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a character in “Home for Strays”, as played by nightwolf


Name: Ali
Age: 14 months
Gender: male
Species: cat
Appearance:Ali is tall for his age but very thin due to him scrounging for food most of his life, his ears are medium size but still do not look right on his head, there is a deep slit on his left ear where he was attacked by a group of humans who threw things at him. His hair is long and covers his eyes and is the same colour as his ears a silky black colour. His tail is missing patches of fur due to him catching fleas when he was younger, it is slowly growing back now though.

A warm place to sleep
Small places
Someone to keep him safe
High places

Loud noises
Big groups of people
Being grabbed or touched
His tail or ears being pulled


Ali is very quiet and withdrawn so doesn't really show his emotions to anyone he doesn't know but once his tough shell is broken he is very sweet and loyal to whoever he forms and attachment to. He doesn't get angry easily but it takes a while for him to get fired up unless someone pulls his tail or scares him then hell get angry.


Ali was born into a loving family but was badly mistreated, so he ran away and tried to fight for his life avoiding dangerous streets and sleeping where he could. One night Ali was attacked by a gang of teenagers who pulled his fur and smashed a bottle over his head cutting one of his ears open and leaving a horrible scar. As he continued to run he stumbled across the home for strays. He has been there for about a week and has slept formost of his stay either by the fire or ontop of the large bookcase even in his human form.


Ali hasn't spoken yet since he still very wary about the other people in the house, he does meow softly to try and comunicate but it is very rough and quiet.

So begins...

Ali's Story


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Takuto opened his eyes reluctantly. He got out of bed slowly, hopeful that he didn't disturb Kira. 'Phew... She didn't wake up..' He turned into his human form and put on a shirt. As Takuto was walking, he looked out a window and saw the outside world, where he and Kira used to live. 'At least we're together...' He went down to the kitchen and saw Cody, Moss, Ali, and Jace there already. "Morning everyone..."
He heard Jace growl, and saw a girl walk into the house. "Is animal shelter? It smells like animals in here, not trying to be rude though!" She looked like a normal human girl, but Takuto didn't let his guard down. 'Geez, where's Kira?'


Kira was awake the whole time. Her eyes were closed but, she was definitely awake. She felt Takuto move as he got out of bed. When he left the room, it was quiet again. 'I should go downstairs with him.. He's still not used to everyone yet.' She got up and shook herself. Kira changed into her human form and put on a black dress that went to her knees. She walked down to the kitchen and also saw the others. "Morning everyone! It's so beautiful outside, right!" She went up to Takuto and hugged him affectionately. "Morning Takuto! I hope you slept well last night."
Kira looked around at everyone, then spotted the girl. "Is animal shelter? It smells like animals in here, not trying to be rude though!" She looked at her thoughtfully, and thought, 'I guess this could be like an animal shelter....' She walked up to the girl and sniffed her, like the dog she was. "Hi! I'm Kira!"