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Akira Katayama

"Life is too short to waste on boring crap."

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a character in “Homra'z Bar”, as played by Gladis




"Don't give me that look. You knew what you were getting yourself into to begin with, so don't go blaming everything on me."


Akira Katayama




"The world is an interesting place. If only it weren't so fucking cruel."



Akira is quite known in the area, and at this point it is for various reasons. Out of all of them, however, his personality might be the most notable one. Whether he intends for it to happen or not, Akira is the kind of person who always seems to be attracting trouble of sorts. Some may reason it is his bad habit of starting arguments with people. Being the kind of person who doesn't hold back, no matter the situation, said conversions often tend to get out of hand. That coupled with his rebellious nature, is like literally asking for trouble. He is highly emotional, which may also be one of the reasons things easily get out of hand. While emotional expression is healthy and natural, views it as a core part of his identity, which can come out strongly enough to cause problems. Particularly when under stress, criticism or conflict, Akira can experience emotional bursts that are counter-productive at best.

Akira loathes being micromanaged and restrained by heavy-handed rules. He wants to be seen as an independent masters of his own fate. For Akira it is a huge challenge that he live in a world of checks and balances, a pill he will not happily swallow. He wants his freedom and often acts outside the rules, almost as though he feels like they do not apply to him. This may also explain why he doesn't want to make any commitments and instead prefers to go for one night stands - another reason he easily gets into trouble. He does not want to bear the responsibility of a relationship and yet still pursues intimate, physical interaction. As such, he has earned himself the degrading title of 'slut'. In fact, rumors have it that he will sleep with anyone who asks. It is quite terrible indeed, but perhaps also his way of dealing with the immense sadness- and to extent the loneliness that he feels.

When it comes to conceiving ideas and starting projects, especially involving other people, Akira has exceptional talent. Unfortunately his skill with upkeep, administration, and follow-through on those projects struggles. Without more hands-on people to help push day-to-day things along, Akira's ideas are likely to remain just that - ideas. Akira may be a natural explorer of interpersonal connections and philosophy, but this backfires when what needs to be done is that TPS report sitting right in front of him. It's hard for Akira to maintain interest as tasks drift towards routine, administrative matters, and away from broader concepts. It is most likely the main reason he's been unable to keep a job for a particularly long period of time. Akira isn't interested in brooding - he wants to go out and experience things, and doesn't hesitate to step out of their comfort zones to do so. Akira is imaginative and open-minded, seeing all things as part of a big, mysterious puzzle called life. He likes to experiment and to learn once something has caught his interest, despite how cynical he can sometimes seem to be about it.

Despite his rash and outgoing nature, Akira doesn't usually take things at face value - he looks for underlying motives in even the simplest things. It's not uncommon for Akira to lose a bit of sleep asking himself why someone did what they did, what it might mean, and what to do about it. All this overthinking isn't just for his own benefit - Akira is very sensitive, and care deeply about others' feelings - even if he usually avoids showing it. This, amongst other things, is a reason he doesn't like getting close to people. Having been overwhelmed in the past, he generally tries to avoid it in an attempt to keep himself fairly emotionally stable - even if he doesn't always succeed.

While it is indeed true that he cares for other people's emotions and often finds himself overthinking situations, Akira has become somewhat bitter if not a little gloomy and cynical in his outlook at life. While he isn't the type to actually show his true emotions - such as being sadness or pain. Instead he either smiles through all of it, or in some cases expresses it extreme, sometimes even violent acts. Especially when he is drunk, this side of him becomes more apparent. Akira is sad, he is lonely and frustrated. If you can't express these emotions by shedding tears, they are bound to turn into aggression. That is not to say that he doesn't ever cry. He just hasn't yet found the right shoulder to cry on.

"I know I'm hot but there's no need to keep staring at me like that."


Aoba is known, and often commented on by other people, for his long blue hair which gradients into a lighter blue color. While it is obvious that this isn't his natural hair color (which is a dark shade of brown), he's had it this way ever since he was sixteen. As such, not many people know what his actual hair color is. While he prefers it long, Akira has never actually let it grow past his chest. From time to time he'll wear it up, usually pulled together in a high ponytail, although most often he's seen wearing it loose.

His eyes are a very light shade of brown, although depending on lighting they can appear either yellow or even amber. As such, they make a great contrast to his blue hair and compliment his ivory complexion.

Neither particularly tall nor strongly built, Akira's small frame (for a guy) tends to fool people into thinking he's weak. This is certainly not the case. If there is one thing he's good at, it has to be landing powerful punches. He's also known for being quick on his feet- although his feature becomes completely nullified when he's under too much influence of alcohol.

