


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Character Portrait: Alaia Raisa Carter Character Portrait: Amethyst Van Der Woodsen Character Portrait: Uriah Holmes
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"Little Gem," A low voice whispered, "Little Gem, you've got to wake up."
Amethyst sighed, she was utterly content in her dreamworld, ruling her kingdom with a crown made of the finest diamonds, and crushing the few peasants who tried to cause chaos in her peaceful little world, however, this queen had an actual kingdom to rule, and its name was Hollywood High School.

Pulling up her silk eye mask, Amethyst turned her gaze towards Lydia, her maid - wait, that isn't Lydia?
"Daddy!" Amethyst cried with excitement, after a second of confusion, "I thought you weren't getting back until tomorrow?"
"I know but the conference finished much sooner than I thought, so I caught an early flight," Amethyst's father replied, smiling at his beloved daughter.
Amethyst smiled back, thrilled to see her father again. "Oh I am so glad you're home, Lydia has been such boring company these past few evenings."
Amethyst's father chuckled before standing up from his seat at the bottom of her bed, "Well, I best let you get ready for school."

Amethyst gasped, she had almost completely forgotten about school. She most definitely could not be late.

Ushering her father out of the room, Amethyst called for Lydia to bring her the outfit she had planned for today.
Other people might be dressing the same for twin day but Amethyst knew no one in the school had enough money or style to pull off any of her outfits and besides - She wouldn't be caught dead in the same outfit as anyone.

Once she was dressed, Amethyst slipped on her mother's ring and headed down their grand oak staircase, to the kitchen.
Her father was already dressed smartly in an Armani suit, sipping at his coffee all his attention on the newspaper in front of him.
Amethyst smiled fondly before taking the seat beside him, waiting for the cook to bring her, the especially designed breakfast to fit around Amethyst's gluten-free, low-carb diet.

After finishing her breakfast, Amethyst stood, gave her father a kiss on the cheek and headed towards the door where her pre packed school bag was waiting for her, "Goodbye daddy," Amethyst called back to her father before stepping out of their front door and into the car waiting for her.

"Mornin' Miss Van Der Woodsen," Her driver greeted her. Amethyst replied with a smile before putting on her seatbelt.
As the car drove off, Amethyst leant her head back against the plush leather headrest and thought of all the people she was going to crush today.


Beep Beep Beep…

Uriah moaned, shoving his head under the pillow to try and block out the alarm.

Beep Beep Beep…

Uriah stuck his arm out the the bed, trying to find the incessant alarm clock, it had to be on his bedside table somewhere.

Beep Beep Beeeeep…

With a very reluctant sigh, Uriah gave up and pulled his head out from under the pillow.
Yawning, Uriah rubbed his eyes and swung his legs around, out of bed. Before looking at his two heavily sleeping cousins he shared the room with, he swore they'd sleep through the apocalypse.

Spotting his alarm clock on the ground beside his bed, Uriah picked it up and switched it off, throwing it across the floor. He hated that damn thing. Standing up, Uriah ran a hand through his incredibly matted hair and decided he probably needed to shower.

After taking a quick shower and combing through the knots in his hair, Uriah threw on the nearest outfit and headed to where he kept Monster's cage, right by the living room. Opening the lid, Uriah grabbed the bag off food by the side of the cage and tipped a generous amount into his already fat rat's food bowl and closed the lid.

Making his way into the kitchen, Uriah's mouth began to water as the scent of eggs and bacon hit him. His uncle made a mean fry-up.
Taking a seat at their cluttered dining table, Uriah waited for his uncle to load up his plate with the delicious smelling food before wolfing down every last piece.

"Where are the others?" Uncle Will asks, taking the seat opposite Uriah.
Uriah shrugged, finishing his mouthful before saying "Still asleep," and returning to his meal.
Uriah's uncle rolled his eyes, "Of course they are," He says before standing and heading towards the bedroom Uriah shares with his cousins, leaving Uriah to eye up his uncles breakfast, having finished his own large portion.

After a lot of moaning and shouting, Will emerged from the room victorious with two bedraggled looking teenage boys.
"Why doesn't Georgie have to get up?" Asked Lucas, Uriah's elder cousin, moodily.
"Georgina's already gone on her paper round," Replied Uncle Will, a proud smile on his face, "if only you boys were as good as her."
Lucas rolled his eyes and took a seat at the table along with Eric, Uriah's younger cousin.

Once he'd taken his plate to the sink and said goodbye to his family, Uriah headed for the door. Rattling the bars of Monster's cage as a farewell and picking up Watson and his iPod on the way out.

Tucking his iPod into his pocket to keep it secure, Uriah pressed play and got on his board, kicking off and heading for Alaia's.
Knocking on her door, Uriah smiled at Alaia's dad who instantly let him pass and settled into on of the chairs.
"Alaia's at iHop actually," Mr Carter said but Uriah just shrugged, he could wait.
After a couple minutes, as Uriah expected, Alaia burst through the front door.


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"Ally?" Alaia's big green eyes opened to see a woman peering at her "Can I help you?" She said sitting up to yawn and stretch her arms. The girly looked flustered for a bit, probably because Allie always slept in a bra and Austin's basketball shorts. "Oh?Oh! Your father asked me to wake you up." Then in the same way she came in she left quietly.

