Hailie Scott Mathers

"Lil' Slim Shady."

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Hailie Scott Mathers


Nicknames: Hail's
Age: Seventeen
Birthday: 25 December 1995
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
How Do You Feel About Your Fame: I'm really only famous because of my dad. If I'm not with him, it's like people don't really care about who I am. So I don't take it for granted, and honestly, I like being allowed to be normal.

  • Reading
  • Music
  • Parties
  • Males
  • Being Judged

  • Ignorance
  • Rudeness
  • Old People
  • Females
  • Caring

  • Her Father Failing
  • Not Being Able To Be Who She Wants To Be

Personality: Hailie is, very outspoken. It's not that she is rude but, she is very to the point and frankly does not care what people think of her. Though it does get to her when people immediatly associate her as "stuck up" or "rich" or anything just because she is Eminem's daughter. But what they don't get is she isn't Eminem's daughter. Hailie is Marshall Mathers daughter, and that is the man she knows as her father, not the "Eminem" she hears when her phone rings.

Background: Hailie was in multiple of her fathers songs when she was a child, and many were made for her. She inspired his song "My Dad's Gone Crazy" by running around the studio one day screaming "Hey everyone, I think my dad's gone crazy!" and then requested to scream it into the mic. Ever since she was young she thrived to be a musical artist, like her father. And though she can play guitar, and drums, and dance, she isn't the best singer ever. Not that she can't sing, she's rather good at it, but not "record material". And currently it's what she's working on.

Password: Being Famous Rocks

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