Alexis Rose

"Music. It's a way of life and my way of living. Oh, and don't touch the guitar."

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Character Sheet


Full name: Alexis Rose Cornelius
Reason or meaning of name: "Rose" because she was named after her grandmother "Roslyn", and Alexis because her mother thought it was a pretty name that sounded beautiful with the name "Rose", so she was named "Alexis Rose" by her mother.
Nickname: Lexi
Reason for nickname: When she was a little girl, her parents and everyone else would call her "Little Lexi" and the name just seemed to stick, though she dropped the "little" after a while. Some people, however, still call her "Little Lexi" and when they do it annoys her.
Birth date: May 24, 1997
Sexuality: Straight

Physical appearance

Age: 16
How old does he/she appear: Anywhere from 15-17
Weight: 124 lbs
Height: 5'7"
Body build: Thin and Athletic
Shape of face: Heart Shaped
Eye color: Gunmetal Blue (a blue-gray color)
Glasses or contacts: Both. Mostly wears glasses because she doesn't like taking the small amount of extra time it takes to put the contacts in, but will wear contacts at random times if she feels like it.
Skin tone:Very light complected and fair skinned, though she is not ghost pale... She can't tan either, only burns if anything at all.
Distinguishing marks: none
Hair color: Medium-Dark brown that tends to seem shades lighter in the sunlight.
Type of hair: Naturally thick and wavy with a lot of body (in her opinion, too much body)
Hairstyle: Long and Natural as shown in picture (loosely pulled back with a barrette sometimes)
Physical disabilities: none, though wears a knee brace when playing sports.
Style: Country Girl
Favorite outfit: http://i916.photobucket.com/albums/ad7/ ... edf94e.jpg
Jewelry or accessories: Emerald set silver ring worn on her right hand. Always wears something on her left wrist, whether that be hairbands, a watch, or a bracelet.
Overall attractiveness: 8 of 10 (prettier than average)


Good personality traits: Open, Accepting, Independent, Artistic, Optimistic
Bad personality traits: Blunt, Stubborn, and possibly a tad Sarcastic


She's usually pretty easy to get along with because she has an open and layed back attitude. However, if she thinks you're an annoying idiot or a complete snob, there will definitely be some problems. You absolutely don't mess with her friends unless you want to make her an enemy for life. She's not really had much dating experience, which doesn't really bother her that much, though she likes the prospect of getting a boyfriend. The easiest way for Alexis to express her emotions, thoughts, and ideas is through music. She likes to be spontaneous, not reckless.

Greatest joys in life: Music, Friends, Cats, and younger kids
Greatest fears: Being Betrayed, Loosing her Music (AKA her dream), Being Misunderstood by people she likes
Priorities: Music, Grades, Family, Friends
Life philosophy: Stay Strong; Be Real


Favorite color: Blue
Least favorite color: Orange
Music: Anything from Classical to Country to Skillet (favorite artists are Colton Dixon and Brandon Heath)
Food: Mexican Food and Spicy Things
Literature: Fantasy, Romance, Action, Adventure, Thriller, Mystery
Form of entertainment: Music, Reading, and Writing
Most prized possession: She has two: Her guitar and her notebook. Touch them, you die.

Habits & Hobbies

Hobbies: Music (writing, performing, and listening), Reading, Writing
Plays a musical instrument? Guitar and her Voice
Plays a sport? None, but is good at most.
How he/she would spend a rainy day: Writing/Playing/Listening to music or having a game night/movie night with friends.
Spending habits: More of a saver than a spender, but will have random spouts of spending.
Smokes: No. Smoke makes her throat sore.
Drinks: No. She's afraid of what she might do if she ever got drunk >.>
Other drugs: No.
Quirks: Tends to push her glasses up with her pointer and middle fingers every now and then, and it's become such a habit that she does the motion even when not wearing glasses. She has an almost barely recognizable Southern twang to her voice, the "almost barely" being just enough for people to pick up on, and it annoys her when they make stupid comments, especially if they make them in overly exaggerated fake accents. She acts like it's nothing, but gets embarrassed pretty easily when it comes to physical contact with guys.