"Weird" The curvaceous brunette assessed, walking into her closet. Alaia's closet was the size of most apartments. She may not have the biggest house in the school but she definitely had the biggest closet. She slipped the twin day outfit she planned off the mannequin and set it on her bed before hopping in the shower. She slipped on a bra and some panties then trudged back to her room.

A ping went off, resonating in the room. It was one of these twitter things Jasmine did for her fans. She wasn't going to check it but then she mentioned IHOP "Those Bitches!" She said quickly pulling her top over her head. It was the same size as Jasmine's, which was probably not a good idea, so it was pretty snug on the girls."Jesus you can see every curve of my girls with this" She said, biting her lips. She slipped on a pair of sparkly gold Marc Jacobs sneakers to match and a Alexander McQueen bag to complete the look.

Once she was done she pressed the intercom in her room and selected Dad's office. "Daddy I'm leaving, going to IHOP" she said into the mic then jetted outside. She ran to the family garage which was decked out with twenty cars. They had vintage cars, they had toys like Austin Martins, and they had huge SUV's. But Alaia's favorite was the cute white range rover with tiffany blue details. Her dad even got tiffany blue tinted leather seats for the car. Her SUV was her baby.

A few minutes later the brunette arrived at the IHOP. Her long brown hair pulled up into a ponytail though she left the bangs out. Her hair swayed with her every step. Alaia was the kind of girl people stopped to watch. Her hips swayed as she walked, her breast were almost perfect (they were a bit too big), and her long legs looked amazing in anything. She saw Jasmine and Austin and dramatically rushed over to them "Oh my god is that Jasmine V?" She said literally bulldozing into the booth to give Jasmine a hug. She giggled loudly then slid climbed out to kiss Austin on the cheek. She returned to Jasmine, sliding into the booth. "So my dad's new assistant" she began stealing a piece of Austin's food. "I call her big eyes little face. Anyway she woke me up this morning and I was wearing your shorts. " He looked at her inquisitively so she further explained "Just your shorts and a bra" Then stole another piece of food. Which wasn't weird for her. Thee were a few things that were always constant with her "" Austin: She always slept in his bed, always ate his food, always stole his clothes, and she will always punch anybody who messes him in the throat.

She got a text from her dad saying Uriah was at the house and cussed loudly "Shit Uriah's at my house!" She got up quickly and hugged Jazz again and went to kiss Austin on the cheek but she just kissed the corner of his mouth then she slipped out. It was a good thing that she lived ten minutes from the school because when she got him his car was in the front (weird?). She walked in the house and grinned "I was at IHOP" she explained. She walked past one of the mirrors and frowned. Her hair was naturally very curly and little tendrils had escaped her ponytail and were hanging at the base of her neck. She settled into his lap "So who's car are we taking?"

Fifteen minutes later they were sitting in the main area of the school quad. They were in A-list territory, let the fun begin.


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"Nate please wake up" Nate groaned as his sister shoved his shoulder for the seventh time. He was only partially still asleep but he wasn't going to give up extra sleep for some stupid music thing. Especially since he had a game last night. " Sammie, seriously go ask Chrissie" his younger sister groaned and tossed her head back sending her thick mass of brown hair into his face. " Jesus Sam your hair is below your a- butt" he groaned and gently pushed her out the way before sitting up in bed. Sam looked at him hopefully and he groaned. He could never say no to her big brown eyes. " Alright Dammit!" he said tossing his covers off "Now let me get dressed " Sam scurried out the room, thoroughly pleased with herself. "Fuckin' Rapunzel " He said as he walked into his big bathroom.

After a quick shower, not long enough to soothe his bones at least. He got dressed slipping on a pair of pants and a button up. "Nathaniel!"
Before he could even walk downstairs he could hear his mom stomping her way down the hall. He suppressed a grin. "Nathaniel Carlson" She shook a wooden spoon at him which was slightly caked with pancake batter "Your sister has been waiting thirty minutes for you. She wants extra lessons with her teacher and.. Dammit!" She swatted him with her hand "I'm serious Nate!" Her face was flushed and he wild curls were framing her face. Nate leaned down to kiss his mom on the cheek. "I'm going now mom " He said with his devilish grin.

Nate had always been a Momma's boy. In his eyes, his mom was his angel. He grinned before heading down the stairs, where he encountered another angry Carlson women. His sister. "I heard your dating that wretched girl Amethyst. I mean who names they're kid after the least sought after jewel" Nate scowled "She's got connections " Then he called " C'mon Sam we're leaving"

Fifteen minutes later he was at the school leaning against his locker. Waiting for his clique to arrive.


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As her food was placed in front of her Jasmine took a picture of it and posted it on her instragram and twitter with the caption IHOP Tuesday with @AustinMcBroom. "God, this looks amazing." She said putting the phone down beside her plate and picking up her eating utensils. "I bet your glad you got out of bed now." Austin said sliding his phone out of his pocket and taking a picture of Jasmine as she started cutting up her french toast. His posted the picture to his Facebook, instragram and twitter pages before setting his phone down and picking up his fork.

