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Meow! Hello there!

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a character in “Home for Strays”, as played by Lambie


Name: Moss
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Cat Appearance:

Human Cat Appearance:

Ball of yarn
Colorful things
Fluffy Beds

Hot weather
Old food
Being alone

Personality: Moss is a very lively young boy. He's very playful and loves to interact with others. Very cheerful by nature he can cheer up anybody and make anyone feel comfortable. Moss can be a bit of cuddlier though he loves nothing more than to cuddle on a soft comfy couch or a persons lap. Childish in nature he can be very kind or sometimes he can throw tantrums, but still he's a very sweet boy.

History: Moss was born in a litter of eight kittens. He was the runt of the litter, so he was the tiniest of the bunch. As he got older he grew up to be a smaller cat than his brother and sisters. Though smaller than everyone else he was still the most kind and playful kitten of the bunch. He was then adopted by an older man and his wife who lovingly named him "Moss." A few year went by and Moss grew bigger, but still smaller than most cats. That's when tragedy struck Moss's owners were killed in a major car accident that left him homeless.

This was the first time Moss experienced hunger and the cruelty of man. For those few months he was alone and everyday he hated it. That was until he found the "Home" at first he was unsure about the place but he soon grew to like the place. So he began to donate money for those who lived there in order to help them. Since Moss has such a playful nature he works at a daycare with children.

So begins...

Moss's Story


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Takuto opened his eyes reluctantly. He got out of bed slowly, hopeful that he didn't disturb Kira. 'Phew... She didn't wake up..' He turned into his human form and put on a shirt. As Takuto was walking, he looked out a window and saw the outside world, where he and Kira used to live. 'At least we're together...' He went down to the kitchen and saw Cody, Moss, Ali, and Jace there already. "Morning everyone..."
He heard Jace growl, and saw a girl walk into the house. "Is animal shelter? It smells like animals in here, not trying to be rude though!" She looked like a normal human girl, but Takuto didn't let his guard down. 'Geez, where's Kira?'


Kira was awake the whole time. Her eyes were closed but, she was definitely awake. She felt Takuto move as he got out of bed. When he left the room, it was quiet again. 'I should go downstairs with him.. He's still not used to everyone yet.' She got up and shook herself. Kira changed into her human form and put on a black dress that went to her knees. She walked down to the kitchen and also saw the others. "Morning everyone! It's so beautiful outside, right!" She went up to Takuto and hugged him affectionately. "Morning Takuto! I hope you slept well last night."
Kira looked around at everyone, then spotted the girl. "Is animal shelter? It smells like animals in here, not trying to be rude though!" She looked at her thoughtfully, and thought, 'I guess this could be like an animal shelter....' She walked up to the girl and sniffed her, like the dog she was. "Hi! I'm Kira!"


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"Takuto!! Let's play!!!!" Kira didn't stop pulling at Takuto's shirt. She pulled on his cat ears slightly and made him fall on the ground. She knew it hurt him, even just by slightly pulling at his ears. "Takuto! I wanna play!" 'Geez! If only he would play with me!' She walked away from Takuto, leaving him sprawled on the floor. She went into the room Cody and Moss were in and said, "Can one of you play with me?" She then saw the tears rolling down Cody's face and exclaimed, "Cody! Are you alright?" She changed into her dog form and tried to lick the tears off his face. 'That should make him feel better!' She changed back into her human dog form and asked, "Moss, what's wrong with him? Cody, why are you crying? Did someone hurt you? If someone hurt you, I'm going to bite them in the butt!" Kira ran back into the kitchen and got a glass of water, then gave it to Cody. "Here, drink! It will make you feel better!" 'I hope he's alright....'


Takuto kept his head on the table, trying to hold in his laughter. "Takuto!! Let's play!!!!" He almost wanted to burst out laughing as she kept pulling his shirt, trying to get him to play with her. All of a sudden, she stopped pulling his shirt and instead, pulled his ears. He felt a sharp tingle sent through his body, and fell on the floor. 'Oww....' "Takuto ! I wanna play!" When she left, he didn't get up for a few minutes until the tingling stopped. He tried to get up again as he heard Kira running back in and out of the kitchen. 'I wonder what she's in a hurry for..?'