As for his personal style of dress, he tends to wear clothes that stick out yet don't look too fancy. Often sporting on different shades of blue (ranging from sky to navy), he likes to complement it with black and white. His choice of pants are usually various jeans, most of which look quite torn or used, making him give off a punkish sort of look without the gloominess of it all. It is unusual to see him without a pair of large, pink headphones on his shoulders. When feeling the need to tune out reality, they are his easiest route to escape.

Akira has his trademark jacket, which he usually wears.

"Hmm... what I like? That's a good question..."



Bisexual (leans towards homosexual)

✔ Drinking
✔ Sex
✔ Music
✔ Exploring new ideas and trying new things
✔ Meeting new people
✔ Painting
✔ Art
✔ Reading
✔ Being dominated
✔ Freedom and Danger
✔ Individuality
✔ Flirting
✔ Blond(e)'s

✘ Being told what to do
✘ Rules
✘ Small Spaces
✘ Loneliness
✘ Early Mornings
✘ Commitment
✘ Sharing Pain
✘ Being Questioned
✘ Memory Loss
✘ His parents
✘ Most Vegetables
✘ Spiders

"It's honestly something I'd rather not talk about."



Being the youngest of three sons to a more than just wealthy and successful CEO, Akira was raised with expectations he would probably never be able to reach. Unless he surpassed both of his older brothers in some way, he would always be a disappointment. At first, Akira tried. He always tried his hardest to impress his parents somehow. Yet whenever he painted a picture and proudly displayed it to his parents, all he got to hear was how one of his brothers had done so much of a better job. When he told his parents how he had the best grades in his class - his parents would praise him, but not without reminding him that his brothers had managed exactly the same. No matter how hard he tried to be seen as an individual, Akira would always be compared to his brothers. And he hated it. He looted it with every fiber of his existence. As such, he reached a point where he would no longer care. Caving under the huge pressure, Akira simply stopped caring.

So what if his parents would call him a disappointment? There was no way he could keep up with their expectations anyway. So what if people looked down on him? What he did wasn't their business anyway. Even when he tried his best, everyone refused to take him seriously, so why even try? From then on, he would do whatever he felt like and simply not care what consequences it may bring. "Life is short, I better enjoy it while I can," is the mentality he adapted.

At the early age of 16, Akira had already involved himself with several people he should definitely have kept his distance from. Said company had more than just a little bad influence on the teenager. Before he knew it he was getting himself into an array of troubles. He was aware of that it was wrong, that he should stop this nonsense before it was too late; that it actually could escalate into something seriously dangerous... and yet he didn't. Addicted to the rush of excitement these people could provide himself, Akira stupidly continued diving deeper and deeper into this pool of trouble. And all of it happened behind the backs of his parents. In a way, it was his way of punishing them for their unfair treatment, of rebelling against their expectations.

Yet it wasn't before long things started going out of hand. It didn't go unnoticed to his parents that his grades were dropping, nor that he spent the majority of his free time away from home. At first it was just during the days but as time passed, Akira would come home long past curfew. Eventually he would even be gone for several days until he suddenly showed his face again. And every time he did return home, he'd earned himself new cuts and bruises he refused to explain. Yelling at him and punishing him didn't help. He would just continue doing whatever he felt like. Of course his parents were worried - if not about Akira, then their reputation... yet there was little they could do. By the time Akira reached the age of eighteen, he barely spoke to his parents at all - despite still living in the same house as them. Just as he had given up on them, they eventually gave up on him.

As soon as Akira came of age, he moved out. He got a small apartment not too far from where Homra is located and although he doesn't exactly have a job right now, he's managed to obtain money through other means. He isn't in touch with his parents nor his oldest brother anymore, though he still speaks to Kaede, the middle aged brother from time to time.

"Now this is an interesting one! Everyone at Homra's Heh heh..."


What better way to explain than with a song...

Akira started showing his face about a year ago and has frequently been visiting ever since. Due to his many mishaps at the bar, he is well familiar with both the barntender and his assistant. His relationship with the cop is complicated, though he supposes they have to be on rather good terms since the cop has yet to put him behind bars for a longer period of time. Akira's relationship with the greaser is worse than bad, due to the blonde dude showing an interest in him: and the rumors regarding him. He is also friends with the cab driver, who's taken him home completely drunk way too often.

So begins...

Akira Katayama's Story


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Image Image Image

Homra! A bar in which captivates people to enter in and have a drink or two. Anyone is welcomed, just don't mind the small space!