The were more than half way through their breakfast when they suddenly heard "Oh my god is that Jasmine V?" Before either one of them could turn to face the familiar voice Jasmine was practically tackled by Alaia. "Where did you even come from?" Jasmine managed to ask through her laughter as she hugged her twin of the day. As the hug broke Alaia slid out the booth to plant a kiss on Austin's cheek before sitting back down next to Jasmine. "So my dad's new assistant" she began as she stole a piece of his food off the plate. "I call her big eyes little face. Anyway she woke me up this morning and I was wearing your shorts." He looked at her with a raise brow, "My shorts ..." Stealing a second piece of food off his plate she explained, "Just your shorts and a bra." Jasmine shrugged "Sounds like your normal sleeping attire." She said picking up her glass and sipping out the remaining liquid. "Pretty much." Austin said as he sat down his empty milkshake. There was a ton of Austin's stuff at Alaia's house. Some things he had left their either accidentally or on purpose and most of it were things Alaia stole that he never realized was making until he found her with it.

"Shit Uriah's at my house!" Alaia blurted out suddenly. Giving Jasmine another hug she got up out of the booth and planted a second kiss on Austin, this one on the corner of his mouth. "See you later than." Jasmine yelled as Alaia disappeared as quickly as she came. Tapping the button on her phone the time came up on the screen, "Seven-twenty." Austin nodded as he popped the last piece of steak in his mouth, "Waiter! Bill!" Jasmine pouted as she put her hands to her stomach, "Am stuffed." Austin laughed, "Yeah IHOP will do that to ya." He said as the waiter came with their bill. Paying for their breakfast he gave the waiter a $20 tip and slid out the booth. Jasmine rose slowly as her big breakfast was making her feel somewhat sluggish."Carry me.", she said hopping onto to his back without warning. Austin didn't protest as he laughed picking up their phones he handed Jasmine hers and put his in his pocket before grabbing the two book bags and Jasmine's purse. "Alright, let's get to school." he said with a sigh as he really wished he was leaving to go home and not to a place of learning.

Crossing the street to the school once they entered the building Jasmine got down off of Austin's back. "Thanks for the lift buddy." she said taking her bags from Austin. "Anytime buddy." he said with a chuckle as he noticed Nathaniel leaning against his locker down the hall. "Hey Nate's here. You wanna -" Jasmine cut him off, "Talk to you later." she said giving him a peck on the cheek as she turned and walked away to go to her own locker. Austin sighed as Jasmine left him standing alone in the hallway. He hadn't asked her to ice Nathaniel out. In fact, he was doing his best to convince her everything was okay so she would stop giving Nathaniel the cold shoulder. He wasn't willing to lose a friend over Amethyst and he didn't Jasmine should either. With a shrug he walked down the hall over to his best friend "What's up Nate." he said as he began putting his locker combination in the locker next to Nathaniel's.


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*Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep...*

Augustine woke to the aggravating sound of her bed side alarm clock. Without rising from the comfort of her bed, instead she dragged her hand out from beneath the heavy mountain of blankets that hovered over her, and hit the 'snooze' button. She grunted to herself as she dismantle the blankets and sat up in a sloppy position.

*Click.* There was suddenly a flash from a camera that seemed to stun her.

"This is definitely going on my twitter page." A familiar voice said.

Augustine was startled when she found her older brother, Ryan, lounging at the edge of her bed with a cream cheese bagle in his hand. "What the hell, Ryan?" she bellowed as she rubbed her eyes back to reality.

"It would've been a good idea to fix your hair before I took your picture, Medusa." He then took a huge chunk of the bagel and gorged it down as if he was a deranged savage who hadn't eaten in days; months even.

A low growl escaped Augustine's lips as she charged herself at her brother, "Ryan!" However, he was already thumping down the stairs and she followed almost slipping as she went. She chased him down all the way into the kitchen where her dad was merrily sipping down a mug of coffee, seeing his two kids already going at it again early in the morning made him step between them.

"What in the hitch-hay is going on here?" he asked, seeking for an answer.

"Don't look at me. She's the one trying to tear my head off." Ryan said as he sat on his usual stool at the island and took a couple bites of his eggs.

"Jo?" he prompted, speaking out the first half of Augustine's middle name.

"Ryan's the one going around taking pictures of everyone as they wake up." Augustine said, then proceeded to grab a piece of bacon off her brother's plate before giving him a devilish grin.

Ryan only stuck his tongue out as he scarfed down what was left of his food while at the same time rising from his chair. "And yours so happen to be hysterical." he admitted.

Augustine was over by the fridge and drinking out of the carton of orange juice when she heard her brother which made her turn her head towards him as he spoke. "Oh, get a life."

"Not until you get yours." he winked, snatched the carton from Augustine's lips causing her to spill some on her pj's, and left out the kitchen.

"Jerk!" She shouted after him.

"I love you too, sis!"

After Augustine was full aware that her brother was out of the room and located somewhere else far, far away she hopped onto the granite counter and let out a sigh as she grabbed an orange from a bowl and began to peel it. "What made you and mom decide to give birth to that." she asked her dad who only gave out a halfheartedly chuckle "The same reason why we both decided to give birth to you."

Augustine stopped pealing the orange and instead looked up with a raised brow. "Out of misfortune?"

"Love." her father corrected. "We decided to give birth to both of you out of love." At that, he took another slow sip of his coffee; giving out satisfied 'Hmm's' in between, looked at his clock and gasped slightly before chugging the rest of his coffee and pecking his now grimacing daughter on the forehead. "I gotta go, kiddo. Be good at school and this time actually go to school."

