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Parker O'Connell

"I may be the nicest Royal you have ever met, but mess with me I can also be the bitchiest."

0 · 1,100 views · located in California

a character in “Hollywood High School”, as played by 143xinfinity



"Hollywood High's Senior Valediction & Student Council President"

{"It's not whether you get knocked down. It's whether you get up.” }
“We are all acting on stage and the world is our audience”
―Antonello Fiore




|{Full name}|
Parker Elizabeth O'Connell II

|{Reason or meaning of name}|
Parker - is a family name of English origin, derived from Old French with the meaning "keeper of the park". "Parker" was also a nickname given to gamekeepers in medieval England. It is the 51st-most common surname in the United Kingdom.

Elizabeth - the Greek form of the Hebrew name אֱלִישֶׁבַע ('Elisheva') meaning "my God is an oath" or perhaps "my God is abundance".

II - because her grandmother was the first.

Ellie / Parker / Parkster

|{Reason for Nickname}|
Ellie - Family only

Parker - She expects you to call her, Parker. It is her name right?

Parkster - To those who are asking for a death wish.
|{Birth date}|
December 25th


|{How old does she appear?}|
Somewhat in her early 20's or a year older.

Heteroflexible / Heterosexual - It all depends on how she's feeling.

{"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” }
-Oscar Wilde

|{Body build}|
Parker has an amazing body not too pudgy, and not too skinny. It's just perfect.
|{Shape of face}|
|{Eye color}|
Parker's eyes has always been her favorite feature as it's hazel color that shines brighter when a smile plants across her face, and long black eyelashes.
|{Glasses or contacts}|
|{Skin tone}|
Pale, Ivory.
|{Distinguishing Marks}|
Parker has a dimple on her right cheek.
|{Hair color}|
Copper red / Auburn.
|{Type of hair}|
Voluminous, Sleek.
|{Hair style(s)}|
|{Physical Disabilities}|
Parker takes care of herself.
A little on the edge of boho chic, elegant, and designer wear. Most definitely preppy.
|{Favorite outfit(s)}|
|{Jewelry or accessories}|
Parker absolutely loves to accessorize her outfits. However, she doesn't have a favorite.
|{Overall attractiveness}|
Depends on who you ask.

{"Beauty gets the attention. Personality gets the heart.” }


|{Good personality traits}|
Caring, Kind {Hidden trait(s)}
Artistic, Creative

|{Bad personality traits}|

|{Greatest joys in life}|
Her family, pets / Her friends / Popularity / Shopping / Writing / Playing the piano

|{Greatest fears}|
Losing power / Dying young / Never graduating / Getting a grade lower than a 'B' / Disappointment from her parents / Losing her spot as Valedictorian

➊Graduate high school.
➋Attend at Harvard University with a full scholarship.
➌Continue to increase in popularity.

|{Life philosophy}|
"Sometimes the people closest to you could be the ones holding you back the most."





Parker is a very curious and outgoing student who loves filling her days trying to figure out all the dirty little secrets of her classmates. An aspiring journalist, Parker is always able to find the truth and can tell when someone is lying, while still managing to be one of the best liars on campus as she has been knows to exaggerate as well as tell may white lies though she is smart enough not to say anything that might one day bite her in the butt. Above all she is, on the surface at least, shallow and spoiled but this is only an elaborate act to hide the fact that she possesses a genius level IQ. She is well versed in chemistry and understands both classical and archaic Latin.

Intelligent and brutally honest, when she chooses, Parker has a dark and sarcastic humor that some just won't get, which she uses to her advantage in her writing to make it more interesting. Like any good writer, Parker has opinions on almost everything, from politics to TV shows, she has something to say about anything which means she is able to get along with most people and never runs out of possible conversation due to her vast general knowledge.

Parker can always be found with her small black note book and pen on hand which she is always either drawing or writing in as she wonders the grounds and explores Hollywood High. A big fan of adventure, Parker is always looking for something interesting to both brighten up her book and her life in general so that she won't regret it when she is older and looking back.

{"Do what you love and don't let people tell you otherwise.”}


|{Favorite color}|
Red / Black / Peach

|{Least favorite color}|
Yellow / Green

Classical, the occasional Pop.

