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Olivia Garner

"We won't be here for long."

0 · 1,298 views · located in East St. Louis, IL

a character in “Home of the Wild and the Wicked”, as played by Jynxii




Name|Olivia Elizabeth Garner

Nicknames| Olive, Oli, Barbie

Gender| Female

Race/Ethnicity| Australian

Birth Date| December 24th

Age| Twenty-two

Sexuality| Bisexual


Eye color|Doe brown

Hair color| Golden blonde

Height| 5'6

She has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade. One piercing in each ear. And a birthmark on the left side of her neck.

If you google 'hipster girl', you'll probably find Olive's picture there. She loves to dress in anything girly and feminine. Pastels, floral print, loose curls, jewelry that dangles, feathers-- pretty much your typical girl. Forever 21 and PacSun are her two favorite stores to shop in when she has the extra cash to spend on herself. She's appropriately nicknamed 'Barbie', because she strongly resembles the doll.


Olivia is not a wallflower. She is loud and vibrant. She loves making people laugh, seeing people smile, and watching people fall in love. Olivia is a total optimist, always seeing the glass half full, in an almost naive sort of way. She’s an observer by nature, but has been known to mettle in other people’s business. After all, it's a small underground that she lives in. Of course she’s not the type to spread rumors about, but she is quick to listen to all the latest who-did-what-with-whom-behind-who’s-back hum of the city. The best way to describe Olivia in a nutshell would be to say that she is kind, loyal, a bit dramatic, a hopeless romantic, a good mother and hardheaded.

Olivia loves her daughter more than she loves herself. She has done some pretty unspeakable things in the name of putting food on the table for her little one. She loves her job, too. Although one might not expect a barbie-doll like herself to be the creator of such beautiful tattoos. She's extremely creative and talented with a needle or pen/pencil. She's good at noticing the details, and not just in her artwork. She's quick to spot a temper shift in someone, but terrible at spotting a lie. Don't tell her I told you, but she's really rather gullible sometimes. Maybe it's the blonde hair? She has a quick smile, a mild temper, and a level head.

~ Collecting Local Artwork
~ Ballet with her daughter

Known Languages|
~ English and Italian.

Sugar Baby & Tattoo Artist


Olivia was born just an hour outside of Sydney, Australia. She never knew her birth parents, but was adopted by the Garners when she was four. She wasn't old enough to retain any memories for her real parents or the foster system. She grew up a happy child, being adopted into a middle-class family. Her father worked for the local bank and her mother was a music teacher. Olivia discovered her talent for art when she was young, and her mother helped nurture her skills by allowing her to pursue the arts. Olivia was always a good girl.. Well, she tried to be at least-- but it seemed like trouble found her no matter where she went. One bad boy heartbreak after another, it wasn't long before Olivia made a huge mistake. She fell in love. The boy's name was Luke and he was a Marine. One heated night of passion, Olivia became pregnant. Luke was gone on deployment when she found out. Over skype they became engaged- despite Olivia only being 18. Luke constantly told her that everything was going to be alright, and like a typical teenage girl- she believed him. Samantha was a New Years baby. Luke was denied leave for the birth, but he was watching over Skype throughout the entire delivery.

Two weeks before he was supposed to come home his platoon was bombed. Samantha was only six months old. Olivia was distraught. Her baby would never meet her daddy- never have a picture with him, never get to hold his hand. She swore she would never love again... but she was young, and dramatic. She had the support of her parents, but as she got older she began to feel more like a burden. It was a friend that introduced her to the world of Sugar Babies and Daddies. Olivia took her first "Daddy" when she was twenty. He was forty-five. She was living in an apartment near her parent's house at the time, but her "Daddy" was moving to America. Convinced that he loved her and would divorce his wife and marry her, to be a father for Sam, Olivia agreed to move with him to the states.

Olivia came home one day to find him passed out drunk on the floor while Sam was locked upstairs- squalling for God-knows how long. Enraged, Olivia packed up everything she had into her suitcase, and into Sam's baby bags, and left. She went from friend's house to friend's house until she landed a new job at a local tattoo parlor. She was living in the heart of St. Louis. After a few months, her friend's lease ended. Her friend, Amber, wanted to move in with her boyfriend- leaving Olivia once again with no place to go. She couldn't afford the rent on her own, so she had to move. East St. Louis wasn't exactly the best part of the city, but housing was cheap- and through another friend she had managed to switch to the tattoo shop down that way. She would be one of the lead chairs there, and so it would pay more- as long as she could look the other way when they held mob meetings or drug deals in the basement.

So she moved into the sketchy apartment across from her job. She met her current Sugar Daddy after her 21st birthday, through the Sugar Daddy website. She had been skeptical at first- but after their first meeting, and her first 'allowance' of $5k was deposited into her bank account, she was feeling much better. She was able to afford to send Sam to the prestigious preschool in the heart of St. Louis, and after a few months- able to buy herself a car. Things are looking up. If only her Sugar Daddy came more than once every couple months, maybe she could save up enough to move out of this hell hole sooner than she thought.

Relationship Status|
According to Facebook: "It's Complicated"

Her four-year-old daughter, Samantha.



So begins...