"Yeah, sure dad. Wouldn't miss it for the world." He didn't miss the hint of sarcasm in her voice, but he also didn't have time to comment about it as he left out the front door leaving Augustine amused and rolling her eyes with a smile.

*Wrrrrrrrt. Wrrrrrrrrrrt. Wrrrrrrrrrt.*

Augustine puffed out a sigh and fumbled in her 32b sized bra for the buzzing cell phone that spent most of its time in there. Having to have found it; she scanned at the caller id and noticed that it was from Briony, of course. Good ole' Briony Sullivan. Augustine's forever best friend, her twin, the other drifter in the clique who seemed to despise the idea of being labeled as someone other than ourselves in school. Augustine and Briony has been best friends as long as she could remember. And, in addition, she was perhaps the only female breed that allowed her to bring out her inner boyish nature.

From:Bri-Bri {Briony}

To:Big Mama {Auggie}

Hey, on our way. Woulda sent an earlier text, got sidetracked. See you in 10 :D

It read. "Crap, she grumbled under her breath as she stuffed the remains of the orange slices in her mouth before hopping off the counter, and treaded up stairs to get ready for school. She totally forgot that she asked Briony if her older sister, Sofia, could pick her up for school, thanks to her old Toyota breaking down yesterday for the third time this week. To Augustine it meant that she was better of with a new and perhaps better vehicle, however, to her dad it just meant another hole in his pocket.

Augustine began her morning routine by first: brushing her teeth, showering, putting on her outfit in which she seemed to work up the courage to find last night rather than at the last minute, and brushing out her unruly blonde curls and left her hair over her shoulders to hang down. As soon as she was finished, she heard a loud honk from outside in front of the house. Pulling back her drapes, Augustine saw that it was non other than Sofia and Briony.

She slung her bag over her shoulder, exited her room and treaded downstairs. She found her brother lounging on the living room sofa, and waved him goodbye.

"Try not to turn anyone to stone!" he shouted.

She flicked "the finger" at him and took an apple from the kitchen before walking out and locking the door after her. Hopping in the back seat, Augustine playfully tousled with Briony's ponytail, "You look like hell."


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Briony's right arm hung rather lazily out of the window and her long legs rested on the dash board, ankles crossed. She was casually flipping through the radio with her other hand, a bored pout on her lips even though they had only been outside for a few minutes.

"It never fails that they don't play the good artists on the radio, but play all this popsy crap." Sofia raised a delicately arched eyebrow, reminding Briony once again who was the supermodel in the family. Briony knew she was cute; that much she had gathered back at thirteen. But Sofia was the true beauty in the family and subtly, her frown deepened.

"Popsy? That's a word now?" Sofia inquired. Briony grinned.

"Yeah, I invented it like, two seconds ago," she replied and they chuckled. Briony was just about to honk the horn one more time when she finally saw August emerging from her family home. Satisfied to her best friend, Briony turned back to the radio, finally setting on a station when one particular song came on. It was Sofia's favorite since her breakup from her fling with her British co-star. As she was beginning to actually get into the groove of it, she felt Auggie's hand in her hair and the tousling tugged her hair back just slightly.

"You look like hell." Was the first thing Auggie said as she settled in the backseat and Briony scowled over her shoulder at her best friend in the world before breaking out into a full yet tired smile.

"Oh, thanks, Auggie!" Briony exclaimed on a dramatic breath, a tinge of sarcasm in her voice. "I feel so good about myself. How do you do it?" Grinning now, she glanced at Sofia who began driving and subtly shaking her head. They were off to Starbucks now for a quick breakfast pick-up and then off to school. She could practically taste the Salted Caramel Mocha in all of its hot, caramel-y goodness sliding down her throat and filling her system with caffeine.

Sofia couldn't drive fast enough.


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#, as written by Felilla

Ashe sighed as she picked her head off her desk and groaned. It wasn't unusual for her to fall asleep this way, but she always woke up with a sore neck. She stood up and crawled into her bed, hoping to catch a few precious moments of sleep. The second her head hit the pillow, her alarm started blaring. "Ugh! Shut it off, Ashe!" her younger sister Liz shouted from her own bed on the other side of a curtain.

"I'm trying," Ashe answered as she fumbled to find her alarm clock, which was most likely on the floor. Her hands finally gripped it and she turned it off. "Time to get up, Liz."

"I don't wanna," the younger girl complained.

Ashe got out of be and walked over to her sister, who was wrapped tightly in blankets. She poked the blonde girl's head, "Wakey, wakey."

"Go away."

"If you wake up, maybe I'll make some pancakes."

Elisabeth practically leaped out of her bed, "I'm up. I'm up."

Ashe laughed as she walked out of the room. Rascal came bounding up to her and she scooped the kitten up quickly. Then, in the next moment, her Great Dane puppy ran up to her. They only slept with her when she was in her bed. She jumped in a quick shower, grabbing the clothes she had set out yesterday. She maneuvered through the house with practiced ease. The rest of her family was already in the kitchen. Ashe placed a small kiss on top of Peter's head, waving to her parents. "Imma makin' some pancakes. You want some?"

"I want some!" Peter exclaimed, raising his hand.

"That'd be great," her dad agreed.

As Ashe made the pancakes, she talked with her parents. Their home was a cozy environment, anyone could feel welcome there. She placed the pancakes on the table just as Liz appeared. "I have work today, so I won't be able to pick up Liz."