Opened Days and Hours
Bait Night

3:00pm - 10:00pm

Thursday - Friday - Saturday
4:00pm - 3:00am

Closed Days
Sunday - Monday - Wednesday

Image Image It was Tuesday afternoon when Ale woke up and did a 'normal person's' morning routine. And like most, if not all Bar 'Owners' Ale lived at the top of the bar, I guess you could say his home really was the bar. Whenever people would joke about him living there, he would just go along with it. Wasn't like he minded it, all he had to do was walk to everywhere he need to go. The store was just right down the road, same goes with a gym, a cafe shop, cake shop, alot of other little shops including a mall that was about 5 blocks away. So really it was hardly a big deal. Plus it made it easier to watch over the Bar just in case there was ever a robbery.

There was 30 mins left until the bar had left till opening time. Ale took his time dusting off the couches and wiping down all the counters and tables. His head was still pounding from the night before. He had drank way too much at a pub in the Red Light district that was only just down the road from Homra. He could still hear the music pounding away at the edges of his skull. He could tell right away that tonight will be a horrible night.

He had thoughts about closing the bar up for just the night, but then he hear Yoshi's voice in his head...

"If you dare close the bar tonight all because you can't handle a few drinks, I will never forgive you Alezic!"

And there was the home run! Calling Ale, Alezic was Yoshi's way of slapping him in the face and pretty much telling him to drop dead. He only ever did say it whenever he was upset or wanted Ale's full attention. It's been like this for years. As much as he liked making the kid cry, he didn't feel up for it tonight.

Walking outside the bar after flipping the closed sign to open, he stretched out his body and enjoyed the afternoon warm summer breeze. The greatest thing about where Homra was located was it's view, because just in front of it you could see the city's whole valley. The only thing that was in the way was the road to cross. The bus stop that was right across from Homra was a great place to hang over the rail and smoke a cig while watching the view of the city.

The other great thing about where Homra was located was that there are hardly any children around. So if you did see or find a kid, you know he doesn't belong here. Most of the people here in this part of town are good people. They'll help in situations with children involved. Can't say much about the other parts of town. Like headed down the the Red Light district. That's the area with a bunch of Love Hotels, Strip Bars and Host Clubs. Not to mention some gangs around there too.

Ale thought many times if he should twitch locations, but he if did that, he wouldn't hardly get the money he does now running the place. Plus he loved the people too. If only that Red Light district wasn't so close down the road. That would change everything.

Taking a drag of his cig he turned around and rested his elbows on the rails of the side of the roads bus stop. Eyeing the bar as his mind drifted away lost in thought. Sure the bar opened at 3, but people didn't show up until maybe around 4 or so ish. Maybe he'd change the opening time to around then next time. When he was done with the cig, he smashed it dead and threw the bud away in the trash can.

Sliding back his hair he made his way back into the bar and started to mix a drink for Yoshi. His normal morning Soda with Juice thing he always did. Ale never understood it, but whenever Yoshi drank it, it seemed to put Yoshi in a good mood. Once he was done, he placed it in the freezer so it would turn into a bit of a slushy by the time he got to the bar.


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#, as written by Gladis

ImageCafe Blume wasn’t particularly fancy particularly fancy, yet it had become one of Akira’s favorite places to have lunch at. It was small and in a western style, but cozy nonetheless. As always this time of the day it was quite crowded. Akira and Kaede had been lucky to even get a small table in the back. Fresh scents of tea and newly baked bread wafted through the air, filling Akira with a warm, almost homely feeling.

”They kicked you, didn’t they?” Kaede’s expression was solemn as he spoke, ”and now you’re broke. Am I wrong?” those knowing dark brown eyes were peering right at Akira across the table.

The blue haired youth was currently in the process of hungrily devouring a toast before washing it all down with some juice. "Fruit juice works wonders when you're hungover, did you know?" it was obvious that Akira was trying to change subject, smoothing over the awkwardness of the situation with a smile. Nevertheless his brother looked less than pleased.

”Akira…” Kaede replied sternly, suppressing a heavy sigh as he continued gazing at his younger brother with slight frustration. ”You lost your job again, didn’t you?” Akira was a hopeless case, he’d always known that. His entire family was aware of it. And yet, unlike them, he had been unable to completely give up on the youth. It was his belief that Akira simply had chosen the wrong path in all the frustration he went through as a teenager. All he needed was a shove in the right direction, a guide to get back on track… and yet he somehow doubted he would be able to do this. Even if Akira trusted him to some extent, there was a lot Kaede didn’t know about his little brother; a lot his little brother most likely would never tell him. It was sad, but true.

Pushing out his lips in a slight pout, Akira groaned softly as he rested his cheek in his palm. ”How’d you know?”

”You only ever suggest we grab something to eat when you’re hungry and broke,” despite his words, Kaede was grinning triumphantly. He loved it when he actually did manage to read Akira.