Olivia Garner's Story

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#, as written by Jynxii




The shrill voice of her four and a half year old snapped her awake faster than ice water being thrown onto her. Her brown hues snapped open, instantly staring into the pair blues of her daughter. As the image of him faded into the morning, Olivia forced herself to smile and fight back the tears that threatened to spill over. It had been four years since his passing, and she still couldn't let go. "Mommy..." The impatient toddler gently shook her mother by the shoulders, poking her lip out into a pout. Olivia couldn't help but crack a genuine smile. "Let me guess, you're.." Life breathed back into the little tot, "Hungry!"

Olivia laughed and scooped the child into her arms gently rolling her over onto the empty space beside her on the bed. "Hungry? You're always hungry.." Olivia grinned at the child who grinned back, nodding. "Hungry" the little one repeated. Laughing, Olivia released her and forced herself to sit up on the bed. "Alright, I'm up. Go brush your teeth, I'll get started on breakfast." Olivia glanced at the digital clock on the beside table, grinning even more at the unGodly hour her child had woken her up at, Olivia walked over to her robe and slipped it on.

Breakfast... breakfast... right, Olivia thought to herself as she made her way to the kitchen of their flat. Upon opening the fridge she was a little disappointed. She needed to go grocery shopping. Pinching the bridge of her nose, Olivia let out a quiet sigh and straightened again. "How does the cafe sound, SamIam?" The shrill squeal from the bathroom was a yes. Laughing, Olivia abandoned the idea of cooking and made her way back to her bedroom to get dressed. Once she was satisfied with her outfit, which didn't take long, she walked over to Sam's room to find her daughter still in her pajamas, playing with a barbie in the floor. "Sam! You were supposed-- Oh, you little booger you..." With a sigh, Olivia set to helping dress the girl. Choosing an outfit was harder now that Sam was older, for each outfit that Olivia suggested- Sam would immediately refuse.

Eventually, Sam decided on her red polka-dot dress. Both finally dressed, Olivia led Sam out the front door. The smell of bacon filled the air immediately. Olivia had chosen the fourth floor because she didn't trust the elevator, or being too close to the ground. She thought about asking Indie and Nico if they wanted to come with them, but Sam was pulling her along to the stairs- apparently eager to go to the cafe. The two came down the stairs just as Max was saying something. Olivia didn't hear it, but Sam piped up; "Swallowed what, Maxie?" Olivia offered Lee and Max a sheepish smile as she came down the stairs the rest of the way, while Sam bolted across the lobby to Max with her arms wide open. Olivia came up slowly after, taking her time as she offered Lee and Max a smile. "Good morning! We were just heading to the cafe, if either of you would like to join! Samantha, don't cling too much. You might hurt him." It was then that she noticed the beautiful Latina, Celina, who was also standing there. She must have just missed something she had said, too, because the woman was smiling at Max. Feeling embarrassed because of Sam's rude behavior, Olivia looked to the woman and offered her an apologetic smile. "Sorry," she offered gently, not really sure what she was apologizing for- aside from perhaps interrupting their conversation.

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Hei lifted the cigarette up to her lips inhaling the smoke, she held it in for a few second before she blew it out the open window in her room. She had another sleepless night working on a fresh batch of her widely distributed poisons. The only thing that kept her awake was a whole bottle of scotch and the rest of her brothers cigarettes which was only half a pack. The only clothes that met the woman's body was her black laced panties with a navy blue tank-top. She had gotten bored a few hours earlier and painted her nails a fresh coat of black, painted on her wall, and maybe painted on her brothers face who was sound asleep in the next room.

The sun rose higher over the building next to theirs blinding Hei with it's warm bright rays. She quickly put out her cigarette and closed up the window grabbing her black curtains and pulling them closed. " It's too damn bright out..." she mumbled as she turned around putting her half smoked cancer stick in the ash tray on her dresser and headed towards the bathroom. Hei turned on the shower when she remembered what she painted on Gim's face and forehead which brought out a small giggle. She was sure that she was going to hear some mouth from him but she just couldn't resist. After her morning hygiene was met and her hair dry Hei made her way over to the kitchen only in her towel the floor underneath her feet creaking all the way there.

The Asian turned on the coffee maker deciding to make coffee for her brother who was the only one out of both of them that liked the stuff. " Well, It's the least I can do since I painted on his face." She said to herself opening the somewhat rusty and stained fridge pulling out a water bottle that was filled with what looked like ice tea. In fact the substance in the water bottle was indeed ice tea, half anyway the other half was vodka, it was her pick me up in the morning. Sipping the intoxicated ice tea Hei quickly felt the alcohol hit making her perk up, she was now fully awake and ready to take on that deal she had struck yesterday. Wait...THE DEAL!! " Fuck!" she spat, Bell had totally forgot she had an exchange going down today and in a couple of hours too. Setting her bottle down on the kitchen counter she quickly ran into her room getting dressed in her outfit for the day.

Bell really didn't have to do much to her short brown hair, she would usually run a brush through it making sure there is no knots in it as the messy look really suited her well. With that the woman made her way back to the kitchen taking another swing of the water bottle the liquid inside refreshing yet it slightly burned as it slid down her throat. " Yo, Jun! Get your ass up!" shouted Hei as she made her way back into her room with the water bottle in hand grabbing a metal case, like the ones you see in the movies when they exchange money.