"That's okay," Patience said. "I'll pick her up after I pick up Peter."

Ashe and Liz left the house after breakfast, jumping into the older girl's KIA Soul. When she had dropped off her younger sister, Ashe made her way to Hollywood High School.


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"Hey Nate".
Nate turned in his friends direction and nodded before dapping him up. He tilted his head against his locker and crossed his arms.
"Sam wanted to come to school early for some music thing " He said, closing his eyes slightly. A small group of girls walked by and checked out the two friends. Nate smiled back at them but didn't make a flirty comment or anything. Truth be told he still wasn't sure if Austin was over it or not.

He glanced around, not seeing any of the A-Listers. "Where's Jasmine? "He asked with raised eyebrows. He knew that Jasmine and Austin were close but e didn't understand why she was more upset than Austin was. I mean even Alaia got over it and that''s saying something. Nathaniel had seen Alaia get mad about less. But she seemed to be taking it in stride. At least from his point of view of course. He didn't know how she was treating Amethyst and he really didn't care.

"Or Alaia?" He gave a lopsided grin before adding "Aren't those two always hanging off you " He held up his hands in a show of surrender " I'm not mad at you though. I mean I guess he star athlete should have the hottest cheerleaders in the school around him. "
He said it jokingly but the last part came out a bit bitter anyway. He couldn't help it. I mean it sucked watching Alaia trail after him. Plus he and Alaia had this bond that no matter what he did he couldn't get over. Just thinking about him annoyed him a bit.

Nate pulled out his phone and opened a new message
To: Amethyst
Text me when you get here. We'll walk in together


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"Sam wanted to come to school early for some music thing." Austin nodded as he placed items from his bag into the locker. As he shut the locker closed a group of girls came by waltzing down the hall. They checked the two A-Listers out as they giggled and whispered amongst themselves.

"Where's Jasmine?" Nathaniel finally asked when he realized that they were the only two A-Listers around. "Or Alaia?" He gave him a lopsided grin before adding "Aren't those two always hanging off you." Austin forced a chuckle out of himself as he resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "I'm not mad at you though. I mean I guess the star athlete should have the hottest cheerleaders in the school around him." Austin nodded, "Perks of living the single life." he tone of voice made it come off as a joke but there was a tinge of sarcasm behind it.

"In truth I honesty don't know where the hell Jasmine went off to. All I know is that she still hates you and wherever you are she's not." Austin said somewhat annoyed, although he wasn't sure who with. "And as far as Alaia goes she's with Uriah." Austin felt no need to hide the fact that Alaia still hung out with the guy Nathaniel blamed for their breakup. In fact, it actually made him feel a little happy when he brought up the guy's name around Nathaniel just because he knew how much he couldn't stand the guy. He noticed Nathaniel in the midst of texting someone and added,"They should be here soon."

Austin wasn't sure what else to say after that. Thing were still awkward with him and Nathaniel and without a middle man to make the conversation happen things just kind of hit a wall."I promised I'd walk Jas to her first period so ... I'll catch you later. I guess." His promise to Jasmine was a total lie but he needed an excuse to make an exit without looking like an ass and it was the first thing to pop into his mind. Leaving Nate by the lockers he walked down the hall in the direction he had last seen Jasmine go down. Taking out his phone he texted her asking her location so they could meet up.


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As Amethyst's chauffeur pulled up to the school grounds, she felt a buzz coming from her jeans pocket.
Pulling out her phone, Amethyst saw she had a text from Nathaniel, which read:

From: Nathaniel
To: Amethyst
Text me when you get here. We'll walk in together.

to which Amethyst responded,

From: Amethyst
To: Nathaniel
Almost there.

Amethyst hesitated before sending the text, should she be more affectionate? Shaking her head, Amethyst pressed send - She wasn't an affectionate person, so why pretend.

Grabbing her ludicrously expensive school bag, Amethyst exited the vehicle and waltzed into the school building, flicking a piece of stray hair over her shoulder. Almost instantly, she spotted Nathaniel leaning against his locker, talking to Austin. She bit her lip, bracing herself for the undoubtedly awkward conversation she was about to join. However, just as she was about to walk up to the two most popular boys in the school, Austin left.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she watched him walk away before sashaying over to Nathaniel, noting how everyone watched to see how the most popular couple in the school acted, "Hey," Amethyst smiles, cocking her head up slightly to look into Nathaniel's eyes, he was much taller than her. Leaning in, Amethyst planted a light peck on his lips before taking a step back, her top lip upturning to reveal her pearly white teeth; brushing her slender fingers through her hair - She had to portray the perfect girlfriend after all. Amethyst then turned, watching some girls walk past them checking Nathaniel out before giving Amethyst incredibly jealous glares to which she only smirked at, Amethyst lived for the attention.


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#, as written by Anzura

"Get up, you lazy butt!"

Those were the first words Ryan could recognize before getting smacked in the head. "I said, wake up!" He turned his head to the side to see his younger sister standing there with an annoyed expression and holding a pillow in her hand, which she proceeded to bring down onto his head once again.

"Ow..." Was his muffled reply to her antics. She rolled her eyes at him. He pushed himself up into a sitting position, rubbing his head, "Morning to you too, sis."

Zoe smiled, "Bus is here, so I'm leaving." The twelve year old proceeded to poke him on the forehead while saying, "Don't go back to sleep. Bye!" and ran out of his room, pillow still in hand.

