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Price McTavish

A singer who hopes to make it big at Hollywood High

0 · 182 views · located in Hollywood High

a character in “Hollywood High”, as played by Kestral


Price McTavish
None, but you can call him whatever you want.
Price has Neck-length dark brown hair, which he combs, straightens, and conditions to perfection every morning before school. {I'll have pictures up tommorrow.} he stands 5'8 and has an athletic, but not super muscular build. He has somewhat tan skin, and can usually be seen wearing a shark tooth necklace. 


Price tries to see the bright side, and the humor in everything, although this sometimes ends up getting him in trouble, he loves life, and is almost always in a good mood, even if he doesn't always show it.

Bad Habits
He's kind of impulsive
He feels the need to play with just about every single lighter he can come across, which has, on several occasions, led him to accidentally light himself on fire.


Precious Belongings
His lucky ace of spades lighter
His IPod
His shark-tooth necklace

Electric guitar
Bass guitar


Price grew up in a Not-so-nice school, in a not-so-nice neighborhood, with not-so-nice people. When he was twelve, he moved to Hollywood with his aunt and uncle, when his parents divorced, while his brother stayed with his mother. When he was thirteen he went on vacation with his mother and brother. One fine sunny morning, him and his brother decided to go surfing. When they got far enough out, they noticed a tail fin jutting out of the water, and Price's brother Jack went under. Fortunately, Jack was able to escape by punching the shark in the gills, but not without the shark taking his arm. Ever since then, Price has worn sharktooth necklaces on a day-to-day basis. When he was fifteen, he was noticed by The Hollywood high principle while performing "Under my thumb" by the Rolling stones. The rest as they say, is history. 

So begins...

Price McTavish's Story