Gim only got home bout 6 hours ago but he spent 2 watching horror movies with Hei, he couldn't resist his little sisters puppy eyes. After they watched the movie Hei went off to work on some stuff in her room and Gim went straight to bed. The day before was a tiring one, he was paid to kill some hot shot business man that was rising threw the ranks too fast. It was hard for him to admit but he had some trouble, that damn man would not stay still long enough for Gim to pull the trigger. He had to constantly move his position and follow the man until he finally got him. He ended up slipping some of Hei's special poison concoctions into his coffee while Gim was passing by.

It was a mixture of Batrachotoxin and other minor poisons that caused the victim to become paralyzed then essentially shutting off the entire body’s ability to communicate with itself. It was a rather quick death because the victim would died in under a minute. At times the thought of what these poisons can do to the human body sometimes terrifies Gim. In his sleep Gim could feel a slight tickle on his face and just lazily swatted his hand in front of it trying to get what ever that was tickling away from him and it succeeded the tickling feeling subsided as he slept for a couple of more hours. " Yo, Jun! Get your ass up!" The sound of his sister yelling out to him made him groan as he was snapped out of his sleep. " Dammit, It's too early for this." He bitterly mumbled as he laid there for a minute before stretching out a yawn slipping out.

" Why do I have to get up? I don't have any jobs today!" He shouted back to his sister a slight pout in his tone as he sat up in bed ruffling his hair. " You don't but I do and It's with the shady men in black." That's what Hei called a certain client of hers that brought body guards with him that were always dressed in black suits and so was her client. They were a shady bunch and Gim thought about it before finally getting onto his feet the floor creaking. " And why am I told this now? " he continued to talk as he made his way out of his room to the bathroom stumbling half the way. " Um, because I forgot~" Hei poked her head into the bathroom sticking out her tongue with a sheepish smile on her face catching Gim with the tooth brush in his mouth looking kind of startled. Hei couldn't help but to laugh at this as she left continuing what she was doing. For a second Gim wondered what had been so funny when he finally looked in the mirror, He had one of those thin french mustaches painted on him and a smiley face on his forehead.

"Oi, Bell! How about if I painted on you!? Babo!" He whispered the last word but Hei still heard. " Hey I heard that! If anyone is a Babo it's you bro!" Gim only growled as he finished up with his teeth and moved onto washing his face. A few moments later he was finally done in the bathroom and made his way back to his room but not before spotting Hei making him coffee. A small smile made his way across his lips, he was grateful to have someone like her in his life even though she did give him some headaches from time to time he was pretty sure he did the same to her. They were still family no matter what blood related or not. The man got dressed in his outfit. Once finished up he slicked back his hair with a come and some gel, not the one that makes your hair all stiff but the good stuff that leaves your hair still fluffy. Hei walked in with his coffee, he liked it with lots of milk until it turned a very light brown and very sweet too which only Hei knew how to make. " Thanks Nuna." His Korean accent coming through as Hei opened her mouth to speak, her Korean accent also coming through." Your welcome Oppa, now hurry up and finish that so we can leave!"

Gim purposely took his time with his coffee, Hei glaring at him from the door. " Dammit hurry up!" She spat as she made an angry face that soon turned into a pout when Gim drank slower. " Almost done~" He teased. When he finally finished His sister was all happy again and made her way down the hall making sure not to step on any weak spots that she might fall through. Gim followed behind after he locked up putting on his shades followed by Hei doing the same. Making they're way down the steps, Gim watched as Hei all but danced down them avoiding every hole or potential accident on them until she finally reached the bottom. " How do you have so much energy in the morning Ryu?" he asked as he rubbed the back of his neck. Hei only held up her water bottle filled with her 'Happy Juice' smiling." Oh, a little thing I call my happy Juice~" Gim rolled his his behind his shades, "Of course, hey give me some of that." He snatched the bottle from her taking a large gulp before capping it back up. " Hey! Snatching isn't nice." Hei's hand reached up smacking the back of his head lightly which caused him to flinch.

Hei's eyes scanned the group settling on the small group on the other side. She saw Celina and decided to pop in a quick hello before she was off to seal this deal. Waving her hand in the air at the Latina Hei made her way over to her with Gim close behind his hands shoved into his pockets. " Good morning Chica~" Hei leaned in giving Celina a peck on the cheek before she turned to the others. " Morning guys." Gim simply greeted the others with a simple hey and to Celina a Good morning.

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If there's one thing to be said about the Abbiati Mob Family, apart from its ruthless notoriety, it was that it was incredibly good at making certain aspects of its organization inconspicuous. Oh, Big Daddy Abbiati might go out every night to bask in the nightlife of whatever city he so happened to be visiting, and his higher-ups might be regular patrons at the classiest restaurants and strip clubs in Chicago and New York, but those working behind the scenes, the gears that kept the family functioning, were hidden safely away, out of prying eyes unless needed to make a public appearance. Which is why no one should be surprised that Martin Ross, the chief translator and reluctant head of many international deals for the Abbiati family, was one of the most safely tucked away, working in a small office in a nondescript building in East St. Louis. Even the office itself, with the exception of the large, black leather couch pressed against one wall, was unremarkable, but Martin didn't really mind. After all, he only came here to work, and the less distractions he had at his oak desk, translating and filing an infinite amount of papers from Big Daddy's many international deals and alliances, the better.