Drives and motivations: She's very self-motivated. She simply loves music and knows it's what she wants to do for the rest of her life. She doesn't know what she'd be without it. Her brother is an awesome encourager to her, and she wants to show him what she's capable of. Her parents are against her pursuit of music, so one motivation is that she wants to prove herself to her parents that she can make it with music.
Immediate goals: Get through high school, Book gigs
Long term goals: Sign a recording contract and show her music to the world... and become famous in the process.
How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Hard work, Practice, and Perseverance

Nashville (Music City)
Type of childhood: Modest.
Pets: Two cats: Tiger and Kitty
First memory: Being betrayed by her best friend because of a misunderstanding in kindergarten... Reason for two of her greatest fears in life.
Most important childhood memory: Her older brother giving special "concerts" just for her whenever she was feeling down.
Why: Because her brother is her most important person, and an inspiration for a lot of her life.
Childhood hero: Her Older Brother, Jason (AKA Jace)
Dream job: Professional Musician, Song Writer
Education: Quality Public School Education
Finances: Varies, but usually around $350 to $400 incoming per month


Currently living with: Her aunt and uncle
Pets: Two Cats: Tiger and Kitty
Occupation: Clerk at the great Books-A-Million(BAM!), Plays gigs where and when she can.
Finances: Varies, but usually around $350 to $400 incoming per month
House: (currently) Pretty large house owned by her aunt and uncle.
Transportation: Her car. A dark blue Honda Accord. It isn't new (a 2007), but she claims it's the perfect car.


Family member name: Kentin Lawson
Relation between: Uncle
Relationship With: Good

Family member name: May Cornelius Lawson
Relation between: Aunt
Relationship With: Good

Family member name: Amy Elizabeth Cornelius (MN: Cantrell)
Relation between: Mother
Relationship With: Complicated at the moment...

Family member name: Zachary James Cornelius
Relation between: Father
Relationship With: Complicated at the moment...

Family member name: Jason Lei Cornelius (Jace)
Relation between: Older Brother by 6 yrs
Relationship With: Very Good

Family member name: Joshua Philip Cornelius (Josh)
Relation between: Younger Brother by 2 yrs
Relationship With: Fairly good... It's a love-hate thing

School Life

What grade are you in?: Sophomore
What clique are you in? Performer
Where are you on the social ladder?: "Somewhere in the middle, I guess."
Are you happy with your place on the social ladder? "Well, yeah. I don't really care about those things, ya know?"
If you could be apart of any other clique what clique would it be?: "Um... None?"
Why?: "Music's my life. If I have to be labeled as a "performer" because of it, then, hey! So be it."
Best subject: English and Music
Worst subject: Geography
How are your grades: When she tries, A+ average / When she doesn't try, A-B average (GPA hovers around 3.8 to 3.95)
Schedule: AP Sophomore
  1. Financial Management
    2. AP Modern World Studies
    3. AP Literary Analysis & Composition 2
    4. Choir
    5. AP Geometry
    6. AP Biology
    7. Lunch
    8. Instrumental Music
    9. Gym


Anything else you want to add: No, not at the moment, at least.

Teacher Sheet

Name: Akane Mitsuki (AKA Miss Mit)
Age: 37
Apperance: Image
What grade do you teach: Juniors
What subject do you teach: English (American Literature)
On a scale of 1 - 10 how hard is your class to pass: 7 (Try, that's all I ask.)

So begins...

Alexis Rose's Story


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#, as written by Anzura

Alexis was still half asleep when the sound of her annoying alarm clock blared through her room. The only service it ever really did her was nearly giving her a heart attack every morning, but at least it shocked her wide awake. To her, her alarm clock was the necessary equivalent to having ice cold water thrown on you when you're all warm and comfy and just starting to doze. It's unpleasant, but it sure as heck does the job. Her reaction? Bolting up with a sharp intake of breath and hitting "snooze" as quickly as possible before turning it off.

She sighed before a smile placed itself on her lips and she stepped out of her bed. Since moving to California, her mornings have become pretty quiet rather than the normal chaos that ensued each morning back at her home in Nashville. She liked the peaceful mornings, but she kind of missed arguing with him.

Since she'd already layed her <a href="http://s916.photobucket.com/user/ryo_gurl/media/Hollywood%20High%20RP/outfitalexis_zps280d38a3.jpg.html?sort=3&o=6">outfit</a> out the night before, she was able to get herself ready for school fairly easily. She knew her aunt and uncle wouldn't be up for another hour at least, so she snuck downstairs and out the door, careful not to wake them. And there in front of her in the driveway was the most awesome car ever, or so she claimed; her 2007 dark blue Honda Accord.

Alexis smiled as she got in and turned the key in the ignition. She pulled out of her Aunt's driveway and some fifteen to twenty minutes later she was parking her car in the school lot. Strapping her guitar over her back, she left her car to wait for her until the end of the school day.