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Mikaela Davis

"Just because am a nerd doesn't mean I won't slap you."

0 · 1,062 views · located in California

a character in “Hollywood High School”, as played by TvJunkie19



~ Full Name ~
"Why do you need my full name? Are you like a stalker or something? You sure your not a stalker? Okay, my name is Mikaela. Full name Mikaela Denise Davis."
Mikaela Denise Davis

~ Reasoning or Meaning Behind the Name ~
"My parents were those parents who didn't want to know the sex of the baby until it was born, but my father was praying for a boy so he could have a little junior. Obviously he didn't get what he wanted. My parents couldn't name me Michael like my father so instead they went with the next best thing, Mikaela. My mother's mother died before I was born and according to them I looked just like her as a baby. My middle name is her first name. As far as the last name goes, when my mother married my father she took his last name and when I was born I took my their last name."
| Mikaela: gift from God | Denise:"follower of Dionysius" | Davis: David's son |

~ Nicknames ~
"I've got three nicknames that people tend to call me by. That being Mick, Kayla and Mickey."
| Mickey | Kayla | Mick |

~ Reason for Nicknames ~
"Mickey is probably the nickname I get called the most. I don't know who started calling me it first but it definitely stuck. Kayla is what my mom tends to call me and Mick is what my dad calls me. Don't ask me why its just what they do."
| Mick: By her father | Kayla: By her mother | Mickey: By her friends |

~ Date of Birth ~
"There is official only fourteen days until my b-day and I still have no idea what am doing. Help?"
October 15, 1998

~ Sexuality ~
"I'll be honest in saying am not really sure what I am. I mean I assume that am straight but than there are times when a see a pretty girl and think it wouldn't be so bad to pull a Katy Perry and kiss a girl. It's all just so confusing."


~ Age ~
"Fourteen. That's how old I am now. That's how many days are left in the countdown until my fifteenth birthday."

~ How old do you look? ~
"Well that all depends on this little thing called makeup. When I don't wear it or at least not a lot of it I would say I look my age. Now when I want to I known what to wear and how to wear it to make myself look older than I am."
Wearing little to no makeup she looks her age. When she wears a lot of makeup she can look around seventeen

~ Skin Tone ~
"Its not the California sun that's got me looking so tan. That's all genetics.""
A fair mid tone complexation

~ Height ~
"Am a munchkin. Don't laugh!"
5 ft 3 in

~ Weight ~
"Am healthy and that's all that matters."
117 pounds

~ Body Shape ~
"My body measurements are 32-24-33."

~ Dress Size ~
"My grandparents keep saying they need to put some meet on my bones."
2 - 4

~ Shoe Size ~
"I guess I have normal size feet."
5 or 6

~ Face Shape ~
"Hmm, I have never thought about that."

~ Eye Color ~
"Sadly, nothing special."

~ Glasses or Contacts? ~
"I've actually attempted to wear contacts once but I couldn't get them in me eyes. So clearly that was a fail. I do love to rock glasses. Mostly sunglasses but also reading glasses. Not that I really need them I just like to wear them."

~ Distinguishing Marks ~
"Am kind of on the fence about whether or not I want a tattoo."
Nothing as of yet

~ Hair Color ~
"Never dyed. Never colored."

~ Type of Hair ~
"My hair is naturally really curly. It takes like about four hours or so to straighten."
Curly Coily

~ Hairstyles ~
"I typically wear my hair in its natural curly form because it takes like four hours to straighten. When it wear it curly I'll either wear it out or put it in a messy bun. When I do straighten my hair its straight for a week a more depending on if I take care of it. When it's straight I like to put in a ponytail or braid on really hot California days. Otherwise I just brush it and wear it out."
Straightened - Curly - Ponytail - Braided - Bun -

~ Physical Disabilities ~
"Nothing that I know of."

~ Style ~
"I don't really dress the way people expect for a nerd to dress."
Pictures depict style

~ Favorite Outfit ~
"God, that's I hard one. Do you know how much I love my clothes?"