He was there now, in the same place he had been since seven at night the day before, hunched over his desk with a single-minded determination, eyes flickering over the papers before jotting down little notes around it. He'd hardly moved in those eleven hours, stopping once to have a late dinner and twice more for a bathroom and water break. Only when the clock hit six o' clock in the morning before continuing to tick carelessly on, did Martin finally look up, sitting up suddenly, pushing up his glasses to rub his tired eyes before stretching his arms, his back popping in protest.

"That didn't sound good, love." Ah, yes, the only other occupant of the room. If anyone needed extra proof that Big Daddy looked after his hardworking men and women, the enforcer camped out on the couch would be a prime example. Or he would be if Big Daddy Abbiati had actually assigned Jude to this job and the Irishman hadn't jumped at the opportunity insisting he was the only man for the job. In a way that was true- Jude most likely would have gotten rid of anything who'd been assigned until he was left the only viable option.

"It didn't feel good either," Martin admitted, standing up slowly despite his stiff joints' protests. Honestly, he was still young- when did he start feeling like an old man?

"Oh, poor baby," Jude cooed in his thick Irish lilt, slipping easily to his feet- the couch was certainly more comfortable than being hunched over a desk for hours on end- and striding over to the younger man with a wolfish smile. "Want me to kiss it and make it better?"

Martin rolled his eyes Heavenwards, but didn't bother to dignify that little comment with a response. They made an odd picture, standing in the middle of that inconspicuous office, one a tall young man with wild curls who looked as if he'd forgotten to shave for the past few days(true) and, dressed in an oatmeal colored jumper and faded blue jeans, seemed as though he'd simply grabbed clothing from his closet before rushing to work(also very true). Jude, in contrast, was as spic and span as if he'd gotten dressed only moments before, not a hair out of place and not a single wrinkle on his charcoal Armani suit.

Jude let out a bright laugh, one Martin knew with some relief would not lead into any bloodshed for once. Well, probably- Jude did tend to get a bit bitey when he was feeling antsy, so the sooner they left the better. The elevator ride down to the bottom floor was blessedly silent apart from Jude humming a little tune Martin didn't care to place, pressed determinedly against Martin's side, and they reached the outside world with no real issues. The moment they stepped outside, a change took place over the two men- it was a minor one, but one nevertheless to be noticed. The small amount of space between them suddenly widened dramatically, Jude pulling away to walk nearly two feet beside Martin instead of pressing up against his body like a demanding cat. Neither so much as blinked at the behavior; after all, even the background men of the mob had to keep up appearances.

Martin, so used to his office's artificial light at this point, had to shield his eyes from the early morning sun that assaulted his vision. Jude simply slipped on a pair of designer sunglasses, leading Martin to their car. It was unspectacular, unremarkable, and therefore was absolutely perfect. Well, for Martin at least and, if Jude was being realistic he would agree, but apparently he wasn't today as they climbed into the car that was a color so neutral it didn't occur in nature, and took off into the early morning traffic.

"I'm just saying, an Aston Martin would be so much better," He said as he passed through a light just about to turn red. "I know you Americans love your little Mercedes, but, honestly m'love, it even has your name in it."

"You just want to be like James Bond," Martin accused, resting his face against the cool car window, watching the streets fly by in a blur. That was not, of course, because he was tired- Jude was really just driving that fast.

"Of course I want to be James Bond," Jude agreed with a devilish grin, "And that, by association, would make you my lovely Bond girl. Mmmm… What would your name be? I suppose Pussy Galore is out of the question. Maybe Pen-"

"If I agree to let you stop at that bakery you like for pastries will you drop it?" Martin interrupted abruptly, wondering for only a minute if he would survive jumping out of the car at these speeds. No, that was a stupid idea. Jude would just drag his bleeding body back into the car and keep chattering away merrily.

"For now, maybe. But this won't be the last you hear of this, Marty m'love," Jude hummed taking an abrupt left turn towards said bakery. Martin sighed. Of course it wouldn't be.

When they finally returned to Lakeside Apartments, Martin was carrying a box full of assorted pastries, a tired expression carved on his face- well, even more tired than usual if that was possible. Jude followed behind holding two reusable mugs full of tea that he kept stowed away in the car at all time in an effort to cut down on wasteful styrofoam or paper containers. He might be a psychotic murderer, but he wasn't a monster, after all. You have to think about the children's futures. As they trudged up and up the stairs- well, Martin trudged; Jude preferred to practically hop up them- the distance between the two men began to vanish again, which was fine. Here they weren't the Abbiati family's head translator and personal attack dog, but instead Martin, the nice, respectful man who was always tired and Jude, the Irish guy you should probably avoid but never actually do. Besides, with Jude even closer Martin was less likely to just topple over and crash where he fell.

To be honest, however, Martin had been hoping no one would be up right now. Almost all of the residents of Lakeside enjoyed an active nightlife, and it was so early in the morning there was no reason for any of them to be awake. As they made it to the second floor, Martin decided that the awful choices made by his neighbors just boggled his mind as it seemed that half of the apartment complex was gathered in the lobby area and the other half was probably wandering around their respective apartments. Oh, God, and they all seemed so awake and cheerful. Martin's typical half-smile plastered itself on his face.