A smile quirked at the corner of his mouth, "Well, I can't go against the princess' orders." Ryan stood up, stretching until every joint in his body was loose. This was pretty much a daily routine for the siblings. Zoey beating him awake with a pillow, and him being totally fine with it... Unless she was actually mad at him. Then the pillow hitting would somehow turn into something painful.

It didn't take him long to take care of hygiene and get <a href="">dressed</a>, as he simply pulled out some stuff that matched. When he left his room, he could hear his dad typing away at his computer in the office room down the hall. He didn't waist any time as he walked towards the kitchen, pulling his beanie down over his ears in an automatic attempt to block the noise. He hated the sound of the clicking, as it always seemed to echo, highlighting just how empty this place was. Not that it bothered him, really. It was just unpleasant.

As he entered the kitchen, Ryan smiled, seeing his favorite breakfast food lying in wait: chocolate fudge poptarts. He grabbed some before stuffing his shoes in a bag, his feet in his skates, and flying out the door. His place wasn't TOO far away from the school, so he wouldn't be late... Probably.


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#, as written by Anzura

Alexis was still half asleep when the sound of her annoying alarm clock blared through her room. The only service it ever really did her was nearly giving her a heart attack every morning, but at least it shocked her wide awake. To her, her alarm clock was the necessary equivalent to having ice cold water thrown on you when you're all warm and comfy and just starting to doze. It's unpleasant, but it sure as heck does the job. Her reaction? Bolting up with a sharp intake of breath and hitting "snooze" as quickly as possible before turning it off.

She sighed before a smile placed itself on her lips and she stepped out of her bed. Since moving to California, her mornings have become pretty quiet rather than the normal chaos that ensued each morning back at her home in Nashville. She liked the peaceful mornings, but she kind of missed arguing with him.

Since she'd already layed her <a href="">outfit</a> out the night before, she was able to get herself ready for school fairly easily. She knew her aunt and uncle wouldn't be up for another hour at least, so she snuck downstairs and out the door, careful not to wake them. And there in front of her in the driveway was the most awesome car ever, or so she claimed; her 2007 dark blue Honda Accord.

Alexis smiled as she got in and turned the key in the ignition. She pulled out of her Aunt's driveway and some fifteen to twenty minutes later she was parking her car in the school lot. Strapping her guitar over her back, she left her car to wait for her until the end of the school day.


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- written in collaboration with dietmountaindewbaby -

Uriah grinned as Alaia collapsed onto his lap.
“Considering all I have with me is my board, I think we’ll have to take your car,” He laughs, placing one arm around Alaia’s legs and the other supporting her back before he stood, carrying her in his arms out to her front porch where he proceeded to place her on the ground. Alaia giggled, “You’re so strong.” She teased before taking Uriah’s hand and leading him to her car.

Alaia drove while Uriah relaxed back in the passenger seat, his feet on the dashboard, “Please, do make yourself comfortable,” Alaia said, rolling her pale green eyes. “Thanks,” Uriah grinned back, unfazed by her eyeroll as he ran a hand through his dark hair before placing it behind his head.

As they drove, Uriah affectionately noted the soft wisps of hair that fell from Alaia’s ponytail, he watched her as she tried to blow one particular strand of hair from her eyes, intent on keeping her hands on the wheel, Uriah chuckled before leaning over and brushing the honey-colored strand behind her ear.
“Better?” He asked, a hint of teasing in his voice.
Alaia bit her lip, her eyes flickering from the road to him for a matter of seconds before she responded, “Thanks.”
“Anything for you,” Uriah said softly, the right side of his mouth turning up more than the left to give him a lopsided grin.

The car pulled into the school grounds, halting Uriah and Alaia’s flirty chatter as they exit the vehicle. “Walk me to my locker?” Alaia asked and Uriah nodded, throwing a arm around her shoulders as they walked. Uriah sighed as everyone else in the hallway turned to watch them – Was it really such a scandal seeing a skater and a royal together?

Upon reaching Alaia’s locker, Uriah spotted Nathaniel and Amethyst standing at Nathaniel’s nearby locker and had to refrain from throwing them a disgusted look. It made sense, the school meathead was dating the only person in the school less liked than him.

Uriah’s grip on Alaia tightened in his usual protective manner as he watched Amethyst mutter something in Nathaniel’s ear after turning her icy gaze to them; Nathaniel laughed, looking over at them also and Uriah felt a tinge of anger rising up inside of him.

Swiftly, Uriah moved his arm from Alaia’s shoulder to her waist, pulling her closer to him before leaning in and kissing her softly; a shock vibrated through Uriah - it was electric.


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Nathaniel had to admit Amethyst was a damn good actress. She just plastered on that pretty little smile and ran her fingers through her long hair and the world thought she was the perfect girl. But Nate knew she wasn't. Why? Because he dated the perfect girl. He dated his perfect girl.

Then as if summoned by magic or maybe some sort of Evil she came walking down the hall. Her beautiful hair in a ponytail and her fantastic rack bouncing in sync. He made no effort to hide that he was checking either out. She would have looked perfect if she hadn't had that scum bag wrapped around her like a fucking fur stole. Amethyst tried to gain his attention back with a spiteful comment but his blood was already beyond boiling.