~ Jewelry or Accessories ~
"I don't wear jewelry with every outfit I wear but I always have a pair of sunglasses on me. As much as I love living in Cali that sun is fierce."
Very simple when it comes to jewelry and always has a pair of sunglasses

~ Overall Attractiveness ~
"For a nerd I would have to say am pretty attractive. I mean looking at me would you think I was a nerd?"
Considers herself to be 6 in general and an 7 on a really good day



~ Good Personality Traits ~

~ Bad Personality Traits ~

Lack of Tolerance
Selfless to a Fault

“I am not one of those people who thinks that they’re perfect or thinks that they can do no wrong. I know I have flaws. Both inner and outer. Am human. I do what I can to check myself and try to keep the not so nice sides of me buried below the surface, but in this school it’s kind of hard to do sometimes. Guess that what I get for being a “brainiac”. Some of these students (namely the ‘popular’ ones) are really over the top with everything they do. Am more laid-backed. I don’t need or seek the attention of others. In fact, in this school I’ve had to learn to do the exact opposite. Being at the bottom of the social ladder and all.

I do my best not judge people on their cliques and who they are as individuals. However, because everyone is so stuff in this clique stuff the only people I really get to know as individuals are the other Brains and the Drifters. Everyone else kind of avoid me and the other nerds and geeks like the plague out of fear of committing social suicide. Unless they’re making fun of me for being smarter than them. It’s not my fault most of these jackasses IQ’s are the same number as they’re shoe size. Am not gonna lie when people higher up on the social ladder than me comes to me acting all nice and brand new I am very distrusting and suspicious of their motives. Popular people in their ulterior motives.

I may not be one for the drama but am also not one for other people bs. I don’t care that am smaller than you. I don’t care that am only a freshman. I don’t care about you being better than me in your mind because your an idiot and am not. I will not let anyone degrade me. Jock. Royal. Whatever. You say something to me and your gonna hear something back.

According to some people am really harsh with my words. I don’t really think that its so much that am harsh, but really straightforward. I mean I guess maybe I could try to muzzle it sometimes or think about things before I say them, but I really just rather be honest and have someone upset with me over the truth than anything else. High school is filled with enough lies and backstabbing as it is. Just know that whatever I say I say it from the heart and if I hurt you I didn’t mean to. Unless your a bitch. In which case whatever I said I probably was trying to hurt you.

I am crazy indecisive about things which is why I could never be the leader type. I literally have to think everything out before I make a decision and than after I claim to have made a decision I’ll change my mind about it ten seconds later. It’s really annoying and I hate that I do that, but that’s just what it is when it comes to me I guess.

One thing I can say about myself is that I am a great friend to have. I am loyal to the core and I will have your back against all odds. If you tell me something private it will stay between us and I will take it to the grave. Unless its like something really serious. Like life threatening. Than I may betray your trust, but with something like that you’ll be thanking me later. When it comes to my friends I have a very easygoing attitude and according to my mom I can be selfless to a fault. I sometimes get so caught up in helping my friends that I forget to take care of myself. I can't help it. My friends are important to me, especially considering I don't have many because of my social status."

~ Greatest Joys in Life ~
"My greatest joys in life are the little things. My dog, my family and my friends are the greatest joys in my life."
~ My Family ~
~ My Friends ~
~ My Alaskan Klee Kai Puppy ~

~ Greatest Fears ~
"The three things that come to mind are dying, clowns and peaking in high school. Please don't make me explain."
~ Dying ~ | The idea of nonexistent and everything just fading to black and being over scares her. |
~ Clowns ~ | She doesn't know why but clowns have always freaked her out. She remembers when she was five and her dad had hired a clown for her birthday party. She had ran upstairs and hid in her closet for almost two hours. |
~ Peaking in High School ~ | All her teachers and her parents are always talking about how she going to do so many great things when she finishes school. She afraid that everyone is wrong about her and once high school is over things will all go downhill from there. |

~ Priorities ~

1. Relationships - "The number one most important thing in my life are my family and friends. Which is why I list the relationships in my life as my number one priority in my life."