"Ah, good morning- Max, fix your pants. It's too early for this." It was incredibly sad that this wasn't even the first time this month that he'd had to use those very words on Lakeside's second youngest tenant, and, as he was a realist, Martin was also incredibly sure that it would not be the last.

Jude snorted into his tea, too distracted by today's choice of Earl Gray with a splash of milk, waving at the assembled people milling about with Martin's cup, which anyone could clearly tell was his given the dog bone print covering it.

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Lee was pretty sure that if the world he lived in didn't kill him, Max Parks would. The kid was a certain dash of annoying that made him check for gray hairs after every conversation they ever had. But he was nice enough. Didn't cause any trouble at least.

The man leaned back, flicking his dark hair out of his eyes before picking up the bills Max had dropped in front of him and smoothing them out. He was a little over his due rent, but then again he almost always was. Exact change was hard to come by with them.

Lee saw Max's excited wave before he noticed Vel, who was already up and on her way off to work, which probably meant the rest of the building would be milling around soon. Usually they weren't a morning bunch for one reason or another, but some of them had normal jobs. And some of them, like Max, would just be getting in.

As if proving his point, the sound of boots brought both of their attention to the steps where Celina was coming down stairs. He simply nodded at her in hello, bu Max – so much more social – grinned before pulling his lolipop out of his mouth just long enough to say, “Hey, Cel. You look nice. Love those boots.”

Before he could say anything else though, a new voice joined the group, and Max's attention was suddenly on the adorable little blonde bundle making her way into the boys arms. Lee shot Max a sharp look at the question that came out of Sam's mouth, but Max (surprisingly) managed to cover himself. “My gum, Sammy, can you imagine that?” he asked, swinging the girl around before cuddling her close. “You know, my mother once told me that if you swallowed gum, it would come out your belly button.” His eyes went wide in obvious fake fear.

Lee shook his head at Olivia, resisting the urge to roll his eyes and grumble something about the boy being a bad influence on her little girl. For one, it wasn't really his place and...he'd said it about a hundred times before since Olivia and Sam had called Lakeside home. His opinion on the subject wasn't doing much good. We were just heading to the cafe, if either of you would like to join!

“I'll go,” Lee offered, but Max was so wrapped up in the little girl that he didn't even seem to notice that Olivia spoke. Which wasn't surprising, really. He didn't notice Gim or Hei's arrival either. Lee just greeted both with a nod as he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket, putting away the money he had made for the day.

At least the next couple to arrive provided amusement. Martin and Jude, always a duo, came with a certain kind of package humor one couldn't quite find anywhere else. Both men looked somewhat tired, though Martin much more than Jude. Which wasn't unusual. Martin practically seemed to live in a state of tired.

"Ah, good morning- Max, fix your pants. It's too early for this.”

Jude snorted and Lee chuckled, while Max just looked up with wide eyes. Popping his lolipop back in his mouth, the boy moved Sam onto his back with practiced ease before buttoning his pants, all the while smiling sheepishly around his chosen treat.

Lee let the others talk around him as he focused on crossing out the tenets names who had already paid a months rent before leaving for breakfast. Even Max, usually so social, became distracted by his phone. He smiled at whatever text was there, but didn't reply or leave, so Lee knew it had probably been from Natasha.

Finally, the last person possible joined them all where they were gathered: Elias. Looking every bit like someone who belonged in New York or Paris than in the East Side slums. But Lee never said anything, at least nothing more than the judgmental eyebrow raise and the shake of his head. Elias paid his rent through, caused even less trouble than the rest of them, so he really couldn't complain that much.

What he could complain about was Max, who couldn't keep it in his pants on the job or off, and who found it way too easy to flirt with anything that walked in his path. Even if he did have a four year old on his back. The 'tsk, tsk' sound made Lee roll his eyes, knowing exactly what was coming, but it only brought Max's attention up onto the only male blonder than him. "I'd ask what you were doing, Maxxy, but I'm afraid I might have guessed it already."

Max smirked around his lolipop before pulling it out of his mouth with a definite [I]'pop'[/i'] and sent a wink Elias' way. “If you have the time, baby, I could show you...?”

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“Hey, Cel. You look nice. Love those boots.” The Latina kept her smile. But their conversation was interrupted by Olivia and her daughter. Celina and Olivia weren't friends, not really. They lived in the same building and they would occasionally cross paths, but that was about it. Nothing more or nothing less. But she was friends with Max. Everyone in the damn building was friends with Max. Her daughter was very adorable though, but Celina didn't associate with her. A smile was all that she would pass to the young one. "Sorry," Where did the apology come from? It doesn't matter. "That's alright" she responded, her accent fading. It only comes when she spoke Spanish. Her mind went back to the reason that she even came looking for Max. Food. But again she was interrupted with a kiss on her cheek.