He watched Uriah clutch he tighter and all he could think was: "You won't be able to hold her if I break your arm"/ Yet he regained his composure in time to laugh at what Amethyst said. He kept laughing too until Uriah's fingers gripped her waist . He couldn't laugh, hell he couldn't breath. It was like watching everything he worked for be ripped away.

Then, as if to push him as far as his limits would go, he kissed her. He waited, even prayed a little, for her to push him away. For her to tell him to stay away from her and seek refuge in Nate's arms. But she didn't. No, she stood on her tiptoes and leaned closer to him. Then a beautiful blush creeped past her cheeks and her eyelids drooped as she pulled away. Reluctantly.

"Are you shitting me Ally?! " He called coldly. Alaia looked up at Uriah then glanced at Nate. She blinked slowly, as if confused. "Because even you aren't that dumb. God! Now I see why your mom left. It must have been disappointing to have such a careless stupid daughter like you "

He knew he was being cruel but in that moment he didn't care. He wanted her to hurt. He needed it.


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"Now I see why your mom left"
His words echoed in her brain. It felt a bit like being slapped over and over. She glanced at him then at Amethyst who looked almost smug. "You don't know anything " She said slowly. She set her mouth in a straight line afraid that if she didn't she'd snap or worse. She'd cry.
" You know absolutely nothing!" She shouted. This time not caring who saw. "You wanna know why i dumped you? " She asked putting her hands on her hips. She tilted her head to the side and in that instant she looked less like a Beverly Hills rich kid and more like a chola.

"I dumped you because you have no soul Nate." She ran a hand through her hair " For you it's all about what they can do for you" He looked pained momentarily at that statement but made no apologies.

"Alaia..." He began while reaching out to grab her. She shifted away and shoved him- hard. How dare he! How dare he say the thing he knew would hurt her the most and then think he could just smooth it out like it was nothing. She looked at him with disgust. It was well deserved disgust at that. Though instead of shaming him it seemed to make him angrier. He scowled at her and made another grab from her. This one was successful and tight. He gripped her wrist tightly, making her immobile. "You dumped me because your a slumming whore" He hissed low enough that only she and Uriah could hear. Then, as if nothing happened he let her go.

Alaia jumped back and looked in horror, not at Nate but at Uriah. She didn't know why but part of her felt like he'd judge her. So she ran. She picked up her books and ran. She ran to her safe place or safe places. Both of whom were actually people. "Austin! " She yelled halfway down the hallway. She spotted him with jasmine and stopped in front of them. Tears were already brimming in her eyes, the only thing that kept them from falling was sheer will power. All that will power diminished the second she was in Austin's arms. Which along with the rest of his body, were big enough to shield her from any onlookers.
"He-He said my mom left me because I was a disappointment " She choked out then whispered "He said I was a whore. " She pulled her hair out of the ponytail and let it settle around her hips so he could run his hands through it like he did when they were younger.


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"Oh, thanks, Auggie! I feel so good about myself. How do you do it?" Briony had said in a somewhat scornful remark.

Augustine couldn't seem to hear her, though, she was only behind her. However, it seemed as if she was a mile away. Last night's football game, that she had successfully pre-downloaded on her phone, is what withheld her attention.

The New York Giants versus the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos were for sure going to take home their victory for they're Augustine's favorite football team. In addition, she had a bet with Austin McBroom that she was not going to loose. Fortunately, the score was 21 to 26; fifty seconds left until the game is over, and the Broncos so far wasn't making any progress let alone was Peyton Manning even getting any plays into the game. Augustine only hoped that something rigorous would happen before the end of the 4th quarter, or it's bye-bye to her lunch money.

At that moment, the ball was kicked into play by a punter from the opposite team and was easily caught by the Denvors quarterback, Peyton Manning."Go Manning! Go! Go!" Augustine's heart raced with excitement. She loves sports, almost has much as she likes watching them. To her the love of sports were what usually kept her pushing herself to those limits where she hated it.

"Fumble." she puffed out as Manning's sudden throw to his running back slipped from his fingertips, and tumbled onto the 20-yard line.

Twenty seconds left until the game was over and the Bronchos would loose by five points if they don't score from the 20-yard line. "Go Hillman! GO! Touchdown!!!" As Augustine bounced around happily, causing the vehicle to jerk a little. She couldn't help, but send a quick message to Austin:

To: McBoo-boo {Austin}

From: BigMama {Auggie}

So, when and where should I be getting my 20 bucks?? ;)

After sending it, she looked up from her phone and realized that they were no where close to school. Where were they going?"Bri, your sister drives like some old person that had recently recovered from an anxiety disorder. No offense Sof'."


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"Leave her alone," Uriah spat, that tinge of anger once again arising in the pit of his stomach, "You don't have any right to speak to Alaia like that."
Nathaniel lunged forward and grabbed Alaia's wrist; Uriah was about to push him off her when Nathaniel whispered, "You dumped me because you're a slumming whore."

Uriah was never going to let Nathaniel speak that way about Alaia. He tried to get Alaia to stand behind him so he could protect her from Nathaniel but she ran off, tears in her eyes.
"What the fuck is your problem Nathaniel?" Uriah hissed, watching Alaia run off; he wanted to go after her but thought better of it - He needed to deal with Nathaniel first, "If this is your attempt at 'winning her back' it's not going too great."