Toasted brioche rounds with crème fraîche and caviar / Chocolate truffles / Prawn cocktail

Unless it's a book sealed with a National Book Award, written by a best selling author, and is about no one other than Parker. She's not interested, however, she has an unknown interest for Mystery books.

|{Form of entertainment}|
Shopping / Watching movies / Painting nails / Hanging with friends / Gossiping / Playing the piano

|{Most prized possession}|
Her phone / Her Terry Rouge Terrybly In Fanatic Red lipstick / Her popularity / All her shoes


{"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.”}
-Jim Rohn


|{Plays a musical instrument?}|
Yes, the grand piano.

|{Plays a sport?}|
Yes, Volleyball and Swim.

|{How he/she would spend a rainy day}|
Ordering designer clothes online / Playing the piano / Spending time with her family / Studying / Most likely herself a medi-pedi / Planning her next take down

|{Spending habits}|
Clothes / Shoes / Makeup / Party supplies

No. Parker is completely against smoking.

Parker only drinks on special occasions. Anything expensive and worth the sip is her specialty. No beer! Beer causes beer bellies, and beer bellies are NOT attractive.


{"A goal is not always meant to be reached. It often serves simply as something to aim at.”}
-Bruce Lee

|{Immediate goals}|
➳Graduate high school on time
➳Continue to be popular

|{Long term goals}|
➳Become a lawyer
➳Be successful and independent
➳Continue to be fashionista

|{How the character plans to accomplish these goals}|
➳Take down anyone that stands in her way
➳Succeed in everything as possible
➳Work towards a full scholarship to Harvard University


{"Don't judge me by my past. I don't live there anymore.”}

New York City, NY

|{Type of childhood}|
Luxurious / Lavish / Spoilt

"Coco" / Male pup / Alive
"Bessie" / Female puppy / Alive
"Theriot" / Male horse / Alive
"Carrie" / Female Horse / Alive

|{First memory}|

|{Most important childhood memory}|
Ninth birthday party.

It was a sleepover, and only 1 out of 13 people showed up. This made her realize that she was truly a nobody in which persuaded her to become popular.

|{Childhood hero}|
Her mother.

|{Dream job}|
A lawyer.

Preschool - Trevor Day School | Elementary (1-5) - Trinity School | Middle & Freshman (6-9) - Horace Mann School | High School (9-12) -Hollywood High School

Her daddy pays for everything, thanks to his Surgeon career. Her mother, on the other hand, is a Chief Executive Officer for a French, privately held company, CHANEL.


{"Be present. It is the only thing that matters.”}



|{Currently living with}|
Her parents.

"Coco" / Male pup / Alive
"Bessie" / Female puppy / Alive
"Theriot" / Male horse / Deceased
"Carrie" / Female Horse / Deceased

Inside school she's a student, but outside she's a fashion director with a blog over 100-million followers.



2010 lexus sc


{"The love of family is life's greatest blessing.”}

Jonathan "John" O'Connell / Father of Parker / 39 / Relationship with John- Good

Suzanne O'Connell / Mother of Parker / 37 / Relationship with Suzanne - Good

Brandon O'Connell / Brother of Parker / 15 / Relationship with Brandon - Good

Aimee O'Connell / Sister of Parker / 5 / Relationship with Aimee - Good

{"Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do.”
-John Wooden



What grade are you in?
"I'm a senior! Whoop, whoop!"

What clique are you in?
"The Royals of course."

Where are you on the social ladder?
"Uhh, higher than any other clique."

Are you happy with your place on the social ladder?
"Duh, why wouldn't I be?"

If you could be apart of any other clique what clique would it be?
"None. I'm already at the top. There's nothing but losers right under me."

Best subject(s)
"AP U.S Government & Politics, AP Calculus, and AP English Language & Composition."

Worst subject
"AP Environmental Science"

How are your grades
"Currently, I have the highest grade in school. Why do you think I'm Valedictorian? Anyway, I have a 4.0 GPA so my grades are obviously myself."

1.Business Law
3.AP English Language & Composition
4.AP U.S Government & Politics
5.AP Environmental Science
6.French IIII
7.AP Calculus
8.P.E - Aerobics

So begins...

Parker O'Connell's Story