"Good morning Chica~" The Latina turned to look at her and smile. "Hola hermosa," the Latina said her accent strong. She looked at Grim. "Morning Grim," she said with a smile. Those two were practically inseparable. If it wasn't for the fact that Hei was gay, then you would have thought the two were more than brother an sister. But she met Hei about a year ago and they hit it off immediately. The talked, laughed, drank, smoked, and had lots of fun. Grim on the other hand came with Hei. He would be pretty distant and not say much to Celina, she thinks that she is warming up to him. An actual good morning slipped from his lips as he greeted her. That was a great sign. Or maybe there was no sigh and the Latina was just thinking things. Either way, she was given more than a grunt of a 'hey'. Progress was being made. She looked over her Asian friends. "Where are you two going?" she asked curiously. Of course she was expecting a vague answer. They didn't talk about their job much or ever really.

Another two people walked into the Lakeside Apartments. Jude and Martin. They practically lived here even though they don't. They know everyone in this apartments but of course knew Max the most. Back to my original comment. Everyone in the damn apartment is friends with Max. "Ah, good morning- Max, fix your pants. It's too early for this." This caused the Latina to see what he was talking about. One look and Celina snickered. It was too early, but it made her laugh. He always knew the best times to get paid. He did what he does to pay the rent. They all do that. Everyone in this apartment does some shady things to get paid. Except for one. Elias. He had just walked in. "I'd ask what you were doing, Maxxy, but I'm afraid I might have guessed it already." Everyone that knew Max knew what he was doing. But none of them really had the right to judge. Especially Celina. She was almost there with prostitution. Men look and admired her body and throw money at her. It was the same thing only there was no real sexual contact. She just teased them enough to take home cash for rent.

Her attention went back to Max while she still remembered why she was down here. "Before I forget and you are taken away by someone else, can you make me some breakfast por favor?" Celina asked her friend. She was hungry. Indie and Nico might actually be making breakfast right about now, but she wanted to spend some time with Max before she went to her other friends to get high before work.

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#, as written by Jynxii


“My gum, Sammy, can you imagine that?” Sam giggles, shaking her head at her friend."You shouldn't swallow gum, silly Maxxie!" “You know, my mother once told me that if you swallowed gum, it would come out your belly button.” Sam stops laughing, eyes growing wide as her little hands go to cover her mouth- clearly in shock. "Nu-uh! Mommy, is that true? Is that true, mommy? Weally?" Olivia's face remains serious and she nods gravely. Samantha lets out a little squeak, but before she can say anything more- people are coming to talk to Maxxie and she is moved onto this back.

Looking to Martin and Jude she offers them a smile and a wave back. Max, as always, is soaking up the spotlight of the room- but it's not long before Celina is trying to pull him off to speak privately. “If you have the time, baby, I could show you...?” Max says. Olivia stiffens, saying "Alright and on [/i]that[/i] note, we are going to get going. Come on, Sam," Olivia says gently as she walks behind Max to pick up her daughter, lowering her to the ground. Once Sam was on her feet, she slipped her hand into her mothers. "We're going to head out," Olivia announces to everyone who stands around. "Have to get her breakfast, then driving into town for school." Sam makes a face, and lets out a low whine. Olivia ignores her and turns to face Lee, "We can just meet you there if you have a few more things you need to do," she offers, turning to tug Sam out of the complex.

Across the street at the restaurant Olivia slides Sam into a booth. Across the restaraunt, which is mostly empty at this hour aside from really elderly people and the drunks who passed out there last night, Olivia catches sight of Vickie. If the women make eye contact, Olivia would wave in a friendly manner. Once breakfast was ordered, Olivia took a moment to check her cellphone.

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She lets out a quiet sigh and pushes a bit of hair out of her face. "What's wrong, mommy?" "Nothing, baby girl, mommy's just a little tired. That's all." "Mommy, how come I don't have a daddy?" Olivia looks up from her phone, stuck. As if by the grace of God, their waitress materialized. "I'll have the Breakfast Sampler, and she will have the kid's pancakes, please ma'am," Olivia said sweetly. "Also, Lee will be joining us," she adds offhandedly. "I'll have coffee, please, and milk for her. I'm.. ah.. I'm not sure what Lee will have. Coffee, maybe?" She offers the waitress an apologetic smile before the woman scurries off.

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The conga line of oddities apparently did not end with Jude and Martin but rather with the resident oddball, Elias, making his way into the lobby, drawing conclusions about what exactly Max had been up to despite the company. It takes quite a lot to be an oddball in the collection of freaks and weirdoes that is Lakeside Apartments, but Elias certainly fit the bill. He was the part of the picture that was out of place, the too-stylish young man who looked as if he'd only ever batted for the other team, but he wasn't as embroiled in sin and the darker side of life as the rest of the apartment's residents. Still, he fit in as easily as any of them did, another oddly shaped piece in a building full of oddities the likes of which the world had never seen collected in one place.

Martin, at Max's embarrassed compliance, merely raised as eyebrow, shifting the box of pastries in his arms. He wasn't one to comment on the lifestyles of others- Lord knows he wasn't in any place to criticize or offer advice- but, honestly, he wished that half of the people in the apartment realized that there was a child here. Well, three children, but he hesitated to use the term on Max or Celina given who exactly they were and what exactly they did. The best thing he could do was to make sure they didn't traumatize virgin ears and eyes, and even that was a full time job.