Amethyst was still glaring at Uriah, her gaze threatening to turn him into stone. "You two deserve each other," Uriah says bluntly, shaking his head before turning away from the pair, he was trying to be the bigger man and walk away but something about Nathaniel's smug face just made Uriah want to beat the crap out of him.

Uriah turned sharply, "Oh and if you ever, ever speak to Alaia like that again, I'll make sure you regret it."
It took all of Uriah's willpower not to punch him in the face right there and then, oh how much he wanted to, but he had to find Alaia and make sure she was ok, Alaia was his top priority, not some petty fight with Nathaniel.


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"You didn't last five minutes." Jasmine said when Austin was in earshot range of her as he came to a stop leaning his back against the locker next to hers. "Yeah, well it was either leave or let things get awkward. I chose to leave." Jasmine said nothing as she emptied the things in her bag into her locker. "So, you wanna walk me to first period?" Austin nodded slinging an arm around Jasmine's shoulder as he brought her into him as they began walking down the hall, "You know I do."

The two A-Listers were in the midst of a conversation when Alaia came running at them. She looked like she was about to burst into tears as she ran into Austin's arms. As he held her he could feel her break down in his arms. Using their bodies Austin and Jasmine kept the crying girl hidden from any onlookers who maybe trying to get an up close look at the disheveled girl. "Alaia?! What's wrong?" Austin asked as he and Jasmine shared a concerned look. "He-He said my mom left me because I was a disappointment " She choked out then whispered "He said I was a whore." As much as Austin wished he could say that he didn't believe Nathaniel could be that cruel, that was exactly the kind of person who Nathaniel was. He wasn't afraid to pull out the big guns or low blow the hell out of you if it meant he achieved whatever sick goal was his purpose. As she took a step back from him and undid her ponytail Austin wiped the wetness of the tears from her face. Than as her hair fell to hips he ran his hands through it like he always had since they were little.

"So, is this part were you ask me to go get his ass. Because God knows he deserves it and -" "And if you don't I will." Austin looked at Jasmine who gave her I don't care face as she shrugged "What?! You just said he deserves it Austin." Austin was about to say something when the bell rang signaling it was time for the students to get to their first period classes. "Would you kill me if I walked with Alaia to our first period instead?" Jasmine shook her head giving Austin a quick hug. "I'd kill you if you didn't." Austin laughed as he heard his phone ping. As Jasmine gave Alaia a goodbye hug Austin took out his phone and read the text Auggie had sent him.

From: Augs {Auggie}

So, when and where should I be getting my 20 bucks?? ;)

Twenty bucks? He thought to himself as he suddenly remembered the bet they had met. Rolling his eyes he sighed as he couldn't believe the Giants had gotten beaten by the damn Broncos.

I'll give your winnings to Jas and you can collect during your gym period. *eyeroll*

"Don't let him get the better of you Alaia. Just remember that you dumped his ass and your better off for it." Jasmine said as the hug broke. She was about to walk away when Austin handed he a twenty. She looked at him with a puzzled look to which he explained by saying, "I lost a bet. Can you give this to Auggie when you see her in gym." Jasmine laughed accepting the twenty, "You've got to stop gambling Austin. Cause you really suck at it." The two laughed, "Yeah, I know. I'll see you around." Jasmine nodded "See you both later." Jasmine left her two best friends and headed to her history class leaving Austin and Alaia alone together. "Come on you. We've got some painting to do." He said putting his arm around her as he began walking down the hall with Alaia to their first period class.


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Alaia was just about done for the day and it had just began. I mean it started great but it had gone to shit surprisingly quickly. Now all she was to be left alone. She wanted to skip but she knew the devil girls coach would freak. Now as they sat in class she felt even more tense. She opted to sit next to Austin today rather than by herself like she'd usually do. Which allowed the class to watch their interactions.

They murmured every time Alaia touched him. Which was very frustrating because Alaia was always touching him. It was in her nature to do so. she liked how he was soft in some places and rough in others. She liked that she could nuzzle him and be affectionate without him being....well turned on. Well she liked that sometimes. She ran her hands through her hair "I feel like I'm in a zoo", she whispered leaning over to grab a extra charcoal pencil. " And we are the lions and they are just waiting for us to mate " She rolled her eyes "Or they're waiting to see if I'll mate with the monkey " She said referring to Uriah. Often people did act like Uriah was a different species. Her eyes flared for a second when she thought about their kiss. I mean Uriah kissed her lots of times but not like that. Not all possessive and hot. Usually he fed her teasing little kisses. There was nothing teasing about that.

She glanced at Austin, her first love and sighed. "Would he ever do that?" She shook her head "Probably not". She pulled out her phone and opened a new message
To: Ri-Ri {Uriah}
Hey thanks for today. I'm ok now I'm with Austin. But seriously thanks for today. You always have been my knight in shining armor

She glanced up at Austin again, though he caught her this time. She blushed for a moment (a rare instance for her) before looking down. He was still looking at her when she looked up so so sighed and grabbed his hand. She gently turned it over and kissed his wrist. "I'm ok " she lied "I know she left for her own selfish reasons. I'm over it. "She lied a again.

To: Jazz {Jasmine}
I think my feelings are returning for Austin and heating up with Uriah. What am I going to do?

To: Nathaniel
Your a cold heartless jerk and I'm telling your sister, you ass

To: Amethyst
Your a real bitch you know that?

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