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Kate Marshall

"I'm not your little girl anymore..."

0 · 384 views · located in East St. Louis, IL

a character in “Home of the Wild and the Wicked”, as played by ChloeB223


Flowers For A Ghost| Thriving Ivory|| Touch| Daughter|| Warrior| Demi Lovato
“Time takes it all whether you want it to or not, time takes it all. Time bares it away, and in the end there is only darkness. Sometimes we find others in that darkness, and sometimes we lose them there again.”
~ Stephen King

Basic Knowledge


Katherine Beverly Marshall

I'm warning you now: unless you're family, don't call me Katy. Know what: no one call me Katy.
Kate, Katy, Kat, Bev (By her sister), Bartender


If you ask me, I'm more on the aromantic side. But who really cares?

30% Irish, 40% British, & 30% Romany

☩Birth Date☩
November 9, 1990

I take calls every now and then. Not very often either.
Bartender/ Personal Trainer/ Former Assassin

Into the Shattered Mirror



Slim and athletic with lean limbs and an hourglass figure

☩Skin Tone☩
A light and creamy complexion that tans quite easily during the summer with a sprinkle of freckles on her face. The freckles can be seen more on her legs and arms, though they are probably just as faint and there are a few on her back.

☩Eye Color☩
Oceanic Blue

☩Hair Color☩
A natural blonde shade with highlights and lowlights acquired from sunlight exposure

☩Scars? Markings? Piercings? Tattoos?☩
~ Kate has the standard ear piercing.
~ On her right inner wrist, she has this Arabic tattoo.
~ There are a litter of faint scars and more visible ones. Katherine hardly - if ever - talks about them, even to her own sister. One in particular is a scar that follows the length of her spine. It is faint, but Kate shuts down if anyone asks about it.

☩Clothing Description☩
Anyone who knew Kate six years ago would tell you that she was a girly-girl through and through. She hardly walked out of the house without some kind of dress and jewelry on. She was from an upper class family and had no qualms against showing that. Now, however, she has been humbled and doesn't seem to dress for attention anymore. Kate's wardrobe consists of jeans, tank tops, Henleys, leather jackets, and either sneakers or boots. She might surprise you with something more elegant or flirty depending on her mood, but she is more for simplicity and comfort nowadays.

Beneath Her Beautiful


{Guarded, Tough, Easy-Going, Driven, Dark, Protective}
If you ask most of her neighbors (save for the select few that have the pleasure of calling Kate their friend) they would tell you that she's a generally polite young woman who keeps to herself. In these streets, who doesn't? However, if you ask the people that knew her before her kidnapping - before she was robbed of her innocence and turned into a killer - she is a ghost of a girl. Katherine was once considered the life of the party; she was a flirt, a seductress, and seemed to not care for rules or safety.

This Kate is completely different from the Katy people remember.

She is darker now, much more reserved and aloof in a way. While she hasn't completely pushed everyone she loved away, she has maintained a safe distance, which resulted in her moving to her seedy apartment. Her life revolves around surviving - not living in luxury like her mother would like for her to. In fact, her mother, for example, would be surprised that Kate actually goes to sleep with a knife on her bedside table and gun under her bed. She is cautious now, not the same careless eighteen year old that went missing from her high school prom.

The one thing about Kate that has not changed is her ability to kick back. Sure, she's rather tense most of the time and seems to watch people like a hawk if she does not know them. But she is never one to turn down some fun, which is why she chose her job as a bartender. Granted, that was not what she was going to pick for her career when she finished high school. But it was a skill and talent she picked up by her older friends and it brings in the bills. Kate is for simplicity above anything. She doesn't show off all of her sexuality and she is not one to divulge in someone all of her secrets. Rather, she keeps herself guarded and her walls remain up, even in the presence of family members.

Katherine is plagued by her memories of being with her captors; how they molded her into a killer, how they sometimes tortured her. It is because of these memories that she does not always have a full night rest or allow herself to sleep in a bed with others often. Too many times she has woken up in a fit and the last time she shared a bed with her sister, she awoke to the woman begging her to stop choking her. So, when it comes to her relationships, Kate buries her ability to love deeply and intensely and just uses sex. She doesn't discriminate against partners; if she wants you, she'll fuck you. No attachments. No feelings. Friendships vary, but Kate can't let people get too close anymore. They won't like what they'll see. The old Katy was likeable. Kate is not. She's too damaged to be.