2. School - "My education is very important to me and I take it very seriously. Unlike some of the other kids I don't come from a family that's just loaded with millions. If I want to go to college am going to need a scholarship. Me not being the athletic type am really looking to get an academic scholarship."

3. YOLO - "All work and no play makes for a very boring life. As important as having a successful life is to me its also important to me that I enjoy my life. If people are right and am only getting one am gonna live it like there's no tomorrow, because there's no guarantee that there will be a tomorrow."

~ Life Philosophy ~




~ Favorite Color ~
"This is a really girly thing to say but my favorite color is pink. Any shade or pink I like."

~ Least Favorite Color ~
"My least favorite color would probably be purple."

~ Music ~
"I listen to whatever comes through my radio."
She listens to a variety of music genres

~ Food ~
"Donuts. That has to be my number one favorite thing to eat."

~ Literature ~
"My favorite things to read of short stories, fictional books and mysteries."
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is currently her favorite book

~ Form of Entertainment ~
"Just because am a nerd it doesn't mean I spend all my time either studying or doing homework. Usually when am not doing school related stuff am hanging out with my puppy Moshi. I also like to read, play video games, watch stuff and draw."
| Hanging out with Moshi | Reading | Video Games | Drawing | Watching TV or Movies |

~ Most Prized Possession ~
"My grandmother's wedding ring. She left it to my mother who gave it to me. I keep it hidden a special compartment in my jewelry box."
Grandmother's Wedding Ring



~ Hobbies ~
"I don't get invited out to parties and stuff, so most of my hobbies are just things I find to do in the house. I like to draw on really boring days. It's nothing I would brag about but it passes the time. I'll read, watch tv, play videos, go on youtube or do yoga. I really don't have very interesting hobbies. Than again between school, work, after-school stuff and taking care of Moshi I don't have a lot of times for hobbies anyway."
| Drawing | Reading | Watching Tv | Playing Videos | Computer | Yoga |

~ Plays a musical instrument? ~
"I would learn how to play something eventually."

~ Plays a sport? ~
"Does wii sports count?"
Not outside of gym class

~ How he/she would spend a rainy day? ~
"If I was stuck indoors on a rainy day the first thing I would do is rummage through my fridge for munchies. Than with all my snacks in hand I would on into the living and lay out on the floor with my munchies and my puppy. Giving if all my school work was already done I would turn on Netflix's and just have my very own personal movie night."
Movie Night with Moshi

~ Spending Habits ~
"Sadly I believe most of my money goes to donuts, sunglasses and buying things for Moshi."
Most of her money goes to donuts, sunglasses and stuff for her dog

~ Do you smoke? ~
"Have you seen those spoke smoking commercials. Those things are getting really disturbing. Of course I don't smoke."

~ Do you drink? ~
"I have tried alcohol before. I don't drink often but on special occasions like my birthday or New Years I'll have like a glass or shot of something."

~ Other Drugs? ~
"Am to scared to try."

~ Quirks ~
"I always have to wash my hands when I go to the bathroom. Even if I don't use the bathroom I still have to wash my hands before I leave out. While I write with my left hand I do everything else right-handed."
| Always has to wash her hands when she goes to the bathroom | Writes left-handed and does everything else right-handed |


~ Drive & Motivation ~
"I guess the thing that drives me and motivates me to do well is the fact that I don't want to let anyone who has believed in me down. Also my love for animals makes me want to accomplish my goals.
Her want to not let those who believe in her down and her love for animals

~ Immediate Goals ~
"My goals for this year are to keep myself on the honor roll and pass all of my AP classes. Keep my GPA up and win the Academic Decathlon."
| Stay on the Honor Roll | Keep her GPA up | Pass all her Classes | Win the Academic Decathlon |

~ Long Term Goals ~
"My long term goals would be of course to graduate from high school. I haven't selected my dream school yet but am thinking of going to the University of California—​Davis to study veterinary medicine. One day I hope to own my own private practice.
| Graduate High School | Go to College | Own her own Private Practice |

~ How the character plans to accomplish these goals: ~
"I guess the way am gonna accomplish the goals I've set for myself is by just continuing doing what am doing."
Continue to study hard and pull in the grades she going to need to have to get an academic scholarship so she can go to college