”Tch, that’s not true,” Akira insisted, his eyebrows knitted into a rather irritated frown. ”I sometim-”

”It’s true.” Kaede assured with a chuckle, readjusting his glasses. Moments later the smile faded, once again replaced by that serious ’I’m about to lecture you’ look. Akira didn’t like it. Not one bit. He may love his brother, but he didn’t appreciate Kaede butting in on his choice of life style. Even… if losing his job hadn’t exactly been a choice. ”It’s no good. This is the fifth job you’ve managed to lose… in one year. One year, Akira!”

”I knooooooow,” Akira groaned sulkily, poking the cooked carrots on his plate with his fork. It was a way to avoid gazing back into Kaede’s disappointed eyes. For some reason seeing it was unpleasant. More so than seeing his parents giving him that kind of look. ”It’s not my fault they’re all being idiots.”

Kaede arched an eyebrow. ”It’s not always everyone else, you know,” he pointed out, causing Akira to glance up at him rather wearily. ”What did you do this time?”

”I slept with my boss.”

For a moment his brother looked completely shocked. Glad that he hadn’t done the terrible mistake of sipping his coffee right at that moment, which in this case would have resulted in him spitting it back out… it took him a moment to completely register what his brother had said. ”You… did what?”

How adorable; he’s blushing. Cutting the carrot in half, Akira’s lips quirked into a smirk, those yellow orbs filled with mischief. ”I slept with my boss,” he repeated, completely casually. When he noticed his brothers expression remained unchanged, he pouted. ”What? Don’t look at me like that. He initiated it so it’s certainly not my fault. I just went along with it…”

Kaede looked about ready to fall off his chair. ”H-he?!”

Akira’s expression became deadly serious. ”… I’d appreciate if you didn’t tell mom and dad. Having them involved in my life again would be a pain,” His voice was low, almost threatening. Then the blue haired youth got up, finishing his juice before letting his expression soften. ”Thank you for inviting me for lunch. I’ll repay you once I’ve got my hands on some money. See you later, Kaede…” he grabbed his bag, slinging it over his shoulder before turning his back on Kaede and heading towards the exit. His brother calling out his name caused him to stop however and he glanced back at the taller male.

”How?” he asked uncertainly, still looking somewhat shaken. His innocent little brother wasn’t quite as innocent as he’d imagined, it appeared. ”You just lost your job.”

All Akira could do was smile somewhat sadly. ”See you later, Kaede,” he repeated, this time turning his back on his brother for good. Getting his hands on money wasn’t a problem. In fact, with the kind of people Akira surrounded himself with, it was all just a matter of how desperate he was for it.


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"That's strange..." Ren said, holding his cell phone next to his ear. "Ayumu doesn't answer me. Probably she can't hear her phone."

"Classic Ayumu." his friend on his right said. "She's probably in front of a mirror, looking at her own reflection, not thinking of anything else."
"Hey, hey! Don't be that harsh on my girlfriend. Everybody has had times of not hearing the phone." Ren smiled after defending Ayumu.
"I know you like her and don't want to hear anything bad about her..." his friend on his left said. "But she sure can be selfish sometimes, asking for favours which she can do by herself and all. By the way, did you buy the groseries I asked you for?"
"Not yet, but I'll do it soon!" Ren replied cheerfully.
"Hey, Ren!" another friend of his approached him. "When are we going to that Homra bar you reccomended to us so much?"
"We can go today, if you want!" Ren exclaimed. "It's still early, but we can get in front of my apartment building at around 2:30! I'll drive us all there!"
"And will you drive us back to our houses in case we get a bit overboard with the drinks?" a fourth friend asked.
"Of course, just like always!" Ren chuckled.
"Thank you, Ren! You're the best!" the girlfriend of one of the other companions ruffled his hair. "We can treat you some soda, or whatever you'd like!"
"Thank you so much!"

As he parted ways with his friends, Ren took the path to his apartment. After taking the elevator and unlocking the door, he was now home. Little did he know that he wasn't alone. Ren found out pretty soon, once he entered the living room. He went stunned, motionless and speechless for a moment from the sight of a man and a woman, half naked on the loveseat.

"Oh, hello, mom!" Ren waved cheerfully at the flustered woman. "Hello, mister Tayoma!"
"H-hello, son!" the mother chuckled nervously. "You came home early!"
"As you're still roomies with your mother, those things are bound to happen." Mister Tayoma said, as his face expression remained calm.
"I'll leave you two alone for now!" Ren said and left the room.

Several hours later, Ren entered the bar with his five friends from earlier.
"Good afternoon, guys!" he sat next to the policeman. "Martini, beer, vodka, mohito and scotch for my friends over there, and a cola for me! Ale, Yoshi, Jeremy and Ryuu, those are..." he then introduced the newcomers to his bar friends.
"I hope you enjoy each other's company! So, how's everything so far?"