How She Came To Be


☩Relationship Status☩
The way it should be...for now.

Father|| Detective Quentin Marshall|| 52|| Alive
Mother|| Veronica Marshall|| 48|| Alive
Older Sister|| Hayley Marshall|| 29|| Alive

Summing up Kate's entire life so far would be far too much work. Besides, it is quite simple. She was the rich girl. She knew she could get whatever she wanted. Once she found out she was gorgeous, it became worse from there. The real story began on the night of her prom. Her older sister, Hayley, was supposed to be one of the chaperones at prom. However, when her college boyfriend came back into town, Hayley ditched, only telling her sister to be home before their parents did or to at least stay at her best friend, Ashley's house.

Ashley and Katy never made it back to Ashley's house.

Instead, they were kidnapped. Katy didn't even see it coming. The two girls had separated from their group, who were at the playground and beyond drunk, because Ashley had to go to the bathroom and Kate wanted ice cream from the shop down the street. On the way back, Ashley's stomach finally gave out and she was vomiting in the nearby alleyway. Katy was too busy laughing and trying to hold back her friend's curly hair to notice. Two seconds later, she was knocked out cold. When she awoke, she was in a dark and dirty cell with her feet chained to a wall. The sedative they gave knocked her out for three hours.

Here, Katy watched her best friend die and she couldn't do a damn thing about it. The men (she would later come to realize that women worked with them as well) apparently had taken Ashley to another room and she failed whatever test they gave her. The woman in the cage next to Katy told her that the men spoke Arabic and translated for her; they didn't want the weak. Katy nearly shut down when they slashed Ashley's throat. It was a message. Anyone who failed them would suffer the same fate. They were an organization of assassins with various spots all over the world; the one they were headed to was in Tibet. By then, they hoped to have a good number of trainees. But first, they needed to see if the kids they took were survivors or weaklings.

Despite her initial qualm against killing and her desire to go home, Katy took her first life on the second week. Her opponent had been a male who looked like a football player. Luckily for her, she actually paid attention in anatomy and stabbed him in a particular pressure point that caused him to die from blood loss, even as he choked her. She passed, but she was broken. And it didn't end there. In retaliation for having to kill someone, Katy attacked one of the guards, catching him off guard. By then, she didn't care if she died or lived. But she was taking someone with her.

Needless to say, when she returned to her cell, she was bruised, bloody, and near dead. Apparently, he liked a hellcat or whatever the word was in Arabic. Her next-door-neighbor, wasn't there. Once at the airport, the girl revealed herself to be one of the commanders of the assassins and she chose Katy to be her only pupil. The others would be trained by lesser assassins. Apparently, her fire called to the older woman and she wanted the blonde to live, even if she planned to break her every day. And break Kate she did...until she wasn't Katy anymore; until smiles didn't come easily and her guard was almost always up. Kate became a very formidable assassin, completing missions with her trainer, Rin. And she hated every second of it.

It wouldn't be until an ambush my a rival organization that Katy finally escaped. It took her three months before she found herself back home, but by then, the damage was done. Her family may have welcome her home with open arms, they may have thrown countless parties in her name, and treated her to every luxury that she adored. But she wasn't Katy anymore. That little girl died in Tibet. And no matter how much sister visits or how many times her mother calls, Katy can never be that girl again. And she hates it.

Fun Facts

Rough Sex|| Beer|| Being A Bartender|| Clubs|| Sleeping In|| Pancakes|| Cooking|| Being Alone|| New Recipes|| Simplicity|| Movies|| Chai Tea|| Red Wine|| Kids|| Swings|| Chinese Food|| Working Out|| Motorcycles|| Sleeping in Men's Shirts|| Summer|| Ice Cream|| John 3: 16

Romantic Relationships|| Emotional Conversations|| Crying in Front of People|| Nightmares|| Waking Up in the Middle of the Night|| Her Mother's Calls|| Worry|| Pity|| Clingy Lovers|| Her Scars|| Therapy|| Cold Pizza|| Psychologists|| Being Loved|| Graves|| Religion

How Dangerous She Really Is|| Relationships|| Being Found|| Her PTSD

☩Known Languages☩
Arabic|| English|| Chinese|| Russian

So begins...

Kate Marshall's Story