However, there were other in the people besides Max, although you wouldn't know it from the way he soaked up attention like a particularly eager sponge. Take for instance Olivia and her darling daughter still clinging to Max's back with all the skill and grip of a little monkey. Jude gave Olivia a pleasant smile of his own from around the lid of his cup, for once a complete innocent expression. Of all of the young ladies living(stuck) in Lakeside Apartments, Sammy and, by extension, Olivia were by far his favorites. It had to do more with his small but rigid moral code, a promise never to harm puppies in that Martin would never, ever forgive him, and to never harm children. Given the dangerous neighborhood Lakeside existed in, that last one had been more of a concern ever since Olivia found her way into the apartment complex. Or, rather, it had become a concern for those less than scrupulous individuals who might try anything when Jude was in town. Or out of town, really, because he would know.

Soon enough, everyone began to scatter from the lobby, and not a moment too soon given the PG-13 to R rating this new strain of conversation was leaning towards. As Olivia and Sam made for the exit, the mother ushering her pouting daughter out the door, Martin and Jude waved goodbye.

"Have a lovely day, and learn something interesting, my little dote," Jude cooed after them, considerably perkier than he had any right to be this early in the morning. Martin, however, was considerably less perky and once the two had left, the translator shuffled over to one of the beat-up but infinitely plush and comfortable sofas, plopping down gracelessly, too tired to attempt to make the hike up the stairs to his room.

"Poor little Marty, all tuckered out from a hard night's work," Jude teased, leaning over the back of said sofa. Martin half-heartedly glared up at the older man, lips pressed together. How on Earth he dealt with the other man day in and day out was a mystery to everyone, Martin included(not Jude, of course, who insisted that it was because he loved him too much to ever be too mad at him). That didn't, of course, keep Martin from being irritated with him. He'd never do anything drastic about it, of course, because he actually liked living, but it was the little victories he cherished, like the one he was about to score right now.

"Feel free to have any of these," Martin said with a tired smile after hearing Celina's request for food, opening the large box of pastries on the little side table next to his seat on the sofa. It was stuffed full of a variety of little breakfast delights exotic enough to be called French cuisine and just familiar enough to not worry a person with a less refined pallet that they'd accidentally find an escargot hidden within the flaky crust.

Jude's smile instantly vanished, replaced instead by a dark scowl. Oh, he didn't mind sharing his take-away breakfast with Hei and Gim, who he was immensely fond of given their profession, or even Elias, but…

"Honestly, Marty," He pouted with a hiss, leaning closer to the younger man who he could have sworn was actually smirking at him. "Are you trying to make me share our breakfast with the slapper and the poof?" It was, in a way, for the best that Jude tended to stray back to his Irish roots when it came to insults- slapper and poof sounded so much better than slut and fag. It wasn't that he particularly disliked either of them- no, wait, that was exactly it. Jude would be the first to admit that he could be something of a misogynist, and Celina fell in that category for "worthless woman" almost instantly. She wasn't a devoted single-mother and didn't have that dark intensity hidden beneath that he so adored in many women within the apartment building, like Willow or Hei; she was too perky, too fun and upbeat for his tastes, too bright for a man who'd been a part of the IRA since before he'd finished his schooling, and let's not even go into the fact that he'd been to her club more than once for business deals and had to see more of her than he particularly would have liked to. Max, on the other hand, was a little shit and he knew exactly what he did to get that title.

"Really, anyone who wants some, have at it. This is way too much for us," Martin said loudly, completely ignoring Jude as he fished out a chocolate croissant from the box for himself, taking a bite, and, well, wasn't that Heavenly?

Jude scowled again before, in a sudden and terrifying turn of events, it was replaced by a smile. It was that smile he wore when he stabbed the gangbanger last month in the eye, piercing his brain. It was the smile he wore when he set fire to that building last year. It was, of course, also the smile he wore when he wanted to harass Martin or, really, anyone. It was that kind of strange smile.

"I've got it," He said, picking up on the strain of conversation from the car as he pressed Martin's mug into his awaiting hand not filled with croissant. "Your Bond Girl name would be Gavin Goodhead. It's perfect, Marty, because you-" And he couldn't even finish that statement without giggling at the scowl Martin was giving him right then and there. Yes, there were many weirdoes in Lakeside Apartments and the Irishman and his reluctant partner were perhaps the weirdest ones.

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Max frowned the moment Olivia was pulling Samantha off his back, muttering under his breath about how 'that comment was pretty innocent', but he let the two of them go without much complaint. He knew he'd likely see his favorite little girl later anyway.

“Be good at school, SamIam!” Max said as he squatted down to the kids level, peppering her face with little butterfly kisses. “It's important, alright?” He smoothed her hair down before kissing her nose and standing up again.

He waved goodbye to the girls while Lee just nodded, a silent promise to catch up with them soon. The moment they were gone, Max was spinning on his heals in almost a second, raising his eyebrows at Jude. “What does 'dote' mean? That better have been nice!”

Max had known both Martin and Jude since just after he'd moved into Lakeside, but he still knew absolutely nothing about Irish slang...and just pretty much assumed anything Jude said was an insult. More so if it was directed towards him. But before he could grill Jude for answers that would never come, Celina was calling for his attention.

"Before I forget and you are taken away by someone else, can you make me some breakfast por favor?"

He blinked for a moment, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth to chew on it while he thought. He loved cooking for Celina, even if he wasn't really good at it. She always seemed to like his food, too. Thing was...he was pretty sure he didn't have anything to actually eat.