~ Hometown ~
"I was born at the Weed Army Community Hospital. According to my mother she went through like fourteen hours of labor with me. "
San Bernardino County, California

~ Type of Childhood ~
"I am what you would call an 'Army Brat'. My father was working in the service before I was born. I grew up living on the Fort Irwin Army Base. Living life on an army base is oddly enough pretty cool. The base is just it's own little community. Unless I was going to visit my grandparents I spent all my time on the base. Not that they're was every really a reason to ever leave the base. I mean there's a mall, shopping outlets, schools and everything you could ever need. My life seemed almost perfect to me as child. Until my dad had to leave to go to base training or was sent overseas. Than things were a lot less perfect. My mom always made sure I was okay though. We would send letters to him every week. He's letters back to us were my bedtime stories and I to this day have everyone one of his letters in a box in my closet. "
Mikaela had a very happy childhood

~ Pets ~
"I have always loved animals. So of course growing up I always conned my parents into getting me a pet. I remember also wanting a dog but out of all the pets they got me they never got me a dog. I got my first pet when I was five and it was a guinea pig. It was teddy guinea pig that I respectably named Teddy. Teddy lived for six years happy years."
Teddy the Guinea Pig

~ First Memory ~
"The youngest memory that comes to mind was when I was I think four or five. I remember it was birthday and I was having one of those fun school birthday parties. I had been eating cake and you know play around with my friends and I was waiting for my mom to come back. She had left and said she going to pick up my birthday present and that she would be right back. I been begging her for a puppy and I was hopeful that that was what she going to be bringing back with her. Instead of a small puppy she came walking back into the room with my father. He had been gone for what seemed like forever in kid time but was probably I think like six or eight months. The second I saw him the tears just started flowing and ran over to him and I could care less about the puppy that I had wanted because my dad had come home for my birthday. Still the best birthday present I have ever gotten to this day."
Her dad coming home and surprising her on her birthday

~ Most Important Childhood Memory and Why? ~
"I was in the second grade and people who worked for the ASPCA had come to my school to talk to the students about what they did and stuff. That day was really important because that was the day I knew what I was going to do with my life. I mean I hadn't selected exactly what I wanted to do but I knew whatever I did I would be helping to save animals in the process."
The day she decided she wanted to help animals

~ Childhood Hero ~
"I know this is going to sound really lame, but, my dad was my hero as a child. Hell my dad is still my hero."
Her Dad

~ Dream Job ~
"My dream job is to be a vet with my own practice. I believe that Confucius was right when he said "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." So I want a career that I will love doing every day of my life and working with and saving animals is definitely that job for me. "
To be a Vet

~ Education ~
"I grew up little on an army base so I went to their schools."
| Colin Powell State Preschool | Lewis Elementary (Grades: K-2) | Tiefort View Intermediate School (Grades: 3-5) | Fort Irwin Middle School (Grades: 6-8) |

~ Finances ~
"When I was born my father was an Army Specialist and my mother didn't work. My dad made a little over two thousand dollars a month, which when you look at some of the other students who go here isn't much. The beauty of being apart of a military family is that the army offers a lot of assistance so I lived a pretty comfortable life."
Lower-middle class


~ Currently live with? ~
"As much as I loved life on the base I decided to live my friends and moved in with my grandparents on my father's side of the family. I've always gone to school with other army brats and for high school I wanted to do things differently which is why I decided to go to Hollywood High."

~ Pets ~
"As an early birthday present my parents got me Moshi, my Alaskan Klee Kai."

~ Occupation ~
"I work at DK Donuts & Bakery. Best first job ever! I get to spend my day surrounded by donuts. Life can get no better than that."
DK Donuts & Bakery

Mondays: 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Tuesdays: 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Wednesdays: 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Saturdays: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Sundays: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

~ Finances ~
"My father has risen in the ranks and is an Army Major in the military. I work five days a week for twenty-five hours a week at my job. I get off on thursdays and fridays so I can go to academic decathlon practice after school. When I have competitions my bosses will give me the day off so I can go compete."
Upper-middle class

~ Transportation ~
"Unfortunately, am not even old enough to get my permit in California so no I don't have a car. Most days am bussing it around unless my grandparents drive me from point A to point B."
Either she walks or takes the bus unless she gets a ride

~ House ~
Address: 721 23rd St, Santa Monica, CA 90402
"It may not be a mansion but I personally feel like my grandparents house is amazing."
Her grandparents house is a spanish style villa.


~ Family ~

~ | Micheal Davis | Father | 34 | ~
"My dad has been my hero still I was a little girl. It was sucked when he got deployed but the letters that we sent back and forth kept him close. I love my dad a lot and I don't know what I would do if something happened to him."
She loves him almost as much as she loves her mom

~ | Nicole Davis | Mother | 32 | ~
"My mom. My best friend. My role model and my favorite person. I am so lucky to have her as my mom. She's the only person I know I can count on 100%. She is beautiful, incredibly smart, talented & hysterical. Everything she does for me can't be thanked enough. I know everyone says this about their mom, but I truly do have the crème de la crème of mommas. I love her infinitely.
She has an extremely close relationship with her mother"

~ | Micheal Davis | Grandfather | 57 | ~
"When my dad would be deployed and away from home my grandfather would really step up and be there for me. The father-daughter things that my dad was away for became granddad-granddaughter stuff. He's really great."
She has a great relationship with her grandfather

~ Antoinette Davis - Grandmother - 54 ~
"I love my grandmother. She was really there for mom when her mother died and she always been around. She's dependable and she makes the best lasagna I have ever had."
She has a great relationship with her grandmother


~ What grade are you in? ~
"This is my first year at Hollywood High."

~ What clique are you in? ~
"Being smart apparently automatically enlists you into the Brains. Am not into the geeky side of the Brains so am with the nerds."

~ Where are you on the social ladder? ~
"Well am a freshman, plus am a nerd, so what do you think?"
The very bottom

~ Are you happy with your place on the social ladder? ~
"Honestly I don't really care. Call me what you want all I know is if your going to try me don't be surprised when I bitch slap your ass."
She's nonchalant about the whole thing

~ If you could be apart of any other clique what clique would it be? ~
"If I could be apart of any other clique I would go with the drifters."

~ Why? ~
"I would be a drifter because there not confined to having to be with one set of people. They can hang out with whoever they want and if I wasn't already classified as a nerd and this school wasn't so stuck in its own hierarchy I would hang out with any and everyone."
Freedom to hang out with whoever she wants

~ Best Subject ~
"My best subject would be a toss up between math and science. Am great at both although I like science better."
Math & Science

~ Worst Subject ~
"Definitely history. It's just so boring its hard to get into."

~ How are your grades? ~
"Can I let you know that after we get our first report cards?"
3.8 GPA as of now

~ Schedule ~
"You have no idea how long it took me to select my electives. This school offers so many choices."

Period 1 - English
Period 2 - French
Period 3 - Math
Period 4 - History
Period 5 - Gym
Period 6 - Lunch
Period 7 - Painting
Period 8 - Science
Period 9 - Study Skills

~ Anything Else ~
Dialog Color

ImageName: Melissa Williams

Age: 38

What grade do you teach: Freshman AP

What subject do you teach: English

On a scale of 1 - 10 how hard is your class to pass: 8

Attendance - 10%

Participation - 15%

Homework - 15%

Essays/Exams - 30%

Final Project - 30%

So begins...

Mikaela Davis's Story


Characters Present

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It's a new day at Hollywood High School. The staff is getting prepared to teach their students and the students are preparing to face something more difficult than hollywood itself: High School. But not just any high school. See an anybody can get into high school. You just sign up, in fact you have to. But see here at HHS, you had to be special to get in, and even that won't help you fit in. Here at least half the student body is rich, tan, and fit. To survive here you have to have it, whatever that might be.