Max bit off the rest of his lolipop before shrugging his shoulders. He was about to say he might have some cereal left over, but before he managed to open his mouth Martin was advertising their pastries. Max grinned, looking over his shoulder just in time to watch Jude's expression darken.

Looking at Celina again, Max shrugged and admitted, “It's probably better than anything I can drag up. Which would be dry cereal and strawberry lolipops.” And everyone knew Max didn't share anything strawberry flavored. Ever.

He bounced across the lobby, pausing only for a moment to let his fingers dance over carb loaded amazingness before plucking out a pastry. He plopped right down against Martin as close as he could get, snuggling into the older male's side without the least bit of hesitation. He was fairly calm for the moment, with the recent addition of food, but that was demolished the moment 'Gavin Goodhead' left Jude's mouth. He cracked up laughing so hard he actually choked on the bite he just took and had to sit up for a second, pounding his chest.

When he finally sat back down, Max tilted his head back enough on the couch to look up at the Irishman. "Hey Jude," he said, which was as much as a joke as it was a greeting. "What does poof mean?"

It was a term Jude had taken to calling him for awhile now, and Max still didn't know what it meant. He went between trying to yell the meaning out of Jude to asking politely and hoping the other male might just slip one day. So far, no such luck.

Lee ran his hand through his hair as the cafe door closed behind him. It's mostly empty this early in the morning, not even all of the lights were on. The only patron's were the really elderly and drunks still passed out from the night before.

He was used to this was the kind of scene he actually preferred. A few people lived like him, waking up early, sleeping through the day, and staying up late again. He glanced around the room for a moment before catching Vickie's eye, nodding towards Olivia's table so that he could get her attention when she was free.

Everyone pretty much knew Lee didn't really deal with anyone but Vel, so the other workers there just pretty much avoided him. Lee didn't actually have people he really 'liked', but if there was a list Vel would probably be at the top of it. She didn't annoy the absolute shit out of him, at least.

“Hey girls,” he greeted as he slid across from Olivia, thumbing through a menu even though he got the same thing every single time.

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Pancakes and syrup. Coffee and cream. Cheese and butter. All these scents greeted Vel as she walked in the back door. The kitchen was in full swing. The cooks rushed around, crafting the masterpieces that were the meals. She gave a slight wave and a smile to the cooks who noticed her entrance before heading into the break room to change. She returned to the kitchen shortly, now wearing her black polo shirt and white half-apron. Vel carefully navigated past the manic cooks, dodging explosions of flour all the way, and made it into into the dining room.

"Vel, table 4 is yours, have fun." said April the hostess with a wink. Vel raised an eyebrow, wondering what was so special about table 4. A quick glance in the direction answered her question. It was what they in the service industry liked to call... "The family from hell." Two exhausted looking parents who must have aged twice as fast in the past decade, and a smattering of pissy kids who just knew they who was in charge here. Vel let out a deep sigh and made a mental note to get revenge on April later.

Vel was often given this kind of table. She was friendly, and she was really good with kids, so she was the most qualified to take care of this table. Just because she liked kids, didn't mean she wanted to put up with ALL of them. The cute ones, yes. But not the nasty gross and evil ones. She swallowed her pain and headed for the table with the most genuine smile she could muster.


Now there are four types of breakfast parties on any given day. Arranged in order of lowest to highest misery when serving; they are.
  1. The under-the-influence breakfast party: At this table you'll find a group of long-haired and droopy-eyed 20-somethings who will order the most sugar loaded and unhealthy pancakes or waffles, and probably rounds of strawberry lemonade. This was the table you wanted. These were usually very nice and fun people. They don't have many demands, they know what they want, and they often will brighten up your morning.
  2. The construction crew: Keep in mind, this isn't always construction, but any kind of manual labor. They usually get a break around 9-10 and will come for an early lunch. The only real problem with this party is that oftentimes they don't speak great English. Other than that it is a nice experience serving these people. They're usually polite and don't order much.
  3. The Family from Hell: A family breakfast doesnt sound like a bad time, but when you get a family from hell you'll wish you were dead. Screaming children, with jaded parents will try your nerves. Also, there is a high possiblity of carrying a huge amount of food back to the table and potentially dropping or spilling something. This table sucks, but not as bad as...
  4. The Upperclass/housewife Brunch: Fuck these women. No seriously, Fuck these women. This table consists of a "girls" morning, and if a female is unlucky enough to work this table the least she will be exposed to is the ridicule of these uppity bitches. Men are usually put on these tables, and oftentimes these are the most attractive men. These demanding whores will call the manager if they so much have more than the amount of ice-cubes they requested in their fucking green tea. Fuck these women.


She dropped onto a seat at the bar with a glass of water. She'd had a few tables after the Family from Hell. While the family wasn't the worst she'd had, she needed a little rest. She spun to look around the restaurant, quickly spotting Lee, who made it a point to only be served by Vel. She let out a smile and dropped from the barstool. He strolled over to Lee's table, giving a nod to Olivia. She and Olivia didn't know each other very well. They'd met in passing, but never really talked much. Her daughter was cute though.

Vel slid into the seat next to Lee, across from Samantha. "Good morning Samantha" She said with a bright smile. "Morning Olivia. You having the usual, Lee?"