It's homecoming week at Hollywood High. A week that isolates the lonely and applauds the popular. Today it's twin day, the only day you can wear the same outfit without a showdown. You'll also be nominating your homecoming Prince and Princess. Will it be the Queen Bee or our reigning rule breaking Prom Queen? Don't forget your ballots!

On a related note... Homecoming tickets are on sale at lunch this whole week. And you can buy a devilishly tasty candy apple from our delicious devil girls.

Nibbling on a piece of bacon she checked the time on her phone. 5:33 am she mumbled the time to herself as she looked up at her grandparents who were having a conversation that she had tuned out of long ago. "I've got to go." Mikaela stated as she up from the table and walked around the table over to where her grandmother sat."My bus comes at five-forty-five and it's like a ten minute walk to the bus stop." Her words came out in a rush as she planted a kiss on her grandmother's kiss and than her grandfather's. "I'll be home after work!" She yelled as she ran out the dining room leaving her breakfast and her grandparents behind her.

Her puppy Moshi trailed behind her as she grabbed her bag that sat in front of the front door. As she strapped her bag to her bag she bent down and ran her hands over the white fur ball for a couple of seconds before raising to her feet. "I'll see you later Moshi." The dog barked at the mention of his name and Mikaela couldn't help but smile as she left her grandparent's house. As she locked the door behind her she got her i-touch out of bag front pocket. Putting in her ear buds she started the ten minute walk to the bus stopped. In order to get to Hollywood High every morning for school she would have to take two buses unless one of her grandparents decided to drive her. By bus, it was an hour and a half journey to the school, one which she mostly slept through while riding the bus. After working until nine-thirty the day before than going home to do her homework her naps on the bus were a godsend.

"Stop it! Stop! Ouch - oh my god Austin if you don't stop I am going to bitch slap the hell out of you!" Austin snickered as he gave Jasmine one last bop with the pillow before stepping down off her bed. "Well if you'd get up I wouldn't have to assault." He said matter-of-factly with a sly grin. Rolling her brown eyes she peeked at him from underneath her comforter. "You look like the American flag.", she said analyzing his clothing, "Givenchy?" she asked tiredly. Falling back into the bed he used Jasmine's body as a pillow laying his head on her hip, "You know your clothes." Fighting the urge to go back to sleep Jasmine spoke, "So, what's with the early wake up call?" She spoke as she shifted under the weight of Austin's head getting more comfortable. "IHOP. I woke up this morning with a craving for it and figured we'd could go get breakfast before school." Jasmine gave a small chuckle, "IHOP huh? So what happened to that diet you were suppose to be on?" A small grin spread across his face. "The diet. Umm ... am starting that next week. Definitely next week." As they shared a look the two both started laughing as they both knew Austin's diet would never be a healthy one. "Alright well lucky for you I've already got my outfit ready. Thank you Alaia." Austin sat up so Jasmine could crawl out of bed. "Oh right today's twin day." He said loud enough that she could hear him from her closet. "Yup and for today Alaia Carter is my twin." she spoke as she came from her closet with her outfit in hand. Setting her stuff on her bed she began walking to her bathroom, "I'll be ready in no time."

"Alright am ready to go." Jasmine said as she re-entered her bedroom fully dressed and ready to get going. "What time is it now?" Austin checked the time in the top corner of the Jasmine's macbook screen, "Six-seventeen." He said as he clicked the shutdown button and got up off the bed. "God, am starving." Jasmine laughed, "Austin your always starving." Austin shrugged in response, "What? Am a growing boy you know." Jasmine just rolled her eyes as she got her Alexander McQueen book bag up off the floor, "Yeah, okay. Let's get out of here before I change my mind and get back in my bed."

It wasn't a long drive from Jasmine's house to the school, and the IHOP was located right across the street. Which was perfect because in the time it took from them to drive to the restaurant, get seated in the booth and ordered their food they had a full half an hour to eat their breakfast before they had to be to school. Jasmine ordered herself the strawberry banana french toast with a splashberry splasher and Austin got the country fried steak with scrambled eggs and a vanilla milkshake. Throughout breakfast they talked about random stuff while multitasking as Jasmine interacted with her jasminators over twitter.